It's this time of year when people tend to reflect over the year and realize how Blessed we are. Looking back on his Blessings, Young Jeezy knows how important it is to give back & pay it forward. He chooses to do it through his Non-Profit foundation called *Street Dreamz*. If you look at these pics you'll see that the kids look familiar. You're right, these are the same kids you saw at the Thanksgiving event.

Along with being a Blessing and making sure these kids have a great Holiday season he's also giving the gift that will truly make a difference, being a mentor to these kids. So even after the Holiday season is over he intends to stay involved with them and make sure these kids continue to travel the right path. Last night The event took place at Justin's Restaurant where he shut the restaurant down to have a private party for the kids.

Everyone ate good then burned off the food in a dance contest. Then they all received presents. But for the Snowman, the grind just doesn't stop as South, Ga is all abuzz as he's preparing to shut down a gym, fill it with toys and again make sure those that have not, have this Holiday...

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  • pyt305

    I cya jeezy ;)he he can so get the bizz lol but im glad to see him giving back to the community!!!

  • SouthernPrincess

    Kudos to Jeezy!! :yea:

  • missmiami

    Jeezy has put on some wait but still LOOKS HELLA SEXY!!!!!!!!!! OMG, NOTHING MORE SEXY THAN A MAN GIVING BACK TO HIS COMMUNITY :heart:

  • mirsmommy

    :thumbsup: It's always good to see celebrities doing something for a good cause. :yes:

  • Quitta

    Very nice Jeezy! :claps:

  • mizzdallas

    thats good

    now onto more serious things


    he can so get the bizz lol

    are u serious? lol! jeezy eeeergggh :sick:

  • missmiami

    i spelled "weight" wrong

  • missy

    Good look..........Jeezy :clap:

  • mizzdallas


    did u just say sexy..? oh lawd now i know the world is about to end! lol! jeezy sexy really like seriously....

  • MsGaMama_706

    pyt305 Says:

    I cya jeezy ;)he he can so get the bizz lol but im glad to see him giving back to the community!!!
    Oh yes I agree with u on that....he can get it!!! LOL

    I love young jeezy and thug motivation 101 was my sh!t....lets get it!!!!

  • shoneydip

    awww how nice

  • CivilEngineer

    He gets a big UP from me! It's a blessing to be a blessing...believe it! :yes:

  • missmiami

    @ mizzdallas something about his swag makes him sexy to me. Can't put my finger on it though. Either way I guess the world is coming to an end cuz I CONCUR WITH MY STATEMENT ;)

  • NicGal


  • Daisy

    Those twin boys are so cute!

    Jeezy :clap:

    We all can and should be giving back in our own way any little bit counts there is always somebody worse off than you BE BLESSED :pray: AMEN!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Those little twins are cute - they momma better have a shotgun fund - they're probably gonna be heartbreakers!

  • missy

    Speaking about Twins don't they look like Lil'Duval....They look like they could be his cousins/sons...or something....

  • BamaBeauty

    'Tis the season..

  • ReadTheBlog

    All y'all that think Jeezy is hot - Imma say a special and separate :pray: for y'all!

  • SouthernPrincess

    Jeezy sexy?? I guess I should no longer to be ashamed to say I think David Banner is HAWT!! :love:

  • ATL_Reese

    Shout to Jeezy!! Jeezy ALWAYS, ALWAYS, give back to the less fortunate.. Every year not even just around holiday season.. More "rappers" should take heed... The world would be a better place if we all just gave back, rich or poor....

  • pyt305

    @mizzdallas: yes something about him makes him look good to me lol

  • mizzdallas

    All y’all that think Jeezy is hot - Imma say a special and separate for y’all!

    :cosign: we need to a have an exorcism..? lol! lmbo!

  • missmiami

    While he @ southernprincess he seems like he has a wonderful mind. Sexy has it's own defintition to each individual because a man giving back is sexy in my eyes :love:

  • pyt305

    lol @ Southernprincess and mizzdallas

  • missmiami

    @ mizzdallas yeah start calling them out cuz there are some parts of me that need deliverance. LOL, seriously

  • missy

    David Banner & Jeezy are on the same level for me...... :nono: they are not cute......& @ RTB I will :pray: with you for them......

