Even style icons make mistakes. We've all seen Rihanna when she's on top of her game. But obviously, Rihanna took the weekend off. We don't know why she threw a faux fur vest over a striped top with black leggings and gold accessories that would make Mr. T proud. But we hope she gets over her 60s style obsession and returns to her senses.

Speaking of a hot sizzling mess, what was going on with Beyonce down under in Australia over the weekend? Judging by the smudged lipstick, either Bey was in a great hurry to join her hubby Jay Z in London or she let Solange's son Jules apply her lip gloss.

I guess Jay Z's mother never told him that if he makes ugly faces too frequently, his mug will freeze in that position? Maybe that explains why Jigga always looks like he's taking a dump. That and the fact that he's pushing 41 now and is dependent on his prescription Viagra to keep him "up" so to speak. Jay Z performed live with rock band Coldplay in London, England over the weekend, and nobody cared.

Big baby LeBron James is everywhere these days. Yesterday, LeBron played catch with members of the Dallas Cowboys before they lost to the lowly NY Giants. Maybe he brought them bad luck?

RHOA cast member Sheree Whitfield wrapped up her fashion line debut in NYC and flew back to Atlanta Saturday, just in time to attend a Hennessy event at the Velvet Room. I guess she knows exactly where to go to be seen, huh? Speaking of fake azzes, I hear that Sheree joined the long list of women who opted for butt injections instead of the fashionable butt pads made popular by Beyonce. A loyal reader tells me she bumped up against Sheree and mistook her butt for a concrete slab. "It was THAT hard," wrote my reader in an email.

Halle Berry escorted her daughter Nahla to some kids party in Hollywood over the weekend. I see Nahla is beginning to warm up to the paps.

I don't know why Halle told that lie that she wasn't pregnant. I guess we'll all find out the truth soon enough. You can't keep hiding your belly behind bags forever, Halle.

Awww, ain't love grand? Lovebirds Nick and Mariah Carey danced and swooned on the set of the Oprah Show on Friday. I'm beginning to believe they really are in love for all the right reasons. Not that it matters what I think.

Photos: Splash News, Wireimage/Getty

  • ontaya brooks

    Halle looking fierce as usual.

  • pointhimout

    mariah thick, huh? rhianna looks the fool, as to be expected. fashion icon my ass. sheree at the velvet room, huh? i guess she couldn't wait to get back to the flossin, fakin and stuntin the atl's finest do oh so well.

  • lovejoy1

    lmao at point comment on sharee-OK..

    -Riri- nothing much to say about her- she is still one of my favorites .. but it is what it is..

    -Beyonce purse and dress is fly- (as madea would say) I seeen-it on another website..

    -Jayz is fly in his own way.. Hell ill ride that back if giving he opportunity.. lol
    -Halle is fly as eva and her baby is just the cuties little princess..
    -Sharee is one of my favorite on the RHOA along with NENE

    - labrons- stop hating sandra the man is eye candy and should be posted on ur website as such.. with his fine ass and the body is just banging..
    - Nick and Mariah- Love them...


    halle put all the bloggers on blast when she said she wasnt pregnant, i beleieve shes not pregnant, why lie? bloggers need to get it straight before psoting instead of running with the first other blog that they read and posting

  • Kat

    i don't see nothing wrong with ri ri's attire.
    why they all up in bey mouth?!?
    i can't stand sheree'.
    halle and her baby are both adorable.

  • mizzdallas

    Halle is looking fierce!

    Ugggh wtf! do beyaki have on today, that look like some hot country azz mess! lmao

    Maybe he brought them bad luck?

    you damn right he brought us bad luck, smdh

    I wont comment on camel today and obvisouly sandra you care enough to post about him lol!

    I cant wait to see nick n mariah interview

  • mizzdallas

    Robyn outfit is cute but the hair gots to go seriously

  • Krysi J

    HallE BEEErrrRRAAaaaaY

    Halle Berry

    HallE BeEEEERRRRrrrAAy

    Halle Berry

  • Anna

    Sandra don't tell me you photoshopped devils horns of Rih in the first pic on the right, I thought she was your girl?

