Does Serena know this bish? A fan wipes down rapper Common during his set at the Hennessy event at Velvet Room Saturday night.

Pseudo-singer Amerie performed at velvet Room on Saturday night.

Boyz II Men performed live at the Velvet Room. The audience blacked out when the Boyz came out onstage.

Tameka Foster ex-Glover, ex-Raymond was all up in the VIP like she’s a celebrity

The VIP at Velvet Room was full of wanna-be celebs like RHOA cast member Sheree Whitfield, who plays a fashion designer on TV. Sheree just got in from NYC where she debuted her fashion line far away from the Fashion Week Bryant Park tents location where the real designers strutted their stuff.

The Roots drummer Questlove being interviewed

Common, who lost a cousin in a car accident this past weekend, posed with a disabled veteran, right, and a guest at the Velvet Room.

Photos courtesy of Prince Williams/

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. No comments or pics of the winners of the 2009 Emmys? Out of 110 nominees, 3 were black. (When you looked out over the audience, nothing but a sea of white faces!) And they say racism ain’t alive and well in America! I’m just saying.



  • browni007

    I thought Amerie was going to churn out some hits… oh well. Everyone looks good – Tamika looks happy too. I guess the boys are home with a Nanni!

  • Daisy

    Why does Amerie have baby hair now? That is all

  • iscream

    Tameeka lives in ATL I thought that’s all it took to be considered a celeb out there..

    Maybe that lady works for Common.

    :clap: love love love Boyz to men

    Please don’t go away from me. I’ll be there for you. when you call my name I’ll reach out my hand to you. To my heart.

    Damn I miss quality music. Are there even any male groups out anymore?

  • Nina

    I have to commend Tameka for keeping a smile on her face…What makes Amerie pseudo I wonder?

  • Charles

    Umm ok?? These are a bunch of no bodies none of thsese people are relevant at all esp not sherry and boyz 2 flop or common

    I have nothing nice to say about any of these flops….. sandra sis lets get into my good sis beyonce singing to the cancer patient that was so nice

  • 2thick4u

    Damn…was the club packed?

    I love Common and his lyrics :) !!

    Sheree looks average :( cute shoes though!!

    Amerie release the album :) !!!

    Tameka…glad to see you out and about. It was a joke from the beginning we forgive ya’ll :) !!

  • ELove

    Boyz II Men… ONE of the Best that ever did it – IMO

    I know I can’t be there (No I can’t Be)
    Baby it’s alright (But I know it’s alright)
    I’ll be waiting for you, (Oh Yeah…) Tonight

    I’ll pray that you’ll be there (I Pray you’re there)
    When I close my eyes (When I CLOSE My Eyes)
    Meet me in My Dreams, (Come on with Me) Tonight

    “Dreams” by Boyz II Men


    Ur review on Sheree was too funny Sandra. I love when you have a post on the RHOA cast members, ‘cuz I know u going to say something to the left. Too Funny.

  • Kat

    where are the other members of boyz II men?

  • miamore73

    You see what Crack and to much liquor does to a people. Example: What’s the difference between Boyz II Men and New Edition??


  • Divinebrown

    Common is STILL my future baby daddy after all these years! He just gets better with time…

    I heard on Bended Knee when I was drunk in an elevator in Vegas at about 7 am…I almost text the lyrics to my ex. That’s some powerful shat!!!!!!! I used to love me some Wanya!!

    Tameka…your hair…ummmmm, yea!

    Sheree’…you’re style is so pedistrian! We thought you were 7 fugures fashion! BOOO!!! *didnt she wear a hoodie to Lisa’s fashion show…I shat myself*

    There’s something remarkably odd about the Decatur Flavor….I can’t put my finger on it.

  • mizzdallas

    Damn! serena getting all of my man common Mmmmmmm he is looking scrumptious as daisy would say “that is all”

  • miamore73

    @Divine I think Sheree did that on purpose. Like to say that Lisa’s show wasn’t important enough for her to show up on time or change clothes for.

  • pointhimout

    most of these people should stick to being elusive and off social networks. shawn stockton is so corny, practically begging for p u s s y. you can tell being in this group got him the ass his wack game never could.

    qwest love gets wider every time I see him. I’ve actually grown quite tired of the click ish in Atlanta. At every event or party is the same tired group of people. SR, can you confirm they’re considering placing Tameka on the next installment of RHOA? U know that means somebody is about to get the deserving boot.


    LOL @ Divine! Why is Sheree wearing a darn leather jacket in this Georgia 85 degree weather not to mention the darn humidity makes it feels even hotter. She thinks she’s “hot shyt” as my grandma would say!
    Boyz II Men can sing to me any day of the week! Those guys are still the best! Even though Mike is not with them any longer due to health issues, they can still make me wet!!! LOL!!