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Atlantans got out the vote yesterday and ushered in a new mayor who has the best interests of the local entertainment industry at heart!

Kasim Reed didn't win by a landslide over his opponent Mary Norwood, but he got enough votes to win the runoff election even though a recount is still likely.

In fact, Kasim's win margin is so slim that Norwood has not yet conceded defeat. But she will.

“It is my hope tonight that we will unite this city and make Atlanta the city shining on a hill,” Reed told about 300 supporters at the Hyatt Regency. “Tomorrow we have hard work to do to make Atlanta the best city in America.”

Kasim says his first priority as Mayor of the city of Atlanta is to find a new police chief to replace the outgoing chief who resigned under fire last week.

Reed is seeking a police chief with experience in dealing with gangs. "I believe that Atlanta has a growing gang problem that we're not confronting enough in an aggressive enough way," said Reed.

Reed also plans to repeal the controversial 2:30 a.m. nightclub curfew that was put in place to combat the violence and murders outside nightclubs in Buckhead a few years ago. The curfew drove club owners outside the city limits where bartenders could pour liquor all night long.

Reed, a 40-year-old single attorney, also intends to hire 750 new police officers to bolster the 1,600 man police department that has come under fire recently for prolonged delays responding to emergency 911 calls.

Reed served as the campaign manager in Shirley Franklin's successful election campaign to become the 58th Mayor of Atlanta. On May 21, 2009, Reed caused controversy in Atlanta's GLBT community when he stated that he supported civil unions for gays, but not gay marriage.


  • attorneymom

    Lawyers are ruling the planet!

  • Thando


    I'm just watching 'Loose Women' in UK (that's 'The View' equivalent)

    The ladies had snippets of Beyonce's video call vid and discussed whether it was necessary for her to be all slutty and shii at her age and this stage of her career. Also, has she taken her sexiness to a slutty level?

    Interesting. Even these middle aged white women are taking a step back!!!

  • mizzdallas

    Another Kwame Kilpatrick.....

  • maliasasha

    Great a single Black Mayor for Atlanta. Kudos to him. It should take 5 seconds for SR to start 100 fake rumors about him and start trashing him like she does my President. Especially since he beat out an old white woman. Go ahead SR. You know you are dying to start with your tear the Black man down rant. Do Better!!

  • waterlily_76

    He is going to have all kinds of panties thrown at him now. :coffee:

  • KaraZ

    Sandra, spill the tea. I know you know the answers to the questions about him from yesterday...

  • Anna

    mizzdallas Says:

    Another Kwame Kilpatrick…..
    LOL. At least this man is not married, but living in ATL and a single black male is questionable.

  • Redeemed777

    All this talk about what he/she will do for's all BS. It's like a ripple effect; the Feds don't have money for the State, and the State has no money for the City.

    If there is no money, how exactly do they plan on doing " this and that" for the city????

  • Nina

    mizzdallas Says:

    Another Kwame Kilpatrick…

    I was thinking the same thing - wow

  • ReadTheBlog

    So ATLiens, is this a good thing for the city, or what?

  • ReadTheBlog

    Redeemed, they are planning to operate in the hole - many are doing it. It's the new black!

  • Charles

    Sandra no post on how he's on the DL

    And when I checked last he hadn't officially won, not like I caree atl has been ruined, and what can his dumb gay ass do to fix it?

    Atl is so gay and so black it'll never be what it once used to be.

  • 2thick4u

    Congrats Atlanta :)

  • luvly1957

    Charles it is not just ATL it's everywhere. ATL used to be known as da Black Mecca and if you wanted to come up come here but now it is so corrupt. I liked Bill Campbell but he was so crooked and it has been going down since. I don't know about Maynard Jackson but ATL is so far gone I don't know if it will ever be the same.

  • renegadesince1985

    First off, Mary has not conceded and I don't think she will just yet. She'll probably want a recount. Kasim has the right ideas regarding business and commercial interests. He has a lot of good ideas that I think will boost businesses in the city. Atlanta is broke, just like every other city pretty much, so I'm not sure how some of the progams (while they are good) will be implemented. Personally, I've worked with both candidates on a task force and Kasim is a really nice person who is willing to work with people, Mary -- not so much. She comes of as snobbish. But that's just my personal opinion of the two. I know my association is happy about Kasim's soon to be win!

  • attorneymom

    @renegadesince1985, I concur 100%. Mary came off snobbish and was condescending during some of her interviews.

  • pointhimout

    #3, i agree. kilpatrick's straight though, so you're saying karim is too? i thought differently but maybe he is.

  • free

    first, congrats kasim.

    second, :homoswitch: