It is rare occurrence when the case of a missing black woman makes national headlines. And even rarer when that missing black woman is a lesbian.

From CBS News Crimesider blog:

A woman who was arrested at a Malibu, Calif. restaurant went missing after she was released hours later from a sheriff's station, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Mitrice Richardson, 24, was reportedly intoxicated and unable to pay her $89 bill at Geoffrey's restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu about 10 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 17, the newspaper reported.

Deputies arrested Richardson at the Malibu-Lost Hills station, where they booked her on suspicion of not paying for the meal and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told the Los Angeles Times.

She was released about 1:25 a.m. the next day, he said.

"She exhibited no signs of mental illness or intoxication," said Whitmore, explaining why she was released. "She was fine. She's an adult."

According to her mother, Latice Sutton, a manager she spoke to at Geoffrey's said Richardson appeared to be in "no condition to drive."

Sutton told the newspaper that she called the Malibu-Lost Hills station to ask about posting bail and picking up her daughter, but deputies told her they had released her because they did not have room to keep her in jail.

"They allowed her to walk out of that facility and down that road in the pitch black night," Richardson's father, Michael, told the Times. "That's not right. Now, I just want to find my child."

The woman's mother said deputies told her nearby residents had called to say a woman was sleeping on porches, indicating to her that Richardson was stumbling around a nearby residential neighborhood early Friday, the Times reported.

Richardson is African-American, 5-foot-5-inches and approximately 135 pounds. She has brown, curly hair and hazel eyes, and was last seen wearing a dark shirt and blue jeans, police said. According to a flyer made by her family, Richardson has tattoos on her lower abdomen and behind her neck.

Police asked anyone with information on her whereabouts to call the LAPD's Missing Persons Unit at (213) 485-5381, or 1-877-LAPD-24-7 after business hours or on weekends.

  • Daisy

    I just said my cuz was a lipstick lesbun and here your are doing a story on one.

    I pray she is found safe and I do not blame the cops if they are telling the truth that she was sober n in her right mind. Why not call a ride or taxi at that late hour though?

    God bless her family during this time

  • miamore73

    Malibu jail overcrowded??!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA :rofl:

  • Anna

    It is rare occurrence when the case of a missing black woman makes national headlines. And even rarer when that missing black woman is a lesbian.
    Sandra you are a mess. LOL
    She is pretty. Hope they find her safe. I too don't blame the police, but why didn't they ask her if she could call someone to pick her up. It was night.

  • Charles

    Interesting............ sandra how you know fo sho she a lsiban just because u kissing girls don't mean you like to snatch the cat back (lol)

  • Shauny

    Interesting story. I'm with Mia on the :lol: at jails in Malibu being overcroweded...yeah o.k

    Also, if there are reports about a woman sleeping on porches and stumbling through neighborhoods, she obviously was still drunk and should've just stayed and slept it off. 3 hours isn't enough time to sober up. I'll be looking for more info on this story.

  • Daisy

    Charles I was thinkin the same thing but I was going to let sandra have her fantasy lol


    this is really sad..

  • Peachizz

    snatch the cat back.. LOL

  • Sandra Rose

    Charles Says:
    Interesting………… sandra how you know fo sho she a lsiban


    Because she said so on her Myspace page. I mean, Duh. She has a bunch of pics of herself kissing that chick who is clearly her girlfriend.

  • spongebobfan

    wait her girlfriend is LSLH....... :coffee:

    hopefully she is found

  • spongebobfan

    Read more on story, Dang she been gone over a week OMG, its not looking good, im so sad for this young lady

  • attorneymom

    I hope they find her azz. Was this a "white" low to middle class neighborhood?? If so, I pray that the Klanpunks or Skinazzholes did not get hold of her.

  • Anna

    Way off topic: Hubby came home today with a envelope. I thought they were airline tickets to Cali. (we have been trying to go to Cali for some time and it has not worked out, work issues). He bought two tickets for Maxwell. I did mention that I would love to see Maxwell live, but never thought anything else about it. I am going to a Max concert. WOW. Robin T & C Michelle are on the ticket. I am not one for "surprises", but this one did take me off guard. I am use to him buying Prince tickets or tics for a Piston game. I just wanted to share the news and Elove I got a good one, a real man vs a "Male". I spoke and he listened. It really is as simple as that. Now if I can get him to cut the grass in a timely fashion. LOL.

