Seeking Female Comedians for New Reality Television Show

Calling all female COMICS! Are you a female comedian or a female that has always wanted to break into the industry? Fastlane Pictures/Wayans Girl Productions are now casting for a new reality show just for you.

Do your friends always tell you that you are funny? Do you love to make people laugh? Well come out Monday and make your dreams come true

    WHERE: Uptown Comedy Club

    800 Marietta Street
    Atlanta, GA 30318

    WHEN: Monday, November 9th @ 7:00PM

Please prepare 2 to 3 minutes of material for the audition.

8 comedians will be chosen to participate in this unique opportunity.

All participants chosen will receive a day rate of pay for each day of filming.

To RSVP, please contact Sanedria Potter at

Loyal reader Kelly sent us this pic of Beyonce performing during the EMAs. Her scanty corset couldn’t hide Bey’s cellulite. Beyonce’s cellulite contradicts her claims that she works out regularly. I don’t see where she works out, but I’m not a Beyonce Stan so I really would hardly notice.

Let’s see, Obama has thrown friends, politicians and an artist under his bus wheels. Now he’s throwing daughter Malia under the bus for getting a C- on a science test. The 11-year-old scored a 73 on a science test. Obama claimed he was using Malia’s grade as a teaching moment.

That’s a narcissist for you to use his own daughter or political reasons. How humiliating for the poor child.

After the break: Obama throws a black artist under the bus…

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A loyal reader, who asked to remain anonymous, sent this revised cover for convicted felon Chris Brown’s upcoming CD. This is the cover that SHOULD have been released considering Chris Brown is a bitch who beats up on women.

This cover proves that my readers are more talented with Photoshop than the art department at Chris Brown’s record label!

In her sit-down interview with GMA’s Diane Sawyer, Rihanna recounted the horrors of being an abuse victim. She said Brown beat her multiple times before he was arrested following the last violent incident back in February.

This is typical of an abuser to escalate the violence against his victim with each beating. If he had not been arrested, Rihanna probably would have suffered a broken nose or worse by now.

“I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it when you continue to beat on a defenseless woman repeatedly! I don’t care what she did to anger him. She’s a woman. The fact that he raised a closed fist to her shows that he is less than a man.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton went in on bitch boy on this morning. He wrote these tweets earlier calling Brown a “subhuman” who is “lower than shit.”

@PerezHilton: @MechanicalDummy Just want to remind you what a disgusting subhuman you are. Lower than shit! But you already know that – or you should!

@PerezHilton:: It boggles my mind that Chris Brown has any fans still, especially female fans. He abused @Rihanna REPEATEDLY. How can women support him?

@PerezHilton: @MechanicalDummy We all saw the photo and the damage YOU did! Subhuman!

So far, there has been no response from the bitch.

Legendary soul singer Diana Ross looks happy and content after undergoing a face lift recently. She was spotted out & about yesterday with surgical tape adhered to her temples. I call plastic surgery the rich women’s disease because only rich women have trouble aging gracefully or accepting their physical imperfections. My mom is 78 and her wrinkles look beautiful to me. I can’t imagine my mom getting a face lift.
Photo: Splash News Online

40-year-old rapper Jay Z performed his entire catalog during a concert at Alexandra Palace in my hometown of London, England yesterday. They say only 8,000 fans showed up. It seems even Great Britain is feeling the effects of the recession. Or maybe nobody cares about Jay Z anymore?
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Newcomer actress Gabourey Sidibe who plays the title role in the movie ‘Precious’ arrived at MTV studios in Times Square, New York City today for an appearance on “Its On With Alexa Chung”. It looks like Gabby has packed on a few extra pounds. Instant fame tends to do that to women.

Photo: Roger Wong/

I thought tennis superstar Serena Williams was a well-put together drag queen when I first saw this picture. She must be really hard on her shoes. I bet she goes through a good pair of heels every three weeks.
Photo: Splash News Online

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Rihanna was spotted leaving her NYC hotel bound for JFK airport for a flight to Los Angeles on Tuesday after sitting down with GMA’s Diane Sawyer to discuss her life following the savage assault by convicted felon Chris Brown.

I am soooo happy that the world’s most famous celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton Ethered Chris Brown and let that bitch know how we bloggers feel about what he did to Rihanna.

Perez sent this tweet to Chris Brown on the micro-blogging site this morning:

PerezHilton: @MechanicalDummy Just want to remind you what a disgusting subhuman you are. Lower than shit! But you already know that


Photos: Splash News and INF Photo

Props to loyal reader Terrence for Chris Brown’s New CD cover!

Rihanna sits down with GMA’s Diane Sawyer to break her silence after being beaten within an inch of her life by convicted felon Chris Brown. Sawyer was granted the first interview over Oprah Winfrey. Some parts of this interview had me :yawn: but RiRi looks so good! I hope she can put all this behind her and just make great music.