Is Tameka Foster Raymond broke? I know that sounds crazy since she's in the process of divorcing her ATM machine, er, her husband Usher Raymond IV. But why is she on Twitter trying to scam the public? Is it because the prenup only guarantees her enough cash to live comfortably, but not to live the lifestyle she's accustomed to?

Loyal reader KM writes:


Tameka Foster is posting tweets requesting donations for "Lost Ones Foundation" (see attached screenshot). She says there will be a camp for girls for 1 week starting Dec. 9 for girls age 12-18. I thought to are in school during that week, so how are they going to attend a camp?

I went to the website for the supposed charity and see that it is Tameka's site and it is very nondescript. I went to the Secretary of State's website and looked up the organization. It is registered to her as of 2008. Click here The status says active/nocompliance. I called the SOS at 404-656-2817 to ask what the noncompliance means. I was told that a $55 fee was past due.

Sandra...this has SCAM written all over it. Tameka is trying to trick ppl out of money to use for herself. There is no way that a 1 week camp for girls age 12-18 can be held during the week of 12/9 (which is a Wednesday) for young kids. All schools are still in session during this time. Sounds like she is desperate for some quick cash.

This is pathetic!



Tameka is telling people her "camp" is an "overnight camp" and that the location of the camp "moves around." The problem is the days that the camp is supposed to be held are on school days. So obviously this is a scam. Aren't camps held during the Summer?

  • LadyJustice

    didnt nelly and jd ask for DONATIONS to help their cause? :shrug:

    aint like she asking for money to go in HER pocket, its for a foundation

  • BayArea

    Put 'em on BLAST!

  • LadyJustice

    and your loyal reader didnt dig too deep. she meant december 2009. kids have about a month off for christmas break. she needs more people

  • MrsHawthorne77

    I want Tameka to go sit down somewhere for a minute....just for a minute. Or at least invest in a good publicist who can advise her not only of the moves she needs to make but when to TIME the moves. She is NOT a celebrity. Why is she trying to keep her name out in the public by doing photo shoots and soliciting donations for a camp? Even if these things are coming from good intentions, a good publicist would be able to reach out to the people who can make these things happen for her and put a more positive spin on her image.

  • iscream

    I have to be honest I didn't read the letter past the line that said she is RAISING MONEY FOR A CAMP.

    I mean really. Can't people do anything nice without people trying to shyt all over it.

  • kcicero

    My sentiments exactly isc...

  • 2bme

    hmmmm....I heard this camp is for empowering young girls to believe in themselves..wonderful idea..however, you can't teach others to love themselves when you can't look at yourself in the mirror because you constantly find flaws with what stares back at you...I doubt it's a scam i just don't think she has the backers she needs or knows the fundamentals of putting it together correctly

  • Anna

    I understand that we are living in different times and this is her tweet, but what is wrong with being serious about your foundation and ask for donations using real words and not text/computer slang?

  • Sandra Rose

    iscream Says:
    I have to be honest I didn’t read the letter past the line that said she is RAISING MONEY FOR A CAMP.


    Before posting a comment, why not READ the entire post so you can give an informed response? I notice you tend to read parts of a post and then leave comments that prove you don't have a clue what's going on. :coffee:

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Anna:

    please read the entire post. Her camp is not even in compliance with the secretary of state's office. There is no address for the camp. She has not paid her organization fee and the camp is being held during school hours. The rate to attend the camp is $1200 for 1 week.

  • lovejoy1

    @ MrsHawthorne77 your comment is as ignorant as Sandra's post.... Its for a good cause- nothing to do with her status.. You dont have to be a celebrity to be involved in empowering children..

  • Daisy

    WELL DAYUM (in my best GUCCI voice)

    @sandra :rofl:


  • Daisy

    KC that baby is a cutie patootie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LadyJustice

    sandra where did it say it was being held during school hours??? lol she didnt give a date.... decemeber 09 is pretty general.

  • iyonah

    SR you a trip!

    Tameka still needs more PEOPLE!

