California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is calling for a full investigation into the California chapters of ACORN.

The governor sent a letter to California Attorney General Jerry Brown yesterday urging him to investigate ACORN's California activities. In the letter, he referred to "news stories regarding the ACORN organization that have concerned me greatly."

Schwarzenegger was motivated to send the letter after viewing a video released by showing a San Diego worker giving tips on how to smuggle underage girls into the country.

ACORN has come under fire recently after workers in numerous cities were caught on tape giving tax advice to Conservative activists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles of who posed as a prostitute and pimp.

Barack Obama has strong ties to the organization dating back to the early 90s. As a Chicago attorney, he once represented ACORN in court. And last year he donated $800,000 to the group to help him "get out the vote" during his campaign for president.

In the video series, ACORN workers were overly enthusiastic about helping the Caucasian couple circumvent the law and evade taxes, but low-income blacks -- who ACORN is supposed to represent -- complained that ACORN workers virtually ignored them:

Outside the Sacramento office, Ruby Bradley said she was highly skeptical of the organization. She said she once applied for help with a housing loan with ACORN, but never got a response.
"I think it was poor business," Bradley said.

That complaint was echoed by Demario Anthony of Sacramento, who said his aunt's application was ignored.
"She stopped dealing with them," Anthony said. "We asked what happened, and she said she didn't want to talk about it." Read more...

  • anti-PC

    I am laughing at the media and all the gullible people who are shocked (SHOCKED!) by the foolishness being exposed at ACORN.

    Bloggers like Michelle Malkin and FOX NEWS (you know, the anti-Obama racist network) have been talking about ACORN's corruption long before our current President got elected.

    And our current President is very well affiliated with this crazy organization. Hmmmm....

  • 2thick4u

    Where are they finding these ACORN workers?

    These people are really giving a great organization a bad name...they are going to 4ever be tied to pimps, prositutes and smuggling :( !!!

    They need to be put under the bus if they are helping people smuggle children in this country :( !!

  • masonmom

    california aint got no money to be investigatin nothing! arnold better put it on hold..."ILL BE BACK" **slight spit**

  • LovelyLady


    “Kanye West just interruppted Patrick Swazye’s funeral to let everyone know Michael Jacksons funeral was better


    I'm sorry you can't call this organization out just because you have "some" workers who are out to half-azzin stuff. To me this would be trying to say, just because some cops have shot and killed unarmed innocent victims, does this mean that all cops are killers and looking to shoot the first thing moving...NO!!!