Mack Daddy Joe Jackson showed up to last night's Las Vegas premiere of his late son Michael Jackson's movie "This Is It" with two hawt chicks at his side. Joe proves you're never too old to mack the ladies!

Coincidentally, I received an email today from a loyal reader all the way in Germany who accuses me of age discrimination because I knocked Jay Z for wearing his jeans sagging off his ass at age 40.

Loyal reader Arthur writes, in part:

You, me and Jay-Z have something in common: we are all aging! You don't need to like Jay-Z or his music. But your references to his age - and I noticed that you doing that with few other people as well - is totally unnecessary.

I beg to differ. I think it's totally necessary to question the maturity level of a man (Jigga) who is in a position to influence an entire generation of youth with his words as well as his actions. Can you imagine Joe Jackson dressing like Jay Z?

This morning I was in a playful mood so I joked in the comment section about Kandi Burruss giving me the exclusive about her pregnancy. It was just a joke, but it was in poor taste.

Kandi Burruss is not pregnant and I extend my apologies to her. This shows how easily rumors can be spread via these blogs.

So Barack Obama doesn't have a problem with violating our constitutional rights for free speech if that free speech is aimed against him?

Now the Obama administration and a coalition of liberal churches have joined together to launch an anti-”hate speech” campaign to force the FCC to crack down on conservative TV (Fox News) and talk radio (Rush Limbaugh, etc.)

In other words, by accusing these right wing, conservative media of "hate speech" Obama hopes to silence his critics once and for all -- or at least until he's voted out of office in 2012.

The motto of the "So We Might See" campaign is “Without media justice, there will be no social justice!” Or if we can't control the media, we're going to throw a tantrum!

Among the changes Obama and the churches would like the FCC to enforce includes appointing what's called "media activists" and "strategic movement communicators" who will then monitor all TV and radio airwaves to "directly confront the mechanics of structural racism and systemic oppression."

So in other words, the right wing media is racist and engaging in systemic oppression because they oppose Obama's Socialist policies?

No wonder Obama's approval rating is sliding rapidly.


This is the old man that our young boys look up to. Unbelievable. More and more parents are tuning into the message that non-Christian rappers like Jay Z is sending their children. Some have even bought the book Jesus and Jigga from this website to get a better handle on what their kids are listening to.

If you play a single titled "Interlude" backwards, Jay Z says “Murder Murder Jesus 666. And in "Empire State of Mind" Jay Z raps “Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends.”

So far Jay Z has not commented on this controversy and the public outrage is building against him.


An industry insider just alerted me to the fact that in "Empire State Of Mind" Jay Z raps "If Jesus payin' LeBron, I'm payin' Dwyane Wade." It doesn't matter if he's saying "playin'" or "payin'." The point is Dwyane Wade plays for the Miami Heat -- as in hot like hail!

Grandpa Jay Z performed live at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore last night. No word on if his wife Beyonce attended the concert. I can't believe that a grown woman would marry a 40-year-old man who doesn't know how to dress himself. This is beyond ridiculous. Would Jay Z go to a board meeting dressed like this?

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Taraji P. Henson attended the Hollywood Awards yesterday. I love you T, but the makeup is a little over the top.

Michael Jackson's older brother Marlon attended the 4th Annual Thurgood Marshall College Fund Fashion Show last week in NYC.

Faux made-for-tv fashion designer Sheree Whitfield attended the same event. Yes, I know she's not a star but she thinks she is.

TV talk show Diva Sherri Shepherd has never looked better than she looks here. She just needs to schedule breast reduction surgery and she'll be straight.

Model Naomi Campbell and her billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin ateended the event as well. They do make a nice couple.

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Oscar nominated actress Taraji P. Henson posted these pics on her Twitter page yesterday showing off her new hair and her glorious shimmering gown!

