• Anna

    Sandra, aren't they married?

  • luvly1957

    OK I luv Jennifer but girlfriend has cellulite real bad and I'm sorry maybe I'm wrong but her husband is on steriods...

  • missy


    UMMMMMMMMMMMM...i forgot about the Jordan golf tournament over P.I. bridge..Oh well theirs always next year...

    Jennifer looks . :whistle:

  • KaraZ

    Cute. I thought they were married as well, but I don't remember any wedding photos

  • Quitta

    I thought they were married by now too Anna.

    :lolol: at luvly1957. Her man usta be more muscular than that when he was on I Love New York. He's un-toned down a bit since

  • Daisy

    I use to want to get married at the Atlantis it is so FAB!

    Looks like they had a good time

  • CorporateHoodB-tch

    Go Jenny! She has lost a lot of weight. Now she just has to hit the gym to tighten it up.

  • ReadTheBlog

    She is not short, is she? I wonder what attracted them to one another? I have a hard time believing he'd take someone like New York seriously. And to go from her to Jennifer Hudson just makes me wonder.

  • Al-Ameera

    Love Atlantis!
    No they are not married yet....And what does he do for a living?

  • Lovely One

    I personally think David is a golddigger and Jennifer is holding on to the first form of comfort she could find (after her family tragedy).

  • nika405

    @ RTB, I think he went on the show for fame only. Jennifer looks the best I have ever seen her body wise.

  • msnicole

    Alright J-Hud, now you just gotta tone up.
    I don't think her fiance was all that interested in New York, he just wanted to become famous, like most other people who go on VH1. Especially considering that he was training to be in the WWE.

    That water looks so relaxing.

  • CivilEngineer

    Why is her hair sitting so faaaaaaarrr back :-o

  • nika405

    @ Msnicole get out of my head!

  • CivilEngineer

    Al-Ameera Says:

    Love Atlantis!
    No they are not married yet….And what does he do for a living?
    He's a WWE wrestler now I believe.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Civil, quit meddlin' - you know why :-D



  • LovelyLady

    :coffee: Gm SR Fam......

  • Daisy

    J Hud was good during the hope for haiti telethon

    @Civil be nice

  • http://twitter.com/eastpointvet eastpointvet

    glad he cut that hair he had going on off

  • http://createspace.com/3393054 iscream


    Good for them. Glad to see they are still together. People (me) are always complaining about black men stepping outside their race so to see him with his healthy black fiance/wife/whatever I'm happy.

    Do you Jen. Happy for yall hope it works out.

  • CivilEngineer

    So nobody else noticed that her hair's running away?

    :lol: @Daisy...I'll try

    @Read....I'm just curious :yes:

  • va_shawty

    Not really feeling David or Punk as New York would call him... He was an attorney. Last I heard, he was trying to join the WWE. Attorney turned wrestler... SMH! :coffee:

  • BamaBeauty

    Jennifer looks very nice.


    I love Jennifer Hudson...Lawd know's I do but BAAAYYYBY.... nevermind, I digress!

  • http://sandrarose.com Ms.kaylamomma

    Heyy Lovely...

    I am so glad that Jennifer is happy but what ever happened to the custodian she was dating for 8 years?

  • LovelyLady

    Hey Kaylamomma

  • ReadTheBlog

    VA_Shawty. Seems like a waste of time, but them law school loans is a mofo, unless he just got it like that. Bills to pay bills to pay :whistle:

  • Al-Ameera

    CivilEngineer Says:

    So nobody else noticed that her hair’s running away?
    :rofl: I thought it but you said it!

  • in2wishon

    :nono: jennifer that last picture looks very nasty......i'm not sure if exercise or bio oil will work to tighen that up or what but please donot ever wear that bathing suit again.....invest in a pair of bermuda shorts!

  • missy

    :rofl: @ her hairline running away from her forehead ....

  • http://smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    I love that Jennifer Hudson has the real, average woman's body.

  • Quitta

    CivilEngineer Says:

    So nobody else noticed that her hair’s running away?
    Wow! :rofl: I knew something was off about her hair. :rofl:

  • http://smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    I mean goodness everybody can't have a perfect body. Nothing is wrong with her. I don't see any reason why she can't be on the beach in her ONE piece and a wrap. I've seen FAR worse on the beach than her.

  • http://oneperfectassistant.com ggouch

    Good for them. Glad to see they are still together. People (me) are always complaining about black men stepping outside their race so to see him with his healthy black fiance/wife/whatever I’m happy.

    Do you Jen. Happy for yall hope it works out.
    I am happy to see a young married black couple on SR as well. I felt Punk had some motives seeking companionship with NY Pollard. But when he hooked up with JHUD, I just figured he liked more "Down to earth" looking women.

    He is an Attorney.

    Good morning SR FAM :offtopic: Lisa Raye was at Echelon 3000 this friday in something other than WHITE!!....yes sir...she wore black instead. Robin Thicke was great! a lot of celebs in the house on Friday. Paula, Robin's wife looked beautiful all full and pregnant.

  • gypsyeyes

    Good Morning yall!(in my paula dean voice). What's going on? I have nothing to say because I love me some black love. So I'm leaving it all alone, I like the fact that she is just average and didn't feel the need to get nip/tuck done.She looks good.
    He is a Harvard Grad so the law thing was working but really who's gonna retain him when he was on a reality show.

  • ShoYaRight

    David is looking delicous! :wink:

  • missy

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm......Has anyone heard of the new dance trend "Hit it to the beat" :wtf: (i saw it on the fakeout)

    Lawd knows I'm young but Ain't no way in this world I would be caught doing that dance..That ish is tacky and degrading...They are practically having sex/dry humping with their clothes on..I guess they were watching Passa Passa

  • nika405

    At least she is wore a one piece, because we all know someone who would have shown up in a bikini!

