Over the weekend, blogger Miss Jia posted this pic of Your Beyonce Fanclub's Natasha and then went in on her. I didn't know those two had beef?

You know as black women we can't support each other unless there's something in it for us. We are the only race that continuously tears each other down out of jealousy, envy, or whatever. Sometimes we don't even need a reason. Some of us are just pathetic like that.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with Miss Natasha. But some immature juveniles on twitter roasted her anyway. I think Natasha's weave is on point -- one of the best I've ever seen. And her doggy is so precious! Not to mention that she has one of the better Beyonce fan sites on the Internets!

Hiphossip.com's Kemi is the latest blogger to be harassed by Usher's baby mama, Tameka Foster.

At least that psycho didn't leave threats on Kemi's voice mail. If Trampeka's attorney is reading this, you should really have a heart to heart talk with your client because she is out-of-control and she's going to mess with the wrong one someday.

Kemi writes:

What the hell, I got home and this person really did their homework as my number is listed in info. I am a public person. Tameka went to my sites, got my real name and called 411 and she called my home and at 11am this morning I ran to the computer and fielded an e-mail to Tiny's publicist and Tiny's cell and facebook. Wouldn't you think that it's her story and want it her way? That is how I practice Journalism.

My kid 8-year-old son KJ now listened to the messages while we were out and ran to me that there is a message from a woman that said "This is Tameka Foster, Usher's wife and I read what you wrote about me, FUCK you!"

This is very shocking and uncalled for as I am the one that has always written good things about Tameka. What didn't she like? I report from the wires and I also commented on Ryan Cameron's interview with her. Good things as in supporting her. She really owes me an apology. I am going to change this to an MP3 and put it out there. Anyone that wants it can request it. I am really shocked that some of us Journos are fair and this is what we get. Pls advise me what to do. Should I air this message? I would like to speak to her if anyone knows her. I wanna know why she is mad at me. These are the only stories I have done of her in the last 12 months. Always supported her....

Photo: Derek Blanks

After the break is a screengrab of direct messages sent by Trampeka to another of my loyal readers on Twitter.com. Trampeka can't seem to keep my name out of her mouth for someone who doesn't even know me.

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Over the weekend, I was on the phone with an industry friend of mine who was listening to music. Chris Brown's song "Crawl" came on and I let it slip that I liked the song before I even realized it was him.

So despite the fact that he has a lukewarm song out right now, I still think he's a woman beater and I hope his careers fails.

Loyal reader Wire Blahnik shares my sentiments:

How could most of the people on here, mainly females, have such immature and bad judgment. Chris brown is an abuser.
It was not the first time he hit Rhianna (for whatever reason) and it will not be the last time he puts his hands on a women in a negative way. There is no excuse for the way this 210 pd 6ft man beat down and just about choked unconscious this 135 pd woman. There is no excuse for holding her in a head lock and repeatingly punching her in the face.

There is no excuse for biting her. There is no excuse! You young ladies need to take this issue a lot more seriously. What do you think the next step would be? Murder? By intent or not sh*t happens. Chris brown is not remorseful talking about I’m human and make mistakes. NO! WHEN IT COMES TO BEATING DOWN A WOMAN FOR 15 MINS. THATS NO MISTAKE. His career is in danger and that is the ONLY reason why he’s fronting like he’s remorseful. If this beat down wasn’t made public believe me when I tell you, Chris beatem down Brown would have gone on as if nothing happened. This is his norm. This is what he knows. I have no pitty for this boy or his nose diving career. He need his azz beat on!

Get a clue black community. Its not about how cute he is or how slick he can dance. You’re out jet-sking a week after you beat down your girlfriend. Hitting up the club right after court. Man FAIL CHRIS! FAIL! And I pray you get the help you and your mother need because after witnessing her on Larry King, she could use some as well.

Photo: Splash News Online

My girl over at Project Scoop found this pic of Ciara and T-Boz together at... well, I'll let Scoop Lady tell it:

I usually don't indulge in the negro blogs nonsense as they post anything in their email to fill up time. But a recent post on "one of them" about how Ciara disrespected TLC at the Justin concert comes to mind when I see this pic.... AT THE VERY CONCERT. Not to mention Tboz twiting about how UNTRUE that story was. SMDH Read More...

After a brief hiatus from the music industry, Monica is back in the spotlight with an intimate, provocative docu-drama that takes a look at her day-to-day world in the new original BET series. To celebrate the many sides of Monica, BET Networks, Upscale Magazine and Hennessy Black have joined together to present a three part celebration to kick of Friday, October 23, 2009 for her birthday and conclude Sunday, October 25th for a series preview/ cover affair.