  • radioalexander

    This is a disgrace.... I just don't see the WHY in all of this. Why waste time... when men provide something so GOOD ;-D

  • ELove

    I'm going to take @point's stance when a Hot-Guy happens to be a str8-man ... Baby-Gurl is WASTING her Good-Good on just FEMALES (That's Real...)

    Congrats and WEAR a T-shirt (very short at that) while looking out of the window drinking a glass of lemonade AND make sure to turn around a walk away SHOWING YOUR Azz while he's looking at you... You will NEVER EVER have a problem with your lawn again (Real Talk)

  • attorneymom

    @Anna, Enjoy. That was sweet.

    Sidebar: My family and I are on my way to the Georgia Dome for the Classic.

  • Anna

    Thanks E and AM. E I will try the T-shirt idea, it can't hurt. See how simple men are, I just nicely say " Oh, I see the man across the street cut his grass". That's usually my hint for him to cut ours. LOL.
    AM enjoy the Classic, sounds like a family fun event.

  • Sandra Rose

    As always in a case like this there are more questions than answers. Why was the bill $89 if she ate alone? Why did the restaurant manager call the police? Did she refuse to pay? Was she belligerent about not paying? Did she have a dinner date who skipped out on the bill and left her holding the bag? Also, she wasn't arrested for not paying the bill, she was arrested for possession of marijuana.

  • Daisy

    @anna You know I LOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE Maxwell! He puts on a great show. He said he lost his voice on his twitter not sure when you are going to see him lol I saw him at essence and last yr when he came to the A. I will be out of town when he comes next mth :cry: :sad:

    AM I usually attend the classic but not this yr and its pouring down raining again here in the A.

  • Anna

    Daisy that sucks. The concerts at 7:30. It's ok, he's still eye candy. LOL.
    Sandra I thought the same thing. That bill was too expensive for someone who dined alone. Was the bill expensive because there were alcoholic beverages that she did not feel the effects until much later?

  • MistaO

    I hope the girl is found, and found alive.

    This is yet ANOTHER wake up type call for many "women" out here today.

    With ALL that we now know that can happen to a female while out and sober, why, why do so many females continue to go out and get completely smashed??? Is something wrong in the head for most broads today?

    And regarding this case, WHO was she at the restaurant with??? I hardly think she ran up an 89 dollar tab on her own, or was there by herself. Was she tricking? Was she waiting on a "client"? Not to asail her character, but I find it questionable that she'd be there alone.

    People in general, women more specifically need to quit geting all messed up out in public. Take note folks, bad stuff can happen to you while out in a compromised state!!!

  • Bird

    I don't know what her sexuality has to do with anything, but this is a very unfortunate incident. It almost sounds like someone slipped her something. I've never seen a person so intoxicated that they slept on random porches. Or even be so drunk that they would eat a meal that they knew from the beginning they didn't have the money for. How did she get there? I know she wasn't walking. And what could she possibly have looked like when she left the station? The definately should have called someone to get her or even taken her to the hospital from the sound of things.

  • Anna

    This doesn't make sense. I am not the type of woman to dine alone, I will get it to go. I am not going to sit in a resturant by myself, too many crazy ppl. I do have a couple of gf that can dine alone, but they are basically just getting away from the kids and want to eat in peace. There is something definately not right here. Does she not have any friends someone should know where she hangs out at.
    MistaO, I so agree. We are taught as a kid to walk in groups. Why some women go out drinking by themselves is beyond me. I don't think she was alone. I hope the resturant had a camera and the police a viewing it.
    @Bird, something happened to her if she is sleeping on porches. Why didn't anyone call the police for loitering, at least she would be safe.

  • Daisy

    @Anna I have eaten out solo before lol I take a book or a magazine w/ me. I will also go to the bar at lunch solo since my lunch buddy got a new job and left me lol

    Now I do not get drunk anymore and never have been drunk in public anyway not even in college lol I dont drink much so 2 drinks is my limit and it usually ends up being 1 or nothing. I went out last wkend and didnt have anything.

  • aqtpie

    This is sooooooo sad, I pray that they find her alive or at the least expose the truth of what happened to her. I however believe the police tie into this some how!!!

  • Shauny

    LAWD Sandra PLEASE post the Mashonda twitter to A Sleez on Monday. I LOVE IT!!

    On topic- this young lady was in Malibu. She may have bee at one pf those trendy overpriced places where a meal was $40 and the drinks were $10 plus each. $89 isn't much depending on the restaurant.

