Before we get to the email, let's make it clear that Oprah asked Solange Knowles to be on the show because of her sister Beyonce. She probably asked Beyonce first but Bey declined because she didn't want to get clowned for wearing all that weave. Despite what comes out of her mouth, Solange wanted all this attention from shaving her head.

Still, I am proud of her for taking this drastic step (she can't help if her head is shaped like a coconut). I wish ALL black woman, LSLH women and sisters of color would throw down their weaves and go natural. I really do hate to see our women wearing weave. Especially those ghetto braid extensions.

Loyal reader N.D. writes:

Did you catch Oprah today? Solange just made herself look like a fool by saying that she got her first perm when she was 4 years old, only to later say that her mom forbid perms in their household. What sense does that make? I've been trying to find the video, because I just can't believe she would tell a lie just like that on national TV. However, I can't find the footage anywhere.

  • Anna

    I can't view the clip but let's give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe her mom did forbid perms but it was after she got her first one at 4. If you believe that I have many more things to sell. LOL.

  • iscream

    Ho Hum

    White women wear weaves. They try to wear braids. And braids are from the mother land *insert black fist* it don't get no more natural than that.

    & why did it come across that you tried to seperate LS women from women of color? LS women are women of color just a different shade.

    Can't see clip but will try and catch this later. Maybe. I heard Raven Simon on the radio promoting this movie. I so :heart: her. She has grown into such a beautiful, smart, down to earth young woman. Her parents should be proud. :)

  • LadyJustice

    a perm @ 4 is TOO MUCH! you really dont know the texture of your hair at that age because you (some kids) still have baby hair. solange must have had some RUFF STUFF for miss tina to be perming that child at 4! but thats one thing i hate seeing is a child barely walkin rocking a perm. i didnt get my first perm until about 6th grade, and to this day i wish my mom would have never permed my hair.

  • Krysi J

    Man ain nobody trippen off this gurl and her damn hair anymore....WHAT I WANNA know is.....why are people still fukking with Mike Vick man!!!?? Im so tired of these people trying to burn this dude at the stake about some FUKKING DOGS!!! some dogs!!!!........I don't think dem krackers DOG Osama Bin Laden as bad as they are HOUNDING Mike Vick bout some STUPID AZZ FUKKING DOGSS???!!!

    That shyt make me so mad at whyte people man, I want to be segregated and ALL over that shyt!! Why won't they leave that man the hell ALONE??!!

  • LadyJustice

    isc i love Raven Simone too. shes someone these young kids can look up to. kudos to her

  • LadyJustice

    krysi i think the mike vick thing is slowly dying down. i heard on espn radio this morning that Nike gave him his endorsement deal back. it takes time, but he will be back on top again.

  • Daisy

    Although I like Solo and I like her new short do, I would have prefered Oprah have on a sista or two that is happy to be nappy such as Ms I am not my hair India Arie, Jill Scott or E Badu somebody that is happy to be nappy and not going through a phase (solo's word)

    Chris Rock had me laughing the entire hr a plum fool lol

    @Ice I heard your Gov on the radio this am he was making some good points regarding your state and I would vote for him based on that interview but I don't think he is going to win re election. I wish him well though.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Oh Lord!

    The girl shaved her head. It wasn't the first time. So, why would she be looking for attention now?? I think she looks very nice w/ her hair that short.

    And LSLH women are still BLACK women - no need to seperate them just because of their complexion. Issues, issues, issues....

    I am natural and have been for over 2 years. When I want a different look, I wear weave. It's not a big deal. The problem happens when someone doesn't think they are beautiful or worthy withOUT the weave.

    Sandra, please tell me that you are following your own declaration and have stopped wearing weave and stopped perming your hair. Otherwise, me thinks you'd be a hypocrite.

  • Shauny

    What stuck oit most in this post is that Sandra listed Black women THEN LSLH women. Are LSLH women not considered Black to you Sandra?

    Also, you said braid extensions are ghetto. Are you serious? Braiding is a form of NATURAL styles that goes all the way back to Africa. Cornrows, flat twist, kinky twists, etc. are natural hairstyles. Extensions are used only to maintain the style longer for some. Stop the madness.

    Didn't Solange say she's shaved her head 2 or 3 times before this? This isn't her first time going this short, it's the first time we and the urban blogs have noticed it.

  • LovelyLady

    Especially those ghetto braid extensions

    Ok how are braids ghetto?? Because they are worn by Black Women and Men??? As Isc, stated braids came from the mother land. Society has meesed up peoples minds so much that anything associated with black is ghetto. Plz. Ghetto is a astate of mind, not how you dress, walk or talk. Just a way for "the man" to classify us and group us together. Plz bury the word ghetto in 2010.

