A loyal reader, who asked to remain anonymous, sent this revised cover for convicted felon Chris Brown’s upcoming CD. This is the cover that SHOULD have been released considering Chris Brown is a bitch who beats up on women.

This cover proves that my readers are more talented with Photoshop than the art department at Chris Brown’s record label!

In her sit-down interview with GMA’s Diane Sawyer, Rihanna recounted the horrors of being an abuse victim. She said Brown beat her multiple times before he was arrested following the last violent incident back in February.

This is typical of an abuser to escalate the violence against his victim with each beating. If he had not been arrested, Rihanna probably would have suffered a broken nose or worse by now.

“I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it when you continue to beat on a defenseless woman repeatedly! I don’t care what she did to anger him. She’s a woman. The fact that he raised a closed fist to her shows that he is less than a man.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton went in on bitch boy on Twitter.com this morning. He wrote these tweets earlier calling Brown a “subhuman” who is “lower than shit.”

@PerezHilton: @MechanicalDummy Just want to remind you what a disgusting subhuman you are. Lower than shit! But you already know that – or you should!

@PerezHilton:: It boggles my mind that Chris Brown has any fans still, especially female fans. He abused @Rihanna REPEATEDLY. How can women support him?

@PerezHilton: @MechanicalDummy We all saw the photo and the damage YOU did! Subhuman!

So far, there has been no response from the bitch.

  • shannon04


  • shannon04

    or should I say priceless :-)

  • Kat

    good photoshop! :lol: i still like c. breezy tho! if rihanna was getting beat down like that on the regular, then she was a damn fool to stay with him. she probably would still be with him now if the media never got hold to this particular beatdown. these women with low self esteem….shaking my head

  • Krysi J


    Please. :yawn:

  • KaraZ

    OMG I just saw the purse…:rofl:

  • missy

    If CB responds he will look like a fool ……all he needs to do is ignore P.Hilton and not feed into what he wants(publicity) oh and the pic is hilarious.

  • Krysi J

    I just want them to stay the hell away from her….and CHRIS STOP PUTTING UP THOSE SOFT AZZ TWEETS AND SHYT!! This gurl don’t give a damn about you…and you should feel the same. May both parties drop their albums and be a success in piece. I was never a fan of Rhianna’s music, im not about to change that now for the sake of being a WOMAN. I was a fan of Chris Brown’s before the incident occured, so being that I have no idea what happened in that car except for whatever a PR has written down to benefit each persons involved, careers I will continue to be a fan. HELL i don’t know what to believe, so im going to say fukk all dis shyt and do what i would have done before they broke up. Cop Chris’ album.

  • heavn_sent

    What purse?

  • Daisy

    This is the day that the LORD has made let us REJOICE and be glad in it! *waving to AM*

  • Krysi J


  • Daisy

    @Kat you know her camp lied and said they were in a car accident before the truth came out so yes they would still be together had the police not been called. RiRi also said the more WE fell in love the more WE became dangerous to each other! The keyword is WE IMO :coffee:

    :offtopic: anybody see Trey new video good LAWD!

  • heavn_sent

    Where is the preview for Why Did I get Married Too?

  • alexander

    yall know that girl started that mess with c.breezy. them girls from trinadad can get rowdy. she was prolly beating his ass until he pull a whats love got to do with it on her and then it was all down hill from there.

  • missy


    Yes I saw that vid. and it didn’t do nothing for me but i was :eek: I felt like he should clean the vid up if he wants it to be shown on TV…

  • Krysi J

    wait a minute yall elaborating a little more than what I saw in the video Sandra posted….did she already do part 2?

  • Daisy

    Krysi the statment I said was released yesterday saw it on another site

    Missy I wish there was an uncut video :lol: she from Barbados not Trini :lol:

  • candycane

    I saw that pic on another site, your reader sure does get around on the net

  • LovelyLady

    Perez Hilton needs his azz down. As i told him Me and Chris God is a forgiving God. No one is talking about him getting poked in the booty by men. Ask God for forgiveness for you being sodomized.

    CB is doing his time. He owned up to his punishment. What more do people want.

  • bk2atl

    LMAO!!! CB’s boots are the bizness!

