Rappers Akon and Busta Rhymes recently put their money where their mouth was to help a record exec raise $20,000 to bury Detroit's dead.

The sad story unfolded when the city's budget ran out and bodies began piling up in the city morgue. The financially strapped Detroit city government could not even provide potter's burials for the unclaimed bodies.

The dead were mostly indigent and homeless people whose families couldn't afford the burial costs which can vary from $600 to over $6,000. Without the funds to bury the dead, and facing a crisis because space at the morgue was filling up rapidly, Detroit reached out to the local media for help.

Though she was born and raised in the South side of Atlanta -- and probably only set foot in Detroit once or twice -- former Universal/Motown exec Shanti Das, 38, heeded the call for help after reading about the unclaimed bodies on CNNMoney.com.

With the help of her friends - rappers Akon, Kid Rock and Busta Rhymes, Das, who recently lost family members of her own, was able to raise $20,000 to bring the total of unburied dead down from 69 to just 50. But financial help is still needed to bury the rest.

If you would like to donate to the burial fund, visit www.maywerestinpeace.org.

It's a shame that rappers and professional athletes can make it rain in strip clubs and drop $20,000 on rims for their whips, but they can't spare a dime to help a friend bury the dead.

I would be too if I were pregnant with a girl child. In fact, I never got pregnant (or even laid up under a man for that matter) because I never wanted to bring a girl child into this world. There is too much evil and depravity in the world.

But God Bless those women who do decide to bring girl children into this Sodom & Gomorra. You're all better than me, including pseudo singer Christina Milian who tells OK! mag exclusively that she's nervous about having a girl.

First-time mommy-to-be Christian Milian is excited about welcoming her bundle of joy, revealing exclusively to OK! that she and her record producer husband The Dream are expecting a baby girl, but she also admits she’s a little anxious about the whole process. “I am nervous about giving birth to the baby,” Christina reveals to OK!.

But with family and friends close by on the big day Christina admits that, “as long as Dream is right next to me, I’ll be fine!”

Christina and her pals had a blast on Saturday for her baby shower, where guests were treated to a decadent day filled with manicures, pedicures, and makeovers provided by Valerie Beverly Hills. Attendees also noshed on delicious Asian inspired goodies from Philippe West Hollywood and bite-sized cupcakes from Famous Cupcakes.

Aww, isn't that sweet! But I'm still unsure why this girl is a celebrity.


Well, that didn't take long for OK! magazine to snap up the first pics of reality TV personality Kendra Wilkinson's newborn son. Hank Randall Baskett IV came into the world at 12:37 a.m. on Dec. 11 weighing in at a backbreaking 9 pounds, 5 ounces, and 22 inches!

Daddy is former NFL player Hank Baskett who is currently unemployed and shamelessly living off his wife's ends.

But money talks and these Hollywood moms will sell their baby's souls, er, I mean first pics to the highest bidder, which really is a shame.

I guess bloggers such as myself only make matters worse for these Kodak babies by posting the first pics. But that's because I'm assuming you want to see the first pic which is why I made the effort.

Hank IV is the couple's first child.


As president Barack Obama's approval rating hits the lowest mark of any president in history at this stage, critics are again asking can things get any worse any for him and his incompetent administration?

As problems continue to mount and the president’s approval ratings continue to sink — the latest Rasmussen poll has Obama’s approval rating down to 44 percent, a new low — there are a lot of different, and damaging, story lines developing around the Obama administration. You can add a lack of basic competence to the list.

To take just one example from yesterday: on NBC’s Meet the Press, White House economic adviser Christina Romer was asked if the recession was over. Her first answer was that according to the “official definition … I think we have, at least in terms of GDP, reached that point”... When Romer was then asked, “So in your mind, this recession is not over,” she answered, “Of course not. We have — you know, for, for the people on Main Street and throughout this country, they are still suffering. The unemployment rate is still 10 percent.”

Now compare her answer with that given by Obama's director of the National Economic Council, Lawrence Summers on ABC's This Week:

“Today, everybody agrees that the recession is over, and the question is what the pace of the expansion is going to be.”

According to columnist Peter Wehner, these and other missteps will extract a toll on the Democrats when voters go to the polls come 2010.

Still, add these incidents to others and you have a picture emerging of an administration and a party that are not only overmatched by events but that also look downright pitiable at times. This is the kind of thing, especially so early in the life of an administration, that can easily become a proxy for a wider inability to govern. Come 2010, voters are likely to extract a cost for this. Read More...

What is this world coming to when a soccer mom can't even drive through Times Square without covering her child's eyes for fear of seeing a woman's naked butt on a gigantic billboard?

