Beyonce showed out something terrible in Singapore this past weekend. She must have been PMSing, according to ContactMusic, which said Beyonce had A-list actress Lindsay Lohan tossed out of her own dressing room so she could have it.

And she also made the poor stage hands and crew sweat it out in 90 degree temps backstage because Bey's entourage commandeered the only fans for her. What an evil heifer.

Beyonce Knowles reportedly had Lindsay Lohan thrown out of her own dressing room because the singer wanted it for herself.

The former Destiny's Child star was performing at the F1 Rocks concert in Singapore over the weekend and had ordered her entourage to get her the largest dressing area backstage.

However, Lindsay - who was hosting the event for British TV network Channel 4 - had already claimed the room for herself as she arrived before and was left upset when she was told she would have to vacate it.

In the lead up to her performance, Beyonce made her support acts sweat as she wouldn't allow them to use her air conditioning.

Although temperatures backstage approached 90 degrees and people were passing out, Beyonce's entourage refused to switch on her personal air cooling fans as they were just for her.

British DJ Seb Fontaine - who suffered heatstroke - told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "We were told, 'No they are Beyonce's fans.' I wasn't asking to play her drum kit on stage. I just wanted to keep cool."

In her 139-page rider, Beyonce also demanded six beauty chambers, fitness equipment, an authentic fruit platter and tea and honey.

  • KaraZ

    Beyonce looks botoxed up in this shot.

    You know her people are going to say it was the tour managers fault and Beyonce had no knowledge of this unfortunate incident...

  • aqtpie

    :rofl: @ that picture and this post! Only on SR!!!

  • Charles

    Since when has lindsay lohan been a list sandra stop lying

    And I just talked to linddsay beyonce didn't kick her out of shit where do you get these ridiculous lies from??

  • kwall

    i was gonna say @ karaZ that folks was gonna say it was MATHEW's fault...but yeah she not gonna take the fall for it.

    that dayum picture is wrong.

  • Anna

    @KaraZ, the article did not state it was Bey who said "No". You know the story is more interesting when things get twisted.
    Lindsay an "A" lister?

  • LadyJustice

    beyonce look like b-scott in that pic

  • kwall

    Lindsay an “A” lister?

    that is why her azz got kicked outta that dressing room.

    bey's camp was like "WHO is in there???" tell her to get to dayum stepping....


  • Anna

    Did anyone see the baby dancing to "Single Ladies"? As much as I don't like the song, it was cute to watch.

  • Anna

    kwall Says:

    Lindsay an “A” lister?

    that is why her azz got kicked outta that dressing room.
    I was surprised that Lindsay got a hosting gig, but when I read it was for British TV, it made sense.

  • jazi65

    now they know bey needs all the wind machines..oops i mean fans to keep her 30lb wig out her face...omg she's wearing those support hose again! LOL

  • Elizabeth

    Thats just nasty!

  • spongebobfan

    Vicki needs a new fusion weave

  • kcicero

    :yawn: B it's about time you upgraded your weave....

  • miamore73

    Lindsay Lohan has succeeded in washing up her career and leaving it to hang out and dry. I'm surprised she had a speaking gig too even if it was in Singapore.

  • Daisy

    LOL @this post and comments :rofl:

  • mizzdallas

    Now yall know bey is NOT to blame for that mess, it was Cousin IT (angie) was supposed to make sure that nobody including, A,B,C,D, & F list people get into the dressing room, including Camel last time there was alot of camel dookie droppings all over Queen Bey dressing room floor and the bish almost slip but she wouldve been safe cuz she pack 80lbs of weave, she told camel you didnt know "im a diva bish"

  • Divinebrown

    Man....Beyonce just can't win for losing. I doubt this is true but I would've done the same thing.


    No one was there to see Lindsay. I'm sure.

  • Charles


    I was

    Lindsay in 2006 >>>>> beyonce ever

  • Divinebrown

    Charles...stop playin!!!!!!!

    Why dont you like Beyonce????????

  • Smokie

    British DJ Seb Fontaine - who suffered heatstroke - told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “We were told, ‘No they are Beyonce’s fans.’ I wasn’t asking to play her drum kit on stage. I just wanted to keep cool.”


    LOL! LOL!!!

  • flyqtnva

    thats sad yo....adn EVIL (muhaaaahhh)

  • ontaya brooks

    what beyonce wants beyonce gets, didn't you know. @Anna I saw that video last week it was too funny.

  • iscream

    Somebodies getting fired...

  • lovejoy1

    well lindsey is a crack head right?
    she dont matter anyways..If I was B , i wouldve done the same thing..



    There are pictures of Beyonce arriving to the racetrack hours before she went on stage. I doubt that she just sat outside in the Singapore heat, sweating, letting her edges get frizzy, popping gum with Nicole Schwarzeneggerscherzinger