  • Daisy

    Krysi what did you hear about Vick that set you off this am? I heard like LJ that Nike gave him an endorsement deal again thats GREAT news :cheer:

  • Daisy

    I also want to add I felt Solo kept it real cause she said she would be weaved up again in the future but still dont think she was the best guest. She was so GEEKED to be on Oprah she tweeted about it for WEEKS lol

  • Krysi J

    Now they talking shyt cause Nike resigned this man into a contract

    SO THE FUKK WHAT, can a NICCA LIVE???......especially after he has paid his dept to society and everYTHING, LOST trying to tell me he can REBUILD HIS FUKKING LIFE AND FUTURE because of SOME FUKKING DOGS!!!???

  • free

    i didn't hear her say her mom forbid perms; i have to watch it again. i'd find that hard to believe because i know hairdressers will take more liberty with their kids.

    i went from a comb to a perm at around 7 because i had a white neighbor and our hair was the same length but mine didn't bounce. it did take my hair out but it grew back and i was bouncing and behaving. i now perm once every 4 weeks because my roots grow out in tight spirals that actually hurt my scalp! God bless hawaiian silky. i think it's a cheap perm but it works wonders on my hair, better than my longtime standard revlon regular.

  • Daisy

    Krysi oh I didnt know ppl were talking junk about that but I am not surprised. Nike gave Kobe back his endoresments as well over time so I dont know why anybody is surprised by this move. We in a recession and Vicks jerseys are selling like hotcakes Nike is about the green at the end of the day.

  • jazi65

    Some mothers are ruining their babies' hair with perms, mico braids & weaves.

    My lil diva will rock afro puffs til she's old enough to do her own hair LOL.

  • bk2atl

    Sandra...didn't you used to wear, maybe still do wear, braids or tracks???

  • free

    these corporate sponsors only see one thing: green. and you know NIKE has no shame in its game; to their credit, they stayed behind vick the longest, pre-conviction. if you put "vick" or "mv7" on anything, it's gonna sell. period. nothing makes white people madder than a black "thug" making legit money. romo and brady jerseys will never sell more than vick.

  • Anna

    bk2atl Says:

    Sandra…didn’t you used to wear, maybe still do wear, braids or tracks???
    I thought she mentiioned something called "fusion"?

  • lovejoy1

    Although i dont sport a short hair doo.. I absolutely love this short hair doo on her..I aint mad at her- alot of black women wear this hair doo- why do everyone have a problem b/c she cut her hair short? come on this is soo not new to us.. next

  • mizzdallas

    Who cares about solame...? Seriously, Sandra my mom is LS black woman and will forever be black - woman thank you!

    oh btw Sandra, are you still rocking your sew-in weave..?

  • Sandra Rose

    bk2atl Says:

    Sandra…didn’t you used to wear, maybe still do wear, braids or tracks???


    Never. If I wrote that I was only joking. No one in Atlanta does fusions. :lol:

  • lovejoy1

    oh and on the Oprah thing.. We ( us black folks) always complain that Oprah doesnt have enough black guest on her show and then when she brings them on- we complain about it too.. Come on - be happy for the girl being invited to the show.. I dont think she is looking for attention- its just brought to her because of who her family is..

  • kcicero

    Me thinks Sandra was name called a little too much while can be cruel, but Sandra you're a grown woman, you really need to let it go....My kids are just as Black as any chocolate drop regardless of their light skin complexion...

    And I like the haircut on Solange! I'm about to join you after this baby Sola....

    @ Krysi I'm from philly and there is nothing but love here for the most part. Let some of those yt's talk trash, those people that are complaining are the same ones tongue kissing their dogs in the mouth...ewwwww!

    Besides who the heck you think buying the Jersey's? YT...

  • PAHairston

    Good morning All, we can blame Madame CJ Walker for inventing the black perm. In the early 1900s, she became the first female millionaire in America. Mind you, the FIRST female, not FIRST BLACK FEMALE. Her motto was "Kink no mo". (This was actually on the bottle of her products.) She revolutionized the perm and made millions doing so. I've been giving myself a perm since I was 13 and I can not seem to stop. My hair is semi "good hair", if there is such a thing but it frizzes some kind of terrible, even with a perm. We black women (not all but most) have been obsessed with our hair since we first came to these shores and compared ourselves to white women and many have been obsessed with our skin color. Nappy, straight, dark, light, damn near white, we are STILL Negroes to the white man. (When does a black man become a ni@@er? When he leaves the room.) Childddddddddd, if we ever, ever get over and beyond all these trivial issues and unnecessary drama, we would be a powerful race of people to contend with. Love, peace and happiness to all who read this and KEEP HOPE ALIVE.

  • kcicero

    Sandra why the heck are my comments being moderated now?!!

  • PAHairston

    And as far as Mike Vick is concerned, white folks love their pets more than they love us. They even have caskets that can accommodate one's pet: you can be buried with your pet!!! Now that's some sick sh@t. (America is full of idiots.) I've never cared for professional sports, just another way to exploit the black man, but I'm now a die-hard Eagles fan. GO EAGLES!!!! And it seems like Nike feels the same way. They just gave Vick an endorsement. GO VICK, with your fine self! Peace.

