Pseudo singer Ciara got tired of being dissed after pretending to cut her hair into a short, cropped Halle Berry-style. Actually, it was a wig and no one was fooled except the few hard core fans she has left.

So last week, after being dumped from Britney Spear's tour for having "personality issues" with the tour director, Ciara went back to Beyonce's wig maker and ordered a lace front wig that Wendy Williams would be proud of.

Now there's word that Ciara is extremely depressed and is telling friends her career is over. Apparently, being replaced on the tour by Jordin Sparks (of all people) was too much of a blow to her fragile ego.

Well, CiCi, you can't say that you didn't see this coming. If you want someone to blame for your current (and future) problems, you need only to look in the mirror, hon. You had a great manager and you treated her like sht. You had a great producer (Jazze Pha) and you treated him like sht. The only people who will put up with you is Jennifer and those other dck riders who will fade away once the checks stop coming in.

Moving to the west coast didn't help your career one bit because your attitude still stinks. Oh, and how's that modeling career working out for you?

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  • melinla

    Wow Sandra why don't you tell us how you really feel - LOL
    Keep your head up CiCi we all make mistakes in life...

  • anti-PC

    Auntie, what do you mean 'Apparently, being replaced on the tour by Jordin Sparks (of all people)....'?

    Jordin Sparks could sing circles around Ciara, who is an atrocious recording artist.

  • LadyJustice

    Cute doggie!!! :heart:
    Poor ci-ci

    Jordan is a good singer no doubt but she's kinda boring to watch on stage... She just stands there.

  • iscream

    Why did this post sound personal?

    I heard she was dropped from the tour. Was shocked Wendy said she only sold 84K records since album dropped. Can that be true? Funnier is she said Brook Holgan hasn't even sold 4K :| wow.

    Welp, there's always reality TV.

  • Krysi J

    Poe thang....SMH....I told you not to drop that cd....SMH

    stop trying to fast pace your career based on OTHER people's success. DO YOU Ciara, WE LIKED the Ciara we THOUGHT you unless you ARE this person that you've become, we'd really like to see you get back to your roots. Keep the faith, don't curl up just yet...REGROUP.

  • Charles



    I live for you sandra ahahahaahjkuidjewhjuikwsjsw

  • masonmom

    RIP "goodies" "oooh, all my ladies to the flooo, we keep it gutter dont cha know..gettin crunk up on the flo we gets looow!

  • masonmom

    charles was that some subliminal message?

  • attorneymom


  • Charles


    I was rolling on the floor

    Ciaras career is over her album still has yet to go gold her movie isn't coming out even to dvd she has no tour no fans no radio play fake titties and a amputated penis

    She better get rid of that lambo lease she has cuz she gonna be the next to be foreclosed onn with that ugly ass weave and that ugly wig ... she's a stupid no talent flop who got what was coming to her and im laughing so hard I predicted this with her nude photo shoot and then when the singles leaked I knew for sure!

  • masonmom

    give cici a chance people! even mariah carey made a comeback

  • Krysi J

    Damn Brandy and Ciara struggling in this RhiannaBeyonce world.

  • Daisy

    Speaking of Beyonce I have been JAMMIN to her un released songs on youtube now had she released these songs as singles or had them on her cd I would have considered buying it. I love you are my rock and I cant take no more!

    CiCi go find JazzyPha you can't miss him big as he is! Yall need to make some NEW heat and keep it moving he gave you a SOUND that worked add your dancing and u were set! If aint broke dont fix it just relax and let it go DONT ROCK THAT BOAT BABY!

  • Daisy

    @Mason MC never really "fell off" IMO I feel she is about to fall off for real with this new cd. I do not like that Obsessed single at all. I do love me some Mimi though!

  • pinky2083

    I'll say it again... CIARA IS WACK!!

  • pinky2083

    Team Jordin!! Battlefield is my song..

  • Daisy

    @Pinky I LOVE that song!!!! U cant tell me I cant sing with that song comes on the radio lol

  • LadyJustice

    Daisy I love her song poison! I know I played it like 50 times since I downloaded it last week. Wonder y they didn't go on the cd? There plenty room cuz she on had like 9 songs on each. How many more songs did u find? I just have poison and slow love

  • masonmom

    i like obsession! yes Mimi fell off after "glitter". lol@jazzy pha big azz. i hope he considers the bypass surgery

  • Smokie

    wpifpskfo;kso;((*(rgdoi098gdD&(Fdfds <-- means I'm laughing hard! You said it all Sandra. LOL!!!

  • Daisy

    @Lady I went to youtube. The poison song is ok doesnt do it for me but I like..

