Last night I was blessed out by someone in Tiny's camp who said the information contained in this blog was all wrong.

  • She said this track is not new, it's actually ten years old [well, it's new to us].
  • Tiny has only been on the road with OMG Girls twice. The group is not over when T.I. comes home. OMG receives a lot of support from the other moms and family members.
  • The Tiny and Toya Show did not begin filming two weeks ago. Filming started on the 2nd season last week.
  • Tiny is not "giving it all up" when T.I. comes home in May 2010. He actually wants her to open her nail salon, and he's very excited about it. The private, invite-only Grand Opening is on Dec. 9, 2009 -- which I will be attending along with a few lucky readers!

So please make note of the corrections as you read the following. As always, we here at Sandrarose.com strive to maintain our credibility and to ensure that our information is accurate and factual whenever possible!


New music from one of my favorite R&B singer/songwriters, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, formerly of Xscape. Tameka has kept herself very busy since her man, rapper T.I., was incarcerated last May.

She's puttin' in work in the studio writing songs for her girl group OMG and others. She's also on the road with her group, which consists of her daughter Niq Niq, 13, Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae, 10, and sisters Bahja, 12, and Lourdes, 10.

Two weeks ago, Tiny began filming the 2nd season of the popular Tiny and Toya Show on BET with her BFF Antonia Carter, who is Reginae's mom. Friends have noticed the dramatic change in Tiny overall. "She has grown so much as a woman," one close friend told me.

While Tip is supportive of Tiny from behind bars -- even though his people keep a close eye on her, it's almost a sure bet that he will shut everything down when he comes home - reportedly in May 2010.

There will no more OMG Girlz, no more road trips (unless she's on the road with T.I.), no nail salon, and no more TV show as Tiny resumes her full-time job of being a mother to T.I.'s children.

I hear that Tiny won't mind giving it all up since she's a ride and n' die chick to the end.

But her friends like what they see in Tiny now that she has grabbed hold of the reigns to take total control of her life and business affairs.

"She's so beautiful! Isn't she beautiful?," gushed Tiny's friend recently. "She's grown into the woman she's always wanted to be."

Below is a comedy spoof of the Tiny and Toya Show I spotted on Xscapesightings.

These chicks need their own show!

Earlier this week, someone in child actor Tristan Wilds' camp leaked a manufactured story to the NY Daily News alleging that Tristan was dating pop singer Rihanna.

As you can see, not one credible blog ran that story because we all knew it was fake. As if Rihanna would really be romantically interested in a child.

Rihanna confirmed that she isn't dating a boy at the time (she didn't say she wasn't dating a woman though -- a clever play on words).

To prove to everyone who really holds the key to her heart, Rihanna took her BFF/assistant Melissa on a cruise today after arriving back in the states from London. The two took a cruise out of fort Lauderdale, Florida on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines.

Before leaving London, Rihanna spoke to a German magazine about her sexual preferences in a mate:

"He has to be good in bed and the size matters," Rihanna reportedly told the mag. "You know what I mean? Inner beauty counts as well, but without a toy it doesn't make it fun."

"Right now I don't want a serious relationship, I love flirting at the moment. I'm single and enjoying my freedom. But if I am dating, I check the boy from the top to the bottom!"

Also, Grammy award winning singer Toni Braxton stopped by The Wendy Williams Show today to discuss "the kiss" and the break up of her marriage. Wendy's show was renewed for a second season. Congrats to her.

Source: Melissa Koshir | FerenComm.com


According to Black Celeb Kids, this here is Usher Raymond's son Naviyd Ely Raymond -- and the reason for the bust up of their marriage. The mother of course, is ex-wife Tameka Raymond. Rumor had it that Usher didn't believe this child was his son. I don't blame him. I would be questioning the genetics as well. Especially if I didn't have any light skin folks in my bloodline.

Usher's firstborn, his namesake, is the spittin' image of him. But this kid here doesn't resemble Usher at all. I always wondered why Usher would be seen out & about with only one his children and not the other. Naviyd is a cutie though. Too bad he's saddled with that name. People should think before naming their kids. Naviyd will have to spell his name to everyone he meets for the rest of his life.

Thanks to loyal reader Janet B for the tip!

I almost mistook rapper Lil Kim for Prince in this fabulous gold and black outfit. Lil Kim was leaving Sean Combs' stuffy 40th birthday bash inside The Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel in NYC last night. I heard a lot of NY industry types who thought they were A-listers couldn't get in.

Hey Cassie, Father Time called, he wants his 15 minutes back.

Cassie was spotted leaving her boyfriend Sean Combs' 40th birthday bash inside The Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel in NYC last night. She'd better keep her head shaved and hope Sean doesn't dump her because that's the only reason she's on the blogs.

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Everyone knows Rihanna has a short fuse and is liable to go off at any second. But maybe a London limo service driver didn't get the memo? According to Britain's The Daily Star, a limo driver had the audacity to arrive 3 minutes late.

A seething Rihanna blew her fuse and blessed out a member of her "massive" entourage when the limo driver failed to arrive at RiRi's hotel at the appointed hour to pick her up:

"She was with a massive entourage and one was on the phone to the driver, asking where he was,” a source tells Britain’s Daily Star “Suddenly Rihanna started shouting in the face of this guy, saying: ‘Where the f*ck is my car?’ After another minute, she squawked, ‘I mean it guys, you’ve now got 30 seconds to get me my car or someone is losing their employment. I f*cking mean it, 10 seconds and I get nasty’.”