  • Daisy

    Hey Shauny

    I read that as well and you know where I stand UNTIL I hear ALL sides im good on that. I wish Mashonda well and I pray she moves on sooner or later cause if Swizz wanted to be with her that is where he would be. I read AKeys tweets last night and they had nothing to do with Mashonda she was just waiting on an exucse to go in so I hope it helped her sleep better bless her heart. So now AK cant talk about love on twitter. Stay off her page lol plain n simple. I feel she claims to be mature about the situation but I dont think thats the case I feel she wants ppl to turn on AK cause of her image but Swizz cheated before and I couldnt tell you that chicks name for nothing so clearly this isnt about Swizz cheating. I pray mashonda finds a thearpist who can help her find closure.

    Cant wait for your new CD AKeys!!!!! Love ya

  • Anna

    I just got back home. I was hoping there would be an update that Mitrice had been found safe. I will pary for her.
    I read Masonda's tweet. It was sad. If she has moved on I can't tell. I do feel for her being the wife and he being a dog. I just think it's hard for her knowing who the mistress is. She said she told AK to back off. We know how well that went.
    The concert was great. Maxwell's voice was hoarse but only one song got the best of him. I wondered why Robin Thicke was not on my T-shirt, Maxwell called him as a last minute fill in, maybe to save his voice. Robin did good and Chrisette's voice is so beautiful, if the concert were not at the Joe Lewis Aren but a little smaller venue, she would not have needed a mic. Her voice is very strong and powerful.

  • attorneymom

    @Sandra, did they find this young lady??

    Sidebar: I really enjoyed the Classic. Trey Songz did his thing. He opened. Then he ran around the stadium and one of the little girls on the sideline put a bear hug on his azz. That was funny. My favorite part was half time. TN's band tried, but they missed. FAMU's band took up the entire field and just did the darn thing. My sons started wrestling in the stands so we knew it was time to go. We left at half time. Besides it was freezing in the Dome. (@Daisy and Sandra, why did you tell me to bring my jacket??)

    I am glad I wore my Attorneymom t-shirt. I met an attorney who will give me a referral for an attorney for my case. Yyyeeeeaaahhhh! His wife is my Soror. We made some new friends.

  • Daisy

    AM The dome is always cold

    Anna BINGO you hit the nail on the head as long as Swizz was banging groupies or no name chicks Mashonda looked the other way now that its AK and he is in a relationship with her its a problem. Why do you want your cheating hubby back be glad he is now AK problem. Again I say this is all her side I want to hear from swizz and Mashonda wants to bait AK into talking but that aint gonna happen esp. If she feels she did nothing wrong as in he already had moved out and filed papersm I feel for mashonda but her hubby no longer wants her hard pill to swallow I'm sure but again it is what it is. Anytime u have to ask another woman to step back (if that's how it went) what kind of marriage did u have not a happy home like u claim u had.

    God Bless her but even if AK talks to her it aint bringin swizz back

    Praise time let me go to church lol

  • attorneymom

    @Daisy, I sung a song for you. Check out my blog post for today. LOL

  • starr

    @ Daisy

    I seen u changed ur pic!!!!! lol

    I thought sandrar would of posted that long letter by now lol

    My thoughts....i'm never on the side of the homewrecker....NEVER!!!! And i really been riding w/ mashonda...until this very letter. I felt bad for her becomes she comes across as bitter and even a lil delusional to me. It sounds like she hasn't moved on....and thats really sad. Its been awhile now...its time to move on. Why is she desperate to meet alicia is beyond me. What is there to talk about. Alicia doesn't owe u shyt...i luv how she goes in on a. keys and nothing about swiss. So typical of woman these days to want to get at the otha woman smh. Swiss took those vows...a. keys didn't. poor gurl....smh

    And i luv that she said how her friend alerted her to the tweet a.keys put they spying on her, checking up on her.....tru signs she hasn't moved on with her life......

  • starr

    after two years why isn't the divocre mashonda trying to hold for beginning ot htink so

    But ole gurl lost points in my eyes....sry.....

  • Daisy

    Starr Another site said the divorce is not finalized cause a settlement cant be reached ie Mashonda aint tyring to let him go w/o a fight. Which is sad. If he wanted to be with you he would he has had 2yrs to come back home. This other blogger also said that from what they know Swizz moved out and filed for divorce mths before he got with AK who knows either way thats who he is with.

