The body of Chicago Board of Education President Michael Scott, pictured on the right with the Reverend Jesse Jackson, was found alongside the Chicago river early this morning. Police believe Scott shot himself in the head. A handgun was found near his body.

According to Jesse Jackson who spoke with Scott last week, he was under tremendous pressure from the community and the White House to address the gang violence that took the life of 16-year-old Derrion Albert in October.

Other sources believe Scott's job was on the line due to the intense media scrutiny given to the case. The savage death of the Fenger High student on Sept. 24 was captured on a cell phone camera and went viral on YouTube.

His death prompted visits to the school from the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. And the president of the United States sent U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Education Secretary Arne Duncan to visit Chicago in October to talk about what the Obama administration is doing to combat youth violence.

Three youths are being held without bond in the Derrion Albert beating case.

Although Reverend Jackson clarified to that he was not under the impression that Scott was experiencing any emotional trauma as a result of the Chicago student’s reportedly brutal death, speculating is circulating on Monday that it may have contributed to his actions. Source

  • j.c.

    This is getting worse by the day

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    This is sad!

  • LadyLew

    This is ridiculous...these kids parents need to be the ones under pressure. They need to post their faces all over the news for the poor job they done raising them

  • Divinebrown

    Sandra, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    THIS is too much today.

    post a Jazee Pha picture, so we can go H.A.M on his fried bologna sangwich eatin self.

  • missy

    :eek: They sure there is no foul play..... Lawd Lawd we need some help in this world I :pray: for Chicago and everyone affected by this.

  • Chgoprime

    :newbie: I Don't believe he committed suicide. Whenever a politician in Chicago is subpoenaed he ends up dead. Fact.

  • missy

    @DB Says:
    "post a Jazee Pha picture, so we can go H.A.M on his fried bologna sangwich eatin self."


    Thanks for the laugh

  • mirsmommy

    :cosign: @ LadyLew

    The parents should definitely be the ones under pressure..

  • Cinderella

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the Albert family as well. I don't know if there was anything he could do to stop the violence. Everyone wants to make the schools accoutable but what about the people in the neighborhood? What about the kids who are doing the robbing, shooting and killing? They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to send a message to these wannabee thugs. And the parents of these young criminals need to be held accountable as well. Kids don't wake up and decide to become violent criminals. There were signs that were missed or ignored.

  • Bird

    Call me crazy, but I think people who even consider suicide have emotional issues that are at the root of the act more than any other factor. No amount of pressure could make me consider suicide. R.I.P. I guess.

  • Naima

    Is that really the reason. He could have just resigned and retired, he looked like he was old enough to put in 20 years for the retirement check

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    I'm with Divine on this one.

  • missy

    @Bird i agree with you i don' see the sense in committing suicide :shrug: but i think it's foul play but hey i don't know the whole story yet.

  • LaTechGrad02

    :newbie: I'm new here and this is off topic but they're reporting that the 5 year old baby that was missing in NC has been found dead. Such a tragedy.

  • Fenix6376

    My prayers go out to his family. I agree with the others who have said the parents need to be put on blast as well. This man is not solely responsible for what happened to that poor child. He is just a part of the village it takes to raise a child.

    This just makes and already bad situation worse... foul play or not!!!

  • Daisy

    Rev Al was just talking about this on his show

    :pray: for all! Jesus take the wheel ASAP

  • Leesa

    Violence---what the F' for?

    This world is only going to get worse if we don't take some kind of action. I remember when I was little people stuck together for things...such as 'hands across America' we need something to that extent!

  • Fenix6376

    oops "an"

  • Danielle84

    I totally agree with you. Although it's still sad.
    I'm sure we've all had hard times but suicide is just not an option. my prayers go out to his loved ones.

  • Shauny

    OMFG!! Sandra did you seriously just type this up as a story?

    First of all the police hasn't ruled it a suicide yet because there are some rumblings that it may be a hit. Why would he park his car then get out of his car to kill himself? Sounds fishy

    Also WHERE in the "source" does it say that it was because of the Derrion Albert case? Do you know how many CPS students are killed PER YEAR? If he was going to kill himself over a student, he would've been did it. There has BEEN pressure for the safety of CPS.

    I really can't stand Jesse Jackson because he never misses an opportunity to make himself seem more important. How in the hell can he just say...well I THINK it's because of "a recent student death". They've also said that he's been VERY distraught over the death of his first wife who is the mother of his children. If he killed himself we will never know why but I think it's so irresponsible to print this BS.

    Sorry for the rant but I use to work for Michael Scott so I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with him. He was a really nice guy who cared about the community and kids, particually "us". It's really sad.

  • mizzdallas

    I have no sympathy for people commit suicide unless your rapist or murder if we people have to live hell on earth I def dont want to go to hell for eternity

  • Anna

    Cinderella Says:
    Kids don’t wake up and decide to become violent criminals. There were signs that were missed or ignored.
    Correct. It's lack of being raised right or at all.

  • Divinebrown

    I don't know but...

