Alicia Keys is popping up everywhere these days. She's on the cover of Uptown magazine's Dec/Jan '09 issue wearing one of her favorite lacefront wigs. Beyonce really needs to hit Alicia up for the number to her lacefront wig designer because the hair pieces are flawless.

If I didn't see those pics of AK losing her hair last week I never would have guessed she's been wearing lacefront wigs all this time. It's a good thing for you that I am very astute and pay careful attention to details.

I like this cover. The airbrushing isn't too overdone and Alicia's makeup is soft enought that she doesn't look like a man.

  • missmiami

    Nice photoshopped pic of Ms KEYS. Anyway I see her hair isn't as thick & flowy as it used to be. Stress will do that to you, trust me I been there. Maybe someone should tell her about MINOVAL drops ;) (lol).

  • ELove

    So THIS is how the new A-Keys look NOW ... YEAH she definitely LOOKS LIKE a Man-Eater in that pic :lol:

  • wiggy2272003

    What is Minoval?

    Agree sandra I would have never known if I hadn't seen those pictures. You see she stopped wearing those tight ass braid that WERE her trademark. Hopefully it will grow back.

  • wiggy2272003

    fortot to add they could eased up just a little on the baby oil. It looks strange, starting from her forehead down, its matte, matte, greasy greasier

  • missmiami

    @ 3 Minoval is a complete hair regrowth line. I use the drops because my hair began to thin during my last pregnancy @ the top. It's 2% Minoxidil which is used in such products as ROGAIN and etc. I live in Miami so lots of beauticians use it and it really does work. I have seen a difference in 4 weeks just by using it twice a day.

  • Daisy


  • Tyzgurl

    Nice pic, but her chest is a little too shiny.

  • tbrown

    *takes down info on 'minoval'* Not that my hair is thinning; this afro is thick! But for when it does...thnx for the rec. ;) Alicia looks great! and somewhat greasy in the chestical area but gorgeous still.

  • wiggy2272003

    I wonder why if there is a product out there that works so many chicks walking roun with jacked up hairlines.

    I have nothing against weaves and lacefronts although they are not for me I just believe they are overused and abused. In the pursuit of longer thicker hair(most styles)a lot of women are destroying any hope of actually having longer thicker hair with a normal hairline.

  • jazi65

    Her make up is flawless..not feeling the shiny chest though.