Rapper Shyne is expected to be released from prison today according to online reports. Shyne, real name Jamal Barrow, was sentenced to 10 years in prison following a nightclub shooting involving music mogul Sean Combs and pseudo singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. Sean Combs narrowly missed going to prison on the same gun charges and Barrow ended up taking the fall.

It can be said that this incident took the shine off Sean Combs’ sterling reputation. His gal pal Jennifer Lopez unceremoniously dumped Sean after he was acquitted. Will Shyne return to prominence as one of Hip Hop’s most eminent MC’s? Or will he fade into the background of Hip Hop obscurity like Nas and Sean Combs?

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  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    am i a lame for not knowing any of his songs? :shrug:

  • Shauny

    YAY I :heart: Shyne. I wonder if Diddy is going to get extra security because he totally threw Shyne under the bus in their case IMO.

    LOL @ Sandra still going in on Nas. Stealing from another poster yesterday….Damn Sandra, did Nas piss in your cereal or something?

    :off topic: Did anyone see that nonsense Cubic Zirconia said about her relationship with Scrappy Do? That 90% crap? That’s what wrong with our young women today. Boo why are you settling for 90%.

  • mizzdallas

    If shyne comes back to HIPHOP is because he has fans that still fiend for his music. but on the other hand will HIPHOP embrace him..?

    ummmmm Ladyj go imeem Shyne and listen to some of his songs :)

  • mizzdallas


    I read that crap about diamond n her relatioship with crappy, its sad, but thats nothing new woman now adays sum woman are accepting the short end of the stick just so they can say they have a MAN!

  • iscream

    Everybody wanna Shyne off of BIG
    Get it, Shyne try-na sound like him when they rhyme
    You ain’t a murderer
    Nigga please come off that
    I’m next up to bat motherfuckers get their jaws tapped
    Bum ass nigga don’t even know how to bust a gun ass nigga
    You dumb ass nigga
    Rappers acting out the late Frank White’s path
    Once they get in jail they get fucked in the ass
    Never snitch, never send a nigga to jail
    I’d rather find him by a boat doing the deadman’s float
    We gangsters
    Real gangsters b
    Gun in the greenroom up at BET
    We gangsters
    Real gangsters nigga
    Kill you and cut the head off your babysitter
    We gangsters
    We gangsters bitch
    Even more dangerous now we’re filthy rich
    – Lil Kim Notorious KIM

  • Kat

    what did diamond say about her and scrappy?

    :clap: for shyne! :party:

  • KaraZ

    For the longest time I played his album in the car… I hope he at least gives Sean Combs one major bish slap. I don’t know if he can re-ignite his career many of the factors that made him big are no longer there; Biggie’s been dead for so long, how many people will listen to him because he sounds so much like Biggie; how many people are really checking for east coast rap like that? What will his material be? I mean if he comes out talking about bling and what not, who’s going to really believe him? Won’t he have some sort of probation that prohibits travelling freely.

  • iscream

    Shyne was not that hot of a rapper. He had like one hit before he hit the bricks. He only made as far as he did because he sounded like Biggie and people were still mourning him and wanted to fill that void.

    Puffy Pimped him out and ate off of that fact. That’s when Puff had his horns showing foreal.

    I read that Cubic mess. What a young dumb girl she is. I wish these record companies get back into grooming artist. She just came across as a young girl with low self esteem. Messing with a dude with no respect for her. Dirty birds belong together.

  • mizzdallas


    Here is what Cubic said:

    Personally I don’t give a F*** a n*gga could talk to 20 b*tches but as long as I get my 90% and whoever he talking to get 10% that’s fine. A n*gga gonna be a n*gga and once a chick realize men gonna do what they wanna do its about how they go about doing it as long as they respect me and whoever… like if you are talking to somebody or whatever as long as they know when I step in the building then she need to put her head down, she need to know her place. That’s when people get it twisted.”

    …I’m not saying that we are messing around on each other, but that’s the type of understanding we got. If I was messing with somebody please believe I’m going to tell that n*gga to be quiet if he call. You need to shut up my n*gga. We keep it real, all the way real we don’t sugar coat none no way whatsoever, but we so happy with each other that its no need to go mess with nobody else, but if we do it’s just a little fling cause its hard and this industry makes you grow up so fast.

  • pinky2083

    Wow. Well diamond sure has a lot of self respect. DUMB AZZ.

    Shyne was HOT!! I hope we hear something from him soon.

  • KaraZ

    Sandra, fix your stylesheet, the purples from the queen ads is bleeding onto your main page…

    As for Diamond… she’s a hoodrat doing and saying hood rat things, nobody should be surprised.

