Convicted felon and woman beater chris Brown shed his shirt on day 2 of his court ordered community service in Richmond, Virginia today -- to the delight of a female police officer.

He then walked around shirtless while tweeting updates from the work site where he toiled for 8 hours clearing brush and weeds.

My question is, what kind of community service is this? Yesterday, it was reported that Brown took numerous breaks from work and he was seen laughing and clowning with his bodyguard while waving at his adoring fans.

This is hardly punishment for battering and bloodying his ex-girlfriend Rihanna's face.

Photos: Splash News Online

  • Daisy

    Alright now :coffee:

    Rihanna showed her he showed his lol

  • alexander

    look at the warden laughing...they loving his ass

  • aqtpie


  • bklynchick

    Ummmm hmmmm Chris Brown looks yummy with his shirt off!!

    He knows what he's doing

  • Krysi J

    Take ya time!

  • pinky2083

    Oh well..

  • The Divine Ms. K

    I didn't read reports where he was goofing off. Since he's high-profile, I'm sure they watch him EXTRA close to make sure that doesn't happen.

    I mean - the boy ain't supposed to smile or look happy anymore?? He's apologized, he's serving his sentence, Rihanna's smiling and showing her nips all over - let it go.

  • missy

    lol @ daisy that is so true I guess they'll be exchanging some more subliminal messages.I guess there will be a countdown e.g(100 days 6hrs and 50 min left) until he is finished which will be accompanied with pictures.

  • ELove

    Get'em CB ... Kill Them with Kindness !!!
    And THAT female officer is an INSTANT Celebrity in her Hood

  • mizzdallas

    Sandra you are jealous because chris still hits robyn in a good way :smile: I wouldnt mine if cb hit this! :lol:

  • starr

    The media is the one that showed up to the site snapping pics. So why not give em a show. Thats what they wanted anyways......



  • Anna

    Chris who? I am watching Divas and does Miley's sounding like "I smoke two packs of cigs" annoy more ppl than me?

  • pointhimout

    DEAD at CB being high profile. too funny and sad that his music isnt what made him a house hold name. smacking his beyatch up has.

  • kwall

    HA! FINALLY figga'd out how to change my name round these parts...anyway this is eye candy at it's finest.

  • whyohwhy

    For one he should not be doing this, and two he was not goofing around he was doing his work.. When Rihanna's turn comes around for her punishment cause she may have gotten roughed up more than him, she is going to get her's also. I truly believe she is not the sweet innocent victim in all this. He took punishment for his doing, she has yet to take hers instead she walks around looking like she should be on someones corner!

  • iscream


    (wagging my finger) Shame, Shame, Shame on anybody ATL HW inc. that sid Kim was seeking attention after her fall. She was clearly hurt, bleeding and possibly had a broken ankle. I've hurt my ankle in a car accident three years ago and I stll suffer from pain. While I think they should've carried her inside to do the viewing (outside was NeNe's idea). I don't think she was faking at all.

    The photos D Blanks took came out okay. I thought Sheree's and Kandi's came out the best. Kim's was the most boring and NeNe just look ackward in that stipper outfit.

    Kim played herself trying to act like Kandi cast fairy dust on her and she all of a sudden knows how to sing. To the point of trying to boguard the song. HOney chile please aint nobody going to buy the record and Kandi would be a fool to put her stamp of approval on that.

    I liked the fact that the trainer told Sheree she is living in a fantasy land as far as picking a mate. I don't know why women do that to themselves. Nobody is perfect and until you give a person a chance you really don't know if you'll click or not. When you are past a certain age and/or have baggage your pickings become slimmer. & the idea of meeting a man in his 30's or 40's with no kids HA! Good luck with that one.

  • iscream

    & the idea of meeting a man in his 30’s or 40’s with no kids HA! Good luck with that one.
    Oh wait, my man is in his 30's with no kids... but still that doesn't come by everyday.

  • Daisy

    Ice Kandi said although Kim's leg were jacked up she was being a drama queen. If it was that serious Kim should have gotten in her car and gone to the HOSPITAL(somebody else could have driven) vs sitting out there moaning groaning and SMOKING a cig. lol NeNe said that cause Kim said she couldn't make it inside. I am ready for next weeks ep.

    Sheree said she would deal with 1/2 kids(which is about my limit and I do prefer none or 1 vs 2 that child support money is taking away from our household lol). I don't think she is living in la la land about that but rather finding a man with as much money as she wants them to have.

  • shay1

    iscream - mine is too! :-) Carry on....