  • kwall

    jhud need not to ever...again in life...purchase a swimsuit without a GOOD built-in bra. idk if that one does not have one...or that it DOES but her breast-esses are just too big for it....but the flap jack look is NOT the biz in 2010... :nono:

    that is all...

  • missy

    Any who I'll be back in a few ..got to go try and get my learn on...PEACE

  • http://sandrarose.com Ms.kaylamomma

    Good morning gypsyeyes, ggouch

    @ggouch, I don't believe you about LR. You need more people. :rofl: I won't believe she was wearing anything but Heavenly White.

  • Quitta

    No, Missy. I read that on fakeout too. WTH is that?

  • mirsmommy

    I :heart: JHud, she can sing the hair off her forehead, but I loves her tho!!!! I thought they were married already, too. :shrugs:

  • CorporateHoodB-tch

    Psychology 101 = Harvard grad attorney...still had dreams of being a celebrity. He had a high paying job but still fantasized about being part of the glamorous entertainment industry. Let's not forget about the hopes of turning a six-figure salary into $1 million deal doing something industry related.
    Personally, I think it was brave of David to step out on faith to follow his dream.

  • http://twitter.com/Q_ATLANTIS Q_ATLANTIS

    people like David are a bad imagine for our community. Being a lawyer wasnt good enough, soooo you decide to become a wrestler?


  • Anna

    Q_ATLANTIS Says:

    people like David are a bad imagine for our community. Being a lawyer wasnt good enough, soooo you decide to become a wrestler?
    Was being a lawyer really his dream/passion? My daughter was in Pre Med and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why, who was she trying to please. She didn't seem happy and was so stressed that she made others around her stressed. She changed her Major and all is good.

  • gypsyeyes

    Q_ATLANTIS Says:

    people like David are a bad imagine for our community. Being a lawyer wasnt good enough, soooo you decide to become a wrestler?
    I don't think that anyone should think that he sets a bad image. The bad image is doing something that isn't making you happy. David, I don't think is really a representstive for the black community because he isn't in the public eye like that. I mean who's really checking for him other than JHUD? They seem to be a well-grounded couple. If he is trying to be a wrestler is doesn't make his degree disappear.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Paula has been pregnant for a loooooong time now. When the baby due?

    Q_, you'd be surprised how many people go to law school and do something else. Look at Michele Obama, Hill Harper. Those are 2 but I know there are others. Litigation isn't for everyone, but it sure makes one marketable.

    But to be WWF is extra funny! Maybe he and his momma made a deal when he was a child? "Go to school to be a lawyer, then you can do anything you want, son."

  • Daisy

    @GG I wanted to go see Robin Thickes show but had to go home to NC instead. How was the show?

  • Cariblife

    People I've talked to say that becoming a lawyer is overrated. My cousin is a lawyer only to decide a few years in that she is going back to get her Masters. I guess it isn't all its made out to be.

  • EricaDenese

    Not everyone can go from the size that J-Hud was, to the size she is now, and be toned. Leave her alone!! Ya'll get a :nono: for this...

    And Civil, it's a WIG. That's why her hair looks like that.

  • Lady_L

    can you find out whatever happened to the guy (forgot his name) that she used to be engaged to? he just like dissapeared.. and are they still trying to look for her Mother,brother, and nephews killer? and has her sister Julia divorced her husband yet?

  • ShoYaRight

    last i heard, julia, jennifer's sister, was knocked up.

  • lala

    she looks gross im sad to say..

  • KayCeiSoul

    I ADORE Jen for the following;

    A. Pursuing her dream and making it happen. It takes a lot of courage. (That goes for her and her husband. Do what you want to do, isn't that what we teach our kids? Dream and pursue it?!)

    B. Being a strong sister in spite of her challenges.

    C. Not falling in to the Hollywood facade regarding her body - EVERYBODY was not meant to be a 2, with perfectly toned thighs, abs, boobs etc. Everyone in the industry is not an eye-candy model. She is representing what the majority of sisters look like FOREAL, without the extras, even though she can probably afford to get them.

    D. She's a work in progress. There will always be something for someone to point out about everyone. Sad, but true. Her man knows enough about physical fitness to help get her together. Like another poster said, I have seen some straight foolishness on the beach, and she looks like a butterfly compared to the dried and fried prunes I've seen.

    Back to sporadically popping in. Got a meeting. Miss y'all much.

  • Shauny

    :preach: and :cosign: Kay Cei

  • pinky2083

    Yall need to leave them alone!!

    J-Hud looks great, her body looks even better than her pre-baby body. It takes time people.

    At least David has something to fall back on if the wrestling doesn't work out. How many people can say that they have a backup plan?

  • onlinefan

    YAAAAA for Black Love !!!

    what type of lawyer was David? maybe he still uses his background to deal with Jennifer's business dealings

  • Mother Jefferson

    Whew, David has quite the body. I would have about three of his babies by now! :hump:

    She looks really good, working on that fitness!

  • KayCeiSoul

    ROTFLMBO @ Mother Jefferson! That avatar is the best!

    I agree...Jen looks good. She's coming along, you know? It's a work in progress. I really feel that she and David's thing is real. We don't know what their pillow talk is about...I do know that man was there when she was going through her roughest times and he's still there. Things like that speak volumes in my book. He comes from a decent family; his mother was looking dazed and confused when he was on ILNY...like "I KNOW he is not serious about this Muppet!" LOL!

  • vetta

    I completely agree with KayCeiSoul#56 comment, especially "C".