I hear that Bow Wow was catching feelings over what I wrote about his little feud with Faboloso on Twitter.com yesterday. They tell me that the little sand box gangsta took to his Ustream channel yesterday and invited me to an all I can eat weenie roast.

I'll pass because I don't eat meat. But Bow Wow's former fans -- and even a few celebrities went to the weenie roast and as I type this, they continue to charbroil his nuts on Twitter.com. So I decided to cut & paste the highlights over here on my blog since I'm too old to get in on the fun:

Rapper Fabolous tweeted: "I heard Bow Wow ties his shoes standing up"

NY DJ Ed Lover tweeted: "I heard bow wow sits on a phone book to drive!"

and my personal favorites:

"I heard Bow Wow can walk under the Red Rope at the club without hitting his head!"

"I heard Bow Wow wears floaties in the bath tub"

"I heard Bow Wow still get breast fed by Jermaine Dupree"

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Roads are closed all over the Metro Atlanta area as torrential rains and flood waters leave four people dead, including a toddler. Another line of storms is expected to move through the area later today.

Photos and Captions from AJC.com:

Tanqueray Clark, 31, right, and Tony Cameron, 53, remove some of Clark's more expensive belongings from his home. Cameron, who once looked at owning the house with his wife, saw the house submerged in water while he was driving home and says he just couldn't stop. Clark, who has owned this home for two years, calls the flooding an "act of God." He did not know Cameron before today. ELISSA EUBANKS, EEUBANKS@AJC.COM

Tanqueray Clark removes some belongings from his Atlanta home. He was being helped by Tony Cameron, a stranger who had once looked at owning Clark's house. ELISSA EUBANKS, EEUBANKS@AJC.COM

Cars make their way through a flooded downtown connector on Monday afternoon. GEORGIA DOT

A home in the 2400 block of Brooks Drive in Austell is submerged in flood water Monday. Most of metro Atlanta was under a flash flood warning Monday morning after a foot or more of rain flooded homes, businesses and roadways. Emergency personnel in at least two counties were busy rescuing residents from high water before daybreak Monday. JOHN SPINK / JSPINK@AJC.COM

Photos: AJC.com

New York Governor David Patterson, who is legally blind, proved to be the better man today when he greeted Barack Obama at Albany International Airport in Colonie, N.Y.

As you already know, Obama has launched a campaign against Gov. Paterson to force him from running for reelection in New York. This cowardly move comes after Gov. Paterson refused Obama's personal request to step aside. Obama's narcissism knows no boundaries.

According to HotAir.com, the White House intentionally leaked the message to the media as part of a press campaign to shame Gov. Paterson into quitting the race.

The White House idea of “confidential” must be “leaking to everyone who has a pen and a piece of paper,” because several of “knowledgeable Democrats” also ran to Jake Tapper at ABC News with the same story. By the time you read this, several “knowledgeable Democrats” will have contacted the Podunk News Recycler and the West Sticks Free Times to let them know about this “confidential” missive to Paterson, too. Read more...

If you've ben on Twitter.com today then you know that rapper Bow Wow is a trending topic. Why? Because fellow rapper Fabolous is holding a funeral for him on the social micro-blogging network.

It seems Faboloso got tired of Bow Wow taking shots at him on Twitter and now he's firing back. The funeral program contains a blurry image of Bow Wow expertly servicing another male (allegedly, Soulja Boy). I don't know if if it's Photoshopped or not. It's hard to tell.

But doesn't Bow Wow get tired of being roasted like a weenie so frequently? Maybe he should cancel his Twitter account, get off the Internet and get a career.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

I know you don't care, buuuttt...

According to Faded Youth blog:

It’s been confirmed: Following a month-long romance, Khloe Kardashian and LA Lakers star Lamar Odom will wed this Sunday — likely as cameras for E! Keeping with the Kardashians role.
A pal of the bride-to-be tells Life & Style mag: “It’s at a private residence in L.A. The wedding planner, photographer, groomsmen and bridesmaids have all been chosen.”

