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More celebs showed up for lesbian celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie’s birthday party in NYC than Trey’s Song’s album release party. I guess it pays to kiss ass, huh? Here’s Necole puckering up to singer Mario at TAJ last night.

Rapper Maino puckers ups to Liris Cross. I have no idea who she is either.

Mario, Maino and Teyana Taylor were the only real celebs at the party. That’s if you can call Teyana Taylor a celebrity. What does she do again?

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  1. 1
    Daisy says:

    Teyana does enough to get on your blog POW

    Marios hand looks old lol Dont like the bald head on him either

    I see you NB!

  2. 2
    LovelyLady says:

    Sandra stop it now, and why didnt my other comment post *giving Sandra the side eye*

    Stop your hate with Necole and ask for forgivness.

  3. 3
    VAALLDAY says:

    Mario and Teyana look like they could be brother and sister. Why NB gotta be the “lesbian celebrity blogger”, why not just celeb blogger????

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  5. 5



  6. 6
    Krysi J says:

    Aw Sandra……how many would attend your birthday party??

    I don’t even think your precious Monica and Tiny would show up.

  7. 7
    Charles says:

    Sandra stop the lies lesbians do not suck and **** **** for blog hits like you keep claiming that whore is
    She ****ed so many dlist industry men se worse than superhead with her flat ass and all those stretchmarks

  8. 8
    LovelyLady says:

    Im convinced Charles is Sandra lmao

  9. 9
    Daisy says:

    DEAD @Krysi

  10. 10
    KayCeiSoul says:

    Who is this Teyana Taylor girl and why does she keep popping up in pictures? I’m tired of her nah…don’t show her no mo’ Sandra.

  11. 11
    ELove says:

    TT is MORE OF a celebrity than FAKE-AZZ, NO-TALENT-AZZ Maino

    And what is up with THE DENT in Ole Gurl’s face
    (Just Asking…)

  12. 12
    Daisy says:

    Team Teyana she is a mad talented young positive girl on the come up going after her dreams!

  13. 13
    KaraZ says:

    Charles is Sandra’s alter ego… Chandra

    That doesn’t look like the Necole i’ve seen in other pictures. I still don’t understand why Sandra throws her so much shade, Necole has always been friendly in every comment she leaves on this blog.

  14. 14
    KayCeiSoul says:

    As for Teyana – I asked my nieces and their response was…”Who?? Aww naw. She ain’t hot like that. She only has one song that we know of.” So that confirms my opinion on that. WHOMP-WHOMP! Too many pictures and nothing to connect them to.

    I agree E-Love, Maino ain’t nobody either. And I was wondering the same thing about Necole’s scar, but didn’t want to be insensitive.

  15. 15
    Charles says:

    I think that’s nut on her face =) oh no wait, she’s a “lesbian”

  16. 16
    KayCeiSoul says:


    Why oh why Charles? Why? I take it you don’t have any kickin’s for Necole huh?

  17. 17
    Daisy says:

    @Kay maybe your kids(who arent the measuring stick at all I might add) don’t know cause she has yet to drop a cd/single on a major label(she has some underground songs) but she has written songs for artist as well as choreograph. She models for MOB and can take a mean pic! POW That is all :coffee:

  18. 18
    Anna says:

    ELove Says:

    And what is up with THE DENT in Ole Gurl’s face
    (Just Asking…)
    Look at the post after this one that she is in. Same smile. It’s a dimple.

  19. 19
    iscream says:

    That is a bad picture of NB. & why do yall keep saying she f’ing for interviews? She doesn’t even do interviews like that, so who is she f’ing. & she can’t do it for hits either because those just come. I visit her blog and I can confirm I am not f’ing her.

    I saw Mario on 106 with Day 26 & Trey they said they were going on tour together. I think that’s a great look. I don’t find Trey all dat in the looks dept either. He’s alright. Too short for my taste.

    & Teaiana is not hot. An up and coming artist usually has music that people outside of her circle and state know. Is she even signed to a label?

  20. 20
    Kat says:

    :lol: @ Charles is Sandra’s alter ego… Chandra

  21. 21
    yvonne79 says:

    Poor NB…I feel so bad for her the way some of you go in on her. Whatever went on between two of you Sandra, y’all need to make up. Life is too short to hold onto grudges and habor negative energy. I wish we could see a better picture of her cuz that one up top really sucks!!!

  22. 22
    yvonne79 says:

    ^^^Sorry for the typos…half asleep

  23. 23
    KayCeiSoul says:

    Daisy – you are seriously tripping for coming at my nieces – I don’t know who you think you are, but you can back right up on off of me – I am not the one.

    Everyone on here is entitled to have their opinion – if you don’t like it, I could give less than a damn – keep it moving. I wasn’t speaking to you directly no way. But to speak on what my kids AREN’T – you crossed the line and made it personal. I didn’t even bring up my kids at all – I said MY NIECES. And they are MY MEASURING STICK for what’s young and popping in the industry. Go somewhere and have you some, then try to come for me and mine. Be happy I can’t CYBER SLAP THAT ASS because you would straight get dealt with. Now POW that. Simple ass.

