The most unpopular politician in America today is not Barack Obama, it's Joe Wilson, a little known Republican out of South Carolina who gained instant notoriety after hollering "Liar!" at Barack during a nationally televised speech last night.

Wilson's dramatic outburst came in response to Obama's statement that aliens who are in this country illegally would not get free health care. Wilson later apologized to White House chief of staff Rham Emanuel, and Obama has reportedly accepted Wilson's apology...

Threats against Wilson are outnumbering other posts on left leaning message boards where unhinged Obama Kool-Aid drinkers are calling for his ouster, and even worse -- his hide. The reason for their anger is they believe Wilson's antics deflected the focus away from Obama's all important message.

An even more disturbing fact to some is that Wilson may have twittered his intentions prior to lashing out at Obama. Which would make his outburst seem like something of a set up.

The Congressman is being shadowed by extra security for his protection.

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According to online reports, South African runner Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite with both male and female organs.

As we originally thought, 18-year-old Semenya has no uterus or ovaries. Her vagina is a pouch that leads nowhere and she has internal testicles that never descended, but which continue to produce testosterone that gives her secondary male sex characteristics such as facial hair, masculine physique and a deep voice.

Last week, Semenya was given a makeover by the magazine YOU. Semenya laughed off the controversy about her gender and called the sex testing "a joke."

But a source with the track & field world organizing body, IAAF, was today quoted as saying: "There certainly is evidence now that Semenya is a hermaphrodite. So what they do now is they do everything, and then they can say look, not only has she got this, she's got that and the other."

It was the IAAF that originally ordered a battery of tests to determine Semenya's gender after the South Africans refused a request to do it.

Athletics South Africa president Leonard Chuene said his organization is ignoring the claims. "We cannot get involved in gossip of this sort," he said in a statement. "She is at university at the moment. She must concentrate on her studies. We stand fully behind her as our athlete."

Semenya's uncle Lesiba Rammabi, 51, said her relatives were 'very humiliated' by the reports. He said: "I believe Caster is normal, inside and out. What does it matter whether she can have babies or not? Many people cannot have children, why else do parents adopt? Are those women not women also?"


This is halarious! I can't stop laughing! Apparently, a Russian magazine didn't get the memo that Beyonce must be Photoshopped to exact specifications on all of her magazine covers. Having never seen Bey in person myself (though I was within 6 feet of her once a few years back, but that's another story) -- I'm not sure whether Beyonce's natural complexion is the one on the left or the right.

The Russian magazine on the left, JOY, came out in 2007. And the Russian GLAMOUR mag on the right -- with the black Beyonce -- is currently on newsstands. As you can see, both mags used the same image, but GLAMOUR mag forgot to Photoshop Bey to make her light skinned.

They'd better not let Matthew see that!


In this YouTube video, a multitude of R&B and rap stars from Brandy to Keri Hilson ask the question "Who is Ester Dean?" Please don't think that I'm only posting this video because Ester is a perfect example of dark chocolate couverture. I honestly think the girl is talented.

Thanks to loyal reader Fairley M. of UMusic for the video link!

Tyler Perry's latest flick "I Can Do Bad All By Meself" premiered in Atlanta last night and Tami of Talking With Tami TV was there to cover it.

Normally I wouldn't waste my time writing about another one of Tyler Perry's stereotypical desperate-black-chick-settles-for-love-with-a-gay-man films, but Tami got a few scoops so check them out on her blog.

Eve and Lance set a date:

Ok now the scoop! The after party was held across the street at Strip restaurant( The party was jumpin and jammed packed. I asked Lance and Eva did they set a wedding date? Lance smiled and said yes we did! Were getting married July 17th 2010, he said it was going to be in L.A. I asked him what he was up to and he said he is in a new movie coming out March 19th called, “Our Family Wedding”.The director Rick Famuyiwa made other movies like, The Wood. Other actors to star in this movie are Forrest Whitaker,America Ferrera,Regina King,Charlie Murphy and more.

Shortly afterwards Eva walked over and hugged her boo and looking at her up close she is drop dead gorgeous! I said, hello there what have you been up to lately? She smiled and said,” well Im playing Tyra on The Young And Restless”. I laughed and said wow thats my daughters name. They are a great looking couple,congrats and I wish them well! Read more...

WVEE's morning show's Wanda Smith (center) and Miss Sophia (tan cap) as well as the gay chirren represented for Tyler!

Actor Alfonso Ribeiro (Fresh Prince) also came out. See more pics on Tami's blog!

The LAPD's investigation into that leaked police evidence photo of pop singer Rihanna's bloody face covered in bruises, has been completed.

According to ContactMusic, two female LAPD cops have been suspended. The photo was leaked to the Internet by, which reportedly paid $68,000 for the image.

The photo was snapped during a police investigation after Rihanna was viciously beaten by her then boyfriend Chris Brown as the two sat in a rented Lamborghini in the early morning hours of February 9, 2009.

The cops' homes, cars, offices, lockers and bank accounts were searched as part of the investigation into the leaked photo.

The officers, one based at the Wilshire Area station and the other at Hollenbeck, face disciplinary charges and possible termination if their involvement with the leaked photo can be proven.

Brown pleaded guilty to domestic assault last month and was sentenced to 5 years probation and community service.

Music producer and clothing company owner Pharrell Williams is designing a new project for Prada that will be under $200. We wonder what it could be? A necktie? A t-shirt?

According to WWD, the fashion house has teamed up with Pharrell to "collaborate on a special project." Whatever it is will be affordable (under $200) and nerdy (right up Pharrell's alley). A company spokesperson had no comment.


Sean Combs was spotted out & about in Manhattan yesterday. Is it me or has Sean lost weight? It looks like his personal training fees (which are rumored to be close to $100K) are paying off.

Yesterday, Sean released the music video for "Angels" a new track off his upcoming album. The pop-tinged track features Sean singing, yes singing with a little help from T-Pain's autotuner. Angels is obviously targeted for that crossover market. The track also features a verse by the Notorious BIG and vocals by Dawn Richards, formerly of Danity Kane. No comment on Diddy's singing talent.

Yesterday I received an email from a loyal reader who thought I was a hypocrite because I accuse other artists of being over-exposed while ignoring the fact that Rihanna is the most overexposed artist in the biz. I hate to say it, but I have to agree. I'm going to need to see Ri Ri doing a little bit more than just walking in and out of restaurants looking cute. Otherwise, it's a little pointless to keep posting pics of her doing nothing. That's not what we do here. We applaud and uplift artists for being on the cutting edge of fashion and entertainment. Is Rihanna recording an album? Is she working on a comeback tour? What exactly is Rihanna up to these days? We know she recently bought a spectacular crib at a bargain basement rate, but what else is she doing with her life other than looking cute?

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