Photos by Prince Williams/

Does Hip Hop's most tired couple, Knaye West and Amber Hoes, have some competition? It may seem that way from these pics of Grammy winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo and Tattoo Girl that were taken last week at AG Entertainment's exclusive Secret Society Thursdays at Door 44 Nightclub. Some of you may remember Tattoo Girl from my post on Jeezy's Memorial Day weekend bash down in Miami.

Well, Tattoo Girl hit me up on Twitter the next day fussing when she should have been thanking me for the exposure. Especially since she's an up-and-coming rapper. I wonder if Ne-yo signed her? One good thing Tattoo Girl has going for her is she's not a stripper with a very checkered past like Amber.

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Photos by Prince Williams/

  • yvonne79

    How many is TOO many when it comes to tattoos? :coffee:

  • LadyJustice

    OMG HER TATTOOS ARE U-G-L-Y.... this makes me not even wanna get one anymore =/

    is her rap name Tattoo Girl? I think she should go with it suits her WELL.

    Hey NE-YO *waves*

  • Nina

    Nope....Kanye & Amber won't be moving over for these two.

  • pinky2083

    That is RIDICULOUS!!! So UGLY!!

    She gon look funny as hell when she gets old (she does now).

  • ELove

    What's The Emotion for...

    :ban: this Tricks photos from ever being seen again

  • Daisy

    I love Chrisettes new song feat Ne yo!

    Sandra Kanye and Amber = Kamber please keep up :coffee:


    All those tattoo's are so unattractive on her.

  • bklynchick

    @yvonne 79 that to dam much... She looks H.A.M for real I though she was Mario (the singer) sister cause they have the same nose

    And Ne Yo is wrong for wearing that scarf on his head...No he aint cause I rather not see that mis shaped head of his love his music though

  • yvonne79

    Is that a damn candy cane behind her ear? Maybe a Xmas stocking...WTF?!?

  • melinla

    I wonder does she stand still so people can read them...

  • iscream

    She & Lil Wayne would make a cute couple but I doubt this girl likes wood. I'm more interested in her rap skillz. Is she any good. Goodness knows we are in need for a hot female rapper.

    Pretty girl. She favors Keycole a lil.

    Frankie & Neffie 2morrow!!!!

  • Daisy

    Ice I will be FRONT n CENTER for Frankie n Neffie 2morrow night! :popcorn:

  • LadyJustice

    iscream Says:

    Pretty girl. She favors Keycole a lil.


    i was thinking that too

  • iscream

    @ Lady

    She even has the gap in her teeth, lol

    @ Daisy.


  • Daisy

    Ice we shall chat Wed about the show lol I can't wait

  • Kat

    yeah, that is waaaaaay too many tats....and "tattoo girl" would be the perfect name for her!

  • attorneymom

    That s*** is ridiculous!! Whatever happened to drawing on paper and canvases??? I hope she has a successful business because I would not hire her to work in White Castle.

  • mizzdallas


    Lmao! not white castle, I hate that dallas donot have a white castle! I love white castle when IM in chi-town!! Hmmmm I have the munchies!

  • eastpointvet

    ohhhh thats where i saw her i kept asking my friend that night where is that girl from

  • attorneymom

    @Mizzdallas, I am on my way to NJ. First stop, White Castle.

  • iscream

    19 eastpointvet Says:

    ohhhh thats where i saw her i kept asking my friend that night where is that girl from

  • mizzdallas


    who do you dont know...? I kid kid kid kid!!!

  • Krysi J

    I am appauld. "All that just to be a rapper, woady she trippen"

    -Young Turk

  • eastpointvet

    dont know her just knew i saw her somewhere before with all them tats

  • miamore73

    Her tatts are bad but damn her teeth lookin awfully strong and lion like.

    Kinda manish. Not sure if its the tatts or the lack of breast.

  • Anna

    miamore73 Says:

    Her tatts are bad but damn her teeth lookin awfully strong and lion like.

    Kinda manish. Not sure if its the tatts or the lack of breast
    She does have some big teeth. I don't think she is looking manly due to the lack of boobs or the extra tatts. She just looks kind of used which makes her look hard, which makes her look less female.

  • lexdiamonz

    when keeping it real goes wrong

  • attorneymom

    @lexdiamonz writes: "when keeping it real goes wrong."

    Soror, LMBO. Real what?? I would not put that insanity on the ghetto or the hood.

  • MistaO

    Why o' why do so many "young ladies" today have it so twisted???

    Man, see and in a few years she gonna actually be wondering why no "real man" wants her...

    Sad state of affairs for many in our community today, people just refuse to THINK.

  • tintin

    the other girl looks like megan rochelle. i guess that's her