    I think a man created the term homewrecker. NOBODY CAN WRECK a marraige BUT the people that are in it IMO. I have never liked that term to me it gives the man a free pass cause the wife always goes in on the other woman when like you said HE took the vows NOT the other woman. Swizz knows who he married and the vows he took and clearly that aint where he wants to be and again I ask why would she want to be with a cheating husband esp. when it aint his 1st time. AK is to good for him but if they like it I love it lol If AK and Mashonda were friends or family then I would say AK owed her but that isnt the case.

    This is still on Mashondas side. I am waiting to hear from Swizz.

    She went in on AK cause she wants ppl to turn on her and she claims her and Swizz are in a great place and made peace I bet you have forgiven like you did in the past but this time when he left it was for real and he didnt come back lol Bless her heart. I pray she finds closure and peace sooner than later cause she had time and based on this letter she is still holding on to alot of hurt and anger.

    Yes girl I had to rep for my girl AK since I knew she wil be the talk of the town this week lol

  • Shauny

    I don't think Mashonda needs anyone to turn in AK. For women who thinks its trashy and slutty to get involved with men who are still married IN ANY FORM of the word will sympathize with her and those who worship AK and think she can do no wrong, or who think its fine to date a man who's still married are the ones saying move on and get over it. Some people are so eager to defend Swizz and AK actions that whatever they say is believed but when Mashonda says something its out of bitterness and questionable.

    She said that she wasn't aware that there were issues in her marriage until she heard aboutg the possible affair which means she thought her house was fine yet Swizz says they were seperated. Swizz and AK is more household than Mashonda so of course Mashonda must be lying. There was a story out about AK denying the relationship only to have him jion her on tour shocking a lot of her staff but this is AK so that must be a lie too. Mashonda said when she found out she asked AK to fall back (which she obviously didn't) but hell she's AK we'll overlook that.
    I'm a fan of her music but not the person. Yes, Swizz is the most at fault for this because he took vows with Mashonda but why does AK get a pass for sleeping with someones husband? If Mashonda told her point blank I don't know what you've heard but we are still mattried, living together, and I've just had a child, I want to work on my marriage and she continued to pursue that relationship she's no different than Rocsi, Gabby, and all these other trick jumpoffs we ride on for sleeping with married men.

    Also, othen than the child he had while they were married who's to say what Mashonda knew about his extra activities BUT that other child and his possible affairs DIDN'T end their marriage. THAT'S the difference. I hopw Mashonda just let go because both AK and Swizz will get their just due in time. All she has to do is listen to her husbands mistress own song Karma. Its a bish.

  • attorneymom

    @Daisy, Swizz should have gotten a divorce before he started banging AK.

  • attorneymom

    Sidebar: Did they find this young lady??

  • Shauny

    Attymom I've looked in other places and haven't seen anything yet. Maybe Sandra will give us an update

  • iscream

    Already I can hear some of you saying ” why are u blaming her, You cant make someone leave their wife, You cant break something thats broken”. Well, my marriage was not broken, as far as I knew we were celebrating our sons birth and getting ready to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary . Call it blind love, whatever. I call it being a devoted wife.. As far as me blaming her and not blaming him, thats false. Me and my husband have worked out our differences. We are in a good place as people and as parents. I accept his choices and I am comfortable enough with myself to move on. I am so very blessed in many ways.
    I wish I could defend Moshonda but when I read this tweet she sent out I just don't get it. How could she think she was in a happy place in her marriage if her husband left her? I mean to cheat is one thing but HE LEFT HER! If the relationship between them is good enough to raise their children I don't know why she is even checking for AK. There is no reason for them to communicate at all. Him and Alicia aren't engaged/married, they don't have any children together so I don't see why Moshanda would need to have any relationship with her. Why do you want to hear her say _________ when it's not going to change the situation.

    Swiss needs to get his shyt together and put this whole situation on lock. Neither of these ladies should have ill feelings towards one another if they don't have any ill feelings towards him.. the common denominator.

    Funny how women having babies out of wedlock were getting thrown under the bus last week. As this story shows a marriage doesn't make you immune from being a single parent. So for any person thinking of or have aborted a baby because you aren't/weren't married. Your child's love is more guaranteed than that man's love ever will be.

