Yesterday I spoke with actress and former First Lady of Turks and Caicos Islands who cleared the air about rumors involving her love life and blasted her ex-husband former Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick for, among other things, stopping payment on her daughter Kai's private college tuition.

LisaRay will be in Atlanta next week to host the Trumpet Awards. We plan to get together for another in-depth conversation over lunch. So this post is just a teaser to next week's post in which LisaRaye will reveal what really happened between herself and that other Diva Vivica A. Fox!

Sandra Rose (SR): Hi LisaRaye! How are you?

LisaRaye (LR): What's going on? I just flew back into L.A.

SR: Well, thank you for...

LR: So listen, Devyne [Stephens] tells me that you had a picture of me and Devyne on New Years?

SR: Right.

LR: What happened to 'em? (laughs)

SR: Well... (me laughing hysterically) you know what happened!

LR: No I don't. I'm getting the 411 from you...

SR: Well, he called and he was very nervous. He was like, I'll pay you to take the picture down because it's causing a lot of problems...

LR: I was flying back home and somebody hit me on my phone and was like 'you all over the internet.' I was like huh. So by the time I touched down he called me and was like, 'I had them take it down.' Devyne is so image conscious you know what I'm saying? He does get nervous. I'm more used to it than he is. He isn't really into all that.

SR: So that's your man right?

LR: Nope.

[I explained to LisaRaye that I understood that she and Devyne would make their relationship public at Domique Wilkins' 50th birthday party at the Gold Room this past Friday because that's what I had been led to believe.]

LR: Is that what he told you?

SR: Well, maybe he's in love with you. You know how women are. We tend to lead guys on but we're not aware that we're doing it.

LR: Naw, no! Uh uh, I can't say that 'cause I'm too grown for that! I ain't no Vivica either, honey. I ain't with the Cougar sh*t! You know my reputation. You were damn right the first time you saw me at Akon's birthday party, you were like, 'how does she do it? She sniffs out money.' You damn right 'cause I would not be a Cougar. She's not a gold digger and she ain't gon' be with a broke ni**a! So Devyne told you that I would be at the club? I was nowhere in Atlanta on Friday. Call his a** out!

SR: RIght, right.

[LisaRyae's publicist J. Peak interrupts to say LisaRaye was never "all over Devyne" at Akon's party as I alluded to in an earlier post]

LR: Here's my thing, you would never catch me like that. You know what I mean? Because that ain't my style. I mean, like the pictures that they did of Vivica kissing and hugging on that boy. You would never catch me doing that. You would never catch me doing that type of sh*t when I was very young. I'm not doing all that. If I'm doing that type of sh*t, It's usually when I'm finna do the da-don-da-don!

SR: Well, that's what they did (laughs).

J. Peak: Can we speak on the Nelly rumor too, please?

LR: No, that was not true.

J. Peak: You heard her Sandra? She said it's not true at all. Do you want to speak on Al Sharpton?

LR: Al Sharpton? Huh? OK I'm saying, does that deserve an answer for that one?

SR: That doesn't even deserve an answer.

J. Peak: Are your readers going to know it's not true?

SR: They'll know, they'll know.

LR: I think what people don't know... they underestimated my role as First Lady... we were in a different country with different rules. Britain had taken over. They have suspended the Constitution and made my ex-husband step down and started a new government. So that made different rules and laws for me with my divorce. So when Rev. Sharpton came to me, he was like 'you're a little out of your league with this.' So I actually leaned on him as one of our civil rights leaders and being a smart man and being one of the closest black men to our president that you can lay your hands on. I think that was a smart ass move. I was like, 'come help me.'

SR: So he helped you out with the legal part of the divorce?

LR: It's not over. I'm divorced legally. But it's two parts you know, the financial settlement, the divorce settlement. Because my ex-husband is up for corruption of governmental funds and money laundering... you know everything is just up in the air with that. And I'm like well, why I got to wait? I ain't got nothing to do with all that? When I met my ex-husband I was my own millionaire. I was doing my own damn thing private plane riding... and going to continue to do that!