“It’s chaos at the Kardashian household!” the friend adds.

No word on when the impending divorce will follow.

Barack Hussein Obama verbally sparred with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos on Sunday over the government mandate included in ObamaCare that imposes a fine of $970-$3,800 on individuals who do not buy health insurance.

Pay attention to what Stephanopoulos asks Obama in the opening seconds of the video. It's clear that Obama has flip flopped (once again) from his campaign promise against mandates forcing taxes on American citizens.

Never mind that it's unconstitutional to force people to buy anything, but Obama makes himself look disingenuous by even arguing the point that all Americans have to buy car insurance. No, all Americans do not have to buy car insurance. Only the ones who have cars have to buy car insurance.

In the case of ObamaCare, everyone will be forced to buy health insurance whether they want it or not. And if they don't want health insurance, they will be fined. How is that not a tax increase?

Barack Hussein Obama is showing his true colors more and more, isn't he? First he calls another black man a jackass in mixed company -- knowing full well that his diss would be broadcast everywhere by the White House pool feed. And now Obama has asked one of only two black governors in the country to step aside and not run for reelection so Obama can place one of his cronies in that position.

Accroding to online reports, a message from Obama to New York Gov. David Paterson leaked just days before Obama was to travel to the NY area. The message urged Gov. Paterson to take one for the team and give up any chance of running for reelection.

This isn't the first time Obama has meddled in local NY politics. The message to Gov. Paterson is just another in a series of leaks that casts Obama in a bad light -- and exposes his true narcissistic character.

One NY Daily News headline this morning read: "Gov. Paterson is a dead man walking."

But Gov. Paterson remained defiant in the face of heavy opposition. "I am running for office," Paterson told reporters at a Manhattan parade. "I'm not going to discuss confidential conversations," he said. (link).

By sticking to his plans to run for reelection, Paterson gives Obama and his administration the virtual middle finger.

The NY Times reported on Sunday that the Obama administration fears Gov. Paterson will lose the governor's race and cost the Dems an all-important Democratic seat in Congress. But the Democrats stand to lose many seats in 2010 anyway if the national polls are any indication.


Remember Mychal Knight, the Project Runway contestant who we all thought was on his way to the top because we forgot that fame as a star of a reality show doesn't last (ask Crystal, Bootz and Buckeey).

Mychal, whose Twitter page is MajorKnight, was on everyone's urban A-list (not to be confused with the real A-list where you will find very few black names).

But like most reality TV personalities often do, Mychal burned his 15-minute candle at both ends, spending money that he didn't have on things he didn't need, like for instance a publicist. Speaking of publicists, there is no truth to the rumor that Mychal had an ongoing affair with his publicist, Satchel J., who appeared on RHOA recently as an event planner for Lisa Wu's laughable fashion show.

In fact, what I hear is that Mychal (allegedly) ran through most of the club kids and random street thugs in the A and has now settled down quite a bit. As far as fashion goes, Mychal limits his talents to custom tailoring orders on a first-come, first serve cash basis. And if you know him personally, he even makes house calls.

Rod who runs the popular alternative lifestyle blog Rod 2.0 posted a Blind item the other day about a gay reality star who spends much of his time stalking pr0n stars on Twitter.com.

I think the gay reality star is Mychal Knight, though I could be wrong. Judge for yourself:

Blind item: Which black gay reality star and fashionista is not having his "big" moment during New York Fashion Week? Instead of being seen on television giving commentary, he's spent his afternoons on Twitter and Facebook stalking some of West Hollywood's biggest and blondest porn stars. It's "getting out of control", friends say, because one of the porn pups told friends the reality fashionista followed him to Trader Joe's on Santa Monica. To the same aisle. Twice in one week.

Oh and would you call it stalking when a person creates several multiple Twitter identities daily to "follow" at least two porn actors who blocked them? It's almost enough to make you kick him out of the house!

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

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Loyal reader KaraZ wrote in about the events that led up to the brutal Damas family murders. In her email, she compares child killer Mesac Damas' stormy relationship with his deceased wife Guerline to Chris Brown and Rihanna's turbulent relationship.

