Ex-New York Giants WR Plaxico Burress pleaded guilty yesterday to shooting himself in the leg and agreed to a sentence of two-years in prison. Burress arrived for his sentencing today with his son Elijah Burress. Isn't it a shame that a man can go to prison for two years for shooting himself while woman batterers like Chris Brown only get community service? Like Jay Z said, nobody died.

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Normally I ignore British singer Amy Winehouse's uncontrollable temper tantrums, but yesterday was different. Instead of going off on a drug and alcohol fueled tirade against fans and paparazzi, sober Amy swore and spit on a child -- yes, a child.

According to INF Daily blog, an enraged Amy Winehouse stormed into a North London school ranting and raving at a kid who was bullying her bi-racial goddaughter Dionne Bromfield (pictured below).

Amy caught up with the bully inside the shcool and began swearing and eventually spitting on the child. The altercation continued outside the school, where, witnesses say the 26-year-old former addict began hurling abuse at the child's fellow students, who we assume came to her defense.

The tirade ended when a concerned onlooker (a parent, maybe) stepped between Amy and the children. How embarrassing for Amy and her goddaughter. By the way, doesn't Dionne have parents who could have handled that situation for her at the school?


Reality TV personalities Nene Leakes, left, of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and Gretchen Rossi of "Real Housewives of Orange County" got together for a promotional love fest yesterday in Beverly Hills to see who was the biggest attention whore. Of course NeNe won hands down!

Bravo made sure photogs were there to capture every minute of the slobbering.

NeNe's husband Greg Leakes even got in on the action by kissing up to Gretchen and her boyfriend Slade Smiley (yes, that's his name). Attention whores need love too!

Does Greg have a job yet or is NeNe still supporting him on her Bravo paycheck?

Loyal reader Shayna writes:

Thanks for putting up the Traitor post, of course you're like the only mainstream "black entertainment" blog that would. It's interesting that all of a sudden black people don't care anything about race so long as Obama is the perp. I'm now wondering just how low and blatant will Obama have to go before the kool aid drinkers will wake up and I'm wondering where are all of the so called black leaders now that a one of only two black governors in the coutry needs some help. In the words of Kanye West, Barack Obama doesn't care about black people.

A bruised and bewildered Mesac Damas is seen in this photo taken at the Port-au-Prince police station yesterday in Haiti.

As he was escorted down a hallway to his cell, he shouted "I don’t want no pain, no suffering."

According to the Miami Herald, Damas, 33, was taken into custody yesterday afternoon (9/21) by the Haitian National police who found him hiding in a home next to the hotel where he was staying. Damas reportedly told police “I was going to turn myself in. You see I’ve got my suit on and everything,” and he told a reporter he returned to the island nation "mostly to say goodbye to my family.”

Damas fled to his native Haiti one day before Naples, Florida police found his wife Guerline, 32, and their five children dead in their home on Saturday (9/19). Family members say their throats had been slit.

Haiti police didn't say how they located Damas, or what his movements were between Friday and yesterday when he was caught. There also was no word on whether family members in Haiti helped harbor the fugitive who has not been charged in the murders.

Guerline Damas' family had put up a $10,000 reward for information on Damas' whereabouts.

The Damas's lived together for 10 years and were married two years ago. Friends and family said the couple had a history of domestic violence and Damas was once arrested for domestic abuse.

Naples police are working with the FBI and Haitian authorities to extradite Damas back to the U.S.

I hear that Bow Wow was catching feelings over what I wrote about his little feud with Faboloso on Twitter.com yesterday. They tell me that the little sand box gangsta took to his Ustream channel yesterday and invited me to an all I can eat weenie roast.

I'll pass because I don't eat meat. But Bow Wow's former fans -- and even a few celebrities went to the weenie roast and as I type this, they continue to charbroil his nuts on Twitter.com. So I decided to cut & paste the highlights over here on my blog since I'm too old to get in on the fun:

Rapper Fabolous tweeted: "I heard Bow Wow ties his shoes standing up"

NY DJ Ed Lover tweeted: "I heard bow wow sits on a phone book to drive!"

and my personal favorites:

"I heard Bow Wow can walk under the Red Rope at the club without hitting his head!"

"I heard Bow Wow wears floaties in the bath tub"

"I heard Bow Wow still get breast fed by Jermaine Dupree"

CLICK to join in on the fun!


Roads are closed all over the Metro Atlanta area as torrential rains and flood waters leave four people dead, including a toddler. Another line of storms is expected to move through the area later today.

Photos and Captions from AJC.com:

Tanqueray Clark, 31, right, and Tony Cameron, 53, remove some of Clark's more expensive belongings from his home. Cameron, who once looked at owning the house with his wife, saw the house submerged in water while he was driving home and says he just couldn't stop. Clark, who has owned this home for two years, calls the flooding an "act of God." He did not know Cameron before today. ELISSA EUBANKS, EEUBANKS@AJC.COM

Tanqueray Clark removes some belongings from his Atlanta home. He was being helped by Tony Cameron, a stranger who had once looked at owning Clark's house. ELISSA EUBANKS, EEUBANKS@AJC.COM

Cars make their way through a flooded downtown connector on Monday afternoon. GEORGIA DOT

A home in the 2400 block of Brooks Drive in Austell is submerged in flood water Monday. Most of metro Atlanta was under a flash flood warning Monday morning after a foot or more of rain flooded homes, businesses and roadways. Emergency personnel in at least two counties were busy rescuing residents from high water before daybreak Monday. JOHN SPINK / JSPINK@AJC.COM

Photos: AJC.com

New York Governor David Patterson, who is legally blind, proved to be the better man today when he greeted Barack Obama at Albany International Airport in Colonie, N.Y.

As you already know, Obama has launched a campaign against Gov. Paterson to force him from running for reelection in New York. This cowardly move comes after Gov. Paterson refused Obama's personal request to step aside. Obama's narcissism knows no boundaries.

According to HotAir.com, the White House intentionally leaked the message to the media as part of a press campaign to shame Gov. Paterson into quitting the race.

The White House idea of “confidential” must be “leaking to everyone who has a pen and a piece of paper,” because several of “knowledgeable Democrats” also ran to Jake Tapper at ABC News with the same story. By the time you read this, several “knowledgeable Democrats” will have contacted the Podunk News Recycler and the West Sticks Free Times to let them know about this “confidential” missive to Paterson, too. Read more...

If you've ben on Twitter.com today then you know that rapper Bow Wow is a trending topic. Why? Because fellow rapper Fabolous is holding a funeral for him on the social micro-blogging network.

It seems Faboloso got tired of Bow Wow taking shots at him on Twitter and now he's firing back. The funeral program contains a blurry image of Bow Wow expertly servicing another male (allegedly, Soulja Boy). I don't know if if it's Photoshopped or not. It's hard to tell.

But doesn't Bow Wow get tired of being roasted like a weenie so frequently? Maybe he should cancel his Twitter account, get off the Internet and get a career.

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I know you don't care, buuuttt...

According to Faded Youth blog:

It’s been confirmed: Following a month-long romance, Khloe Kardashian and LA Lakers star Lamar Odom will wed this Sunday — likely as cameras for E! Keeping with the Kardashians role.
A pal of the bride-to-be tells Life & Style mag: “It’s at a private residence in L.A. The wedding planner, photographer, groomsmen and bridesmaids have all been chosen.”

“It’s chaos at the Kardashian household!” the friend adds.

No word on when the impending divorce will follow.