TV personality Khloe Kardashian apparently found the time to read all the blogs and she is aware of the rampant skepticism surrounding her impending stroll down the aisle with her fiance Lamar Odom.

Khloe writes on her blog:

“Hi dolls, I’m thrilled to finally be able to tell you that the news is true… Lamar and I are getting married on Sunday!!! I couldn’t be happier and I’m so excited that I can finally share the news with all of you.

“Your well wishes have meant the world to me and I am truly so blessed to have such amazing fans, family and friends during this incredible time in my life.”

Khloe's friends tell E! Online that despite the wedding being planned in just two weeks, it's still going to be a classy affair.


Your boy Jay Z has the #1 album on the Billboard Top 200 chart for the 2nd week in a row with 298,000 copies of The Blueprint 3 sold. His sales almost doubled the number of albums sold by his nearest competitor, Whitney Houston. It also means I was wrong again when I said his album wouldn't go gold this year. So congrats old man.


L.A. Lakers Pau Gasol, teammate of Lamar Odom, joined NBA TV via phone last night from his native Spain and was asked about the upcoming nuptials of Odom to Khloe Kardashian. Below is the transcript of Gasol's answers. Here is a link to the interview CLICK to watch.

And here is the transcript of the call:

NBA TV host Marc Fein: "Did you get an invitation?"

Gasol: "No I didn't, some of my teammates don't have my Spanish number, and that could be a reason. Because they only have my American number which doesn't work here because Verizon don't have that kind of coverage. But maybe that's the reason. What teammate is it?

NBA TV analyst Steve Smith: "Lamar Odom is the guy they're tweeting about, but it's just a rumor."

Gasol: "Well, that's a rumor right? If it's true, I'm happy for him, but I don't think it is, because I find it hard to believe. But, if it is, (I) wish him, wish him the best."

How much are you willing to bet they call the 'wedding' off at the last minute?

The Clayton County District Attorney upgraded charges against a racist who kicked and punched a black woman in front of her daughter at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.

The incident occurred on September 9 outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Morrow, Georgia. Troy West, 47, and his wife were exiting the restaurant just as Tasha Hill, 35, and her 7-year-old daughter were entering.

"The man slung open the door pretty hard and fast and I had to push my daughter out of the way. I turned to the man and I just said, 'Excuse me sir, you need to watch yourself you almost hit my daughter in the face.' And from there it just went downhill," said Hill.

More words were exchanged before West threw Hill to the ground and began viciously kicking and punching her as he screamed racial epithets at the army reservist. The beating took place in full view of Hill's hysterical daughter.

The assault ended when the restaurant manager got between West and his victim.

West was initially charged with the misdemeanor assault and released on $5,000 bond. But after viewing the surveillance tape of the assault, Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson presented the case to a grand jury Wednesday and asked for upgraded charges.

"I don't normally get personally involved in cases, but I am going to personally prosecute Mr. West on behalf of that victim and the citizens of this county," District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson said last week.

The grand jury indicted West on new, felony charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment, battery and disorderly conduct and he was ordered held without bond in a hearing in Clayton County court yesterday.

A group of protestors outside the courthouse who had called for the upgraded charges were happy with the outcome of the hearing.

In a phone interview with WSB TV, West's mother said her son would never hurt a mother in front of her child.

"This just doesn't sound right," said Johnny West from her Poulan home.


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Rihanna was spotted out & about at the Avenue nightspot in NYC last night wearing more blond highlights in her hair and rockin' a fierce pair of Stella McCartney thigh-high perforated leggings boots. The boots which retail for around $1,500 are sold out everywhere. LOVE the funky sunglasses! Hate that shade of lip gloss on her.

Rihanna's new album is slated for release next month, and the dumb rumors have already begun in anticipation of the release. Be forewarned, you're liable to hear any crazy rumor originating out of Rihanna's camp as they work to promote the new CD. Rihanna has recruited Justin Timberlake to help out with the production, which promises big beats and big bass. So you know those "they must be dating" rumors are everywhere.

Clearly, the paparazzi thinks struggling pseudo singer Ciara is someone else (Rihanna, maybe?). There's no way the paps would be chasing after this has-been unless she was paying them. Remember that movie "Mama, I Want To Sing", the one starring Ciara and Lynn Whitfield that we all thought went straight to DVD? Well, BET added the movie to the closing night of the 13th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival in New York scheduled for September 23 through 27. Then the film will open in theaters everywhere in October. Didn't Ciara herself tell Billboard magazine last year that the movie was going straight to DVD? So what happened?

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Slow News Alert: RHOA's blond dingbat, Kim Zolciak, is looking for a new manager after her old one up and quit yesterday.

According to the AJC's Richard Eldridge:

On Wednesday morning, [Jonathan] Jaxson once again went on Atlanta’s airwaves to air his grievances with the Bravo reality show cast member. Jaxson appeared in studio with B98.5 FM’s Steve McCoy and Vikki Locke to announce that he’s resigned as Zolciak’s manager and publicist because “she’s a habitual liar.”

I should point out that Jonathan Jaxson is well known for manufacturing rumors and PR stunts with the full knowledge and blessing of his clients. So I wouldn't doubt it if this was just another one of his patented publicity stunts.

I met Jonathan (and his much older boyfriend) at Club Fever about three years ago when I was hired to shoot a party there.

The thing that struck me about him was how untrustworthy he was. He didn't know me from a can of paint, and yet there he was telling me all his personal business as well as the personal business of his clients! Maybe I have that affect on people, but still.

