A few of Tiger Woods' 14 mistresses are talking to the media hoping to cash in on the Tiger Woods media feeding frenzy that's sweeping the country.

The most talkative has been Jamie Grubbs, Rachel Uchitel (even though she was supposedly paid off) and underwear model Jamie Jungers.

Jungers recently spoke with British tabloid UK's News of the World, which doesn't pride itself on accuracy or even the truth for that matter. Jungers told the rag she slept with Tiger on May 2, 2006 — the same night he lost his father, Earl, to prostate cancer. Jamie says Woods spent three hours at the hospital with his father, but even his grief "didn't impede their usual routine." She said Tiger was "insatiable" when he arrived back at his hotel room.

"When he came back, I could see he was preoccupied and worried about his dad," she says, "but when we went to bed he still wanted to have sex as usual."


  • waterlily_76

    Eldrick, when the dust settles are you still goig to be banging bleach blonde bimbos?

  • missy

    Why don't these girls get some pride?

    IMO they look worse than Tiger because their bragging about it ............

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice *\o/*

    he sure didnt have a variety in women. :yawn:

    any news on that alleged love child :popcorn:

  • FloridaChick813

    And this heffa was surprised he still wanted to have s*x "as usual".... Ummmmmmm yea, thats what you are there for.... The s*x... Silly bish.. :rolleyes:

  • mjoylaw

    Seems like Tiger used these chicks as interchangeable bedwarmers, stress relievers and cum rags..can't believe they keep running their nasty mouths thinking they are only making him look bad..news flash bish, you.r.a.hoe......

  • mjoylaw

    seems like the issue was Tiger wanted/needed sex every day..I guess he liked variety..and was doing this same ish long before he got married....so eventually he got married but of course his wife couldn't go every where with him..his ass already knew he wasn't gonna be faithful...so he hired a bunch of stand ins to make sure he got his daily session(s) in where ever he was in the world..he probably could have married a trophy chick who would have been cool with the jumpoffs if they had a made an agreement from the beginning...Tiger probably won't ever stop but will just get better at hiding his foolishness in the future...real talk

  • starr

    I wonder if these chicks sold all the details...because wen tiger starts winning again...no one is gonna care

    the same way people forgot about kobe's rape/affair situation.....

  • khandi25

    Okay Tiger had sex with women who wasn't his wife.. He paid for sex and he might have a love child.. Okay.. Can we move on to the next hot topic, because this one is running on cold...

  • JDWhitedst

    I am so tired of this story.

  • KaraZ

    I don't believe this Jamie Jungers one bit... it already came out that she was an escort and she wants to deny it, claiming she was with Tiger because she loved him & in the next breath saying she only saw him once a month... lying azz garden tool. She was with him because she hoped to get money, trick. But some men never learn... from Samson in the Bible to Tiger's dumb azz

  • mia2bmore

    These heifers and whoever keep talking to them need to let it go. Ok we get it. Now they need to go and learn what self-respect means and stop sleeping with folks husbands!

  • http://oneperfectassistant.com ggouch

    And this heffa was surprised he still wanted to have s*x “as usual”…. Ummmmmmm yea, thats what you are there for…. The s*x… Silly bish..

    :cosign: and I will continue to stress: WHORES DO NOT GET a PLATFORM!! Play your role you silly whore. Coming out with all these tiger tidbits just puts you on the map of WHORES!! The only thing you should be discussing with the media are your prices...this is business B.I. ITCHES!!!

  • http://oneperfectassistant.com ggouch

    And this BROAD should have asked for more dough to be left on the nightstand...for a trip to the CLEANERS. Because the jacket as been washed way more than the pants

  • http://oneperfectassistant.com ggouch

    Fitting for this CUM-BUCKET with a mouth is standing in front of the MOVIE "SAW" backdrop. Where is JIGSAW when you need him. All these whores would have been taught a lesson by now.

  • jazi65

    Whats the difference between Santa and Tiger ?

    Santa stops after 3 Ho's :rofl:

  • Mahogany03

    LMAO @ jazi65!!!