TMZ paparazzi snapped this pic of a moving truck in the driveway of Tiger Woods' $2.6 million Islewood mansion in Florida today. It seems the rumors of Tiger's wife Elin leaving him were a bit premature. In fact, it is Tiger whose stuff is being put out on the lawn.

A truck pulled up to Tiger Woods' home an hour ago in Windermere, Florida and removed 5 big boxes from the house.

The truck driver went inside and removed 5 or 6 moving boxes from the house, put them in the back of the truck and left. We got a pic of the truck as it sat in the driveway.

A security team watched as the boxes were removed, and then flanked the truck as it left the property.

No word on who's stuff is being moved, but Elin Nordegren and the kids have been living there since the incident two weeks ago. Tiger has been nowhere in sight. Read More...

And while we're on the subject of baby daddies with 7 figure salaries, the Orlando Sentinel has a interview with NBA star Dwight Howard who is supposedly suing his baby mama for $9.2 mil. Howard says, "What lawsuit?"

Howard said he didn't know of any suit filed in Orange County, Ca., as reported by

"This is on TMZ?" Howard asked. "I haven't seen it. I don't know what you're talking about."

According to the report, Reed has been bad-mouthing Howard on an internet site, saying, among other things, that he hasn't seen his son Braylon, 2, in two months.

"That's not right at all. I just saw my son in Altanta two weeks ago (on Thanskgiving)," Howard said. "You know I see my son."

Howard did not want to offer further comment.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    I thought Tiger moved into his yacht :shrugs:

  • melinla

    “That’s not right at all. I just saw my son in Altanta two weeks ago (on Thanskgiving),” Howard said.

    Does this guy get a pass for not seeing his kid everyday because he plays ball??? The kid is not school age... and he does make millions... :whistle: oh well - back to work


    oh well I'm out peeps for the weekend and bout to take my happy pills so yall have a save and nice weekend!

  • trynabeme

    Na, na, na, na

    Na, na, na, na

    Hey, hey, hey

    GOODBYE! :cya:

  • RachelRachel

    Ahhhhh, poor Tiger. Tiger, listen! Tell all of them to kiss where you sit. You The Man with the Talent; not them! Nature made you to be Fruitful (their words...). Yall men just should Never get married, thats all. Marriage is a trap and a scam. Unfortunately, very few people know this. Whitey makes a killing off of this un-natural institution. However, humans haven't been able to come up with a better one. But, if I were a man, I would never marry because it goes Totally against a man's nature. The question is, how can we create something where all the woman, man and children will all benefit like intelligent human-beings. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

  • ReadTheBlog

    So if he saw his son, why is he tripping :shrug:

    Who cares about that moving truck? On to the next one. :point:

  • Nina


    It takes years to build a great house, but only 1 night of fire can burn it down. Men do better!

    LOL at Dwight "You know I see my son"

  • ReadTheBlog

    RachelRachel - never mind :nono:

  • RachelRachel

    And just for the record, I have a man. We live together with our children. We are highly intelligent and we would Never hurt each other the way other people so freely turn on one another and hurt each other. It has taken many years to figure out the correct way to live on this earth in this phony man-made society. Yet, everyone must figure out a way to live that works for them and all those involved. Humans have a loooong way to go in Revolution; not evolution. (Evolution means desending or getting worse).

  • missy

    My family told me to leave tiger I will....& I will leave him and his wife and family alone and hope they all do what is right....

  • missy

    Some people need the ignore button ........I wish we had an emoticon for that....

  • RachelRachel

    I know 'ReadtheBlog'......My Logic is hard to overstand. Maybe you can understand it. (You know, people need to ponder on things more because there are alot of things that need to be upgraded).


    If Tiger is moving, and thats a BIG if, good for her. I wouldnt leave my damn house either.

    @melinla No shade at all, but isnt that the case for most ppl who share a child with someone that they do not live with? Yeah, he can afford to drag the baby from state to state but why would you do that? I'm just asking why you think he is getting a pass?

  • starr

    as far as the dwight thingy....somebody playing games or lying lol

  • Anna

    Why would Tiger move out when it's been reported that Elin her twin, mom and the kids moved in their house around the corner. Did someone photoshop that pic, it doesn't make sense that if he had 5-6 boxes you don't see anyone putting them in the back of the truck.

  • Tyzgurl


    Ok...I will bite...what's IYO is the right way to live on this earth? I'm curious....

  • KrayZKat

    RachelRachel, if shacking up works for you, I send my blessings, but I have to differ on your account of marriage. Marriage is a beautiful institution. It's the parties involve that make it stanky. I know because I talk to too many happily married people who wouldn't have it any other way.

    Just my opinion. You obviously have yours, and if it works for you, C'est la vie.

  • Tyzgurl

    I am up in the air about marriage at times. I see couples that seem to be happy and give me hope that all is possible...and then I see those that are "in it" and "stays in it" for the wrong reasons. The kids...status...finances..but what about love. And then they spend years being with someone that wasn't right for them in the first place...and you have to deal with adultery,lies,pain, and hurt. But, I still have faith. I am a romantic at heart!! I'm about to get out of here, SF fam! Have a lovely yall and be safe!

  • trynabeme

    :offtopic: I'm listening to Kim & Khloe K. on Howard Sterns was actually a good show. I like the Kardashian gurls. I had no idea Kim usta chill wit Nick Cannon :surprised:

  • mistarie

    missy Says:

    Some people need the ignore button ……..I wish we had an emoticon for that….

    :cosign: It is what it is though. Live and let live.

  • MZN


    I hear your logic and can somewhat agree with it. But if men are supposed to be fruitful and multiply, that must mean you allow your man to be fruitful and multiply in your relationship. I guess since you guys have kids and he didn't marry you, but you live together, then you agree that a man shouldn't be married because it's against his nature.

    Oh and btw, evolution means evolving...going forward... Revolution means to revolve, going around in a circle, in a never ending process. There is no evolutionary in revolutionary...

    Just my two cents....


    @ Rachel I mean this with respect and no shade what so ever, but wtf are you talking about...please and thanks.

  • missy

    @tryna-I use to like the Kardashians but they seem to much of publicity whores for me now....& I wouldn't be surprise if they haven't been with a lot of black dudes who are in the game..... :coffee:

    @mistarie-yes it is what it is....

  • Anna

    I was wondering if you have ever been married. I have been married for over 12 yrs. and I love it. If one does not marry someone they have chemistry with or are on the same page marriage must be hard and fustrating.



    Dwight Howard suing his baby mama for $9.2 mil, what is her day job?

  • j.c.

    :offtopic: have yall heard trey songz remix with usher and keri hilson invented sex, sooooooo hot!

  • attorneymom

    Do you all think that Tiger is still alive?? I mean TMZ has not spotted him since the accident. Do you think those Vikings are covering something up??

  • attorneymom

    Quote of the Day: "Anytime we attach moral strength to athletic achievement we are setting ourselves up disappointment." by Brandel Chamblee (Former Golfer)

  • trynabeme

    @ jc, yep I heard it :thumbsup: sadly this is the 1st new thang by Usher that I'm feelin' & technically it ain't his. :shrugs:

    AM...I was just saying the other day that I hope Tiger doesn't seek a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Them Viking might injure him, but they ain't finna mess off the money that's coming their way by getting rid of him.

  • attorneymom

    @trynabeme, you better preach. White folks only understand one color and that is green.


    @ Rachel
    If you are so committed to each other and would never hurt each other then why can't aren't you married. I personally feel like someone is afriad of taking that step but that's just my opinion.