According to the Chicago Tribune, 3 teens have been charged in the brutal beating death of 16-year-old honor roll student Derrion Albert as he walked home from school through the Roseland neighborhood of far South Side Chicago last Thursday (9/24).

The three teens charged with first-degree murder are Silvanus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, and Eric Carson, 16, according to the Cook County state's attorney's office. All 3 will be tried as adults.

The three were caught on video wielding 2-by-4 wooden boards which they used to strike Albert repeatedly about the head causing massive head injuries during a melee involving students from Fenger Academy High School. Albert was pronounced dead three hours later at a local hospital.

Four others are being questioned in the assault. Joe Walker, Albert's grandfather who helped raise him from a baby, said police expect to arrest 6 or 7 people in the case.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic violence


  • kcicero

    This is just sick! Really some of these kids are just heathens and with all that we've been through as a people you'd think we know better than to act like this...I'm seriously considering homeschooling my kids...

  • yvonne79

    I stopped watching after the first minute.....
    All of these people just watching this young man get jumped. No one interferes. No one does ANYTHING. I can't help but think, "What if this was MY son?"

    What did this young man do to warrant this kind of violence?
    They smacked him on a head with a board! Why was a board needed? THe young man was clearly already outnumbered?

    NO words....

  • aqtpie

    Why the hell couldn't I just not click on the video? That was just horrific and to her that girl beg for him to please get up, just ripped my heart apart.

    RIP May GOD be with the family and friends!!!

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Thank God these little **&(&^*^*^ were caught. I was watching the video at work with the sound off - if I had heard someone begging that child to get up, I probably would have started to cry.

    I don't have children, but this makes me so fearful to bring a child into this world. I might just have to hang on to my Boston Terrier for a little while longer - these kids of today scare me and enrage me at the same time.

  • Divinebrown

    I know I dont want to watch this video.

    So now we get so see them beg for leniency for the judge to spare them because they will be sorry.

    Beating that poor child like that. They deserve to have the book thrown at them. The D block Toss salad man should have a good time with their violent asses.

  • missy

    Thank God these boys got caught and i hope justice is served and @yvonne i was thinking the same thing.Not one person stopped to help the boy and the person who recorded this(from the one i watched) irritated me because the just stood their recording it.I'm a 4'11 female and i think i might have jumped in the fight because i can't watch somebody die(now i may have gotten hurt but that's just the person i am).Also i think when he was first on the floor why didn't anyone move him.

  • yvonne79

    The Divine Ms. K Says:
    - these kids of today scare me and enrage me at the same time.
    Watching this video DEFINITELY scared and enraged me! I pray every night over my children hoping they never have to encounter something like this. This is just too much. I don't understand why this young man couldn't just walk away. He was clearly OUTNUMBERED. And these boys had weapons. My God. Somethings just aren't worth it!!! All these children lost their life before it even began all for what? Street cred?

  • LadyJustice

    WTF?!?!?1 :blink:

  • mirsmommy

    I can't even watch the video. This is really sad. These kids today have no regards for human life, whatsoever. I don't understand it. We have got to do better. We have one life gone, and about six or seven other lives will be gone if they are all tried as adults, just from this tragic and disgusting event. Our race is slowing coming to an end.

    I can't imagine what the family is going through.

  • missy

    I'm so upset from watching this the youth of today don't care about anyone's life.That's sad because y r they doing this is it because they don't think they have anything to live for what is the problem.Is it to many babies having babies or is it parents not knowing how to parent kids because these children act more like adults than children and i'm so happy they are being trialed as adults.

  • dblaq

    Thats because our country allows these kids to do it. You can't even whoop your kids without going to jail. Damn that kids need good ass whoopins so they learn to fear consequences. All that time out bullsh!t is dumb as hell. My mom use to beat the dog sh!t out of me, when ever I did something I thought of if I want to deal with my moms.

    Our country has no sense of consquence, you can go to jail for dog fighting but get off killing a man. You pretty much can get off with anything. If we had punishments like flogging and some sort of torture watch how much crime would drop. There is a reason why America has highest crime rates in the world because other countries simply don't play that sh!t. We always looking to find some kind of excuse like this temporary insanity crap. Put these kids on death row. these bastards have no heart or soul. get rid of them start over

  • The Divine Ms. K

    @ Yvonne - from what I've read, the young man was just either on his way home and just got pushed into all of this or he was trying to help a friend of his get out of the way and ended up having to defend himself. I don't think he was after street cred in this case.

    I'm with Missy. I know it probably would have been foolish, but I don't think I could have just been driving past or walking past all of this and not tried to help that boy. It would have just been instinct, I think. Maybe because I am the oldest of four and have little cousins - but my lurking maternal instinct would have kicked in I like to think.

    But, they need to be tried as adults. I have no sympathy for these animals. Life is about choices, no matter how you grew up. They made a bad one and if they have to pay with their lives being locked up, so be it.

