Singer and TV personality Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, of Tiny & Toya Show on BET, is very upset at malicious rumors going around that she is seeing boxer Floyd Mayweather on the low while her man, rapper T.I. is incarcerated.

Tiny's mom, Diane Pope, reached out to to let my readers know that the stories are all false. She said, "please don't believe those lies! Tiny loves T.I. They email each other every single day and she sees him every weekend. In fact, she's on her way to the airport now to go visit him."

She also said Mayweather "definitely did NOT" attend Tiny's recent birthday celebration in Atlanta. Tiny also had a private dinner for family and friends that night, and he wasn't there either. Tiny does not know Mayweather other than in passing.

Tiny keeps herself very busy with her daughter's group the OMG Girls. Zonnique and Tiny are recording in T.I.'s home studio every night and her days are filled with rehearsals and other OMG-related activities. She doesn't have time on her hands for other men. And please believe that all eyes are on Tiny. She couldn't cheat if she wanted to!

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  • LadyJustice

    good to know. i saw this story this morning


    ...why the he** is her mother entertaining this bullsh*t mother would never waste her time ...she people are so concerned abt what others thing of them that it is crazy !....If T.I. trust her then she should have nothing to explain!

    ***but if he is in jail how the he** is he emailing?

  • KaraZ

    Why isn't this filed under who gives a rat's arse?

  • Charles

    And I want tiny to know I don't care and I want her momma to know it too

    Nasty inbred miss piggy looking non high school graduting heffer

  • mizzdallas

    I didnt know snitches oops I mean prisioners have access to emails and yes Karaz this shouold be filed under who cares..?

  • mizzdallas


    dang, charles lmao tell em why you mad son

  • LadyJustice


    lol girl people in jail be on facebook and myspace. smh

  • Daisy

    @mizz u seem to know a lot about ppl who "snitch" could it be birds of a feather flock together :coffee:

    I know TIs lawyer he did not snitch

  • iscream

    @ Mizz

    I2I email? Jailbirds have access to internets. What in the where is my tax money hell is this world coming to.

    @ topic. After seeing that episode where he showed how obsessed he was of her I know why they cleared this rumor up ASAP. Tiny left eye would be matching those lips.

    And conterfeit money Floydd probably can't afford to keep Tiny happy anyway.

  • bklynchick

    Well I guess that's good to know..

    I think they make a really good couple and wish people would stop hating on them so much for real..she is not that cute to me in the face but my opinion but that doesn't matter as long as she makes my Boo TI happy I am happy


  • KaraZ

    @daisy did TI's lawyer really tell you about his client's affairs or do you mean you know his lawyer to be a good lawyer?

    As far as snitching, wtf is wrong with that? If you're doing it for the greater good of the community at large and to get back to your family faster there's nothing wrong with that! Since when is turning in criminals a bad thing? Y'all better tell the truth you know about criminals or STFU when crime happens to you & yours.

  • KaraZ

    @iscream, I'm glad I'm not the only one who recognizes that Tiny shows all the symptoms of a battered woman. I've watched enough Lifetime and been around more than my fair share of battered woman to know that each LV bag she totes around is nothing to be envious of.


    whoa!...i better log on to facebook and see if my BD has a facebook page ...he in the feds in atlanta

    ***he better not , he better get back to work for his 5 cent a month pay or whatever he gts

  • Daisy

    @Karaz I have no problem if somebody sees a murder or has info about a crime and speaks on it but TI did not snitch n I knew his lawyer before this case.


    i don't believe he had to snitch to get his deal ..he probably made a greater impact by doing the community service in each city he had a concert in ...they know that youngsters look up to him so that was for the greater good ..and he still got jail time ...!

  • Charles


    She is a mess!

  • iscream

    @ Shaniamom


    While I can't speak on if he snitched or not. To say he did the community a greater service to me is crazy. All of our black men who get arrested (& for lesser charges) can do our community a better service if given the option. I think he got that deal because he had the money to afford him a good attrny (is he married Daisy?). Which sucks because it shows a flawed the legal system is.