Jaxson, a Hollywood publicist-turned gossip blogger, was working for actress Lindsay Lohan at the time. He had no qualms about telling me she was a lesbian in a relationship with DJ Sam Ronson way before their relationship was even public knowledge.

Jaxson also (allegedly) gave Neffe Kim's home number to post on Neffe's publicist later lied and said the Twitter account wasn't Neffe's, but we know it's her.

One more tidbit about Jaxson: he sued celebrity blogger Perez Hilton last year, accusing him of sexual harassment. I would Google to see what the outcome of that suit was, but who cares?

As most of you know, NBA star LeBron James has been busy promoting his new basketball film titled "More Than A Game." The soundtrack release party was held last night in NYC at Marquee.

Mandingo rapper Akon was there

So was the always elegantly coiffed Mary J. Blige and her husband Kendu (not pictured)

Teyana Taylor's name was misspelled in the caption, indicating that the paparazzi don't know why she's a celebrity either.

Singer/songwriter Ester Dean has a song on the soundtrack, the title of which escapes me. Hopefully I'll be able to remember the next song she puts out or she'll be put in the same category as "Tiana" Taylor.

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Lamar Odom's baby mama Liza Morales is just as surprised as we are that the NBA star is tying the knot with TV personality Khloe Kardashian. Morales is clueless as to the reason behind Lamar and Khloe's mad dash to the alter (she's not pregnant, so they say).

Morales, who was once engaged to Odom, told E! Online in an exclusive interview that she got the news in a text message from a friend so she thought it was a joke. "I knew they were dating, because, like everybody else saw, they were going all of these places they could be seen. So that's how I found out they were dating. It's just really, really shocking," she tells E! News. "Everybody, and I quote, 'everybody' is shocked by this."

Morales said she would not be attending the weeding, but her daughter Destiny has met Khloe while her son declined to meet her.

Odom, 29, began dating Liza Morales when they were both just 17, and they've had three children together: Destiny, 11, Lamar Jr., 8, and Jayden, who died of SIDS at age 7 months in 2006. The high school sweethearts split two years ago.

Morales, who now lives in New York City with the two children, says Destiny has met the E! star, but Lamar Jr. "chose not to." The family won't be making a last-minute trip to California to witness the union.

"I would definitely say it is moving too fast," Morales says. "I think that marriage is a life commitment and it is not something you rush into. You can't think about the wedding. You have to think about the marriage and what that consists of. This is not a fabulous pair of shoes, or a fabulous custom-made suit we are talking about. So I would definitely say he is acting on impulse."

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DJ Infamous, one of Hip Hop's most popular DJ's, lost everything in the Atlanta floods that claimed nine lives this week.

Infamous, who has a one-week-old newborn son, lost all of his DJ equipment and his most prized possessions when his house was flooded on Monday.

If you know DJ Infamous then you know he is one of the nicest DJ's in the industry. He's appeared in most of your favorite rap music videos and released mixtapes with Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and Bow Wow. Info spins on weekends at Velvet Room nightclub as well as DJ'ing the evening shift at V-103.

If you would like to donate baby items, DJ equipment or cash, please feel free to drop off ANY donations at the Velvet Room today (9/23) or Thursday (9/24) between the hours of 10am-6pm. The address is 3358 Chamblee Tucker Rd, Chamblee, GA 30341. Everything collected at Velvet Room will get to him ASAP!

For all monetary donations please use the account information below:

    Calvin Donald
    Bank Of America (Georgia)
    Acct.# 334004909289
    Zip Code: 30106

Any amount of help will be greatly appreciated!

Source: Tahira Wright | Branded PR


You know you're 15 minutes are up when the wire services no longer include your name in the photo captions. Former First Lady of Turks & Caicos, LisaRay McCoy, needs a new acting gig fast if she has any hopes of reclaiming her C-list status. These pics of LisaRaye and her BFF Li'l Kim were listed by the wire service as "Lil Kim and friends." The two ladies frolicked in the surf on Miami Beach and let their weave catch the wind on the back of a Jetski.


Former NY Giants WR Plaxico Burress's name will be replaced with a number now that he's in the system for the next two years.

After hearing his sentence in a Manhattan courtroom, Burress was immediately taken into custody. He tenderly kissed his pregnant wife and young son goodbye and hugged his tearful parents as he was led out of the courtroom.

The star receiver was transported to Riker's Island for processing. According to, the star athlete ate alone in his cell last night. He dined on hot dogs, beans, whole wheat bread and fruit. For breakfast he'll get fruit, grits, whole wheat bread and his choice of coffee or tea. Then, later today, he will be transferred to Fishkill Correctional Facility in upstate New York where he will serve out his sentence.

Burress was convicted on a weapon charge after a gun that he illegally concealed in his waistband discharged wounding him in his thigh last November. The accident occurred inside a crowded NY nightclub. The police weren't notified until Burress sought treatment for his injury at a local hospital.

Of course, the very Reverend Al Sharpton had something to say about yet another black athlete getting the shaft (so to speak). According to, Sharpton is coming out swinging against Plaxico Burress' 2-year prison sentence -- claiming Plax's punishment is "way out of proportion with the crime."

"I think it is an unusually harsh sentence for someone who was his own victim. He should be punished but his sentence is way out of proportion with the crime.

Celebrities should not be given special treatment but they should not be given exceptional punishments either." Read more...

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