  • iscream

    Hey Shay happy belated Birthday :cheer:

    @ Daisy I don't think she was being a drama queen. She was in pain. It was obvious to a duck she really hurt herself. I guess everyone needed to see blood, guts and bone to believe that. When you first her yourself like that once you get over the embarrassment of falling then the pain kicks in. & from what I saw she did end up going to the hospital. And one of them had the nerve.. The nerve to say she should've stayed and saw all of the pics. FOR WHAT!

    You can't please all the people all the time.

  • shay1

    Iscream - Thank you!

  • Daisy

    Ice I agree you cant please everybody all the time but I stand by she could have taken her tail to the hospital as soon as the Dr told her she may have broken her foot but she sat right in the car and then had them carry her back to her car and what not it was too much IMO and I am glad Kandi called her out on the radio this morning for taking it over the top. I am not saying she was or wasnt hurt but if it was that serious she should have been at the hospital moaning and groaning vs her car.

    I :rofl: when she fell down the stairs

  • ontaya brooks

    @ Iscream, I can't wait until next week when Kandi get in that tall Amazon ass, it is going to be good. I kinda feel sorry for Kim because they are all jumping on the Sheree bandwagon, Sheree need to wake the f**k up her free ride is over. She straigt hated on Lisa buy showing up late and how she did, but it is okay her show in NY bombed anyway, what goes around comes around.

  • Daisy

    I think the NeNe is going to hold her own as well. I don't think either is scared of the other not that serious at all. Makes for great TV and ratings

    Sheree had on that same UGLY black dress from fashion weeke. Her make up was to light last night.

    Lisa looked cute when she was taking her promo pics.

  • iscream

    I guess I saw something different because she did not take it over the top to me. She fell & went to sit in her car with Ice while the bandaged her up. Its not as if she fell at home and came to the party like everybody look at me I hurt myself. & with the editing process that goes on I can't say when that doctor actually looked at her. Beside that NeNe seemed as if she wanted Kim to see the picture so she stuck it out and watched.

    @ Ontaya I can't wait either. NeNe is the Jolly Green Giant. Thinking her loud mouth and height is suppose to pump fear in someones heart. Kandi looks like she will put the smack down on NeNe.

    As far as being picky daters. There is nothing wrong with having standards but you need to be realistic with those standards. And sometimes bending the rules can't hurt especially if its a black man you are looking for (no offense to the brothers but the pickings of a good one is not so great for us women).

    In a town when half or more than half of the men are gay... yeah okay. :waiting:

  • Daisy

    SMH at ppl making NeNe into a bully cause she is tall and big she cant help that but that doesnt mean she has to change her personality to accomedate smaller people. NeNe is the same with everybody. I think they both can hold their own and it was never going to come to blows anyway. Kandi aint smacking her and she aint smacking Kandi. Nene talked about Sheree on Wendy for pulling Kims wig.

    I will not lower my standards no matter what city I am in. I don't have a problem dating a man with a child never have actually. I do have friends who dont date men with kids though. I think its a prefrence. I think we all have dealbreakers that you cant compromise or bend on (spiritualty, kids/marriage, smoking to name a few) We are all flawed and have baggage and I am not looking for anybody perfect cause I am far from it and it doesnt exsit but somethings are a no go others I can work with every man and situation is different.

  • iscream

    26 Daisy Says:

    SMH at ppl making NeNe into a bully cause she is tall and big she cant help that but that doesnt mean she has to change her personality to accomedate smaller people.
    No people make NeNe out to be a bully because she is. She is a shyt starting, loud mouth, GHETTO acting chick. She think she can talk to whomever however she pleases and everyone is suppose to cower or just shut down.

    Wendy Williams is also a big woman but she is soft and pink. Bootz (from Flavor of Love. She was the first to come to mind) was short and the same way as NeNe is.

    I never said lower your standards. I said be realistic with them. & after 10 years of no luck maybe you should reevaluate a few things. <<<<<---- not trying to take a stab I'm just saying. Sometimes the perfect man can be sitting right up under your nose but if you got it stuck up in the air you'll miss him. (& I'm not calling you stuck up I'm just saying)

  • Daisy

    Ice Wendy can be soft thats her personality that aint NeNes but since she is big and TALKS and SPEAKS her mind and keeps it real she has to be a bully and shyt starter NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS! Some ppl get loud when they argue others dont. She is LOUD(at times) thats who she is lol They ALL talk junk and shyt(and are GHETTO at times I might add NeNe just CLAIMS hers she aint in denial) but since NeNe is TALL she gets labeled a bully so we will agree to disagree she isnt a bully to me.

    As far as relationships go I dont see that many men in the A that I find attractive and the few I have run across arents serious and want to play games and expect me to chase them cause thats what other desparate women in this city do so they are spoiled. I am old skool I am not approaching you and I will not chase/sweat you that is all a 2 way street.

