Two young thugs take turns viciously assaulting a 17-year-old white boy on a school bus on Monday in the southwestern Illinois city of Belleville while other students on the bus cheered them on.

Belleville police took the two punks, ages 14 and 15, into custody yesterday at the high school they attended. Police Capt. Don Sax said the video made it clear to him that the attacks were racially motivated. No charges have been announced.

It’s hard to believe we have a half-black president in the White House. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • KaraZ

    WTF does the president have to do with these two animals beating up a classmate? DAMN FREE OBAMA!


    @ KaraZ I was thinking the same thing. Obama on one hand, and bad a$$ kids on the other…I don’t see the connection. But anyway hopefully they get the punishment deserved for this pointless act.

  • KaraZ

    Ok, Sandra… considering the fact that there were white students watching and also cheering these fools on, can they really say it was racially motivated?
    Also what is the SOP for violent incidents that happen on a school bus. I never rode the school bus to school, so I really don’t know, but I would imagine the bus driver would at least call ahead to the school to report the incident and have school administrators waiting for the culprits when they arrived at school for the first incidence & if a second one started, I would think they would be able to call the police immediately and report the crime.

    AGAIN Obama is not at fault, but there’s obviously a problem with the safety of children in school & on their way there.

    But damn that’s a crowded bus.

  • buttercup24

    I thought Obama ran for president not for GOD. Two ignorant kids regardless of race (because believe me things like this happen all the time, but are never reported) assaulting someone has nothing to do with Obama. I love how people assume the world was going to change instantly as if he had a magic wand or somthing.

  • iscream

    Fight, Fight the blacks & the white. If the blacks don’t win we all jump in.

    Can’t see video but is there a reason why race was mention?

  • jazi65

    Dayum is Obama at fault for the hole in the ozone layer too?

  • MistaO

    Animals?? If you two are black, my how interesting how some “black” people have adopted racist white descriptive terms directed at Black people.

    Additionally, just like they say (remember any white Police beating/killing of a Black man?) “lets get all the facts first”. “Do we know if they felt threatened?”.

    What I’m saying here is the “victim” is supposed to be what, 17 years old, and the kids that beat his butt are what 14 and 15. Ask yourselves this, before jumping to conclusions and calling these kids animals, why would all the other kids be cheering? Could it be even remotly possible in your anti-black minds that the 17 year old, was in fact a bully?

    Or did something to warrent said ass whupping? Funny how even with “black” people, a Black male is almost ALWAYS tried, convicted and sentenced before ANY facts are layed out. Geesh…No wonder other races laugh at black folks…

  • MistaO

    See this is the typical reaction to something like this by “black” people. I’ve seen it too many times to count, but when something like this happens and the races are reversed, whites (and other races) almost immediately go into defense mode. Or at bear minimum plays devils advocate and make statments like “well we don’t know the whole story” ect…

    These ole negros immediately get offended and upset at the Black person without ANY knowledge of what may have lead to the events. Mental sickness on display at it’s finest.

  • KaraZ

    @MistaO… I call all people of all races animals when they act as such, please pull the race card when appropriate, so it doesn’t lose it’s effectiveness.

    Regardless of what the beat up boy did, it was not in the place of his classmates to dish out the punishment in the form of an azz whooping. All the other kids cheered because that’s what children do during a fight, not because they have a sense of justice or are interested in what’s right or wrong. Anything is possible, but what you’re saying seems improbable. Look at the video.

    This kid walks on the bus, sits in a seat on the edge and is shoved by his seat mate. I don’t know about the bullies you grew up with, but they didn’t get shoved in my school. Actually they got to sit wherever the hell they felt like and nobody bothered them.
    This 17yr old is attacked by the first kid, and he doesn’t even raise a hand to defend himself… is that what bullies did in your neighborhood? Because I swear maybe the water in Boston was different, but they didn’t do that in my neighborhood. So again while it is possible that this kid bullied them I think its highly improbable.

  • kwallace577

    it is a tad bit overcast here today and it is ALL President Obama’s FAULT.

    the youngsters need anger mgmt. classes.

  • missy

    i agree with Karaz these children were wrong and if that white boy is a bully then why didn’t he fight back I feel like the too other boys are probably the bullies and were feeling themselves and decided too pick on someone who they felt like they could beat up.However the look on the little girls face in the front of the bus was just like mine i was shocked and i also believed that they wanted him to fight back or hit him first so he could justify why he hit the white boy and make it a racial thing.

  • KaraZ

    @kwallace, the tree outside my house keeps dropping leaves on my car… Obama the magical negro needs to come handle it.

  • MistaO

    Man whateva, all’s I’m saying is just like “they” say, yea it’s on video but let’s wait to get all the facts.

