Sherri Shepherd unveiled her new bod today on 'The View'. I don't watch 'The View' so I'm no Sherri Shepherd expert, but I looked at a few pics of her and she still looks the same to me. What's new about her bod? Sherri said she hoped big women were inspired by her weight loss to shell out thousands of dollars for a tummy tuck and expensive personal trainers like she did.

Why can't big beautiful women be happy the way they are? Quiet as it's kept, black men LOVE big women. If you see a family eating out together, notice how the mom is on the chunky side while the skinny chicks are eating alone or with each other.

  • Krysi J

    What would I do without my hips and butt.....probably kill the hell over.

    Congradulations anyway Sherri at least you are where YOU want to be.

  • pinky2083

    Yeah she looks the same to me.. I like to keep a lil meat on my bones.. my man loves it. I would never want to be skinny.

  • mizzdallas


    you know I dont have alot of hips or butt but I work with what I got and I too am a big busty girl but petite but my body balance out though, sherri she looks the same

  • Anna

    Maybe if the pic was not so in my face I could have a better opinion. LOL. She looks the same to me also.

  • Daisy

    Sherri dropped like 30 lbs last year and she has a funky shape to me but I'm glad she is confident enough to come on tv in a bathing suit although she said it wld be a bikini lol

  • Mspeng

    Sherri will always have that same body because she is extremely top heavy with not much on the bottom. But congrats to her for wanting to be healthy

  • KaraZ

    Sandra, I'm about sick of your sly comments about skinny chicks. Not all black men like big women, not all mother's are big. You sound as big as Monique!

    Sherri is just a top heavy woman, and I noticed that her bottom half was slimming down and toning up, but her twins won't let her be great!

  • andrea

    Okay so... she got a tummy tuck? Why'd she leave her boobs outta the deal? That's not attractive. She has a grandma top and a teenage boy bottom.

  • Daisy

    She lost weight after being dx as a diabetic and I agree she needs a boob reduction ASAP lol

  • iscream

    You know you watch The View Sandra. Where did you get the shaking thing idea from on Monday to give upperarm muscles. (With the Madonna pic).... from the view.

    Sherri has tigobitties so no matter how much weight she lose. If her breast stay the same size. She is still going to look heavy. But good for her. Everybody can't be a size 0.

  • KaraZ

    Sherri has had a boob reduction already.

    I don't believe she had a tummy tuck. She is however wearing the hell out of a faja in these pictures though. Fajas make you look 3 sizes smaller in a minute, of course you can't breathe, but who cares about that small detail when you fit into dresses from high school?

  • MzTee

    Congrats to Sherri on her weight loss. But, as the old folks used to say, "She built funny."

  • ELove

    LUV the comments... OK MY turn to GAS-OUT !!!

    REALLY Big-Head ALONG with NFL LB Shoulders-n-Arms WITH the Big-Boobs AND NOTHING ELSE to go with it... I PERSONALLY crave ADEQUATE proportion of the female anatomy WHICH MUST INCLUDE Some (NOT a whole lot of) AZZ, THIGHS and HIPS for her particular Body-Type & Size !!!

    Yeah SHE'S a funny-built chick FOR REAL ...
    If she's Happy-n-Healthy then more power to her (Real Talk)

  • candycane

    It looks like the bathing suit is slimming her down

  • talkingwithtami

    Remember the WB Frog? Im just saying

  • SunnyPA

    Sherry didn't lose anything (she looks the same)... but she gained confidence.


    Sherri just inspired me to do more site ups!!! I would hate to be shaped like SpongeBob r the WB frog.... (LOL, @ "talkingwithtami")


    I meant "situps"

  • http://www.Facebook.Com/Tmekio T’Mekio

    Dayum!! She doesn't even look like she lost weight! It just looks like she has a GIRDLE on under her 1 piece! Trust me!! I know!

  • bklynchick

    @ talkingwithtami WB frog LMAO!!!(Hello my babyn hello my darlin) it made me think of that song..

    I think sherri lloks nice and I am glad she did it for herself and no one else

  • Anti-believer

    Sandra, sandra, Sandra....

    LAWD! Fat women need to lose the weight to stay alive and prevent diseases like heart and diabetic.

    It's not a fact the black men like fat women. That is over blown!


    As far as Sherri.... she should've got a breast reduction with her stomach and azz!


  • Daisy

    @sunny again Sherri lost 30 lbs and when she shows the before and after pics on the View u can see the difference this goes back to last year not in recent mths she had to due to being a diabetic now


    She tried on over 300 suits and picked THAT mess!!!! Please!

  • KayCeiSoul

    Aww dumplin'! She look like a happy bartlett pear.

  • Doc Jam

    she's a pretty woman.

  • ontaya brooks

    Dead @ the way Barbara Walters was looking at the 5:04 mark, like yeah whateva.

  • funkyfinger54

    She's nasty looking!