TV talk show maven Oprah Winfrey and her lover, er, I mean BFF Gayle King, ate out yesterday with singer Alicia Keys, who is still dogged by persistent rumors that she’s a lesbun. Yes, we know that allegedly Alicia is with that hawk nosed producer, but the lesbun rumors persist just the same.

By the way, is Alicia Keys looking a little chunky around the midsection and thighs like she might be pregnant?

And speaking of pregnant, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson isn’t any more — pregnant, that is. She gave birth to a son yesterday. Congrats to Jennifer and her sperm donor (and alleged butt surfer) Punk!

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Last year it was NeNe Leakes and her bogus real estate guru husband Greg. This year it was faux fashion designer wannabe, Sheree Whitfield, and now it’s Lisa Wu’s turn to face reality after faking prosperity on a fake reality show.

According to, Lisa Wu Hartwell and her husband, former Oakland Raiders linebacker Edgerton Hartwell, lost their multi-million dollar Duluth home to foreclosure.

Apparently, the Hartwells got into their home using one of those creative financing deals that were so popular years ago when the housing market was booming. But then the housing bubble burst and the Hartwells were forced to plead with their mortgage lender to restructure the deal. But if they read the AJC business section (since they’re all up in it) then they should have known that bankers aren’t trying to hear that these days: they want their money.

The Hartwells bought the plush mansion for $2.9 mil in 2007, but the bank lost a cool mil when it was resold this month for $1.9 mil. So the Hartwells have now moved on to much smaller rental digs, and hopefully Ed is looking for a job to help pay the rent or we’ll be talking about them again when they get evicted.

All day yesterday I fielded emails from loyal readers asking me if I knew who made the hawt siamese shoe/sandals that Solange Knowles wore at the Waldorf Astoria in Japan. Normally I ignore such emails since such info is readily available at your fingertips if you just let Google be your friend.

But, I wanted to know the answer for myself because those shoes are simply GOR-geous! They complete that perfect outfit when you want to impress that perfect lady — or for you straight chicks: that perfect man (if you can find one).

So I queried Google and I found the answer within a minute thanks to The Shoe Blogger who wrote:

Sometimes we fail to identify a shoe… but this is one occassion where the shoe stood out so much during fashion week that it was easy to recognize. This is the shoe I dub the ‘two faced shoe’. It’s from the fall 2009 Moschino Cheap and Chic collection, which is covered in this post.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a place to purchase the shoes online. You might want to try one of the Moschino boutiques or wait and see if they make an appearance on Moschino’s official online store since fall styles are still coming out.

Hope this helps!

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Making The Band alumni Sara Stokes was arrested last weekend for pulling a KeKe Wyatt stunt and stabbing her husband Tony — in front of their 3 kids!

According to, Stokes and her husband Tony were arguing in their Morena Valley, CA. home on August 2, when somehow Sara “tripped” and fell, hitting her head on the ground. The details are murky about what happened next. What we do know is Sara got hold of a knife and stabbed Tony in the arm. Police and paramedics were called to the scene and Sara was placed in handcuffs despite the fact that her face looked a bloody and bruised mess in her booking photo (above).

The Stokes’ lawyer seemed to be saying, ‘this is just another day in the Stokes’ household,’ when he told TMZ that: “Sara and Tony have a very passionate and loving relationship that on August 2, while having an evening of fun, she slipped and fell, hitting her head heavily on the ground and somehow in the process of helping her Tony got injured.”

That doesn’t sound like “fun” to me. Why does “passion” in the black community always translate to violence? We have to do better.


This story made headlines all over the world this weekend, and by Sunday morning, the sleuths over at People mag were on top of it. It turns out that former British child star Mark Lester was being the attention whore and opportunist that we all thought he was when he laid claim to Michael Jackson’s kid, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, saying the 11-year-old was his biological daughter.

Lester told a British tabloid over the weekend that he donated sperm for his longtime friend Michael Jackson so he could start his own family. It seems Michael was enamored with Lester’s 4 blond haired, blue eyed children and wanted some of his own to raise.

Now Lester’s reps are saying the tabloid twisted his words. Yeah, right.

Sources say that while Lester had donated sperm, he is not Paris’ biological dad. “They twisted his words around. He’s not claiming to be the father of Paris Jackson,” says one close family source. “He has known Michael for many years and his children play with Michael’s children,” says longtime Jackson family associate and past lawyer Brian Oxman. But in all the years he has known Lester, Oxman says Lester never indicated he was Paris’s father.

Us Weekly reports that the L.A. County coroner returned Michael Jackson’s brain to his family last week and he was buried in an intimate ceremony last Thursday at Forest Lawn cemetery.

Will the circus atmosphere surrounding Jackson never end?

A loyal reader and former government employee, who asked to remain anonymous, wrote in to say that while she believes all Americans should have insurance, she is opposed to government run health care. I don’t blame her for feeling that way about the government. If you’ve seen the way the government runs public housing (broken toilets, broken windows, no ac/heat, etc.), then you already know how the government will run health care.

Hi Sandra,

I read your peice and for a change, I have to say I strongly agree with you. I wanted to share my experience of being under government care with you and hopefully if you’re interested, then you share with your readers. Please leave out my name or give an alias.:)

After thinking long and hard and researching on this whole health care reform policy, I realized I don’t want any government-run healthcare. Only thing O can do for me is regulate those sheisty insurance companies, get rid of this stupid pre-existing condition policy, remove stupid high ass deductibles for CTscans & other expensive tests, keep medicare/medicaid for older, disable & poor. It doesn’t makes sense to have to pay $50 office visit for a simple annual pap smear exam under United Health Care.

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Over the years, pop icon Michael Jackson was dragged into court twice to fight charges brought against him by young boys he had befriended and had sleepovers with.

Jackson, 50, quickly settled out of court with his first accuser to the tune of $20 million. He would later say there was nothing wrong with a grown man having sleepovers with young boys (typical twisted thinking of a pedo). “It’s what the whole world should do,” said Jacko in a television interview.

In 2003, Dr Alimorad Farshchian prescribed Depo-Provera for Jackson to suppress his unnatural urges and control his inappropriate behavior with young boys. Depo-Provera is a birth control pill for women that restricts the flow of testosterone in men.

Dr. Farshchian used the drug to chemically castrate Michael, according to Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper. Dr. Farshchian said he did it to help Michael.

Jackson’s official photographer, Ian Berkley, confirms the doctor wanted to help Michael, saying:

“It was really Dr Farshchian, when he became aware of the sleepovers, who planted the idea in Michael’s head that he might have a problem. As a responsible doctor, Dr Farshchian thought these tendencies were something Michael might address. Dr Farshchian didn’t necessarily think there was abuse going on – but he was concerned there were inappropriate feelings towards minors which could be addressed.”


Actor Malik Yoba attended the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge last week with his longtime companion Terry Barbosa, right, and his kids (?) Pria and Dena. I put a question mark there because I heard an interesting rumor about Mr. Yoba that I won’t repeat. Let’s just say I’m surprised that he has children considering what I heard…

Former champion boxer Mike Tyson attended the Teen Choice Awards in Universal City yesterday with his family (L to R) son Amir, 12, daughter Rayna, 13, and daughter Mikey, 19. Amir and Rayna’s mom is pediatrician Monica Turner, who divorced Tyson in 2003. Tyson has a total of 7 kids (Exodus, 4, died in June).

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