    Question Why is it that both men and women tend to label or accuse single women of being stuck up? I never understood that

  • Daisy

    NeNes Ghetto azz made Ryan Secrest and Anderson Cooper sit up and take notice :coffee: WORK BISH!

  • 2thick4u

    Keep doing your thang Chris while doing community service :) !!!

  • Shauny

    o.k I thought Kim was hurt too BUT then when she chose to sit there and puff on cigarettes I felt she wasn't as hurt as I thought she was. I am a bit disappointed in Kim for trying to drop NeNe from the song after Kandi made you sound good. That was very selfish of her and now I know why her and NeNe fall back out again and NeNe should be salty for that.

    I can't wait to see why NeNe and Kandi get into it. I think that of couse NeNe will say something sideways and Kandi wont be having it. Love the little beef brewing between Lisa and Sheree.

  • Charles

    He has a bird chest and is flexing for his life and this is what hoodrats find attractive??


  • LovelyLady

    Everytime I see that pic Charles I am :rofl:

    Take this ish down.........

  • kwall

    okay. finally got my name changed. since the subject has turned to RHOA... i think nene always has been a bully, tasteless, etc. after that mess she pulled the other week at the wig party ridiculing kim in her OWN home, in front of her friends, etc. she deserved to be dropped from the song. all they do is gang up and pick on her and it is not right. really it ain't. yeah kim got her faults too but she does not deserve the mess they do to her. she need to drop sheree, lisa, and nene like a bad habit.

    i like kandi tho.

    all the others need to go kick rocks and i am starting to think nene is bipolar and needs meds.

  • LadyJustice

    *WAVES* hey chris

  • pinky2083

    I also think Kim was making too big of a deal about her lil fall. Yes her leg was bloody but dayum.. moving the pics outside and all that extra was just too much. She should have left immediately if she was in that much pain.

    Kim was getting on my nerves at the studio. How do you wanna be a singer but not sing.. if I was Kandi I wouldn't have even wasted my time.

    There's nothing wrong with Sheree being picky. Why lower your standards for anyone? I totally felt where she was coming from. I myself prefer a man with no children, no baby mama drama and no child support draining his damn pockets.

  • Daisy

    Shauny :clap: for being objective this week

  • Daisy

    @Pinky ^5 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>here<<<<<<<<<<< regarding standards. We all have different ones! Stick to what you know you can and cant deal with!

  • Shauny

    I don't think that Lisa picks on Kim. Lisa and Kim had a legitimate beef and they squashed it. Kim hates on Lisa just as much as Lisa says something about her. She had something to say about NeNe going with her to see her family and comments on how they are bffs (the same way NeNe comments on Kim and Kandi's relationship). I think it's only Sheree and NeNe that go hard at Kim not Lisa.

    The only thing I have a problem with with Sheree's "standards" is the kids. How are you going to say no kids, maybe one or two teenagers and YOU have kids AND neither look to been in their teens. You want someone to accept you and yours but you wouldn't accept theirs?

  • eastpointvet

    he hot cause he got that skull cap on

  • Daisy

    Shauny plenty of women think like Sharee they have kids but don't want a man with kids not saying its right

  • mizzdallas

    Where is sandra?

    In regards to shauny comment #40

    Some of my friends have kids and they dont want a man w/kids I find that kind of backwards because most men that dont have kids dont want woman who have kids... I have no kids its really rare that I come across a man who dont have kids unless he is younger than me :lol: but however when I tell guys that Im single, never been married, no kids, pay my own mortage, own bank account etc., They feel like they won the lottery! Its crazy I dont have high standards but at the sametime my standards are NOT low

  • The Divine Ms. K

    @ MizzDallas - that's so crazy!

    I'm married now, but when I was single and had all that going on like you (no kids, my own job, taking care of bills, etc...) guys told me I was a lottery pick too! lol

    I even had one guy who like me being independent, but when the subject came up about kids - he said he didn't want anymore (he had 1). So, that ended that little love right there. He was willing for me to love and deal with HIS child, but wouldn't accept it if I wanted one. Crazy!

  • ELove

    Oh Yeah LADIES like yourself are Lotto-Ladies Indeed ...
    Me and My Boyz call y'all JACKPOT GURLS !!! :lol:

  • mizzdallas


    hey! girl!

    you know what I really dont know if I want kids or not, maybe if I found someone that is truly special too me then maybe I would go for having maybe 1 or 2 kids...

    and oh yeah that was good that you ended that relationship cuz lawd knows if you woulda got preggros he wouldve left you and the baby...

  • SunnyPA

    I only have one child. When she was under 18 (father deceased), I dated men with younger children because I felt it wasn't fair not to. Even though my one drama-free child, was nothing compared to the 'baby mama drama' and 'child-support' overload of my partners.