  24. 24
    Daisy says:

    @Ice she is signed to Pharells label and she is ustream queen she has mad buzz and fans her songs she plays on ustream are nice. She can sing, dance and rap! Dont sleep

    Short and all Trey is FINE! I am only 5’3 and he is taller than that so I am good!

  25. 25
    Daisy says:

    @kay kick rocks I dont care either you said your .02 I said mine plain and simple!

  26. 26
    KayCeiSoul says:

    Oh and you will be NIGG-NORED for the duration, so have yourself a cyber-war by yourself,…mmmkaaaayyy?

    You know who you are. Deal with it.

  27. 27
    Daisy says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NEXT! Who has cyber beef?? To damn grown for that so not that serious. I guess some ppl can dish it but cant take it :coffee:

  28. 28
    ELove says:

    I THOUGHT dimple(s) came in pairs ??? :rofl:

  29. 29
    Charles says:


    Punch! Pow!


    Everyone knows she ****ed sammie, mario, trey songz just to name a few she’s a HO oh and russell simmons as well haven’t yall heard the song about her, sandra post that song =)

  30. 30
    KayCeiSoul says:

    Anyone find out whether that’s a dent or a dimple?

  31. 31
    Anna says:

    ELove Says:

    I THOUGHT dimple(s) came in pairs ??
    Only on the ass cheeks. I have daughters who only have one dimple on their face (cheek) like their dad.

  32. 32
    KayCeiSoul says:

    Thx Charles for the update. Wow!! Didn’t know that stuff.
    I don’t visit there; I just see a few odds and ends stories that have Necole’s name in it. Nothing major, just that she’s a blogger.

  33. 33
    Daisy says:

    I know plenty of ppl who only have one dimple and my goddaughter has 2 dimples in her back right about her butt lol

  34. 34
    LadyJustice says:

    it kinda looks like a dent… all the pics iv seen of necole it always looks weird… dimples are supposed to be cute, and are usually in the middle of the cheek

  35. 35
    ELove says:

    So THIS dimple (singular) phenomenon is a genetic-inherited thing… The power of knowledge is always being willing to learn more things (Your info is greatly appreciated)

  36. 36
    iscream says:

    Somebody ate their Wheties today.

    If it wasn’t for that :coffee: icon I would think someone else was logged in under your name Daisy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you cursing like today. I was shocked to see it in the CB post now here.

    Everything okay ma? You aren’t getting paid to defend these artist that’s what they have lawyers for.

  37. 37
    ELove says:

    @LJ … >>> RIGHT HERE Babes <<<
    THAT’S the only knowledge I possess about DIMPLES as well !!!

  38. 38
    LadyJustice says:


    *high five* lol

  39. 39
    KaraZ says:

    @iscream, if she wasn’t celibate, i’d say she needs to get some to mellow out.

    Leave Necole’s dimpent alone y’all

  40. 40
    ELove says:

    @Karaz… You mean Dimp-Dent or Dented-Dimple or Dent-Dimplet

  41. 41
    ontaya brooks says:

    Can we all get along, lets not let Sandra’s negative energy rub off on us ladies.

  42. 42
    KaraZ says:


    You know you wrong.

    I’d go with Dimp-Dent, that flows off the tongue easier.

  43. 43
    Daisy says:

    :rofl: at Karaz

    @Ice I am not much of a curser as you have seen over the past few mths and no I dont get pd to defend any celebrity on this blog I stated/state my .02 like everybody else and keep it moving I am cool as a fan was never mad its not that serious and never will be. Only one person can push my button and that is my mama lol I did not make any cyber threats as you can see.

    FYI I had waffles for bkfts

  44. 44
    iscream says:

    I wonder why Necole doesn’t have any pictures up on her site from her party.

    & I don’t think that’s a dimple. More of a scar like Mary has on her forehead… that was not caused by Pepa as rumor once had it.

    & I know it was HER birthday N HER party but I think she could’ve worn something better than that. Does all her clothes have her blogger name on it? Is that just in case she forgets who she is? I mean really.

    Sorry Necole I’m just saying. & please put some pics on your site these one Sandra has is not a good look.

  45. 45
    mizzdallas says:


    if rodney king wouldve patented that phrase “can we all get along” he would still be rich! lol! hehehehhehehhe

  46. 46
    Anna says:

    ELove Says:

    So THIS dimple (singular) phenomenon is a genetic-inherited thing… The power of knowledge is always being willing to learn more things (Your info is greatly appreciated)
    a genetic-inherited thing. Funny, you may have pointed out a genetic family flaw on my kids side of the tree. LOL

  47. 47
    Nina says:

    @ice…its a dimple. She talked about it once on twitter and how it took a long time for her to accept it. Its actually two dimples in one cheek. I believe you only see it when she smiles.

    I’m trying to figure out why Sandra points out “lesbian celebrity blogger” randomly? lol Sometimes we should just let other people be great.