Taraji tweeted:

On my way out of the door to the Hollywood Awards to present just wanted to share how I'm lookin. Love ya'll

We love her too! But what's all that junk in her livingroom? I hope Taraji isn't a messy housekeeper. I like my place to be showroom clean. I want the floor so spotless you can eat off of it. I hope this won't be a problem for her?

Aging rap mogul Jay Z performed live in Baltimore wearing a t-shirt from the Clipse clothing line. The clothing line is called "Play Cloths." Yes, y'all, another celebrity clothing line fo ryour kids to harass you about just in time for Christmas.

Source: The Chamber Group PR

Lady Scoop at Project Scoop says the cypher freestyles were the best part of the 2009 Hip Hop Awards. Yeah, they were nice but the freestyle is the raw essence of Hip Hop and these kids don't know what a freestyle is.

Especially that Hydrogel injected fraud Nicki Minaj. I know her rhymes were pre-written. Who is she fooling? KRS and Joe Budden were the best in my opinion.

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You remember that post I wrote about Barack Obama's daughters not being given the Swine flu vaccine after he declared a so-called national emergency?

Well, other blogs picked up my post and added horror stories from victims who stood in line for hours to receive the vaccinations against the H1N1 virus.

Mind you, the long lines for the vaccinations were caused by a government-created shortage of the vaccines that artificially increased the demand. Obama declared a "national emergency" in response to that government-created shortage. I hope you see where I'm going with this.

If not, read on.

Earlier this week, posted an article that I initially ignored about the government restricting our Internet usage to deal with the "national emergency." At the time the story made no sense to me, but it does now.

It seems that "the government" (Obama and his Chicago thugs) fears that too many people at home sick with the flu will "overwhelm" the internets, sucking up bandwidth and causing an interruption in service across networks. Therefore, they will restrict our usage of the Internet to prevent this bottleneck from occurring.

In effect, this action will prevent your access to blogs like mine. They can do this -- without warning -- because Obama declared a "national emergency."

Think about it. Do you know anyone who has the swine flu?

I told you before Obama was even elected that he was a threat to our Constitutional rights. But most of you were so drunk off the Kool Aid that you didn't get what I was trying to tell you. Do you get it now?

L to r: Tiny, Toya (Tiny & Toya Show) and Kandi Burrus (RHOA)

Reality TV personality Antonia "Toya" Carter, 2nd from left, celebrated her birthday in style last night with friends (L to R) Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob); birthday girl Toya, rapper Rasheeda, attorney Phaedra Parks, and TV personality Tameka "Tiny" Cottle.

Toya and her man date, NFL star James Hardy, WR for the Buffalo Bills, couldn't keep their eyes off each other all night!

Toya pulled up in her silver Aston Martin, a gift from her baby daddy Lil Wayne. Speaking of which, Wayne's other baby mama, Sarah, also attended Toya's party (more pics in a minute). Sarah and Toya are really good friends! Sarah lives near Toya with Wayne's son Dwayne Carter III, who just turned 1 last week. In fact, the baby's birthday party was held at Toya's crib! I hear Wayne's first-born daughter Reginae loves her little brother to pieces!

Not to be outdone by Toya, Tiny tooled up to the club in a customized candy coated Camaro sitting on Dubs!

Sarah B., mother of Lil Wayne's first-born son

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My sources inside production for Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta are telling me that real estate millionaire Lee "Big Poppa" Najjar made an appearance at last Monday night's taping of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show at Opera nightclub.

Sources say Big Poppa kissed his fiancee, Kim Zolciak full on the lips before pecking each cast member on the cheek! I wonder if Bravo will show that kiss on the Reunion Show when it airs on Thursday (10/29)?

But isn't Big Poppa still married to his baby mama? I don't know how a man can have a fiancee and still be living with his wife?

This is the crazy shet that goes on in Atlanta. Atlanta is just different when it comes to male/female relationships. The roles here are reversed for some odd reason. Instead of the man getting up to go to work to support his family, the females do all the work and pay all the bills!