Actress Nia Long is beauty personified! Nia let her real hair down for the NYC premiere of Chris Rock's "Good Hair" last night. She was stunning in a short white party dress and peep toe heels. I LOVE a confident woman who can toss aside her weave and display her true crowning glory. She gets a pass for the breast implants.

Talk show hostess Wendy Williams attended the NYC premiere of Chris Rock's "Good Hair" last night with her serial cheater husband Kevin. It mnust be nice to be able to afford the best Yaki straight from the source.

Why does professional beard Amber Rose make me want to hurl every time I see her? Maybe it's because she's trying so hard to pass for black in 2009? Who does that?

Don't let this picture fool you. The Reverend Al Sharpton and actress LisaRaye are still hanging tight, according to my sources. I'm told they will both be in Atlanta -- together -- for the BET Hip Hop Awards this weekend. I don't know if their relationship is serious or if they're both using each other for shock value.

Director Chris Rock checking out all the bad weaves and lacefronts at his NYC premiere last night. I'm told that 2 bundles of human hair Fed Ex'd straight from the source will set you back almost $400! And that doesn't include the stylist's time to glue or sew it all in. That price is just for the hair! No thanks.

Singer Ashanti showed off her combination of good hair and weave at the NYC premiere of "Good Hair" last night. Shout out to industry veteran Lisa McCall!

Ashanti should stop singing and just walk red carpets for the rest of her career. If Amber Rose can walk red carpets for no reason, why can't she? LOVE the shoes!

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Rapper Shyne is expected to be released from prison today according to online reports. Shyne, real name Jamal Barrow, was sentenced to 10 years in prison following a nightclub shooting involving music mogul Sean Combs and pseudo singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. Sean Combs narrowly missed going to prison on the same gun charges and Barrow ended up taking the fall.

It can be said that this incident took the shine off Sean Combs' sterling reputation. His gal pal Jennifer Lopez unceremoniously dumped Sean after he was acquitted. Will Shyne return to prominence as one of Hip Hop's most eminent MC's? Or will he fade into the background of Hip Hop obscurity like Nas and Sean Combs?

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Remember Greg Craig, the attorney who helped facilitate the return of little Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba? Craig was also Bill Clinton's personal attorney during the Lewinsky scandal back in the day.

Then Barack Obama was elected the first bi-racial president of the United States and he wisely appointed Craig as his lead counsel in the White House.

It seemed all was right with the world.

Until the woefully inexperienced Obama started screwing up left and right, and it became time for Craig's head to roll.

You see, Obama can't be seen as the incompetent flop that he is, so others must take the blame for his failures. I bet Craig thought his head was safe from the bus wheels.

Greg Craig, the top in-house lawyer for President Barack Obama, is getting the blame for botching the strategy to shut down Guantanamo Bay prison by January — so much so that he’s expected to leave the White House in short order.

But sources familiar with the process believe Craig is being set-up as the fall guy and say the blame for missing the deadline extends well beyond him.

Instead, it was a widespread breakdown on the political, legislative, policy and planning fronts that contributed to what is shaping up as one of Obama’s most high-profile setbacks, these people say. Read more...

If you're planning to fly anytime soon, keep a close eye on your bags. The recession and double digit unemployment has sparked a rise in airport thefts of passenger luggage.

Over the weekend, actress LisaRaye was a victim of airport thieves at JFK who lifted her Louis Vuitton bag and absconded with it while she wasn't looking. LisaRaye accused airline employees of pilfering her bag after the airline told her the bag was never scanned.

The distraught former First Lady of Turks & Caicos Islands took to her Twitter page to beg her "Twitt Fam" for help in retrieving her belongings.

...I need my WHOLE Twitt Family to HELP me put it out there I will pay WHOEVER comes up with my bag..Delta employee, police, family, WHOEVER. i hope like hell they find my bag. I hv family keepsakes n there i travel with. So help me bring awareness to it. Thanks

...Listen..I don't care about the bag..what's inside! Return THAT stuff please!