  • Smokie

    I can't watch it... It's just too sad...

  • melinla

    Glad I got the white box today...sending them to jail won't help anything, but it's what they deserve...

  • missy

    @ dblaq i agree with you i use to get a whooping and i turned out quite fine. I was going to write to put them on death row also but i felt it was kinda harsh but as i think of it if they could take someone's life why should theirs be spared.

    @The Divine Ms. K that's why i wrote that because im the middle child and i have a younger brother and we may not always get along but i still love him and care for him and wouldn't want his life to end in such a barbaric manner like this young man :( .

    @ Smokie i kinda wished i didn't watch it because im supper pissed and disgusted right now.

    What's going on in this world can these young men learn how to think of the consequences for their actions because for every action their is a reaction.

  • yvonne79

    missy Says:
    i kinda wished i didn’t watch it because im supper pissed and disgusted right now.
    You are NOT alone!!! :coffee:

  • miamore73

    Wow this just made me cry. I couldn't imagine as a mother having to deal with such a violent death for one of my children. But we do. We do everyday. I just pray that Gods plan will spare me from this type of heart ache.

  • miamore73

    and actually when I watch this the boys behind the car were already whoopin on someone else and playin with the 2x4's like 8 year old boys. I wonder why would he walk over there. What made him do this. I remember being involved at a riot at my HS and a lot of people were pulled into the action girls included. When you have a bunch of madness going on children get caught up in the rush of everything going on around them.

  • Bird

    I can't really see the fight clearly, but it breaks my heart non the less. Our underprivileged children are getting more and more savage by the day. I know they enjoyed beating that child. They got a high from it. I have heard ghetto youth brag about such things. It's very scary and I am definately afraid of all of them.

    If I saw more than one young black man in baggy clothing coming toward me on the street I would cross the street and probably run. Almost daily I lock my car door when one of them gets too close to my car. I don't care who doesn't like it. I am scared of these ghetto kids.

  • spongebobfan

    yeah Mia i was in a situation like that as well in HS it was a racial riot everyone was beating on everyone.. alot of people was hurt thankfully noone was killed. but yeah this is a shame poor young man... WWJD

  • attorneymom


  • dblaq

    Watch the parents of the bad ass kids acting like they have done nothing wrong. I told my son, if he ever did some bullsh!t like this, I won't be behind him and he will have to face the consequences. They are old enough to know right from wrong.

  • attorneymom

    I blame punkazz parents for this ish. For real.

  • flyqtnva

    good to see we can make excuses for a woman who commits adultery ...but no compassion for these thugs..very interesting...i hope they are given life in prison

  • ELove

    YOU already know we on the SAME PAGE regarding these No-Lifes
    (Meaning they DESERVE NO LIFE -- Not To Live one more second)

    99.9% of these LOSERS are str8 PUNKS and wouldn't Bust-a-Pimple if they were by they damn self and had to fight someone STRAIGHT-UP with No Weapons or Back-up !!!

  • attorneymom

    This ain't damn bedrock. How the hell you just hit someone in the head with a club and kill him like it isn't anything?? SMDH

  • missy

    The little boy who got killed was trying to help another student and the greatest thing a person could do is give up their life for someone so this boy was in some way a angel for the person he helped.

  • browni007

    Sad these children are in a sad stay - "lost generation" - dont give an eff about a life - very sad. I stopped at 1:00 minute too.

  • glamdiva83

    My prayers go out to this young man family whom had a bright future ahead of him. Its sad how the kids stood there & watched this whole fiasco & didn't try to help him while he was on that floor when they left before they came back to hurt him more. Its even worse that I bet 9 out of 10 it was grown people in them cars riding by seeing that & didn't stop or call the police. What if it was their child or family memeber they wouldn't have known because obviously they didn't care. I have a 3yr old & 5month old & I swear if this was my child fuck having the books thrown to them where they get life in prison & maybe a parole Ima go get me a board & whoop they ass 1 by 1 w/that board so they ass can feel the same pain my child was feeling..

  • miamore73

    @fly your talking about freakin adults give me a dayum break. Adults should be old enough to make their own decisions and then handle whatever consequences may come of those decisions. These are CHILDREN!! FOUR MORE YOUNG BLACK MEN GONE!!! CHILDREN!!

    To compare the two instances is just ridiculous.

  • katgirl33

    Hi Family.....

    I am ashamed to say that this is my neighborhood....I grew up one block from where that brother graduated from Fenger, and pointed out 5 guys to me when we saw it on the news.

    "TURN THEM IN!" was my immediate response.......

    My son is living with his father in another state for this very reason...this type of thing has been happening, at other schools, but not to this extreme......they wait for the kids to leave school grounds, then start the shyt.....what ends up happening is that the innocent kids join the gang, as protection from the other gang that's messing with them.