Hello Sandra,

Can you please update the story about the Mesac murders. I just read the comments and your readers haven't heard enough about the story and think this is a man who got fed up with life & not being able to provide for his family. This is NOT the case. This man was a classic abuser and decided to kill his family. I rarely agree with you on things, but when I read this story first over the weekend, I immediately thought of the Rihanna battering by Chris Brown story.

I kept thinking this is where their story would have ended up if they weren't both famous. Look at the ages of Damas couple, they stated their relationship in their late teens/early twenties; same age as Rihanna & Chris. I remember how many of your readers gave him a pass because it was young love... see where young love got Guerline Damas? Please update your story.



They caught the murdering dog in Haiti. Now it’s just a matter of how fast they can process the extradition papers and get him back here to fry.

John Stossel, co-anchor of ABC's 20/20 compares ObamaCare to Canada's free health care system where patients wait months to be seen for treatment.

He points out that when American actress Natasha Richardson fell and hit her head on a ski slope outside Montreal earlier this year, the closest hospital with the scanning equipment needed to diagnose her brain injury was hundreds of miles away.

Sadly, there weren't any helicopters to fly her to a hospital because under Canada's free health system, there isn't enough money to buy these lifesaving, big ticket items.

So, like the Canadians who don't get access to timely medical attention - she died.

The same will happen to Americans if ObamaCare passes -- unless you're wealthy enough to be seen by a doctor right away.

Stossel exposes the truth behind Barack Obama's claims that his health care system will save money over the next 10 years. That is impossible. There simply aren't enough doctors, hospitals or funding to cover all 300 million Americans AND the 19 million illegal aliens already in this country that Obama wants to give amnesty to.

From Atlanta.MetroMix.com:

Twenty years is a milestone by just about every standard. But 20 years for a club is like a lunar eclipse or Haley’s Comet striking. Still, that’s exactly how long The Masquerade has been around. And what better way to celebrate than to join forces with another Atlanta institution.

If you're not from Atlanta, then you may have missed the news about the Goodie Mob reunion concert. Just let this serve as your notice. In fact, Sept. 19 just might be accompanied by a city proclamation. That’s how much of an Atlanta treasure the Goodie Mob is.

While the Goodie Mob guys may have had their disagreements, demonstrated by the fact that all four of them haven’t recorded an album together since "World Party" dropped in 1999, they are brothers from another mother and it was only a matter of time that they found their way back home in an official capacity. Although official word of a breakup, which they don’t really use now to describe their time apart, came in 2002, the group reunited for an appearance at a Gnarls Barkley Atlanta concert in 2006. Last year, at the free Nelly show at The Tabernacle, fans got an unexpected surprise when Goodie Mob hit the stage. On Sept. 19, there’s more than a taste in store. It’s a full-out Goodie Mob concert. Read more...

Photos courtesy of Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

Khujo Goodie lost his right leg in a car accident in 2002

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Does Serena know this bish? A fan wipes down rapper Common during his set at the Hennessy event at Velvet Room Saturday night.

Pseudo-singer Amerie performed at velvet Room on Saturday night.

Boyz II Men performed live at the Velvet Room. The audience blacked out when the Boyz came out onstage.

Tameka Foster ex-Glover, ex-Raymond was all up in the VIP like she's a celebrity

The VIP at Velvet Room was full of wanna-be celebs like RHOA cast member Sheree Whitfield, who plays a fashion designer on TV. Sheree just got in from NYC where she debuted her fashion line far away from the Fashion Week Bryant Park tents location where the real designers strutted their stuff.

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I know it's been a while since I posted some Morning Wood, and I hear your cries for more.

Macy's held its annual Passport fashion event in San Francisco on Thursday (9/17), and a cornucopia of Wood walked the runway, including down low True Blood actor Mehcad Brooks. It doesn't matter if he bats for the other team, he's still fine to look at, right ladies? Isn't the blood dripping from his lips a nice touch?

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