Some people take their jobs way too seriously. Common sense is a virtue, and those with common sense knows that rules can be be left open to interpretation.

Jennifer Frederich, and her 6 month-old baby, Kaylin, were ordered to leave the Burger King because the baby was not wearing shoes. The idiot manager said the baby posed a health risk to the other customers because she was barefoot.

Never mind that the baby can't walk or even crawl yet. The manager still threatened to call the police if the baby didn't leave. Frederich, Kaylin, her mother and about 20 girls from her church group were in the restaurant when the jerk manager spied the barefoot Kaylin in her grandmother's arms. He puffed out his chest that had his manager name tag pinned to it, and pointed to a sign outside the door that said “shoes and shirt required”. That same sign also said "service animals," meaning seeing eye dogs, were allowed.

So, in other words, a filthy seeing eye dog poses no health risk inside the restaurant, but a 6-month-old baby does?

The Burger King Corp. has since apologized to Frederich, and the company released a statement saying they planned to "re-train" the restaurant employees. But how do you teach common sense? That idiot should lose his job just for being a moron.

  • LadyJustice

    omg what an idiot!

  • Anna

    This guy may as well move to another country. They were church folks. Someone will soon be in a unemployment line. My pet peeve is ppl who can't think outside the box.

  • spongebobfan

    wow!!! sidenote i personally but cute lil booties or sandals or what have you on my kid when she were that young when we were out but still, calling 911? absurd

  • Mika79

    I think it was over the top BUT I will say...why do I ALWAYS see white folks kids out in public with no damn shoes on their feet? Running barefoot through walmart, feet black from road dirt, just nasty. Now, the baby...that was uncalled for.

  • Gagirl73

    I agree Mika79 over the top,its a arm baby. When my kids where that size we put those nice thin socks on them in the summertime. It's too HOT at times for all that other foot covery! This manger has been crowned the king of the jack*%& Burger King mangers in my book.