Today will be a short day on SR because I've got a lot of things to do to get ready for this Halloween party tonight. Speaking of Halloween, the Crypt Keeper -- Jay Z, and the home wrecker, Alicia Keys teamed up to perform during the World Series last night.

  • mirsmommy

    Lovin AKeys boots.

  • ontaya brooks

    I live in Philly and Charlamagne the God did a radio interview with Beenie Siegel, and Siegel stated some very interesting things about Mr. Knowles. He is a very fu**ed up individual and I see him in a very different light now. I know Beyonce had to know about this, makes you wonder what type of person she really is.

  • ReadTheBlog

    :lol: at the nicknames! That was a good one, Sandra!

  • sharnell

    Sorry, but MTV performance was better and had more energy. Maybe they should have waited to diss Lil Mama. LMAO

  • yvonne79

    Infamous white box...oh well! :shrug:

  • LovelyLady

    Those Boots Are zFiyahhhhhh

  • iscream


    My boy just can't get a break. I read on Pancahe that someone is putting out a DVD regarding that devil mess. On another site (that showed the picture I asked for yesterday of him in his Gucci shirt) said that Benie Segal is releasing a record about him...

    This ain’t a diss record, this a real record,
    How does it feel to get exposed, don’t you feel naked,
    I was a fly on the wall and what I witnessed,
    I can say things to make Bey look at you different,
    And my gangsta wasn’t never on trial, I stood up tall – no snitchin’
    But the rapper Shawn called the police on me, Cause I was front row at the Blueprint 3

    :( Jay you got some Karma you got to cash in. & that Dame book might be the nail to seal your faith. You can still get it :hump:

  • mirsmommy

    @ ontaya

    I'm actually listening to that interview right now. :lol:

    I've felt that Jay-Z was an effed up individual.

  • attorneymom

    I don't do Camels and home wreckers (who pretend that they are straight). Next.

  • iscream


    Don't tease us... give details of ineterview. What did he say about Matthew!!!!!


    Oh and Sandra I hope you plan to post pictures of you in your costume.

  • Krysi J

    love the boots....well, more like the way she put that together...LOL!

  • missmiami


  • Daisy

    AKeys looked FAB as usual her boots were HAWT!

    The sound sucked last night

    J Legend sounded good singing the anthem :clap:

  • KaraZ

    attorneymom Says:
    I don’t do Camels and home wreckers (who pretend that they are straight). Next.
    I agree, Alicia ho-azz Keys is a lezbyan!!!! OMG, I agree with attorneymom :crying: The world is coming to an end y'all, better get to know Jesus ASAP.

  • anti-PC

    Go Yankees!!!

  • shannon04

    @mirsmommy ...i'm listening to it too very interesting.

  • Krysi J

    aw hell naw, where yall listening, where i go hot97 website

  • iscream

    I know Krysi

    Can yall give some details!!!!!

  • LovelyLady

    He talking to Charlemange

  • ReadTheBlog

    I believe Alicia likes the ladies. I always have.

  • Shauny

    Can someone please post the 411 on the Jigga/ Beans story?

  • mirsmommy

    Not sure if I can do this, but it's on Z Share net.

    Beanie Sigel's sound isn't the greatest, so turn up your volume.

    @ Shannon04, yes it is very interesting.

  • attorneymom

    @Kara, you know luvs me in a nonlesbo way, of course. LOL

  • wiggy2272003

    No sound at work, can someone do an outline please and thank you.

    Anyone, anyone, anyone(I love Ferris Bueller)

  • attorneymom

    I will get the young man's name but I had to keep him from whipping Jay-sleeze's azz. He was apart of Camel's inner click.

  • lnp03

    I am lovin' Alicia's boots! They are HAWT!!

  • Peachizz

    :the Crypt Keeper — Jay Z, and the home wrecker, Alicia Keys"
    LOL..... :lol: Loving the nicknames myself.. LOL....:lol:
    Rapp at a baseball game? Wrong setting it seems....