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    Anna. girl u had me lookin for devil horns forreal. lol. i think thats just her hair blowing up. haha

    i :heart: nick and mariah

    ewww @ sherree and her fake boootay

    and i dont see nothing wrong with beyonce's lipstick, maybe u were just staring too hard sandra

  • Kymystry

    LeBron played catch with members of the Dallas Cowboys before they lost to the lowly NY Giants.

    Lowly ... Get Real .. this is from the NFL website


    New York, with its steeled persona and recent Super Bowl champion pedigree, overcame the hype and festivities of the regular-season debut of Jerry Jones' palatial Cowboys Stadium and an opponent that was supposed to make this grand opening, grand. The Cowboys, meanwhile, succumbed to every form of pressure to accelerate expectations of another late-season collapse to September.

    Dallas quarterback Tony Romo, whose fall failures are now starting to inch into the summer, threw three picks that led to three New York touchdowns. Eli Manning, whose stats, profile and everything else but bank account seem to pale to Romo's, played Cool Hand Luke -- again -- and led the Giants 56 yards in the final 3:34 to set up Lawrence Tynes' 37-yard field goal as time expired.

    so ..!.. GO BIG BLUE !

  • Shauny

    Rhi Rhi is that bish, can't too many people wear what she has on and work it.

    Jay imma need your old butt to quick wearing your pants sagging. Come on now

    LeBron eehhhh, still prefer Melo. LeBron does have the nicer body though.

    My hubby has always though Sheree's body was bangin. He said she's a butta though.

    All you had to do was see Halle on Lemo. She shut down all the rumors.

    Nariah still going strong. Get it yall

  • iscream

    Halle looked so beautiful on Jay Leno..

    I'm glad she put those baby rumors to rest. Why do people report things with no facts... why did I just ask that stupid question :shrug:

    Hey Kym. *waves*

  • KaraZ

    NOW you believe Nick & Mariah? Even after a year you were calling their marriage a stunt...

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Love Nick and Mariah relationship :) !!!

    Rihanna looks like a damn fool :( !!! Dressed up like she going to go marry Mr T. :( !!!

    Halle is always looking beautiful and flawless :)!!!

    Beyonce looking cute int eh mini skirt dress :) !!!

    Jay and Coldplay...match made in heaven...and yeah people were checking for it :) !!!

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Halle was beautiful on Jay Leno. I think she came IN to kill folks with that dress and those boots. Even on her casual days, she's the business - THAT is a fashion icon. Wearing tacky ish just cuz you are skinny enough to do so - an icon makes you NOT. :)

    Romo is the ONLY cryptonite for the Cowboys. LeBron is just another overpaid jacka$$ of an athlete with no humbleness about what he has or where he is. He lost my respect when he wouldn't congratulate the team that beat him in the playoffs.

  • Kymystry

    *waves* Hey iscream ! !

    and yes .. Tony Homo gave The Giants game last night ... being the Superbowl Champs that we are .. we took it ... ah thank you very much ...

    we're done with your little sandbox mr. jones ... you can have it back now !

  • Daisy

    Rihanna and Halle WORK BISHES!

    :dance: the COWBOYS LOST :dance:

    MC been eating good I aint mad at you though Mimi you still cute though


    I like Rhi-Rhi attire and the honey blonde highlights. And Nahla is a cutting. Nick and Mariah....hm, they still growing on me and she does look thick in this pic. And wussup with her bringing the "Vision of Love" look back?

  • Kat

    i haven't seen u on here in a while kym!

  • miamore73

    I just love Halle's little girl. She's so beautiful to me. I actually heard somewhere (can't remember where) that her people admitted that she is in fact pregnant.

  • tbrown

    Baby Nahla looking so much like her dad. :) Everybody else is whatever. LOL

  • candycane

    The story Halle told about her daughter in the grocery store was really cute. Baby girl knows her mama