In the "Still Standing" series, Monica will open her heart and life to viewers every week and take them on her personal journey of survival and enlightenment. Viewers will have the chance to experience the many facets of Monica's life as she balances family, deals with her own body and health challenges, creates her fifth album and tackles the hardest job of all -
being a full-time mother of two young sons.

"It was very scary stepping into the type of situation that would expose me and my life," said Monica. "But I think that there are so many kids now that are aspiring to do exactly what I've done and I felt like that was worth me putting myself on the line so they would really understand what it's like to try and juggle both a music career and personal life."

Join Monica and her celebrity friends as they celebrate her birthday on Friday, October 23, 2009 on the heated top deck of Luckie Food Lounge from 10:00pm - 2:00am. Monica's celebrity friends help her cut the cake and toast to another year of success.

Don't miss the series premiere. Tune in Tuesday, Oct. 27.

Source: Nicole Garner | Garner Circle PR

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Media & Celebrity: pr@thegarnercircle.com

Lindsay Lohan's embattled father Michael Lohan apologized to NeNe Leakes for calling her a "fat ass" after NeNe called him a toxic parent on Wednesday's edition of "The Insider".

Lohan said: “Do something worthwhile and promote Nutri-System... Give your chair a break and move your fat a** outta there!”

But after a moment of quiet reflection, Lohan gave this statement to The Insider:

“I apologize to the producers of ["The Insider"], the viewers and even Miss Leakes for coming back at her, for her attack on me, in the inappropriate manner I did. I do however wish I had known she was on the panel because then I would have known what I was in for and I would have handled things differently.

“To begin with, she may have children, but none in a crisis situation. Second, for her to call me a broke ass when I am not, but she had a house in foreclosure and 2 cars repoed [sic], I would have addressed that as well.
“This show was about helping my daughter and owning up to my part of her life and why I have taken these measures. Not a personal attack on Lindsay or me. I am sorry for my conduct and I hope Ms. Leakes is for hers.”

I like how he said, "and even Miss Leakes."

Director/playwright Tyler Perry let his Madea side show on this upcoming Sunday's edition of CBS 60 Minutes.

Tyler was reacting to director Spike Lee's criticism of his coonish characters, who Lee calls "racial stereotypes." Tyler counters that his characters are "bait - disarming, charming make you laugh, bait."

Tyler argues that he uses his disarming bait to draw in whites who normally don't know that these types of black people exist. At least I think that's what he meant.

Tyler goes on to say, "I can slap Madea in something and talk about God, love, Faith, forgiveness, family," all the qualitiess that Tyler feels whites should love about us, but they don't know about unless he uses coons or some other stereotype to draw them in.

Sort of like what Chris Rock did with his documentary "Good Hair" to get white people into the theaters. By the way, "Good Hair" bombed at the box office.

Then Tyler loses track of the point he's trying to make (maybe because it sounds so ludicrous?) so he goes on the attack, "That pisses me off!" he snaps. He tries to take another stab at making sense out of his response to what he knows is valid criticism.

He accuses his critics (Hollywood) of not making enough movies with coonish characters who speak to us.

Got that?

Last night I received a phone call from a local star who wanted to know if she could give my phone number to a celebrity makeup artist who said she knew me.

It took me a minute to recall who Jai Jai, of Dream Face, was. She reminded me that I met her at Lenox Square Mall last Christmas while she was shopped with her then friend, rapper Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob.

On Wednesday, another blog that specializes in tabloid style junk journalism posted revealing pictures of Jai Jai. An embarrassing move made even more humiliating by the fact that Jai Jai's ex-boyfriend of 6 years, rapper Shawty Lo, was the original source of the photos which were taken off his Myspace page.

In captions under the photos, Shawty Lo gave the impression that the celebrity makeup artist was a random groupie emailing slutty pics of herself to the rapper. But there is always more to every story -- and this story runs deep.

Jai Jai and rapper Shawty Lo in happier times

The story begins back in 2003 when the young stylist met the struggling rapper and the two fell in love. Jai Jai was there for Shawty Lo through the lean times, and provided a source of support on the outside while the rapper served a year in prison.

After they broke up, Jai Jai met local emerging rapper Oowee and had a baby by him. Tragically, the baby girl passed away and the young mother was forced to bury her only child. "Over the time I've actually developed from a teen into an adult and I've grown through many transitions and transformations," Jai Jai said.

Rapper Shawty Lo helps Jai Jai blow out the candles on her birthday cake

During their on again, off again relationship, Shawty Lo met another woman who favored Jai Jai and started a family with her. But through it all. Shawty and Jai Jai remained close, exchanging phone calls and text messages. But recently, their relationship became strained due to the insecurity of his baby mama. Jai Jai and Shawty Lo's baby mama finally came to blows inside an Atlanta nightclub last weekend.

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