  • kenyakai

    I believe Solange's comment was that their mom didn't allow them to say "good hair", not that she was against perms.

    Re: MV - Nike released a statement saying that they have are not endorsing him, just supplying him with gear. WTF? I think they're testing the water.

  • Daisy

    Sandra I am not sure if you were being funny but you know ppl in the A do fusions stop playing lol

  • Shannon

    I recall Solange saying they were forbidden to say "good hair" in their household, but I don't remember her saying anything about perms. She went on to say that while she cut her hair now, in a few years she may be inclined to change her mind and go back to wearing the "dragon".

  • Daisy

    Kenya are you new?

  • LovelyLady

    Sandra dont be misleading us

  • PAHairston

    One last post. Wanna see something funny, something black and positive? It's the cutest commercial ever! Go to YouTube, type in "cheerleader dad" in the search box and it's the first one listed. I guarantee, it will make your day, if you haven't seen it already! Peace. (Thanks Sandra for letting me share this with your family!)

  • free

    @kenyakai: yes, it looks like nike is giving him product so that, when they are ready, he will sign with them. gently associating with him and making sure he isn't wearing reebok or any other gear in the meantime. clever and forward thinking. they shouldn't hate the player....

  • flyqtnva

    I saw show and at first I was with her but then after she talked all that smack about bondage and she came full circle and then said but in a few years I will probably go y are you even complaining..IT CANT BE THAT BAD IF EVENTUALLY U WILL BE DOING IT AGAIN...WHICH LEADS ME TO SAY SHE DID IT ALL FOR PRESS

  • flyqtnva


    Some mothers are ruining their babies’ hair with perms, mico braids & weaves.

    WHERE THEY DO THAT with weave & micros...oh laawd shoot me now !!!


  • Daisy

    Nike said they do NOT have an endoresement deal w/ Vick after all

  • shunda

    What I want to know is what is natural hair? I do not wear weaves or extensions but I do have a relaxer and will rock a ponytail every now and then. I have a relaxer for sensitive scalps because my hair is so tightly curled that I got headaches when my hair was combed.

  • pinky2083

    I wish I had never gotten perms when I was younger.

    I am too chicken to chop it all off though.


    Sandra is your comprehension taking a toll for the worse or your hearing. Solange said her mother forbid the talk of "good hair" in their home nothing about perms. You and your plight to put negative connotations on this family never stops. Maybe you should watch clips with your eyes and not with your ill feelings.

  • ELove

    It's been far too long (GLAD you're still around...) :lol:

  • Anna

    PAHairston Says:

    One last post. Wanna see something funny, something black and positive? It’s the cutest commercial ever! Go to YouTube, type in “cheerleader dad”
    It is a cute commercial. It first aired last fall.

  • attorneymom

    I am so glad that I got rid of the horse hair and I am rocking the short natural hairdo. I love it. My husband loves it. I remember when I was experiencing hair loss due to job stress last year and I had to cut my hair short. I refused to wear the short afro so I brought a wig. When I came to my senses in July of this year, I ditched the wig and felt liberated. Shout out to my hair stylist - The Hair Doctor Aisha!!! I got up one day and just removed the glued hair extensions from my hair and that was the end of the foolishness for me.

    Now we are all at different levels of consciousness so I am not advocating that every Black woman should follow in my and Solang's footsteps. Like Bill Cosby told Oprah, some of you don't have the head (or facial structure) to rock the short hairdo. LOL. So do whatever makes you happy - as long as it is ethically, honest and won't cause you or others any harm.

  • jazi65

    WHERE THEY DO THAT AT…kids with weave & micros…oh laawd shoot me now !!!



    I smdh @ the foolishness I see on the streets of philly..4 & 5 yrs olds getting micro braids. One little girl was getting a sew-in...WTH???

  • luvsmoochez

    You constantly disappointment me with your gross generalizations. Just because one wears braids, it is not ghetto. I have wavy hair and some days I wear it in a bun, but if I do decide to go into braids, they always look professional for work. Also, I have noticed that 'our men' are so use to the weaves that when I wear my shoulder length hair I don't get as much attention. I think "I am NOT my Hair" is appropiate for this. Why is the Black woman's hair such a big topic anyway????

  • flyqtnva


    i know you joking right?? a sow & smh 2

  • The Divine Ms. K

    I saw a little girl in Wal-Mart last night - about 5 or 6 - with a weave ponytail of Shirley Temple curls. I just shook my head.

  • NichelleWalker/

    I don't see anything wrong with braids in a little girl hair~~this world sucks it so much you can't do~~can;t eat a cupcake, can't find a man that's not a cheater, cant wear weave` just a mess. You only have one life to live who cares about how or what somebody has in there hair~~life is to short for that do you and enjoy your life...