[We talked about LisaRaye's only daughter Kai who just turned 20. And LisaRaye wanted to put her ex-husband on blast for letting her tuition lapse at a private school in London]

LR: I'm so proud of her. She's a little upset coming from over in Europe abruptly. My ex-husband let his financial support... he just abruptly stopped [paying her tuition] and messed up her schooling. It was the same school he went to get his doctorate degree and that just f*cked her up. You don't do that to no kid, you know what I'm sayin? My phone is about to cut off y'all 'cause I'm driving. How about if I set time aside for when I get there we'll get together?

SR: I look forward to it.

LR: OK. I appreciate you already though!

Special thanks to J. Peak, Senior publicist, peakpublicity!

Guess who the father of this adorable baby girl is. Hint: he's a singer and his big brother was a member of a very popular urban boy band in the 90s that imploded because of infighting due to the band members' out-of-control egos. There were rumors that he was batting for the other team.

See who he is after the break!
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Images from Beyonce's Allure magazine shoot are all over the Internet. She talked about having a baby camel with Jay Z but she's not too sure about herself or her abilities to be a mother.

“I definitely want to have a child,” she says. “But I know from my nephew it’s a lot. I hope that those things will just happen naturally. I still haven’t had time to relax.”

Wow, she knows from her nephew that having a child is a lot of work? Please don't have a baby, Beyonce.


Grand Hustle wants you to know that promoters Don P and Dave Swagga (pictured above) of D.O.T. Promotions are in no way affiliated with Grand Hustle Records, T.I., or its artists. Just to be clear, Don P is not the same Don P of Trillville.

Don P and Dave Swagga are not A&R or executives for Grand Hustle and can not sign you as an artist, model, etc., at Grand Hustle.

According to Grand Hustle exec Clay Evans, all Dave and his company was ever hired to do was pass out fliers last year. Since then they have misappropriated Grand Hustle and T.I.'s name in all of their business dealings and promotions without permission and led other labels and artists to believe they are partnered with Grand Hustle.

Over the weekend, DOT Promotions held a model search and casting for a reality show supposedly featuring T.I. at Obsessions nightclub in Atlanta using Grand Hustle and T.I's name. When confronted by Grand Hustle's Clay Evans at the club, Don P ran from the premises.

"As I started finding out things, and talking to different people, they start telling me different things," said Evans. "By no means do we want to mislead women. I told them our brand is too solid for that type of ***. When I confronted him, he takes off."

DOT Promotions also recruited interns for industry online training program "for Grand Hustle Records" and posted ads on Craigslist like this one.

Evans wanted the women who came out to Obsessions to know that it was Akini The Blak Mac (Ryan Cameron's producer on V-103) who came through and "saved the day" and "cleaned the mess up" by bringing his staff through and interviewing them, taking their pictures without asking for compensation. "He didn't get compensated a dime. That was very nice of him," said Evans.

Evans said even though the auditions were not authorized by GH, he would still hire some of the women anyway for Grand Hustle events in the future, including Young Dro's birthday party at Luckie Lounge tomorrow night.

Evans said Grand Hustle does not want anyone taking advantage of people or giving anyone false hope.

Hopefully, those of you who care about the direction your government is leading this country in are aware of the special elections going on right now in Boston, Mass.

Scott Brown, a Republican, is poised to knock off U.S. president Barack Obama's choice to fill the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's vacant Senate seat. Sen. Martha Coakley, a Democrat, is trailing in all polls. Obama needs this win if he is to save his legacy (since that's all he really cares about).

Republicans have argued that a Scott Brown victory today would stop ObamaCare in its tracks. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi insist that it won’t. On today’s “Morning Joe,” Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) agreed with Republicans, saying that he would have a “difficult time” voting for what he sees as an inferior Senate bill. Read More...

The pressure and intense scrutiny finally got to former Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean who put on an emotional show weeping during a press conference yesterday where he defended the sloppy paperwork for his charity organization Yele.

The charity took in $2 million in text message donations as a result of urgent pleas by Wyclef immediately following a massive earthquake that rocked his native Haiti last week.

