By now some of you have already heard about the woman who caused a riot at a Burlington Coat Factory store by claiming she won $1.5 million in a lottery and promised to pay store customer's purchases up to $500.

It turned out the woman had a history of mental problems and didn't even have enough cash to pay for the limousine that she pulled up to the store in.

Well, yesterday, The Tyra Show and America's Top Model past contestant Tocarra Jones handed out 1,000 coats at the Covenant House in NYC. The episode will air on November 9. This good deed makes up for that foolishness on an upcoming episode when Tyra airs the first ever colonic cleansing procedure live.

There's no need for any of you to email me the benefits of colon cleansing, because as I've said many times in the past, I am a registered nurse and I know that the claims of miracle health benefits via colon cleansing are bogus. So spare me.

But isn't Tocarra stunning? She stays rewinding that 15 minute clock!

Photos: Getty Images

  • Daisy

    Good for Tocarra always liked her she was FAB on the show and shld have been the 1st plus size winner. Good to see her keeping her weight down as well!

  • spongebobfan

    hey auntie, :waving: im taking my nclex soon!!!! and good for tyra....

  • mizzdallas

    Good for Tocarra glad to see she is doing good things in the hood!

  • missy

    Nice deed and isn't that Aminat in the 3rd pic with Tocarra any way keep up the good deeds. :yea:

  • missmiami

    If she isn't gonna get a breast reduction I prefer her a little heavier.

  • missmiami

    If she isn't gonna get a breast reduction I prefer her a little heavier.

  • LadyJustice =)

    yay. thats good deed. i have some i need to give away too.

  • LadyJustice =)

    oh and they should have given those coats to homeless people :/ maybe those kids really really needed them, i dunno

  • Daisy

    :offtopic: Talking with Tammi are you featured in this months Essence?

  • Charles

    Yesss give away coats to people who already have 10 coats and lv handbags while living off of food stamps welfare and sec 8 yet have a lincoln navigatio on 24"s

  • Shauny

    Charles you are really a sad soul. The hate you have for people and especially the Black race is disturbing.

    I see you Aminat!

  • 2thick4u

    This is very special and sweet of them :) !!!