    You know, he could've been really compassionate about his job and took the death to heart. He could've felt like a failure in that sense.

    And it's Chicago so you never know what burdens he already had before that went down. I have had some pretty heavy things on my mind/plate in the past and getting out of bed was a struggle alone. You never know what burdens he already had that compounded his already weak mental state.

  • Charles

    Hello *test*

    *prays sandra lets me back*

  • ReadTheBlog

    Why would he do something like that if he wasn't directly invloved with what happened to that boy? That was not his fault - it was the fault of the kids!

    This is terrible!

    #14 - that mugshot is funny!

  • MsG

    I know I would be devastated about this child's gruesome death, so I could only imagine how he felt as School Board President.

  • Daisy

    @Mizz In my Neffie voice *ARE U SERIOUS* Some ppl have mental issues and therefore arent in their right frame of mind when they commit sucicide. WOW just WOW

  • missy

    *waves* @#20

    I agree with Shauny "I really can’t stand Jesse Jackson because he never misses an opportunity to make himself seem more important."

  • Divinebrown


  • SunnyPA

    Back in the 1980's, a Cleveland school superintendent who was black committed suicide over the declining school system. I think his name was Fred Doc Holliday. I can't imagine what he would think of the school chaos today.

  • iscream


    OMG I swear I was about to say the same thing. I HATE JESSIE JACKSON flucking oppourtunist. He became "famous" over the opportunity of being at the right place at the right time. I can never ride for him because of what he did.

    And the media always falling for shyt to get a story. He wasn't next to King when he died. THERE ARE PHOTOS PROVING IT! Yet he lied and said he was. Makes me so :mad: that he took Kings blood off the ground smeared it on himself and went running to the media. All over TV WITH THE BLOOD OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING STILL ON HIS SHIRT. :mad:

  • free

    i agree w/Chgoprime (#6). something ain't right.

  • ryand91

    Lord Jesus, I'm pleading the blood of Jesus on this world. Stuff is going crazy, being in education in general is a high-stress job I should know my father is a school superientendent. But damn I don't think it's bad enough to committ suicide.

  • prettypink

    @Mizz. I had a dear friend that committed suicide at the age of 21. She wasn't a criminal and actually a very compassionate person. Since her death, I've always wondered what type of hell on earth she must have been going through to take her own life. I'm not judging you, but I certainly don't understand a lack of compassion for someone in that is obviously in such pain.

  • shannon04

    This is sad as well but why take your life over something like this? I understand the pressure but he didn't make those kids do what they did that afternoon. I'm just at a loss for words today. **everybody be safe out there today, wherever you live and tell your kids, families friends..somebody that you love them. Hug somebody today just because you can.**


    @mizzdallas and prettypink

    My brother committed suicide so I know from experience that when a person does that there are usually some deep rooted mental and pyschological issues. I used to feel the same way about that personal going to hell and then I wondered if God would punish someone who wasn't in their right mind and it's easy to say they can get help but until you experinced everything that person has can you really say what you would do?

  • prettypink

    @BROWNSUGAPOET...I was actually making the same point you are. I don't understand how anyone can judge a person that is obviously in so much pain that they feel the only way out is to take their own life.

  • tori-v

    @charles!!-ima newbie
    & im a fan!! welcome back! :)

  • KaraZ

    He killed himself because of a job? I'm sorry it's never that serious. Why pick a permanent solution to a temporary problem?



    Alot of people feel like that and I was one of them until I got my wake up call. But no matter wht some people's opinion won't be changed but it has definitely taught me not to be so judgemental when I come across a person that I know is dealing with mental issues.

    Now Jesse Jackson fake a$$! I don't think I'm up on all my current events and black history so what had he done for us lately????? Besides be a media whore! And who appointed him and Ultraperm Al Sharpton to be "our" represenatives cause I missed out on the votin unless someone cast my ballot for me. I DEMAND A RECOUNT!

  • purplexxe7

    I agree with Chgoprime. I myself reside in Chicago and had the opportunity of knowing Mr. Scott and although one may not know truly ones inner being, it just appears out of sync 4 him 2 have killed himself. I am eagerly awaiting the outcome of this situation. I most definitely sense "foul-play." Could it be that he stumbled across something he wasn't suppose 2 know or see? I have so many questions that hopefully will be satisfied by truth.

  • 2thick4u

    WOW...just wow!!

  • Choco

    Before we scrutinize those who commit suicide I think we should focus on the fact that those who commit suicide feel alone and helpless so I won't comment on that-but I will say I don't think it's suicide - if he was getting pressure from the Whitehouse you don't know what could've happened...I feel for him and his loved ones...

  • mosnique


  • Certified Sexy

    Wow...this is horrible! I'm speachless...I saw this this morning but just now getting around to it.

  • Anna

    Choco Says:

    Before we scrutinize those who commit suicide I think we should focus on the fact that those who commit suicide feel alone and helpless so I won’t comment on that-but I will say I don’t think it’s suicide -
    It's not just alone and helpless it's a mental illness.