Yele and its board members came under fire last week after a Smoking Gun report revealed that Wyclef -- a millionaire -- paid himself and his bass player hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses, and paid $30,000 to a man who worked in the kitchen of Wyclef's Manhattan studio.

Wyclef also charged Yele $100,000 for a live performance and annual rent for a small space in his studio. Additionally, the state of Florida dissolved the charity 4 times for failing to provide required disclosure reports.

Yele, which benefited from the star power of Wyclef, has no staff and no resources or means to get the money and relief to the people of Haiti in a timely fashion.

Wyclef tugged at heartstrings during the press conference by recounting his brief time picking up corpses on the island. "My people are dying, and I have to go back in a few days," he said.

Though his tortuous path to Haiti and back is lined with good intentions, the fact is that Yele is not an appropriate organization to provide massive relief efforts which are required immediately in Haiti.

Hip Hop's sexiest rapper Young Jeezy hosted a party at B.E.D. Nightclub on Miami Beach, Florida over the weekend, with portions of the proceeds going to benefit the victims of Haiti Earthquake.

Oscar nominated actress Taraji P. Henson was all over Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman's man, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs at the 3rd annual BET Honors at the Warner Theatre on Saturday in Washington, DC. OK I'm kidding about Sarah. I hear she is dating a nice man and when she's ready to reveal him she will (to me). They say he's a professional ball player 'cause that's what Sarah likes.

Speaking of Kim Porter, she attended a 'Boom Boom Room' baby event at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles with her and Diddy's twins Delilah and Jessie James, 3. The t-shirts they're wearing pay homage to the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, and to 70s rock band "Led Zeppelin." If you know anything about Led Zeppelin, you know that they were devout devil worshippers who infused witchcraft imagery into their stage shows. Led Zeppelin attire is hardly appropriate for babies.

Actress/singer Tichina Arnold pushed up on Dwyane Wade's jump off Gabrielle Union at the afterparty for the BET Honors in DC on Saturday.

Singer Mario performed at Quo nightclub in NYC last night. I bet Mario will be 45 and still looking boyish.

Earlier today I told you guys I had a 'Put 'Em On Blast' post featuring T.I. Well, I didn't mean I was putting T.I. on blast (how could you even think that?) I meant I was putting someone else on blast for using T.I.'s name and image to promote video auditions without T.I.'s permission. So check back tomorrow for that. Hopefully by then I'll have all the info to share with you so you are not taken advantage of by this cat.

ALSO... I just got off the phone with actress and former First Lady of Turks and Caicos, LisaRaye, who gave me a world exclusive interview in which she cleared the air on some thangs regarding her love life. So check back tomorrow for all the juicy details! Shout out to Jevon of Peak Publicity for all the love! Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Answering the question where do gay rappers go to vacation: Drake is in Hawaii flexing his muscles at poolside in between booking studio time with Kanye West, who is currently in New York.

Drake sent these pics to All Things Fresh blog, which we assume is owned by a dude.

Drake wants his female fans to know that he's working on his "guns" - but we do note a lack of females in the photos, don't we? We're not dumb.

Aloha! As we all know, Drake is in Hawaii working on Thank Me Later with Kanye West. Today as he was relaxing at his hotel, he sent me these pictures via BlackBerry Messenger. Here’s what he said:

"Someone on the resort twit pic’d me from a mile away, lol. U can post that and let the girls know I’m in the gym!!! Haha"

Source via ONTD

Metrosexual singer Chris Brown attended the John Richmond Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 show in Milan over the weekend. Hate the shoes.

Singer Mary J. Blige, her husband Kendu and his children walked the red carpet before the 2010 BET Honors at the Warner Theatre in Washington DC this weekend. The 2010 BET Honors airs on BET February 1st!

Hollywood trampoline and home wrecker Gabrielle Union walked the red carpet at the 2010 BET Honors in DC on Saturday.

NBA legend Dominique Wilkins celebrated his 50th birthday at the Gold Room on Friday in Atlanta. Musician Musiq Soulchild was the shortest man in the room. Musiq mogul Devyne Stephens, far left, hosted the party.  Photos by Prince Williams (2)/

Photos: Wireimage/Getty had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Tiny's Nail Bar this past Saturday in Atlanta. Here is a collection of nail design samples from Tiny's Nail Bar's very own customers courtesy of the nail techs.