  • licia

    nobody cares what perez’s big purple people eater looking azz has to say . lmao

  • missy

    Caribbean people in general(not trying to stereotype)are generally hot headed people or passive aggressive(just saying because I am Caribbean and I use to have a bad temper but it is better than it use to be )…..

    @Daisy That wasn’t the uncut I mean you can’t get any……..you know what scratch that the song is called invented sex…….I wonder why he cut Aubrey drake out of the song and video…….

  • Daisy

    Missy I didn’t say it was the uncut. I said I wanted to see the uncut version being funny :lol: Trey was looking cute n the vid so that’s all I needed!

    The video girl was cute and I liked her natural hair!

  • Tyzgurl

    Didn’t Perez Hilton get his tail whooped by Will.i.am’s friend or something. Being obnoxious as usual….he better quit before someone get in dat a$$ again!

  • missy

    @daisy I know you were being funny I was trying too be funny but in a sarcastic manor(darn another joke bombed I really didn’t get a funny bone)

  • thaspinaltruth

    God forbid anyone in here makes a mistake, and try to redeem themselves! Woe unto that person. The reality is that people makes mistakes, and we all want ans ask for forgiveness!!!

  • aqtpie

    :rofl: at that pic!!

  • Daisy

    This is what one of CBs DJs tweeted oohhhhhhhhhh :coffee:

    Awwww man I am Mad!!!! Truth will come to Light !!! It always does!!!!about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter

    MAD!!!! I need the real story to come out now!!! This is sum bullcrap!!!! Uncut Bullcrap!

  • Daisy

    This is what one of CBs DJs tweeted :coffee: Interesting not the 1st tweet saying as such since this all jumped off in Feb.

    Awwww man I am Mad!!!! Truth will come to Light !!! It always does!!!!about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter

    MAD!!!! I need the real story to come out now!!! This is sum bullcrap!!!! Uncut Bullcrap!

  • thaspinaltruth

    the picture is funny, I must admit.

  • Candi Apple

    Sandra is funny and telling the truth. He made a mistake and is learning a big lesson. I guess class is still in session. There are to many talented young men who aren’t women beaters who deserve a chance. Too many to take his place for the “mistake”. He should have been a rapper and not an R&B singer. LOL

  • http://myspace.com/tamarlese Peachizz

    Chris Brown is a bitch who beats up on women… Damn Sandra sstated with such strong conviction..
    Yes what Chris did was wrong!!!! In a perfect world no man should never hit a woman…. Chris isn’t the first man to hit a woman, why don’t ppl just give him a chance.. My God he already is a convicted felon as such a youg age… That alone will follow him for the rest of his life…
    My God!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    I have not watched any of the video of her interview. I want to see the whole thing tomorrow night. I’m shocked to hear that there were other beatings. I mean I heard of a couple of incidents, but until it came from the horses mouth I didn’t want to read too much into it. It makes sense of course. Men don’t usually go from no hitting to the beat down he gave her in February. They generally build up to that level of violence.

  • pointhimout

    DEAD. CB, u better work. he looks even hotter now.

    “diva is the female version of a hustla”

    yall are crazy, crazy, crazy.

  • ReadTheBlog

    OMG! The purse! LOL!

  • justice

    I like Rihinna but I need her to bring this down some if she was hitting on him to because that does not make her any better because she is a female …just in time for her cd…wow feel sorry for me buy my cd.watever

  • Sheena215


  • terika83

    I CRACKED UP at this photo yesterday. HAHAHA!

  • terika83


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  • teenamarie18

    :newbie: I understand that the guy is obviously furious with the decision that chris made to put his hands on rihanna and if there were more cases of him hitting her she should have left him a long time ago. But seriously all the harassment isnt necessary..Calling him a bitch isnt gonna take away the beating. What if this was your son or nephew or brother?..Would he still be a bitch or would he be a family member who made a wrong decision and someone who needs your support? Everybody wants to continue to criticze him and all he’s trying to do is move on. He is not the first guy to hit a woman and he is not the last. He has gotten enough unnecessary criticism from all kinds of people and I think people should just give him a chance and let him move on with his life.