    That exactly is what happened to my son, last year.....he didn't tell me that the gang banger boys tried to rob him on the way home from the bus stop(he only caught the bus home)....instead of telling me what was going on, he befriended the other gang.....he got into fight after fight, suspension after suspension.....after the last fight in June, is when I found out everything.....FROM THE KIDS IN THE SCHOOL!

    Dad said "Send him to me".....ask and you shall receive!

    My only child is in "Hicktown" WI, away from gangs, out of trouble, and most importantly, SAFE!

    There are no words I can give you about this, I had nothing but tears as well....

    Don't ban me Auntie, but there is a site where you can see the video......Google "Fox News Chicago"....the police are asking people to call them if they can ID anybody....

  • katgirl33

    These silly azz kids are committing Genocide, and don't even realize it.....

  • katgirl33

    Oh, one more thing.....

    That happened right in front of the Community Center, that's been there for 34 years.....the community center people were out there too, trying as much as they could to stop it.....that was one of the workers' cars the ignant kids were standing on.....

  • shunda

    I can't watch this video my kids are 12 and soon to be 8 and I cannot imagine what this mother and father are going through. My heart hurts. I cannot understand these kids.

  • Anna

    katgirl33 Says:
    My son is living with his father in another state for this very reason…this type of thing has been happening, at other schools, but not to this extreme…

    This is what mothers fail to realize. We can't raise a boy into a man. If we are single we have to have uncles and grandfathers and Pastors help us to rear our boys to men. We need to remember "Boyz In The Hood", A mother sacraficed her love for her son to live with his daddy in a even rougher part of town. It wasn't where he lived that was important but that he was raised with a male influence. Mothers need to quit being so selfish and if the dad is willing to raise their son let them, it's not about not receiving child support because the kid is being raised by his dad and will not be living with you. I have never seen a man who "finishes raising " their child ask the mom for child support. It's a mutual best interest of the young man.
    These punks who did this can in no way be rehabilitated. This was not self defense, this was murder.

  • Daisy

    Sandra I am going to send you the link to Nas open letter to the kids of Chi town I hope the message reaches them and he gets involved maybe he can help save one of them

  • dblaq

    Sorry, these "children" brutally murdered another kid without remorse, they don't get the children card anymore once they did that it is now revoke and they should fry on the electric chair just like an adult.

    Children make mistake by wrestling another kids and accidentally breaking his neck, or even in a fist fight but once they picked up that 4 x 4, that shit was premeditated. They are old enough to know that beating anybody with a 4 x 4 can kill somone and it was not 1 but 4 or 5.

    So f*ck these kids and f*ck that young black men gone sh!t too. Because somebody didn't do their job!

  • NichelleWalker/

    I'm sorry that boy was in a gang as well he was fighting he did not get pushed into nothing... It's sad and my heart goes out to his family but he was in a rival gang and they all were fighting he was not helping a friend out. I said on many sites we have to know what are kids are into.... I'm from Chicago I got the skinny on what went down

  • Shauny

    Nichelle did you watch the video or hear any of the witnesses on the news. The boy was watching the chaos, tried to grab his friend who was being jumped and got jumped, 2x4'd and beat to death himself. There were countless people on the news saying he WAS NOT in a gang and was a good kid who came to school and put in his work. Everyone is NOT in a gang. Maybe he was guilty by association from friends being in a gang but no reports have said he was in a gang or a willing participant in the fight and it's on video.

    Anyways, the latest is that this wasn't actually a gang fight anyway but a fight againt the Fenger neighborhood kids and the Altgeld project kids. So they're now saying this was a "hood" fight and not a gang fight. Sounds the same to me but they're saying it wasn't gang related.

  • whatnow

    This looks like Rwanda in 1994.

  • NichelleWalker/

    @Shauny Says:

    the video I saw I say the little boy fighting at least two people before he got hit and yes they will say anything so Mayor Daily can get the Olympic's this weekend. Don't believe the hype Altgeld project kids are gang banger they can down play it all they want. Of course they will Oprah, Obama and Daily and all the others are on the plane now to seal the deal with those people for the 2016 games and that all that matters in this city right now. But the truth is the truth and stopping this mess starts at home...

  • NichelleWalker/

    also it was three other kids that got killed that week this stuff happens everyday here and all parents have no clue what there kids are into.. Sad but what can we do about it if the parents do wanna face the facts about there kids. You have to know what's going on in your own backyard to fix things. All those boys parents will say the same thing my kid is a good kid...nobody wants to believe there kid is bad~~I know mine's are but not bad like that but they don't listen sometimes I can admit that.

  • katgirl33

    Daisy Says:

    Sandra I am going to send you the link to Nas open letter to the kids of Chi town I hope the message reaches them and he gets involved maybe he can help save one of them

    If Nas or any other rapper was concerned about our kids, they'd be making music for peace.....or how about coming to talk to them personally??

    Oh, I forgot...if it don't make dollars....