    I cant take no more-throwback old skool vibe
    You are my rock-like the lyrics and I am looking for my rock (outside of God) lol

    There are some more on youtube Creole, back it up, my heart beats, worldwide woman(may be on her cd not sure) etc a ton of songs

  • Daisy

    @Mason Obessesed got a lukewarm recpetion and forced her to push back her cd that and Whitney is dropping a new one lol I would rather her cd get pushed back than to drop another wack one E mc2 was not the biz but I still JAM to emancipation of MiMi!!!!

  • pinky2083

    EMC2 was good.. it was just different that's all.

    Mariah cannot sing like she used to.

    Funny that now her and Nick are trying to say Obsessed about him... why would she talk about her husband like that? Eminem scared they azz.. hahaa!

  • pinky2083

    i meant is about him

  • masonmom

    lol mimi should retire after this one! when does letoya come out? i liked her 1st album

  • masonmom

    yea pinky...mimi and nick better sit down before eminem post their sx tapes, u know he petty so he'd be the one releasing personal phone convo's and nude pics

  • Daisy

    @mason Didnt sandra post a story about Letoyas cd? I dont know when her cd drops her song IRKS me I dont want it anymore uggghh I turn everytime it comes on and I want to see her do well but NO on that song lol

    MC can stil sing to me

  • pinky2083

    @Daisy is that the song for the video that she has out right now?? I saw it the other night on Soul Sessions... was not feeling it!

  • masonmom

    i think the one i seen on soul sessions was talkin bout swing batta swing or somethin about a cheatin man! i love soul sessions

  • Charles

    Brandy isn't stuggling she isn't even trying I tweeted her to go sing a hook leak some songs something I think she's content being unemployed she isn't hurting for $$ like manera

  • pinky2083

    oh yeah you right mason.. i don't like that song. soul sessions is the biz.. watch it while i'm falling asleep at night. :)

  • Krysi J

    she isn’t hurting for $$ like manera

    oh yea I forgot she is resting on that pile of millions she was left with after the wrongful death suit settlement....

  • mizzdallas

    Brandy in the same sentence as Ciara should be a federal offense Brandy been there done that! smh she aint got to prove nothing to nobody

  • Krysi J

    It just seems that way cause Brandy is much older...she had success, then it vanished....same thang.

  • Daisy

    I wish Maxwell would do a soul session I dont know what VH1 is waiting on

  • Charles


    What wrongful death suit where's the judgment?? If you gonna talk about her at least have facts she Choose to give the kids of that woman 600,000 out of her pocket! With 0 court order and has offered 1.2 million to the father he wants more but they have het to step foot in a court

    Brandy has more $ than she knowswhat to do with, her mom invested it and made sure brandy was spending like crazy getting lambo leases and being bi coastal

    And brandy had a kid and faded away what's maneras excuse?



  • flyqtnva

    Yep she got that Beyonce/Jada DEAD BEHIND THE EYE LOOK....dang I feel sorry for her....yeah and do throw shade a brandy..she anit have to start out in NOBODY group and she did what Beyonce doing now when she was a teenager... MO to the

  • Krysi J

    And brandy had a kid and faded away what’s maneras excuse?

    umm no..Brandy's career went south because of her reality FAKE MARRIAGE tv show on mtv....Ciara's excuse is not so lame as that, but she definitely made some stupid decisions just the same.

  • mizzdallas

    exactly fly thats why I said brandy been there done that! everybody made some mistakes and hers was that fake marriage but that didnt ruin her career... but oh wells... carry on... lol!

  • Krysi J

    Every album after that tanked.....what else could be described as her career turning point? But I do agree, Brandy has been there, been flopped. Now apparently Ciara will have the right to say the same about her experience.

  • cocoa49

    i don't know sandra about the depressed part. i sometimes go to her twitter page and she seems quite happy. she is always talking about something good is about to happen but never tells what it is. her fans keep saying it is a world tour....but how do you have a world tour on an album that didn't do well? oh well maybe her "man" can help her out. i am not saying any names......

  • NichelleWalker/

    Sandra rotfl teehee--didn't you tell her this would happen, listen Ciara I'm looking to get on so I will write you a couple of joint's my pen game is what you need....

  • NichelleWalker/

    maybe her and bow wow need to get back together they were so much hotter when they were a couple just saying..

  • Anna

    cocoa49 Says:

    she is always talking about something good is about to happen but never tells what it is. her fans keep saying it is a world tour….but how do you have a world tour on an album that didn’t
    Damn, her fans are dreamers. That was funny.

  • ChokLitFactory

    Man...Ciara did it to herself sadly. She should have stuck with her sound with Jazze. She is not no Madonna, she can barely singe and she is not that well-rounded an artist. I mean, I was cool with Evolution, but that solely b/c of Promise. She needed to learn to listen to ppl and to stay in her lane. Don't know what the West coast will do for her now...

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