According to Live Nation, Lil Wayne’s Canadian concert dates scheduled for tonight and tomorrow were canceled due to “circumstances beyond Live Nation’s control.” The reality is that Canada refused to grant the rapper permission to enter the country.

Maybe it was the ongoing court cases involving drugs and gun charges that convinced them Weezy isn’t exactly a model citizen? Canada previously refused to grant entry to the rapper back in June 2008. Maybe Weezy should have called ahead first before rolling up to the border and getting turned around.

Can you blame Canada for refusing certain rappers admission into their country? Who wants that rolling roadshow of drugs, sex and mayhem crossing the border into their country? You know Wayne has no discipline and his handlers seem to have trouble handling him and all.

Rappers Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy and Canadian-born Drake are all on tour with Wayne. Soulja Boy tweeted that he was flying to California now that he has some time off.

Rapper Nicki Minaj, who was on one of the tour busses, tweeted that authorities were “being extra” and searching another bus that was attempting to enter the country. “Ni***z brought the dogs out and s**t,” she groused online. Well, maybe if N***z knew how to act and s**t, the Canadians wouldn’t have to be so extra? The border guards probably smelled the chronic on the bus from a mile away.

Lil Wayne is not the only rapper to be turned around at the border. According to, DMX, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, and other members of 50 Cent’s G-Unit have all been refused permission to enter the country.



    this story is ludacris

  • LadyJustice

    They gonna be in birmingham soon i wanna goooooo thats 2 hours away though :(

  • pinky2083

    Oh well.. their loss. I love me some Weezy.

  • attorneymom

    Good for the duffle bag Gremlin.

  • pointhimout

    sucks for u weezy. 430,000 x (number of cancelled shows)=SOB. keepin it real can be costly, huh?

  • browni007

    well maybe just maybe he will clean up his act – when the act starts costing you $$$ doesnt everyone straighten up?

  • Krysi J

    No Biggie….there are countless performances left to be paid for. :sleep:

  • MissGauzzz

    :roflmao: oh my…u on a roll today!!! not duffle bag Gremlin!!

  • loveme77

    their loss…… i love some lil wayne!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dblaq

    there is a thing called etiquette. Sorry I wouldn’t that n**a in my house either, tearing up my sh*t and who is Nicki Minaj anway, a Lil Kim jr. who went from trying to sell her pu$$y for records, but I guess now she doesn’t want to be labeled that way anymore. Sorry keep it real to yourself.

  • attorneymom

    @MissGauzzz, isn’t that duffle bag Gremlin singing/rapping that wack behind hook in this song (I use the term loosely):

    I am mad at Lil “I want to pretend that the I am dumb and gansta while I knock up two women at the same time” Wayne for wasting that good track on such a wick-wick wack song. And his hook made it worst.

    Remember when Rappers wanted to sound intelligent:

    RIP DJ Scott La Rock and Jam Master Jay

  • attorneymom


    I’ll get a pen, a pencil, a marker
    mainly what I write is for the average New Yorker
    some mc’s be talkin’ and talkin’
    tryin’ to show how black people are walkin
    but I don’t walk this way to portray
    or reinforce stereotypes of today
    like all my brothas eat chicken and watermelon
    talk broken english and drug sellin’
    See I’m tellin, and teaching real facts
    The way some act in rap is kind of wack
    and it lacks creativity and intelligence
    but they don’t care cause the company is sellin’ it
    It’s my philosophy, on the industry
    Don’t bother dissin me, or even wish that we’d
    soften, dilute, or commercialize all our lyrics
    Cause it’s about time one of y’all hear it
    And hear it first-hand from the intelligent brown man
    A vegetarian, no goat or ham
    or chicken or turkey or hamburger
    ’cause to me that’s suicide self-murder
    let us get back to what we call hip hop
    and what it meant to DJ Scott La Rock…