    A regular Joe Schmo (repeat offender might I add) would have gotten the book thrown at them. Same way he did when he was just plain oh Clifford.

    (Not attacking just saying)

  • Shannon

    Oink! Oink! How is a convicted felon emailing someone on a daily basis from the pen?

  • pinky2083

    Oink Oink.. now that's funny..

    Yall know Tiny probably reading this.. I know her lil feelings are hurt.

    She do look like Miss Piggy though!

  • Shauny

    Poor Tiny just can't get a break.

    I would KILL my mother if she entertained some BS story going on about me. Tiny's mom seems to love her to death from the show so I can see why she wanted to set the record straight but this is a no no Mrs. Tiny mommy.

  • Daisy

    @shannon my sisters baby daddy is doing fed time and he sure has access to internet daily in NC

  • rochele08

    lol @ oink oink...dead

  • attorneymom

    My son was discharged from the hospital today. Praise the Lord!!!!

    @Ana, thanks for taking the time to call me. That was a pleasant surprise.

  • attorneymom


  • Kat

    i just finished emailing my step brother whom is incarcerated. they have email access...i don't know about no facebook and all that tho! lol!
    i wouldn't be mad at tiny if she WAS creepin' with lil floyd! he could get it! :hump:

  • iscream

    I know working people who can't afford the internet. They make being in jail too comfortable. Guess they need to keep those beds full.


  • Shannon

    I have been thoroughly entertained by this post. I can always count on Charles for making me laugh out loud at work. Damn this ObamaCare. I'm still trippin' on these inmates on the Internet on my dime! @25 - you are so right about working people not being able to afford the Internet. Man TI has the life. First he attempts to purchase guns & silencers illegally as a convicted felon. Then he gets a sweetheart deal which allowed him to stay home on house arrest, go on tour and make a reality show. Now he's in prison emailing Tiny every single day. Well I'll be. Isn't this a great role model for our children?

  • mizzdallas

    OMG! its called sacarism! I dont care about rather he snitch or not

    I have no problem with people who snitch if they see a murder or whatnot smh

    back to my regular schedule >>>> working

  • kwallace577

    i missed'd yall.

    daisy is right. inmates here in the nc indeed have internet/email capability. don't know about elsewhere. yes @shannon it ticks me the hail off too.

    @topic...i just want to know...what did the big green blob on tiny's boob USED to be?

  • mizzdallas

    Hey! kwall miss u!!!

    and Attornymom how is your son doing?

  • iscream

    Hey Kwallace (waving)

    It probably was her ex boyfriends name. Remember Faith had BIG on her tit. She had to change that as well.

  • kwallace577

    @isc...well whoever name it was before implants, all them chirens, and plain ole gravity got to is now illegible. and looks a big ole green "blob-y" mess.

    just terrible. i cringe errytime i see it. which is often cause she always wear low cut tops to show off her surg. enhanced cleavage...which i HOPE is what she is tryna show off...and not that tragic azz lookin' tat.

  • miamore73

    After watching a few episodes of the show I've decided I like Tiny. She ain't the prettiest thing to look at but she seems be down to earth and genuine. I love good southern folks.


    wow! im still trippn off the internet access..i will surely ask the BD when he calls does he have a email address...its probably:

    ***i tell my baby everytime she gets in trouble do u want to go be wit your daddy!...her facial expression is priceless

  • Nina

    Sandra, I'm so glad you cleared that up...really.


    who gives a fat rat's ass? i dont
    tiny and her mother both need to sit the hell down and shut up. man they are quick to defend some rumors thinking people give a fuck. no one cares but sandra

  • Anna

    Look at the pic on the left (preggos Tiny)and look at the now. I don't understand why ppl purposely do this to themselves.