  • iscream

    Anna Said

    He bought two tickets for Maxwell. I did mention that I would love to see Maxwell live, but never thought anything else about it. I am going to a Max concert. WOW
    :love: this made me smile. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  • Daisy

    Ice PREACH

    Shauny I wish ppl would learn that just cause you like an artist doesn't mean you agree or co sign with everything they do in their personal life and FYI some ppl have gone in on AK on other blogs and said they no longer like her behind this and yes I do believe such comments make Mashondas heart smile and good for her it aint that deep for me. I know where I stand on this issue so I really only skimmed your post. Yes Mashonda is bitter and has a right to be but that aint gonna bring her hubby back at the end of the day and I still say there are more sides to this story than hers

    AM I never said otherwise or that I don't agree with that. My thing is divorce can take time esp when u have money like in this case so cause Mashonda won't sign legally he is still married so he isn't supposed to date for 2yrs lol yay ok that's very realistic lol

    I know everyday folks who been separated for yrs that date I'm not saying its right but that's what it is but because neither party wants 2 still be married nobody gets called a homewrecker a term I hate. She wasn't hollering homwrecker when he was cheating with everybody else lol she blames AK cause that is who swizz is with now but she didn't end thier marriage that is on her and swizz

  • Daisy

    Ice I wanted to add although I'm sure you know this already not everybody w/o kids took a trip to the clinic and for anybody on here who did take a trip that is not an easy decsion either been with a few friends not pretty at all but it was right for them at the time they all have kids 2day some married some not.

    Shauny I don't think any Karma is coming AK way if Swizz was moved out and filed. What Karma came Brangelinas way? An affair IMO or mistress is not the same as the new gfriend once u have filed paperwork to get a divorce once the marriage is ova and a party wants to move on but is waiting on the legal process they are free to move on IMO. I am not looking to date a married man or be anybodys mistress BUT I will say every situation is not the same in my book.

  • iscream

    Daisy Says:

    Ice I wanted to add although I’m sure you know this already not everybody w/o kids took a trip to the clinic and for anybody on here who did take a trip that is not an easy decsion either been with a few friends not pretty at all but it was right for them at the time they all have kids 2day some married some not.
    I didn't mean that comment in a negative way. I said it because I believe it was kara Z who said women need to keep their legs closed or something of that nature. Keeping your legs closed, taking a trip to the clinic, spending 30 hours in labor pushing out a kid or walking down an aisle isn't going to guarantee that a man will stay in your life. So always follow your heart. I said that more for anyone out there reading this struggling with making a choice on what they should do. FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND NOT WHAT SOCIETY TELLS YOU IS RIGHT OR WRONG!

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  • Daisy

    Ice gotcha and I believe both Fly and Karaz make such comments and my fav AM said the same thing as well when she was giving out her rules one day last wk lol

    I think AK followed her heart and gave the middle finger to everybody else who think they know but have no idea lol

    Anybody see Bobby Browns behind the music? I never knew Whitney asked him to marry her according to his version of the story.

  • Daisy

    Sandra did you see the pics of JD n Janet in Milan at fashion week I had a strong feeling they were still very much friends more than likely with benefits lol

  • starr

    @ ice

    That part of the statement you posted was what had me n my sister talking. Thats why i thought she sounded delusional.

    Mashonda said that she told alica to fall back. Mashonda told alicia that she n swiss are working things out. Did swiss tell alicia all those things. Thats what i'd like to know.

    As for alicia keys, the person, the song writer, the singer. Everyone is making comments about oh....i dont' respect anymore blah blah.....this is how i feel....I'm fan of the Alicia Keys. I'm not a fan of many people. There are artist and entertainers i like...and there'sthose i'm a fan of....and alicia is one of them. That won't change. I don't know why some ppl take this ish so personal the end of the day....we dont' know none of these mfers. Thats why i leave my liking for artist for their craft and nothing else. (cept for cases like r. kelly lol) I'm directing this at just stuff i read on all these blogs...where people are all of sudden not fans anymore. If we really knew some of these artist....i could only imagine

    @ Shauny
    I never side with the "homewrecker". And i don't condone what she's done. Messing with a marriaged man is just a no no to me, and he's not single until the divorce is final. But Other than the fact that she's sounds quite bitter after nearly two years, there was no much directed at the ak in there. She's acting like she owes her something. And as effed as it sounds...the homewrecker doesn't owe u nuthing...not an explanation, not an apology..not a thing. We don't have to like it...but thats what it is. And the fact that there were other affairs, says something was wrong with this marriage. And no it didn't end the marriage. I'm gonna guess those affairs not ending the marriage had alot to do with her not leaving. But this affair ended the marriage because he choose to go. And not because Alicia dragged him away from her...