Check out Tiny's own nail designs at the 2:50 mark. Peep that 10 carat diamond rock on her finger! T.I. is no joke! Tiny and Keisha's group OMG Girlz new single "Ain't Nobody" plays in the background of the video.

Visit Tiny’s Nail Bar at 3540 Walt Stephens rd. in Stockbridge, Georgia.

Speaking of T.I., we have a 'Put 'Em On Blast' post coming up featuring T.I. So be sure to check back later for that!

Hollywood's most boring couple, Rihanna and Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp, attended the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Clippers NBA game at the Staples Center on Saturday.

Kamber (Kanye and Amber) were spotted leaving a midtown Manhattan recording studio on Saturday night. Amber was in Atlanta Friday night where she pocketed about 10 Gs to appear at lesbian and gay men events as part of the MLK weekend.

'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe looked glamorous in emerald green on the red carpet at the 67th Annual Golden Globes Awards in Hollywood last night.

Angelina Jolie took her daughters Zahara Jolie-Pitt and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt shopping over the weekend. It's good to see Zahara Marley, who just turned 5 on Jan. 8, so happy. But the Jolie-Pitts' biological daughter, the gender confused Shiloh, 3, rarely ever smiles.

Photos: Splash News and Wireimage/Getty

'Precious' star Mo'Nique didn't let the weather rain on her parade at the 67th Golden Globes 2010 last night in Hollywood. Mo'Nique took home the first Golden Globe statuette presented for her portrayal as a sadistic, abusive mother.

As most of you know, Mo'Nique caught flack for refusing to help promote the film and being a no-show at awards ceremonies last year.

But on Friday, things didn't go so well for Mo'Nique. While backstage after accepting her Critics Choice Award for Best supporting actress, one reporter grilled Mo'Nique and pressed her to explain why she snubbed the movie's promotional events.

Rather than rip the newshound apart with her razor sharp tongue, Mo'Nique stood back and allowed her husband to handle him.

Mo'Nique called her husband Sidney Hicks to the press room stage to answer the question on her behalf.

He calmly told the media, "She's the first woman of African-American descent to ever have a late-night TV show, she's also a comedienne... In conjunction with that, she's a mother, she's also a wife.
"She hasn't been at all of them, but she has been at some... She'd rather portray a bad mother in the movies than actually be one in real life."

That's a beautiful thing! The mainstream media got a rare opportunity to see a black man standing by his wife's side and defending her the way a husband should.


Here's video of U.S. president Barack Obama being heckled while speaking at a Martha Coakley rally in Massachusetts yesterday.

If you want Obama to get all wee wee'd up and thrown off his stride, just distract the big O by stealing the spotlight from him, which is exactly what several hecklers did yesterday.

Most politicians can keep their composure even while being heckled, but not him. Typical of narcissists, if Obama can't have the attention of every eye in the room, he's just not talking.

Which is kind of annoying if you're one of the hundreds of hand picked Kool aid drinkers who came to hear their Messiah speak.

For those of you who don't know: Democrat Coakley is in a super tight race with Republican Scott Brown for the late Ted Kennedy's vacant Senate seat.

What makes this race so crucial is that if Brown wins, you can kiss Obama's healthcare bill goodbye because Brown will provide the GOP with enough Senate votes (41-59) to filibuster or block the health care bill from passing.

By the way, Brown is leading in every poll, including Coakley's internal poll. Obama's own advisers reportedly told him privately that Coakley will lose.

But of course, Obama the narcissist won't hear of such a thing since his legacy is on the line if the health care bull doesn't pass. Which is why Obama personally traveled to Massachusetts on Sunday to stump for Coakley. But Obama is not as popular as he was a year ago after his landslide victory over John McCain. His presence couldn't even fill the 3000 seat venue on Sunday.

We will be watching this race closely. Massachusetts residents cast their votes on Tuesday, Jan. 19.