Former prison camp inmates Euna Lee, 36, and Laura Ling, 32, couldn't contain their emotions after touching down in California this morning. The women looked emaciated and frail as they descended the steps of a private jet and embraced their loved ones.

Lee and Ling were captured by the North Koreans at the N. Korean border back in March. The women were charged with entering the country illegally and other "hostile acts" against the government. They were convicted and sentenced to 12 years hard labor at a prison camp where prisoners routinely die of starvation. The ones who survive the grueling 12-hour work days subsist on a ration of corn and water daily.

Contrary to popular belief, the decision to free the journalists was already a done deal by the time former president Bill Clinton arrived in N. Korea on a private jet for a round of humiliating photo ops.

Hollywood film producer Stephen Bing, a close friend of Bill Clinton's, sent his private jet to fly the women back home. Lee and Ling hadn't seen their families in 4 months. Ling is the sister of CNN correspondent and former 'The View' host Lisa Ling, and Lee has a 4-year-old daughter.

CNN correspondent Lisa Ling, left, smiles after greeting her sister Laura Ling

Euna Lee, left, with her husband Michael Saldate, center, and daughter Hana Saldate, 4.

Narcissist Barack Obama didn't bother to join in the joyous homecoming celebration.

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  • iscream

    I wish Bill could be president again. He was the first president I was old enough to vote in office.. He still makes me proud.

    I'm happy these girls are home. & did you know what they looked like before to say they look frail and thin. Korean people are for the most part slim, small people. At least the ones I come across.

  • miamore73

    Dayum Obama can't do nuthin right around here. He gets credit for everything that's gone wrong for up to 6 months before he was even sworn in and when something good happens under his administration he's a narcissist. If he'd have shown up in the homecoming he would have been a media hog.


  • luvly1957

    OK Sandra I agree with the other blogger who said u r so negative. It's a LIE they were not already going to b released. Bill had already negoiated the release prior to him arriving. U r such an unhappy negative person, wat's up no love life no happiness.

  • anti-PC

    This story had a happy ending. I am so glad for those two women and those families.

  • Shannon

    Sandra, I'm confused. Yesterday you said President Clinton took his OWN jet to bring the women home. Today you say it belongs to someone else. Which one is the truth? Yesterday you said President Obama would take all of the credit for President Clinton's work. Today you say the deal was already done before President Clinton arrived and that basically he went for photo ops. You also go on to say that President Obama was a narcissist for not joining in the homecoming. Are you saying that you wanted him to go to the homecoming, which obviously would have put the spotlight on him? Please clarify. Thanks.

  • Anna

    Euna's husband Michael was on tv last night and he said that Hana drew a pic of just her and her dad. I am so glad they are home. The N Korean man is the one who asked for former President Clinton. SMH.

  • DMNB

    I knew Obama would be mention,

  • masonmom

    LOL! yall are too funny! if these girls were bonqueisha jackson and ky'lani-porshe jefferson they'd still be over there making jordans!

  • Daisy

    Narcissist Barack Obama -CORRECTION Narcissist PRESIDENT Barack Obama GET IT RIGHT! That will be all :coffee:

  • scorpio

    masonmom Says:

    LOL! yall are too funny! if these girls were bonqueisha jackson and ky’lani-porshe jefferson they’d still be over there making jordans!

    -----------------------------------------------------------@ masonmom -You are so right.
    ___side note___Sandra why have you become so negative? You started out such a breath of fresh air. Do you have dual citizenship with your birth place England, maybe you'd be happier there?

  • andrea

    Why won't Sandra let Barack be great?

  • pinky2083

    Sandra, why did Obama need to be there?

  • LovelyLady

    Sandra u disrespects our President WAYYYYYYYY to much. Its one thing to fabricrate and create lies for your readers but to address him as Barack Obama instead of PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA IS TOTALLY UN CALLED FOR. (co sign DAISY)

    I bet you wouldnt introduce ur damn Queen as Elizabeth instead of Queen Elizabeth. Show some damn respect idc if u dont like him, or take ur azz back to England since u dont like the OUR country.

    Geesh Auntie, sometimes i wonder what happened to u growing up to make u have so much hate in ur heart.

    Ill keep u in my prayers and I still love ya!

  • Peachizz

    I believe this deal was said and done, i smell CHINA all over this!!!!!

  • Shauny

    if bonqueisha jackson and ky’lani-porshe jefferson were over there doing there jobs and got arrested and jailed on BS charges it would've ended the same way. SMH

    Sandra's comments wont even get a response from me.

  • Lemondrop

    Dead @ #8
    Buried @ #11

  • mizzdallas


    I miss those bill clinton days!

    But im happy that those two reporters have been returned safely back home

  • kdillon

    I am happy they are safe!
    what did we have to give up to Jong? He is an evil Dictator who wants to blow us off the map so why would he just release two Journalist who entered into his country to spy? There is a bigger picture going on! I am for Obama, but we cant get to blinded because he is black... he is just like other Presidents who we cant trust but with a different shade.