  • 2bme may just be a scam and i do agree with certain parts of Mshawthorne..Tameka has thought she was a celebrity for quite sometime with the photoshoots and constant interviews..when a celebrity or someone in the public eye states they are doing a camp or anything non profit..more attention is paid to their cause..however this seems desperate even for Tameka..she needs to get it together..she's too hated by the blogs and Usher's fans to come out half azzed like this

  • MrsHawthorne77


    Maybe you didn't READ my entire post either hun. I never said that you HAVE to be a celebrity to empower children. Most legitimate foundations whose sole interest is in empowering children don't need to be on Twitter soliciting donations- that's #1 (don't think I've ever seen Deshawn Snow's foundation on twitter asking for donations, but hey...maybe I missed THAT memo.

    #2 - Coming from the perspective of someone who was formerly employed by the NJ State Division of Taxation, I am aware of the exact point that Sandra made notice of in regards to Tameka's foundation not being in compliance with the state's office. So as far as my comment being ignorant I DOUBT IT.

  • kcicero

    Thanks Daisy :) She loves playing dress up in my scarves for some reason :lol: The pic still isn't showing up on my end but I haven't cleared my cache in awhile either :shrug:

  • iscream

    Aw ww Sandra did I offend you because I don't agree that Tameeka is doing something wrong.

    Don't worry when I see you post something stating what you are doing to help the little black girls (ls & ds) I will hang onto every word :heart:

    Scouts honor.

  • flyqtnva

    why are the people with the money always trying to raise money from US...thats what I dont understand....

  • Krysi J

    Some people just need to see people for who they really are, and stop trying to give them the benefit of the this woman has been writing personal letters to blogs, and acting out for about 2 yrs now....showing us how she really gets down, THIS SHYT RIGHT HERE is out of character...and why would you wait until funds are barely available to you (during a divorce settlement) to make something like this happen when you had access to funds throughout the 2 entire years of your marriage to make something like this happen on a bigger scale....

    Don't fall for the Okeey Doke people...some people are actually on that scam azz bullshyt....React to it like you would Chris Brown whom you condem so.....thats like him asking for a donation for a fukking domestic abuse camp.

  • flyqtnva


    i agree with what you said as well

  • flyqtnva

    @Krysi J

    lol u crzay yo....

  • 2bme

    You can't personally fund a non profit, I was just laid off from one and the "funder" was Susan Buffet, Warren Buffet's daughter. The 501C that you have to register won't allow it, this is why fundraisers and private donations are given.Don't believe me..simply look it up..

  • iscream

    I almost forgot what I wanted to ask..

    For parents in the ATL when is winter break? I know school is different down south so that's why I'm asking. Since I READ the updates, lol and it said its durning school I was wondering if it was possible she was doing this durning the winter break.

    Mrs. Hawthorne could it be possible that she is still working on that part of the deal?

  • Anna

    Sandra Rose Says:

    @ Anna:

    please read the entire post. Her camp is not even in compliance with the secretary of state’s office. There is no address for the camp. She has not paid her organization fee and the camp is being held during school hours. The rate to attend the camp is $1200 for 1 week.
    Wow Sandra, are you trying to blast your loyal readers? LOL. I read the whole post and my comment really was not about her fake foundation but having a foundation and asking for donations using a tweet with computer slang.

  • Krysi J

    Simply think of this.....why would she wait until NOW to get on all this shyt....She could've had a bom azz foundation with her marriage plastered all over it for publicity......Not to mention if she was really bout all that shyt, her supporters would have been pleased to donate someone with a positive image, something she may have had, if she hadn't went out on a limb to show us how big and BAD she was, and on top of that what has this woman ever did that was genuine, please tell me.....and I actually would like to know, honestly?

  • MrsHawthorne77

    iscream do you mean the publicist deal or the compliance deal? Whenever you register a business whether it's for profit or non-profit, there are certain guidelines that must be followed in order for you to do business with the general public on a legal level. If her organization has been registered since 2008 but is $55 past due, that could possibly mean that she is not keeping up with the obligation to the state to keep her organization properly registered. This could lead to the termination of her organization with the state as non-profit status AND she could be assessed late payment fines and penalities. If this is the case, then all "donations" would be hers to keep if she has no non-profit status with which to turn the funds over to.

