Remember those Barack Obama 'Joker' posters I told you about earlier? Well, some enterprising anti-socialists have printed up t-shirts, ball caps, mugs, and bumper stickers with the image and made them available for sale online.

The White House isn't too happy about this, but fortunately we still live in a country where free enterprise and capitalism thrives without interference from the government (at least not yet).

I've already placed my order. Thanks to loyal reader Lizbeth for the link!

  • LadyJustice


  • Charles

    This reminds me of monicas new cd. Yeah its out but no one cares and no one is going to buy it

  • anti-PC

    I think I will buy one. I will do my part to stimulate the economy.

    BTW, Happy Birthday, Mr. Prez!!!!

  • LovelyLady

    Sandra you would probably do much better working for "Fox News", lol
    Love Ya Auntie

  • LovelyLady

    LMAO @ Charles

    *dead*, but is Monica CD really out lol

  • Daisy

    @Lovely NO it is not. Her cd comes out in Nov after her reality show debuts in Oct.

  • miamore73


    Auntie are we gonna get more than just Obama bashing at some point. Can't we agree to disagree and then talk mess about someone else instead.

    Sometimes it's funny (even though I like my Kool Aid cold) but it's starting to just be too much.

  • masonmom

    omg daisy...derek luke is soooo fine! too bad he's married to TEAM CHEZ WHITEY!!

  • Daisy

    His wife is not white she is latin but I cld care less lol he still fine

  • SunnyPA

    I was having a bad, bad day until I saw this post just now. Hell, I'm going to buy a one for everyday of the week. ROFL