Rihanna’s car arrived moments later.

The insider adds: “The driver was so panicked, he almost drove the wrong way down Piccadilly Circus.”

I totally agree with Riahnna. I'm sure she paid top dollar for that limo service and she should be treated with respect.


In response to my post about the fighting Facebook teachers, loyal reader SunnyPA sent this link to a video on Facebook by Throw'd TV which focuses on Facebook breakups.

While this video approaches the subject of online social networks wreaking havoc on marriages from a comical point of view, the issue is a serious one.

Does your wife or husband have a Facebook page that you don't know about? If a so-called "friend" sent you a Facebook link with the subject line "Is this your husband"? -- and you were nowhere on his page and his status was "single," would that be grounds for divorce?

Do you monitor your spouse's Facebook and Twitter pages obsessively?

Do you have a Facebook page that your spouse doesn't know about?

Chris Brown appeared before a Los Angeles judge yesterday for a probation progress hearing. He gave a glowing report of himself and how he's complying with the terms of his court-ordered community service and staying far away from ex-girlfriend Rihanna who threw him way up under the bus in that interview with Diane Sawyer last week. The judge was happy to hear that Brown is toeing the line. All he has to do is slip up one time and he will be behind bars.

Sean Combs looked dapper onstage at his 40th birthday celebration Presented by Ciroc Vodka at The Grand Ballroom at The Plaza Hotel in nYC last night. This makes the third year in a row that Sean has celebrated his 40th birthday.

Socialite and reality TV personality Kim Kardashian showed her azz at Sean Combs' black tie birthday bash last night in NYC.

Rapper Nelly was sharp as hail at Diddy's birthday bash. Who is he dating now that him and Ashanti split up? Usher's ex-wife Tameka Foster tried to holla at him but all that plastic surgery she's had done to her face didn't sway him.

How can June Ambrose be a celebrity stylist when she dresses herself like a soufflé dipped in white chocolate? And that pink lipstick is not working for her. Go back to the drawing table, hon.

I LOVE Sean's mom Janice Combs because she doesn't care what any of y'all think. Go girl!

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Aging rap moguls Jay Z, left, and Dr. Dre, whose album has been pushed back further than Ciara's hairline, attended the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Armory in NYC last night. Don't they look like they're holding hands?

Again, chicks with flat butts like Keri Hilson should never turn around for photogs. I normally wouldn't suggest this, but maybe Keri would benefit from a hydrogel injection or two.

Actor and heartthrob Taylor Lautner was smoking hawt at the NYC Screening Of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" last night.

Professional beard, Amber "hard face" Rose, looked so out of place at the NY premiere of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" last night.

What's her dress doing?

Actress Gabrielle Union was the lady in red at the TASCHEN book launch party at Cross Roads Of The World in LA yesterday.

Rapper Drake attended the "A Conversation with Drake" event sponsored by the Nashville Chapter of NARAS in Nashville yesterday. What has Drake done to deserve such an honor? Has he even dropped an album yet?

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A female's intuition is highly sensitive to any change in a man's body language or behavior after he has been with another woman -- however subtle that change may be, we can detect it instantly. Men aren't as alert to subtle changes in their own behavior as we are. So they are often caught slipping.

But while God outfitted us females with a better intuition than men, we sometimes allow our emotions to get in the way of our good common sense.

As I told you before, here in Atlanta, we have a black male shortage crisis. Because of that, women often find themselves involved with the same man.

This is what happened to two Clayton County middle school teachers who allowed their emotions to get in the way of their good common sense.

Rex Mill Middle School teachers Chaka Cobb and Ebony Smith were charged with misdemeanors following a profanity laced altercation in front of students.

The fight was over a man, Rex Mill physical education teacher Derek Green. The altercation was sparked by a love letter posted by Ebony Smith to Green's Facebook page begging him for more pillow time.

“I am in love with you. I am tired of being your every blue moon [expletive],” the letter read.

Cobb, who is pregnant with Green's child, read the letter and posted an angry response to Smith. The two women later confronted each other at the school.

“There was swinging and hitting and profanity between the two,” read an administrative complaint filed with the teachers professional board. Smith took the first swing at Cobb and the fight was broken up by several teachers.

Smith turned in her resignation on Monday in lieu of being terminated, according to the AJC.

Cobb was suspended without pay for 19.5 days. She will return to work on Dec. 4. Green was suspended for 10 days without pay. Though he wasn't involved in the altercation, he violated the school board's policy against fraternizing. Green returned to work on Monday.

All three teachers were found to be in violation of school board ethics and professional standard of conduct policies for educators.

In a letter submitted to school administration, Cobb blamed her uncharacteristic behavior to her "raging hormones" because of her pregnancy. “I felt extremely threatened for myself and my fully developed child inside of me,” she wrote.

Smith called the situation "childish and embarrassing."

Cobb and Smith's cases have been assigned to a State Court judge. They will likely be arraigned in January, 2010.

Source: AJC via ATLien.