  • Shauny

    Isc – I think it’s unfortunate that some artist automatically get labled wannabes because they sound like another artist. You know BIG is my all time fav MC fa life BUT I still LOVED Shyne’s CD (sounds like Kara and I did anyway..lol. Did Puffy use the fact that he sounded like BIG…hell yeah but he got my attention by using his own skills him sounding like BIG didn’t matter to me.

    Remember Magoo use to get clowned for trying to sound like Q Tip. In an interview he was like listen to me talk…Am I supposed to change my voice because someone already sounds like me. I agreed with him 100%. Shyne sounds the same way talking. They can’t help that.

    And I know Kim Wong Foo wasn’t talking…..BYTCH your entire career is based on trying to shine off BIG

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    I guess he now has some street cred not that he has done some time.

  • mizzdallas


    you n karaz are NOT alone, I love me some shyne I banging his cd right now at work and these yt people keep looking me sideways lol!

    SHyne has always had his own style I never thought he sounded like BIG jmo but now that he is out Im interested as to see what is his next move

  • KaraZ

    Shauny I did like him, but I guarantee if he’s talking about the same stuff now, I will not be a fan… maybe i’ll listen to that CD for old time sake.

  • kwall

    he changed his name to “Moses” auntie. you shoulda added that tid bit.

    i know some of his songs but do not remember none.

    cubic zircon need to shaddup.

  • kwall

    awe SNAP….my favoritest emoti….awe MAN. thanks for branging this one back auntie….


  • iscream

    :rofl: whyyyyyyy did you have to come for Kim like that.

    In her defense at least Biggie gave her a stamp of approval.

    Tu wong foo that was just wong :rofl:

  • Mspeng

    I love Shyne. At first I was mad because I thought he sounded like Biggie but then realized he didn’t. Shyne had his own flow. And to top it off, Bad Boy Anthem still gets play here in the clubs. Now that Guerilla Black dude…he’s the real Biggie imposter.

    As for Diamond…WTF??? Major side eye to that.

  • Kat

    thanks mizzdallas! WOW @ cubic!! 😯 she sounds like a lil hoodrat.

  • coaretained

    @isc.. why was that my FAVE song on the whole daggone album…

    ” we gangstas reall gangsta nicca kill you cut the head off ya babysitter”

  • iscream

    @ Coa


    She came at him and Foxy something terrible.

    Did you see the Micheal Jackson dateline special. Or read the autopsy (thanks for the heads up Shauny). They said Michael was balding in the front with short curly hair in the back. and had a tatoo across his head from ear to ear in place of his hair.

    Can you imagine what he mustve look like without that wig or makeup on. 😮

  • artistman999

    Its about time, they let him out,,,Yo diddy watch yo back…..

  • Shauny

    OMG!!!! Isc I just FELL OUT @ work on your MJ comments.

  • Krysi J

    bout time, poe thang!

  • free

    wow, it’s been a long time. i loved the one he did with the carribbean sounding dude.

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  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    @ Shauny:

    At least Diamond admits she lets her man cheat. You can’t keep a dog on a chain forever. That’s why I love Diamond because she’s so real. These other chicks walking around here like their pu$$y is gold and their men won’t cheat on them. Keep dreaming ladies. There’s a certain singer whose man maintains a bachelor pad in midtown Atlanta. The sad thing is EVERYBODY knows about it. :coffee:

  • iscream

    Are you talking about Boris Sandra… or the other person you never named that threatened you.

  • http://thechoklitfactory.wordpress.com/ ChokLitFactory

    Good for Shyne! Hopefully he can do some good things now that he is out. I still bump his CD, I was always a fan. Man, 10 years FLEW by!!

  • Shauny

    Sandra but admitting it doesn’t make her real it makes her stupid. Why would she settle for that. She should be clowned twice as hard because she actually knows and accepts that mess. You can’t know a woman who doesn’t know about her man/husband stepping out. If you’re in a committed relationship why wouldn’t you think your man is faithful unless he gives you a reason not to believe it? I will never say what a man won’t do but I know what I WILL do if it comes to him stepping out of our relationship. Bump that “he’s mine, you may have had him once but I have him all the time” crap. It’s disrespectful to her. Her standards are very low.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    😆 at this stuff about Diamond and Zirconia.

    So, since she admits it’s ok for her man to cheat, that gives her “keeping it real” status? :rolleyes:

    I don’t know why it’s so far-fetched and wrong for folks to expect their partners not to cheat. And excusing it – sorry boo – you look like a dumb azz.

    It’s one thing to acknowledge it CAN happen – but to say “it’s cool, long as she know her role” – chile – BYE!