Dyron Hart, a former Nicholls State football player, pleaded guilty to impersonating a White Supremacist on the Internet who was angry that a black man was elected president. Hart faces 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

A black man who pretended to be a white supremacist on the Internet has entered a guilty plea to charges that he issued death threats.

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten says 20-year old Dyron Hart pled guilty in federal court to “communicating threats in interstate commerce.”

“According to court documents, Hart… admitted that he created a fictitious name and used the photograph of a white supremacist to communicate a threat. He then purported to be a person outraged by the election of President Barack Obama,” Letten said in a news release.

Letten says that Hart sent the threat to an African American student at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux “indicating he wanted to kill African American individuals because of the election of the President.”


Convicted woman beater Chris Brown wants you (and Rihanna) to know that he’s a changed man in this new track. But don’t believe him. Men (or in this case, a little boy), who take out their frustrations on defenseless women with their fists, never change. They just try to be more careful not to leave a mark next time.

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Earlier this week we posted a leaked track from a mixtape featuring rap artist T.I. The track titled “That’s The Way You Want It” seemed to go hard at the mother of T.I.’s oldest sons, Messiah and Domani. But according to T.I.’s close friend Jason Geter, CEO of T.I.’s record label Grand Hustle, that is not the case.

Jason Geter’s Statement:

T.I. Live From Forrest City Facility Mixtape is in no form or fashion affiliated with T.I. or Grand Hustle. T.I. recorded the track “That’s The Way You Want It” as a means of release while dealing with a very public child support case. The song was never intended to be released in any way. T.I. loves and respects his kids and would never do anything intentionally to disrespect the mothers of any of his children. Artists often record music for sheer expression that is never meant for the public. T.I. and Grand Hustle regret that this song was leaked and would like to apologize to all parties involved. The other songs on the mixtape are tracks recorded when T.I. was a teenager.

Source: Sydney Margetson | PR Guru, Atlantic Records

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Philadelphia Philly fans are not too thrilled with the team owner’s decision to sign convicted dog killer Michael Vick to a 2-year contract. Outraged radio talk show listeners are calling in to vent their frustrations on the air. While Philly’s own resident punk rocker, Pink, took to her Twitter page and encouraged fans to tear Vick to pieces like he did to his dogs.

“wow. michael vick in MY hometown, Philly. of all the places. I hope the fans tear him to pieces like his beloved dogs.”

Meanwhile, protests are also being planned outside the facility where the Phillies train. And Vick can expect to hear boos rain down on him when he takes the field in a Phillies uniform. No wonder 26 NFL clubs passed on his services.


As Barack Obama continues to turn a deaf ear to Americans who oppose Universal Health Care, experts are growing concerned for his safety as hate groups intensify their rhetoric:

The Secret Service is investigating a Maryland man who held a sign reading “Death to Obama” and “Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids” outside a town hall meeting this week. And in New Hampshire, another man stood across the street from a Presidential town hall with his gun on full display.

“I don’t think these are simply people who are mentally ill or off their rocker,” Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told ABC News of those behind the threats. “In a very real sense they represent a genuine reaction, a genuine backlash against Obama.” Source

I know you don’t care, but singer Keri Hilson has a boyfriend named Errol whose texturizer, diamond studded earrings and lip gloss makes him look very How U Doin. But I could be wrong. The couple have dated for years, supposedly.

Industry whore Erika Jones celebrated scoring another high stakes baller last night at the elegant Soho Grand Hotel in NYC. Jones, who used to date NBA star Shawn Marion, ran through other wealthy industry cats before finally bagging Kevin Liles, who is Executive Vice President for Warner Music Group. I looked for pics of Jones showing off Liles’ wallet, but there were none. I hear that everybody in the room was laughing behind Liles’ back. Now that’s not nice.

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