  • MrsHawthorne77

    @KrysiJ (comment #27)

    My point exactly! Very well put!

  • iscream

    @ Mrs. Hawthrown

    :shrug: I guess only time will tell. When people are trying to help children I try to believe in the good of that cause. If she is doing the Devil's work that's who she'll end up having to answer to.

    I'm guessing that she was putting it out there before everything was actually finalized. Almost putting the cart before the horse. But I'm on my phone and can't make out her tweet. I'm going to check out the site she put up & see what's what.

  • ELove

    I ACTUALLY enjoyed reading these comments...

    LIKE you stated earlier yesterday...

    Keep KILLING THEM with Kindness-n-Intelligence BABY !!!

  • iscream

    I visited the site.... wish I hadn't. So much name dropping was in her bio I almost forgot what the site was geared towards.

    The cause seems good and it does seem to be an up and running company. I didn't see anything about the overnight camp so maybe that's still in the works. If she is doing this only off of donations I don't see how she could be pocketing the money.
    Doesn't she have expenses that have to be covered.

    After Bernie Madoff any idiot who would try and use children as a scam deserves the death penalty. Sorry.

  • MrsHawthorne77

    Hmmm....iscream you had me go to the site and I do see a lot of name dropping. Since I went to Tameka's site, I then jumped over to DeShawn Snow's site. I don't know I just got a different vibe on DeShawn's site. Just seems more...official. Maybe Tameka is on the up and up, who knows? But my question is if the cost of the camp is $1200 per/girl for one week, what does the donation cover?

    @ELove - you know it!

  • 2thick4u

    These comments are killing me :) !!!

  • iscream

    Mrs Hawthorn said

    "But my question is if the cost of the camp is $1200 per/girl for one week, what does the donation cover?"

    I'm glad you brought that up because

    Sandra Rose said:
    There is no address for the camp. She has not paid her organization fee and the camp is being held during school hours. The rate to attend the camp is $1200 for 1 week.

    But when I READ ( :D ) what was on her site it said... (& Please don't ban me bc I found this link thur this post)

    How To Apply

    The process in which girls can apply for the program will be accepted in essay form. Essays should written in 1000 - 1500 words explaining why she feels she is a good candidate for the program.
    Essays will not be judged on grammar or spelling, but what the candidate's story is.


    The Lost Ones Foundation
    3000 Old Alabama Road
    Suite 119-616
    Alpharetta, GA 30022

    The adress, phone number, email is listed and nowhere does it say a $1200 dollar fee.

  • free

    after seeing how she ran usher's camp in the ground, she's suspect. and what's with not encouraging our children to write properly? she could have left that part out, even if it is not one of the criterias of acceptance.

  • Nina

    In addition to what SR pointed out, truely legit foundations have a board of directors - period. Unless I missed it, I didn't see any boardmembers or advisors on the site.

  • free

    what the????

    "Behind every well-adorned star there stands a chic, trend-setting stylist that composes the modern looks we see on our favorite celebrities from their accessorized coifs to a perfectly matched pair of stiletto Louboutins."

    okaaayyyyyyy.... so sure these girls can relate.

  • free

    @nina, she should be required to report the board members to the state each year so i looked it up: she is the ceo, cfo, and secretary, lol!

  • Nina

    @free Are you serious?? LMAO

    Meek-Meek, get some real board members because they are the ones to help you do fundraising for the organization. But the question is who would be a willing board member?

  • attorneymom

    ***BLANK STARE***


  • lovejoy1

    @ MrsHawthorne77 how do you know its not compliance ? Are you only going by sandra's Word? I know alot of people who advertise their foundation using any means necessary which includes twitter (the web), word of mouth, billboards, commercials,etc..

    why should the woman stop life because she is no longer with usher- to be honest whothe hell is he ? A man.. please- i say keep doing you (tameka) and dont worry about it- men come and go...

    (blank stare)

  • MrsHawthorne77


    LOL at how do I know its not in compliance....

    LOL at (blank stare)

    I'm not going to respond to your post because your question has already been answered previously.

    Have a good day sweetie.