I remember when stores covered up or hid X-rated magazines behind the counter with less flesh than this to avoid children's curious eyes. What happened to our society's morals?

This billboard featuring a fully unclothed reality TV personality Bethanny Frankel is brought to you courtesy of the anti-fur fanatics PETA for their "Fur? I'd Rather Go Naked" campaign. How about we'd rather not see Bethanny's naked arse on a giant billboard?

I'm so glad I don't live in New York.

Rihanna's full interview in GQ magazine is posted all over the Internets and it contains some interesting insight into the dominating relationship that her manager -- who I affectionately call "pit bull" - has over her.

I love how the writer just ignores the pit bull's interruptions and continues asking questions.

Take this interesting exchange for instance:

The Hovering Manager interrupts for the first time. “Ri, can you come over here for two seconds?” she asks. Rihanna looks at her quizzically. “There’s an issue with a track,” says HM. “What track?” says Rihanna. HM’s eyebrows raise. “Can you just come over here for a second?” she says tersely. Rihanna obeys. The two move a few feet away. Much whispering ensues, but there’s no communication with the people working in the soundstage. Then Rihanna returns to her wooden crate. The first thing she says is “I’m sorry.”

You get the feeling that Rihanna is somewhat passive/aggressive and allows people with bigger personalities than hers (ie, Type A personalities) to overpower her. Notice I said "allows" because I'm sure that at some point, RiRi's aggressive side shows itself.

Rihanna discussed her close relationship with her mentor Jay Z:

Me and Jay-Z, we have a very close relationship, so he was there helping me through it and giving me advice and guidance, and just words of support. Like, strength.

And her reaction to her face meeting Chris Brown's fists:

Initially. I would say the first…the first seventy-two hours after I realized, it hit. The entire thing was kind of a daze. I was confused. It was a little weird, but…but then, after, I was getting bored of being in the house and sittin’ around. I called Jay Brown—he’s my A&R—and I was like, “I want to get back to the studio. I want to get back.”

If Rihanna could talk to other young victims of domestic abuse, here's what she'd probably say:

Um…really really really that love is blind... After everything happened, it was a wake-up call to me… I didn’t realize how much of an effect it had on young girls’ lives, and that’s part of the insight that I wanna give. Stop blaming yourself for that outcome. There’s nothing you can do, ever, to excuse a man’s behavior like that.

On if she will ever speak to the convicted woman beater again:

Mmm. Maybe in like ten years, you know? But it’s not something that I’m depending on. I’m not depending on his friendship.

On if she has the dreaded herpes:

... it’s not true. It’s a fucking scar. On my lip. That’s there every day of my life... At first I was like, Are you serious? First I thought people were gonna definitely know that that’s not…But when I read it, and I see that people just buy into that…Like, the minute they see it, it forms something in their head.

Read the full interview after the break...

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Sade surprised about a hundred industry elite gathered last night when she showed up at her album listening party in NYC. Doesn't she look great! And why wasn't I invited?

Singer/Songwriter SADE makes a surprise appearance at the New York listening party for her first studio album in 10 years, "Soldier Of Love", due in stores February 8, 2010.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Reality TV personality and socialite Kim Kardashian is beside herself with joy now that her brand new nephew is here. Kim's sister Kourtney Kardashian whose only claim to fame is her bloodline, gave birth to a boy early Monday morning.

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter yesterday to express her elation at becoming a first-time aunt.

"I'm an auntie!!!!" she tweeted. "My little Mason Dash Disick is here!!! We are all so happy!"

Expect that kid to be spoiled rotten by the time he's two.


One thing you have to admire about Tiger Woods' soon to be ex-wife Elin Nordegren-Woods is her gutsy self-respect and pride. Here is a woman who chose not to hide under a rock like her world famous serial cheater husband is currently doing.

Woods is reportedly living aboard his multi-million dollar yacht "Privacy" while dozens of women come forward with their claims of intimate affairs with the golf superstar. As a result, Woods has lost his biggest endorsement contracts, including Gillette and technological services giant Accenture. NIKE still stands by their man, but they also stood by Kobe when his one transgression became public.

In the meantime, Woods' estranged wife Elin is out & about, handling her business -- and look, she's not wearing her wedding ring. Why should she? She's not the one who cheated openly, wantonly and without a care with dozens of loose men while her husband and children waited at home.

Elin reportedly purchased a $1.5 million six-bedroom home in her native Sweden, sparking reports that she's leaving the country with her children. She's also set to rake in more than $300 million from a pre-nup agreement she signed before marrying Woods in 2004.

People say I'm a male basher. But how can you blame me for pointing out the cold, hard truth about some of these men? They make it too easy.

Photo: Splash News via Daily Mail