  • starr

    I’m not directing this at anyone…is just stuff i read on all these blogs…where people are all of sudden not fans anymore. If we really knew some of these artist….i could only imagine



  • Shauny

    Daisy - after I saw your oart about not reading my response the deed was mutual to your posts so we'll just agree to disagree on this one. .

    Isc - what I got from the part that you posted was that when this (the affair) came to light for her, she had no reason to believe her marriage was broken. Do we know exactly when he moved out? I'm sure someone can confirm that though). Have we heard anything proving he'd already moved out before their child was born? She's says we were still together, he's saying we weren't but why does his word rule?

    Slick is the most trifling in this entire situation because I believe he was lying to them both. He just has the benefit as his word being believed over his less popular soon to be ex. Again Mashonda unless AK is getting married she doesn't owe you anything,let them be, they deserve each other. AK doesn't owe her chit. She's trife and we know this already. Her letter didn't change what I aleady thought about the situation, I thought it would be good conversation for us.

  • Daisy

    I dont think AK is trife IF Swizz had moved out and filed papers :shrug:

    3 sides to every story and this is only one.

    @Starr ^5 and co sign she still aiight with me lol

  • starr

    Even though i think this whohle thing should be handled in private...i'm curious to hear the other sides of the story, for entertainment

  • Daisy

    Starr lol I feel you I am nosey as hail lol I wonder if this will make Swizz agree to whatever settlement Mashonda wants to make this offical once and for all

  • iscream

    Slick is the most trifling in this entire situation because I believe he was lying to them both. He just has the benefit as his word being believed over his less popular soon to be ex. Again Mashonda unless AK is getting married she doesn’t owe you anything,let them be, they deserve each other. AK doesn’t owe her chit. She’s trife and we know this already. Her letter didn’t change what I aleady thought about the situation, I thought it would be good conversation for us.
    I agree so much with this. I believe he lied to them both. Which is why I said if they neither of them are mad at him then why be mad at each other. :shrug: but also at the same time I question her saying their marriage was going so well. If it was going so well before he left why did she approach AK? That right there is a hint in a half for her ass that something was wrong but according to her

    "my marriage was not broken, as far as I knew we were celebrating our sons birth and getting ready to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary ." <<<--- then why did he leave. Men have affairs all the time but not many actually leave their wife, and he left. & people can't say it's because of her celeb status because swizz is a celeb in his own right. Yes this make for great conversation. so, many stories wrapped in one, lol.

    @ star comment 51 Me too :rofl: twitter is a celeb killer.

  • attorneymom

    Single women are always talking ish. If the divorce isn't finalized, keep your damn leg close. We women must learn to respect each other.

  • attorneymom

    Sidebar: I hate twitter. I think it is boring watching stars text each other. I don't even know why Rev. Run is on twitter. He isn't following anyone and I don't think he even responds to anyone. What a waste. I don't even understand half of the quotes he post anyways. SMDH

  • iscream

    off :offtopic:

    The MJ movie tickets are regular movie ticket price. *whew* yall had me nervous.

    :dance: hee hee hee woo!

  • Anna

    attorneymom Says:

    Single women are always talking ish. If the divorce isn’t finalized, keep your damn leg close. We women must learn to respect each other.
    I agree. What happened to sisterhood. Men have a saying "Bros before Hoes".(Men can sleep with a woman and still be ok with each other, especially when a trick is a trick.) Why can't women step that up and understand that sisterhood is about not sleeping with someone elses man. If AK really thought the relationship was done and over with prior to their hook up it still to me does not make it right, there was a child born and he is still married.

  • ELove

    Baby-Boo WHY do you have A-Keys as your avi ...
    It's kinda creepy especially on the subject-matter at hand

  • ELove

    And I AGREE @star Completely INCLUDING comment #51 !!! :lol:

  • attorneymom

    @Elove, Daisy is trying to aggravate me with the avitar photo. LOL

  • Daisy

    @Elove I changed my pic on purpose :kiss: :hug:

    AM married women talked about Mashonda on other blog sites as well so its not just single women. I said I felt her pain and wish her the best as well but she doesnt get any sympathy from me beyond that off that novel of a letter. I am old school and I believe and respect marriage and take it very serious not many ppl do these days though sad but true.

    @Ice again you better PREACH!