  • starr

    heyyyyyyyy jeeezzzy :)

    Good look for him

  • SouthernPrincess

    missmiami Says:

    @ mizzdallas yeah start calling them out cuz there are some parts of me that need deliverance. LOL, seriously

    :cosign: :lol:

  • ReadTheBlog

    Hold on Missy, David Banner is alright...I met him in person :-) He's nice looking, especially since the weight loss. His hands are ashy in real life, just as they are in all the photso we see. He's keeping it 100 on that note!

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    :ashamed: I think jeezy is cute too

  • Redeemed777

    Jeezy's beard looks like he just finished eating somebody out. Ewww!

  • cheeks8683

    Why does Jeezy look like a mole to me?

  • missmiami



    Jeezy is supa sexxxay. I really like the facial hair... mmmmm if I wasn't married he could sure nough get it.
    Miss Miami... I so agree with you sexy comes in lots of forms not just looks.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    :claps: for Jeezy. Good look for him. And why did him and Keshia break up again? He seems like a genuine, good-hearted person.

  • SouthernPrincess


    I can sooo overlook his ashy hands, I probably wont be paying much attention to them anyway :ashamed:

  • katgirl33

    It's great to see a rapper getting involved with kids, the same kids who listen to their music.....

    More of them should do it.....Jay, 50 Cent's rich azz....


  • missy

    @Kat-50 does give back to his community........You just won't see it on here........

  • missmiami

    Hey I remember when SR played the audio of @ the time keyshia gone crazy trying to play down some rumors that she and jeezy had broken up or some crap like that. she sounds deranged. but i liked them as a couple


    This is keeping it real, hood style ;)

  • LadyLew

    I think Jeezy is Hot! Oh and kudos on him giving back. Them lil hairy arse boys!? WTF!? How old are they?

  • gypsyeyes

    @southernprincess- you are not the only one about David Banner. I think that he is so sexy especially since he is an intelligent thug. Love him!!!

  • mistarie

    I have no comment on his unshaven face, his droopy eyes, that extra smedium sweater, his beer gut the fact that his breath looks like it smells like hot shyt. Nope, I'm not gonna comment on any of that.

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Mistarie...... :rofl:


    Its good to see him giving back. He's is one of the few that does and he deserves to be acknowleged for that

  • dcwife1622

    That's what's up Jay Jenkins.....

    I don't find Jeezy attractive but his swag is fierce. I look at him as a cool cousin or a Uncle. He definitely wouldn't get it from me (I read on MTO that Jeezy has a little ashy penis)....But that Cornell Haynes is a different story. :hump:

  • dcwife1622

    Damn we can't even type M T O...

  • ggouch

    I don't get the Jeezy hype....I just don't get it. And the twins...I use to date one of them..cause they ass look grown as hell (i kid i kid)...and the one leaning up against the door all close and cozy with the second photo from the last...he looks..a lil wendy william-ish HOW YOU DO-IN-ish and they look like they plannin some shyt.

  • ggouch

    and what is going on with those short sleaves on that sweater,,,and the puffy shoulders...WTF

  • Silhouette

    Something is just off in these pictures to me, can't exactly put my finger on it. :shrug:

  • qtipthecat

    I find a lot is off. I find nothing attractive to Jeezy at all. His skin awful. Hes bump'y and ashy and I bet his breath smells like hot garbage, blunts and beer. When I look at him, it makes me want to take a bath and brush my teeth. I am not feeling the sweater, it's a little young and it looks like it has shoulder pads.

  • pointhimout

    i've seen only pic where i thought Jeezy was 'nice.' i was drunk with sleep, sorry. He always looks the same otherwise--jeans, t, hat, etc.

    sidebar: Sandra, is Jeezy allegedly selling his lambo (car)?