  48. 48
    Daisy says:

    @Nina I follow her on twitter she must have discuss that b4 I started following her and yes Sandra needs to let NB be great :wink: LOVE IT!

  49. 49
    attorneymom says:

    Please help me. Who is Teyana Taylor?? I see Afro Puff all over the blogs and don’t know who she is. BLANK STARE.

  50. 50
    attorneymom says:

    Sidebar: What the hell happen to Necole Bitchie?? That ain’t the same person I met at Blogging While Brown. Are you sure that is her?? If it is, she has aged. SMH

  51. 51
    attorneymom says:

    Darn, I wish I was the Attorney/Manager for Mario and Brutha. It is a shame that these young men with real talent aren’t at the top of the charts.

  52. 52
  53. 53
    Ilovepink1981 says:

    attnmom, how are you kids? Did they get over the flu? I may have missed the update

  54. 54
    KayCeiSoul says:

    Please help me. Who is Teyana Taylor?? I see Afro Puff all over the blogs and don’t know who she is. BLANK STARE.
    That’s all I was trying to communicate initially attorneymom; But then my nieces AND my kids got slapped on the blog page. LMAO.

  55. 55
    Daisy says:

    @attymom as I said earlier Teyana is an up and coming artist she sings, models, dances and raps. She had her own sweet 16 ep 2yrs ago she is 18 now. She writes for artist and choregraphs. She is also known as ustream Queen. She is working on her cd now and she has a band but I think they may be rock not sure they are called U.G.L.Y.

    You may not like my answer either but thats her resume in a nutshell.

  56. 56
    ELove says:

    Me and My Mother have a mole on our left arm in the middle where the elbow-forearm bends and IT’S CUTE … It may be a FLAW to others but it’s a Beauty-Mark to us :rofl:

    @Daisy & @KayCei
    Y’all ARE BOTH Too Pretty & Too Witty to have ANY ISSUES whatsoever SO THEREFORE I FORGIVE y’all misunderstanding and let’s move-on in Peace-n-Harmony BECAUSE I don’t like any discord with My Fine-AZZ SR Women :wink:

  57. 57
    Daisy says:

    I am good n u know I believe n forgivness as a Christian its my duty

  58. 58
    terika83 says:

    Hey Charles….can I ask how you know this info? <<– Curious.

  59. 59
    KayCeiSoul says:

    @ Daisy, you was mean as a snake today Myrtle Jean, and I apologize for spazzing. Thank you kindly for your forgiveness, and YOU TOO E-LOVE. :smile:

    I’m sensitive about the babies of my fam. I am just as hard ON them as I go hard FOR them. Even a child can tell you something sometimes, that’s why I got offended – I value the teens to gauge the industry for their genre. Who better to ask IMO.

    I was simply saying I didn’t know who the chile was and I was tired of seeing her w/o a connection err’where on the blogs. No harm intended.

  60. 60
    iscream says:

    That wig is horrible…

    there I said it. Didn’t want to but it has been eating at me.

  61. 61
    KayCeiSoul says:

    I’m almost scared to ask…which wig Isc?

  62. 62
    Krysi J says:

    *side eyeing Daisy and KayC*

    Now yall know better….no hard feelings on the NET!

    KONA————————–> both of ya.

  63. 63
    iscream says:

    Necole B!tichie wig… I mean I’m on the SK but it doesn’t even look lacefront. Just on top of her head. Looks like those wigs Miss New York use to wear. Is it even styled… let me scroll back up..

    I can’t even tell. One side looks longer than the other.. I’m sorry cause I like NB but these pics is not the move.

    & that was real big of you to apologize. I love grown people :hug:

  64. 64
    KayCeiSoul says:

    Where you been aww-day Krysi J?! My first full shift on SR and you been M.I.A.! :smile:

    You’re right – I def know better. Just let me know when I can come out tha’KONA. I’m shocked we didn’t hear it sooner.

  65. 65
    KayCeiSoul says:

    *Yelling from da kona*

    Crazy Krysi got me locked up won’t let me out!!!!!!!!

    I wonder about these wigs – they have a tendency to turn on you. Maybe it doesn’t look so glossy and “raggelly” in person. Necole is such a cute lady…I think this was a party wig, not her normal. It’s a bad pic altogether. Shyt happens sometimes, you know?

  66. 66
    Krysi J says:

    Crazy Krysi got me locked up won’t let me out!!!!!!!!


    thats right, stay yo azz over there to! LMAO…Daisy too.

    BOff (both) of yall trippen today, all extra senSative and shyt LOL!


  67. 67
    pointhimout says:

    HATED IT. Nicole looks a mess, obviously making a rash decision in last night’s wig selection. note to nicole: remove that one from your ensemble. it is not the one.

    y is teyana taylor ever talked about? i only know her from being the tomboy sweet 16 episode who loved cupcakes and cake. that’s it. she rolls up on the red carpet and at events like we’ve been awaiting her arrival.

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