It sure took long enough: the White House has finally condemned the fatal beating of 16-year-old honor student Derrion Albert last week.

As you know, Barack Obama is flying to Copenhagen tomorrow where he will join Oprah, Michelle Obama and a delegation from Chicago in a bid to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago, as if that city doesn't have enough problems.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Wednesday said the video of teens viciously kicking and striking another teen with splintered railroad ties is among the most shocking anyone can see. He told reporters they should expect an announcement on an administration response to the "heinous crime" soon.

Gibbs says, though, that government cannot regulate what's in people's hearts. He says the White House believes such crimes call for community involvement. Source

  • RachelRachel

    At the exact time that those children were beating each other up and one was killed, this Government is allowing Many women, men and children to be killed in Africa, as all the leaders in the European Nations desires a piece of Africa. Native-African are being brutally killed in Africa every day due to Hatred and Greed. As one person posted earlier, 'children are being killed in Chicago daily and its been going on for a long time'. Do you really think that the President of the United States of America or any other President in the world, really cares about this??? Give Me A Break!! People, Wake the hell up!

  • Daisy

    Rachel are you new?

    PAGING ATTYMOM ARE YOU HAPPY NOW???????? That will be all

  • RachelRachel

    And in case you don't know: ALL PRESIDENTS ARE PUPPETS with little to Zero power. It is, 'We The People' and this world keep 'we-the-people' so busy that 'we-the-people' hardly know what is going on, much less, stand for anything Effective that can bring about REAL CHANGE. Wake-up My People!! Wake-up!

  • goat76

    Blame it on Obama and HIPHOP when you have no other options...........
    Somebody die in the CHI everyday as well as in any other city in this Country.....

  • starr

    did we need the white house to condemn it though...really....

  • kdillon

    All I know is there are more pressing things going on to be worried about some Olympics. We need to clean our streets up like elite neighborhoods, but there is no money in it so thats all she wrote.

  • goat76

    The Hood Loves how the Hood is......if they didn't like something about where they live...they would change it......

  • Shauny

    I'm sure Obama rushed to condemn Derrion's death as soon as he finished reading Sandra Rose.

    Like I said and like I'll say again, THIS death made national headlines but it's not the norm. There is a regular yearly count of CPS deaths of children and the only place it's reported is OUR LOCAL NEWS. Last year a hispanic boy was beat, shot, and burned to death but only poeple living here know about it. Kids are dropping like flies in Chicago. It is NOT the POTUS job to do something about it, he's not the President of Chicago. We have a police chief, a mayor, and a govenor as well as a high ranking Sr. Senator who should be doing something about it.

  • goat76

    @Shauny....and don't forget the Parents of the Community too

  • PAHairston

    Obama ain't God. He can't stop these crazy heathen children from killing themselves just like he can't stop poor, single black, and white, women from choosing to have 3-4-5 babies by just as many men. It's the choices that we make in life that often come back to haunt us. We all know about bad choices. Peace.

  • Shauny

    you're right about that it was discussed on here a couple of days ago. I was pointing out the public figures we need to be addressing this too instead of trying to lay the responsibility on the POTUS.

  • kdillon

    I have to disagree, I think the Presidents job is to make sure The US is running smoothly... but we are too focused with war and overseas agendas. The President has other members of government who are suppose to get involved such as Senate, Congress, etc. If you cant take care of home then how do you take care of someone else's? We are too busy focused on war and cleaning up some one else's house we lost focus of ours....We spend billions a day on war, just imagined if that money was put towards cleaning up inner cities, beefing up police presence or even have military patrolling the toughest streets, creating jobs in these lower areas, etc.

  • goat76

    @Shauny.....I wasn't trying to undercut you or anything like that....we on the same page

  • Shauny

    I know goat, I agree with what you post 99% of the time

  • pointhimout

    rightfully so, chicago will not get the olympics. they dont deserve the olympics. how has this crime infested city evolved? chicago always has been and always will be known as an extremely cold ass violent city.

    you're not getting the memo, president's push or not.

  • spongebobfan


  • Sandra Rose

    kdillon Says:

    ….We spend billions a day on war, just imagined if that money was put towards cleaning up inner cities, beefing up police presence or even have military patrolling the toughest streets, creating jobs in these lower areas, etc.


    I agree. Instead of spending billions sending our troops to other countries to keep them safe, how about keeping the money here and putting our troops on the streets of Chicago to keep our children safe? It's a damn shame what's going on in Chicago. Children are dying there at an alarming rate. It's like we're at war.

  • pointhimout

    ***ur not getting the olympics (not memo). 8 track mind...

  • iscream

    I agree with the KDillion quote from comment 17. When I voted for Obama that's what I thought he was going to do. :shrug:

  • attorneymom

    How about America just mind its own d*** business and deal with its own ish???

  • LadyJustice