    Maybe he aint fight because he knew what time it was. Just like I don’t know, you don’t know either. Could be one of those ole mouth runners always spilling off at the mouth but when it comes down to game time, they aint showing up. Plus, he 17! You mean to tell me a 17yo can’t handle a 14/15yo?

    If that’s the case maybe he needed his azz whupped. Boys fight all the time and to be honest, maybe more should, maybe we’d fight our way out of all these wimpified “men” out here most of yall females stay complaining about…

  • MistaO

    Now this video (at cbs) showing a Morrow, GA Cracker Barrel where a white MALE physically attacked a BLACK WOMAN who was simply trying to protect her DAUGHTER!!!

    Notice what I’ve highlighed for all of you? Grown MAN attacking a WOMAN. Now class, this is worth getting emotional about and using terms such as animal. Or don’t you agree???

  • miamore73

    OOO Ice we had one like that too!!

    I think ours was “A Fight A fight the ni$$as and the whites the whites can’t fight but the ni$$as alright!!”


    My first thought when I heard the other students were cheering was that this fool deserved that butt whupping. How do we know he (the older of the 3) wasn’t picking on the other two and they finally got tired of it and whupped his azz. I need more info.

  • keely107

    I dont think it was relevant what color any of those kids were, the bullies need they arse whipped white, black, or pank.

  • miamore73


    Alot of times kids realize that a bully ain’t nuthin but all talk. Maybe he picked on them seperately and because he was older was intimidating to them seperately. Maybe they got smart and decided to gang up on him once and for all. I mean I could be stretching but I can’t see why the other kids would cheer unless this cat deserved it. Although, kids now a days are crazy as hell so who really knows.

  • SunnyPA

    That is high school. Although I don’t condone fighting … anything goes in high school. Black and White were cheering.

    What made it clear that the fight was racially motivated?!?! Did the White boy say the N-word?!?!

    The message with this video is confusing and misleading. The message should be ZERO-TOLERANCE. Not Black boy beats up white boy.

    Also, I read that the police are retracking their statements.

  • eastpointvet

    thats crazy yes that was animalistic the boy wasnt fighting back there was no way he could be a bully cause a bully gonna go out fighting even if he ended up getting jumped he not gonna get punched repeatedly in the face and just sit there. its video you can see him sit down and not say 5 words before he is getting punched so the boys had it in there mind they was gonna beat him down because there wasnt even an argument before it started. and age has nothing to do with it kids dont grow and develop at the same age there are some 15 year olds who can whoop grown men ass so that lends nothing to an argument.

  • MistaO

    Man come on, I’ve seen grown man bullies that kept it up till they knew their time was up, then they mouths shut and their bodies locked up and they took that whuppin.

    Just because he didn’t fight back means nothing. Again, until you get the whole story, calling one of ours an animal is piss poor judgment if you are all in fact Black. You rarely see whites call their own animals even that animal right down there who had something to do with murdering 8 EIGHT of his own relatives!!!

    Yet some of yall supposed black folk so quick to adopt these racist ways. Even if they are in the wrong, take a page from other groups, and don’t fall into calling your own animals….Geesh, when will Black people learn??

  • MistaO

    Bet none of you will call that white man who attacked that Black woman (a US SOLDIER) in Morrow, Ga an animal will you?

    Bet not, bet it would have never even crossed your simple minds…

  • iscream

    Being a bully does not mean you can fight. Remember the movie A Christmas Story when Ralphy beat up the little boy. That bully didn’t fight back either.

    “You’ll shoot your eye out.”


  • missy

    @ mia kids of this generation cheer on fights whether you deserve it or not when i was a student in high school i had seen many fights where everyone is cheering the fight on and none of us knew what the too individuals were fighting for until later(usually about a boy when it was between girls and when it was boys they were looking for respect because everyone thought that they were the punks)However when i watched that video the way that the boy was treated shouldn’t be justified i mean i understand people have limits but even if those boys were bullied that tape shows otherwise.And even if the bully was a punk he would have at least fought back a little more.

  • missy

    Also the end does not justify the means and @ MistaO i would call a spade a spade i don’t care what your race is.If it is something sadistic and uncalled for i don’t condone it.

  • KaraZ

    @MistaO… lets Sandra post that video up then you’ll see what people say, don’t make more assumptions. I can’t find the video on CBS.
    Again, my calling these boys animals had everything to do with their behavior and nothing to do with the color of their skin. Actually watching this clip again, that boy in the gray shirt looks a bit racially ambiguous and could be latino or a light skinned black boy.
    You’re hell bent on defending these boys instead of getting them punished so their actions and hot heads don’t lead them to be guests of the state in the near future.

  • lovejoy1

    our black men been beat by white men all their lives.. I know my statement is ignorant but next..