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    Babygirl was working it but I still think she needs to be somewhere reading a book :coffee:

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    Fierce walk but a lil to grown for me.cosign and ^5 with Yvonne

    She looks like Lil Mama's lil sister :coffee:

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    Lil Mama’s lil sister?? REALLY DAISY??? :rofl: u know u wrong

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    You guys are crazy. LMBO

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    Sidebar: You have to check out the Youtube bloggers called Hodgetwins. They are 35 year old cute/country twins from Texas or some other southern state. They are hilarious.

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    just saw on the news. there is an amber alert for 11 and 12 year old african american sisters. the 12 year old is 9 months pregnant and is in need of immediate medical attention. they think their adoptive father impregnanted her and ran off with them. maybe to hide it? i just hope they find those girls and the baby alive and well. :(

  • Daisy

    LJ what state is this in?

    Nothing surprises me anymore and that is sad

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    I forgot I missed this episode last week, I caught the elimination just in time though. I need to catch up, before I tune in tonight

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    They found them... that was fast.

    Mooresville, N.C. — Two missing Mooresville sisters who had been the subject of an Amber Alert were found safe Wednesday in Tennessee, authorities said

    Keara and Sierra Hess, 12 and 11, were with their stepfather, Matthew Hess, 40.

    Keara, who is nicknamed "Diamond," is nine months pregnant and was scheduled to deliver a baby boy by Cesarean section last Thursday because of complications she was having, authorities said.

    Both girls were taken to a local hospital as a precaution, Lt. Julie Gibson of the Iredell Sheriff's Office said. Keara has not given birth to her child, she added.

    Iredell authorities are considering filing charges against Matthew Hess for not getting Keara the medical care she needed.

    Keara told her mother that a young boy is the baby's father. However, she never named the father, authorities said.

    Janette Hess, the girls' mother, said her husband left her a note last Thursday saying he was taking the girls to school.

    Authorities said they waited several days to issue the Amber Alert because Matthew Hess is the girls' legal guardian and has not broken any laws by taking them. Also, Janette Hess told investigators that the girls had a good relationship with their stepfather and that she initially wasn't worried about their safety.

    She and Matthew Hess were legally separated but had gotten back together this summer and were living together at the time the girls went missing, authorities said.

    When Janette Hess first reported her daughters missing, authorities said they thought something might have happened to the three on the way to school. However, after further investigation at the family's house, it appeared that the girls and Matthew Hess had packed for an extended trip, officials said.

  • Daisy

    Small world I have family in Mooresville. My hometown is about 30mins away.

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    yes very small world. what the heck where they doing way down here in tennessee though.

    babies having babies :(

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    I HATE that mother. She knew that man was no good. She knew!!! These sorry desperate triffling mothers just give up their daughters on a whim. SHE needs to go to jail just like the stepfather!!!!!

  • Anna

    Smokie Says:

    I HATE that mother. She knew that man was no good. She knew!!! These sorry desperate triffling mothers just give up their daughters on a whim. SHE needs to go to jail just like the stepfather!!!!!
    She didn't alert the authorities until two days later. She knew it would look suspicious that her estranged husband went missing with his stepdauthers and one is twelve and pregnant. Who would not immediately suspect he is the father. She knows what's up. Sex at twelve and getting pregnant. Most kids are smart enough to use a condom especially if it's their first time. Being she is only twelve I wonder if she was sexually active or if the stepdad was messing with her.

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    #6 eeeewww!!! r u kidding me with this story? 12 and 9 months pregnant? chop his wood off and feed it to him.