    Once she turned 18, I stopped dating men with young children. Now, the children have to be grown, married, and out-of-state. I went through raising my child (and a few others), I don't want to go through it again.

  • SunnyPA

    Is Sandra on the beach sippin' magaritas again?

  • mizzdallas


    thats understandable, once you raised your own child you aint got time to be raising your mate youngins....

    Its friday so sandra is probably still posted up with one of the local decatur flava's

  • Daisy

    All my friends are like me in their 30s working,no kids never been married and I dont see any man trying to snatch anybody up lol I have a co worker who was divorced with 3 kids she just got married to a FINE man who didnt have any kids and now she is prg with his child. So having kids doesnt stop a woman or man from getting married/re married.

    I would love to be married with kids sooner than later :love:

  • spongebobfan

    WTF? wheres sandra... i miss my obama bashing and rihanna worshipping, lightskin people hating blogger...whats really good???

  • SunnyPA

    mizzdallas Says:
    Its friday so sandra is probably still posted up with one of the local decatur flava’s
    ROFL...I hope she's having fun.

    When I dated men with children....generally speaking...I found that most were messy in handling their business. And, more times than not, I'd have to deal with the mother. It wasn't always negative but it was a lot of work.

    Kinda like that TV show that was on CW a while back. The one with Nia Peeples... The guy had a child and engaged to Nia, but the baby's mama was always in his business. On TV its funny, in real life ... not so much.

  • iscream

    Lol @ Sunny comment 47.

    Hey Mizz (waving)

    I hope you all didn't take my comment the wrong way. It was directed at Sheree and her situation. The fact that she has two underage children, an ex husband, and is a woman of a certain age. I don't think she should act as if her pickings are as if she is a young girl right out of college because they aren't.

    Like someone said most men don't like to deal with a woman who has children. & I always tell them once you get past the age of 30 that is hard to come by. Especially if you want a good woman. So Mizz that's probably why they think they hit the lotto per se. Because that is not an everyday thing. I would never ever tell a woman to lower their standards. Because I never lowered mine. My S/O is a good on paper guy but he isn't perfect but I thank goodness I have him. Because he makes me happy :D

    I use to have unrealistic standards.. Goodness I remember I cut this guy off because I didn't like his name. Smh I was bad.

  • Daisy

    Ice I am glad you found somebody that makes you happy that is hard to come by these days

  • Krysi J

    w(NTH??!! is going on??

  • mizzdallas


    yeah that was lisa raye in "all of us".

    Most man are messy when it comes to dealing with their BM's but I have some male friends who know how to deal with their BM's.

    I personally have never been in that situation where I had to deal with a messy BM, thank the lord!

  • mizzdallas


    I agree with daisy, glad that you found someone that you like Ice!

    you could be sitting at home drinking on a glass of wine in the middle of the kitchen asking GOD "just send me a man" lmao!

  • iscream

    :rofl: @ Mizz

    The grass isn't always greener... relationships are hard work but I guess it could be worst. I'm also happy I found someone to complete me becaue it was a long time coming. I kissed enough frogs my sons father included (goodness forgive me).

  • Daisy

    @Mizz I am not that bad yet lol I really don't pray for a man per say I pray for him if that makes sense and you know I HATE wine but I do have some leftover Ciroc :cheers: :drink: :koolaid:

  • Daisy

    Hey Krysi *waving*

    Ice I agree the grass isnt always greener thats why you have to be careful what you ask for as with everything else.

  • katgirl33

    I see Auntie called in sick on us today.....she's entitled....See y'all Monday Family


  • spongebobfan

    Hey yall, see i missed a gripping convo

  • ELove


    I HOPE Everyone enjoys their Weekend (Yes U Too Ms. Sandra)

  • iscream

    :cheer: :cheer:




  • iscream


  • Daisy

    Ice I read that as well I hope its true and they make some good current up to dat yet old skool RnB

  • iscream

    It's true I just heard them on the radio talking about it. they remade Cindy Looper True Colors song :cheer: I'm so happy. The three of them have some POWERFUL voices. They can be the next Envouge.

    I just pray they don't disappoint :(

  • iscream

    Oh I'm more happy that I........

    just got the proof of MY BOOK!!!!!! YAYYYYY WOO HOO :cheer:

    It's really happening. I can't believe it. God is good. God is good to me. :hug:

  • LadyJustice

    yay ISC im excited for u!!!

  • SunnyPA

    CONGRATULATIONS, Iscream! Can't wait to read it.

  • PAHairston

    iscream, you go girl and keep up the good work. GOD IS GOOD, alllllllllllllllllllllllll the time, no matter what we are going thru.

  • aqtpie

    Congrats Iscream,
    May God continue to bless you!!!!

  • iscream

    Thanks everyone