LisRaye even offered a reward for the return of her bag:

Yes, i will pay WHOEVER comes up with the bag..Delta employee,TSU employee, fan, police, family, WHOEVER. They can leave it & i'll get it!

In response to the widespread thievery at the nation's busiest airport, officials at Atlanta Hartsfield announced they are targeting luggage thieves and watching the situation involving airline employees closely.

Airport security said "they believe new technology and equipment has cut the chances of thievery during security screening of checked luggage."

But airlines depend on outside contractors to load and sort luggage making it hard to pinpoint where the thefts are occurring.

Meanwhile, LisaRaye, who will be in town for the BET Hip Hop Awards this weekend, is heartbroken over the loss of personal items that were near and dear to her. "it was pics of my father & I when i was little, a spiritual candle i use 2 pray, [and] my favorite sleep shirt i've had since college..." she tweeted.

The untimely passing of club promoter Ashley "AJ" Jewell on Friday night from injuries sustained during a fist fight has spawned numerous rumors. One of those rumors has taken on legs of its own.

A source within RHOA cast member Kandi Burruss' camp reached out to today to dispel the rumors that Kandi had adopted her ex-fiance AJ's twin daughters and was raising them in addition to her own daughter.

The source said Kandi never went to court seeking custody of the girls and she was not granted custody or guardianship over the girls. The children's mother is alive and well and lives in Atlanta and loves her daughters.

Kandi seemed to confirm that in this blog post excerpt in which she mentions breaking the news of AJ's death to her daughter Riley:

When I told my daughter Riley she just cried all morning. I didn’t know what to do or to say to make her feel better. I started wondering how his other kids were handling it. That’s one reason why I feel like he was just taken too soon. Now they have no father. That breaks me down inside. They needed more TIME.

Pictured on the left is the woman who sources say Kandi Burruss' ex-fiance Ashley "AJ" Jewell lost his life fighting another man for.

Her name is Veronica M. Jones and she is co-owner of The Body Tap (the club's liquor license is in her name). Club employee
Fredrick Richardson, is (allegedly) the man who police say struck AJ over the head with a liquor bottle during a brawl on Friday night inside the club.

Earlier, I wrote that Richardson was married to Jones. This was incorrect. Another man known as "Cornbread" is Jones' ex-husband, who sources say was also involved in the fight at the club.

Sources say the fight started inside the club and spilled out into the parking lot. Jewell sustained head injuries from blunt force trauma to the brain. He was pronounced dead at Piedmont hospital.

Sources also say Veronica and AJ were involved in a steamy sexual relationship that didn't sit well with "Cornbread."

AJ, a former drug dealer who promoted celebrity events at the club, either bought into the strip club or was in negotiations to buy a percentage of the club. Veronica is pictured with DJ X-Rated, center, (the club's DJ) and one of the club's talent.

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Tongues are wagging that certain members of the International Olympic Committee lured Barack Obama to Copenhagen to publicly humiliate and embarrass him.

For months Obama planned not to go to Denmark to make a personal pitch for the Olympics. He said his priority was passing the lame duck healthcare reform bill. But he would send his wife Michelle Obama and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett in his stead. Historians pointed out that no other US president had ever made a personal pitch before the IOC members.

But according to the Drudgereport, White House aides were assured by IOC officials that Chicago would win the bid if Obama made a personal presentation in Denmark. The aides were told that if Obama didn't appear before the committee, the members would "notice" his absence.

The IOC played on Obama's weakness, realizing his narcissism would not allow him to say no.

So Obama made the overnight flight to Copenhagen believing the trip would cement his place in history as the first US president to help seal an Olympic bid.

Obama's narcissism is legendary and preceded him. But no one counted on Michelle Obama to display her arrogance when she told members of the Chicago delegation that her trip to Denmark was a 'sacrifice' for her.

The final straw was the fact that the other global leaders spent days schmoozing with the IOC members, but Obama flew in at the last minute spending a total of 4 hours on the ground in Copenhagen before flying back out.

When the voting was tallied, Chicago lost by a landslide in the first round, getting only 18 votes out of 94. It was the snub heard around the world.

And it must have been a crushing blow to both of the Obamas' egos.