  • yvonne79


    wow! im still trippn off the internet access..i will surely ask the BD when he calls does he have a email address…its probably:

  • kenyakai

    Fed. inmates have access to email through a restricted system but not the internet. The inmates are charged by the minute to use it. Remember, prison is a business, a multi-billion dollar one @ that.



  • Sandra Rose

    I'm working on getting T.I.'s email address. But I'm not giving it out to everyone. Only my most loyal readers like 2bme and Bird and Charles. :yea:

  • Charles


    Sandra do bired and bme drag for u? U better hand ur lyoal reader charles some ti email too =)

  • Sandra Rose

    Charles Says:

    Sandra do bired and bme drag for u? U better hand ur lyoal reader charles some ti email too =)


    Hahaha! I used them as an example of my most loyal readers. You're included, of course. :cheer:

  • KaraZ

    oink oink??? :dead:

  • iscream

    I don't see what a man would want with TI's email address. Especially well established one :rofl:

    I hope Daisy & Coa are on that list. & Diva I believe she was another stan of his.

  • Charles


    And the what would a woman want with miss piggys mans address??

    Most well established people mind their business... guess u aren't one of them

  • Anna

    Charles Says:


    Sandra do bired and bme drag for u? U better hand ur lyoal reader charles some ti email too =)

    I just figure out your were trying to say : Bird and 2bme.

  • Bird

    They email each other? Damn, T.I. got an even better deal than I thought. Otherwise I had not heard this story and wouldn't have believed it if I had. I'm shocked they are addressing this nonsense.

  • 2bme

    Charles watch it...end of discussion.As for Tiny, yeah the show isn't painting TI in a good light so I understand why they were quick to jump on the defense..I can only imagine the phonecall she received...oh btw, Sandra thanks for the love..I have an email for you on your favorite cum bucket

  • Bird

    Oh dang, just saw the shout. Thanks Miss Sandra. You know I love you girl! T.I. not so much, but I understood your meaning. I'd prefer corresponding with Tiny over T.I. I've watched the show a little and I'm starting to like her more and more.

  • 2bme

    I'm actually glad they did the show..because even in Xscape it was always something about her that rubbed me the wrong way..I am seeing a normal person going through things women go through..only difference is her and her man's pockets run a little deeper than most. She's better than me in a lot of what she has chosen to do and put up with over the years..I give much love to her for keeping her long as she keeps family first..she's cool with me

  • iscream

    My mind is my business :P

    Oh and when you send him your love letter.. I mean email. Be sure to adress his wifey as miss piggy. Tell us what his response was... if you live to tell the story.

  • masonmom

    LMAOOO!! too funny iscream! who was it that said "kyle..i mean charles" the other day! i was cryin laughin cuz it made me think about the "rib-gate"

  • Peachizz

    "Singer and TV personality Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, did you forget "Baby Mama"...

  • blackstar

    OMG! Tiny YOU are so ugly all the money in the world couln't fix that face..(I'm sorry)

  • attorneymom

    @ Sandra, are you an RN?

  • kwallace577

    OMG! Tiny YOU are so ugly all the money in the world couln’t fix that face..(I’m sorry)
    that is terrible. here i was just tambout her tat...the green one.

  • indesign18

    Kwall you are hilarious. I think the problem is she has botox in her mouth that makes her look a turtle and then the nose. If i was her, forgot the botox and get the nose job and she would alright! But hey TI likes it????? But note that sandra can defend this foolishness with these babymamas but can bash Obama all day!

  • attorneymom

    I see some of you need to be grounded this weekend for your mean comments about Tiny's looks. The following people must report to their bedrooms immediately and do not come out until I tell you to:


  • attorneymom

    @ Mizzdallas, I posted Andrew's homecoming video on my blog. Thank you so much for caring.

  • jazi65

    She's starting to look like one of the muppets

  • coaretained

    I know this is hella late.. but I'll take that email addy.. yezzir.