Loyal reader Kiarra fills us in on the fly ostrich skin backpack rapper Jay Z was spotted wearing in Paris today (Kanye, eat your heart out):

Hey Sandra I read ur blog everyday and today while viewing your blog I noticed the pic of Jay Z with a backpack and I'm like I seen a pic of that bag somewhere and remembered [celebrity stylist] June Ambrose tweeted about the backpack. The bag is a one of a kind Louis Vuitton Ostrich backpack. Here is a twitpic she posted: http://twitpic.com/xuqh4

THIS is more like it. This is the Chris Brown that we are used to. For a while there he was looking very suspect. It says a lot about Chris Brown's immaturity that he would allow others around him to influence how he expresses himself personally.

Jay Z was spotted leaving his hotel in Paris today. I love the jacket and the ostrich skin backpack. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love backpacks. So I got two backpacks for my birthday, including a really nice Louis Vuitton backpack yesterday (thanks Alex!). But nothing as nice as the one Jay Z is holding. It must be nice.

More pics from Fashion Week in Paris. As a Tyler Perry would say if approached by a female for sex, "No ma'am!" Amber Rose doesn't do it for me and I wish she and Kanye would just disappear. Go make music or something. the attention seeking behavior is a little over the top.

Kanye and Amber attended a menswear show in Paris early this morning. They tried their best to look like your average heterosexual couple, but the guy behind them looks like he's saying, "Don't believe them! They're GAY!"

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Rihanna was spotted arriving at London's Heathrow airport yesterday. She had a sad expression on her face, no doubt because of news that some tramp filed a frivolous restraining order on her new man Matt Kemp. Supposedly, Kemp had his boys drive up and down the chick's street after they broke up.

It's fairly easy for a woman to get a restraining order on a man these days because no judge wants to be the one who refused to protect a woman who then ends up dead at the hands of her abuser. But this woman, Felicia Terrell, has done this sort of thing before with another ball player whose name escapes me.

Kemp's agent Dave Stewart tells E! News, "Matt dated Felisha about two years ago and decided to end their relationship. She chose to file a complaint and shortly thereafter, on her own accord, decided to drop it based on the fact that the statements made within were false. She has very recently said that she has no issue whatsoever with Matt and that she and Matt consider this to be a non-issue.

"Matt Kemp is a consummate Midwestern gentleman who has never displayed any act of violence towards a woman."

I believe him. But on the other hand, women like Rihanna tend to seek out abusive, emotionally unavailable men like Kemp for unstable relationships because, for some reason, they get off on being abused. A red flag should be how many females this guy has run through in one year.


Brothers, be careful when you mess around on your wife with a rich bish who has the ends and means to plaster your face on billboards all over the city!

According to Splash News:

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

But one scorned mistress allegedly took things one step further - by plastering three cities with massive billboard posters featuring herself with her ex-lover.
YaVaughnie Wilkins, 41, picked out images of herself cuddling up to businessman Charles E. Phillips, an advisor to US President Barack Obama, and then had them made into posters, after he returned to his wife Karen.

She then paid approximately $50,000 each for the billboards - one in New York Times Square, one in Atlanta, and one in San Francisco where Wilkins lives.

Two nights ago I spoke with a rep for R&B singer Trey Song who disputed all rumors that Trey Song is gay. The rep, who asked to remain anonymous because she's not authorized to speak on this issue publicly, said emphatically that "all these accusations are completely false! All these rumors are inaccurate and they're lies!"

The rep denied all rumors that a local blogger was paid to build up Trey's image as a manly man. Trey's album 'Ready' which dropped in August of last year has yet to go gold. But the rep explained that Trey's numbers are great by today's standards.

Reading from the recent Soundscan report, the rep compared Trey's numbers with other R&B artists such as R. Kelly, and surprisingly, Trey is outselling most of them.

The rep confirmed rumors that former Atlantic recording exec Kevin Liles was Trey's new manager and she denied reports that Atlantic was on the verge of dropping Trey. She went on to say that Atlantic records is "ecstatic" about their artist and couldn't be happier with him.

When asked to address the gay rumors, the rep said Atlantic would not release a statement addressing the rumors because the fans will believe what they want to. "I'm not asking you to like him. You're entitled to your opinion," she said. "My only concern is... your sources are inaccurate."

"The people who are your followers, the people on your blog will believe what you tell them. It's your perspective... when I read what you wrote, I'm like, this whole slant that you've got it's totally to the left. That's wrong. Where did you get that from?"

While rumors will abound that Trey Song and singer Brandon Hines are an item, another source said Trey fired his longtime manager Delante Murphy because Murphy was allegedly stealing money from him.

The source, who is close to both men, said Murphy may have been making side deals for his own profit by booking Song for appearances and pocketing the cash.

Entertainment's most boring couples Beyonce and Jay Z and Kanye/Amber arrived in Paris, France yesterday. Beyonce and Jay Z will take to the stage to raise funds for relief efforts in Haiti.

And we don't know what Kanye and Amber are doing other than looking like confused, oversized penguins in those fur coats.

As you know, Kanye West was asked not to participate in the telethon for Haiti that airs tonight on MTV and other networks. A producer told celebrity gossip blog Popeater.com that George Clooney, who organized the telethon, decided not to invite the emotionally disturbed Kanye to avoid any embarrassing outbursts.

MTV released a statement yesterday disputing this report and claiming the network extended an invite to Kanye. But insiders say MTV is just doing spin control and the producers of the show do not want Kanye to appear on the telethon.

Photos: Splash News Online

Convicted woman beater Chris Brown is either really dumb or really ignorant. I say he's both. Months after pleading guilty to assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna and being forced to serve community service, Brown posed with fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier made up to look like an assault victim.

This photo was snapped yesterday during Gaultier's Menswear show at Fashion Week in Paris. I guess they thought it was funny, but it sends a clear message to victims of abuse everywhere.

It's also unfortunate that brown can't see when he's being ridiculed and made fun of by the international community at large. What a moron he is. And what's up with the S&M bondage pants?

Photos: Splash News Online

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced yesterday that she does not have the votes to pass the much-maligned healthcare bill.

There are certain things that, um, members just cannot support. So in its present form without any, uh, change, I don't think it's possible to pass the Senate bill in the House.

Did she say "change"?

When America elected its first black president in 2008, the people were promised Hope and Change. They were promised a government that would be less transparent and more for the people.

Yet, at a time when unemployment is at an all-time high and the economy continues to spiral out of control, the Democrats totally ignored the will of the people and decided to ram a $3 trillion health reform bill down the throats of Americans using bribery, deception and backdoor dealings.

In town hall meetings across the U.S. over the Summer, Democrats returned home to loud outbursts, protests and criticisms of Barack Obama's health care reform bill.

"This is not health reform, this is control, control over our lives," said one man at a town hall meeting in Iowa in August.

Faced with the prospect of an arrogant one-party government running the country, the people responded the only way they knew how: at the polls. On Tuesday, for the first time in over 30 years, the people of Massachusetts elected a Republican to fill a Democrat's seat in the Senate thus snatching away that critical 60th vote needed to pass a bill without threat of a GOP filibuster.

And just like that Obama's healthcare bill is dead.

When a celebrity is blackballed in the entertainment industry, this is how it begins.

Reportedly, troubled singer/producer Kanye West has been banned from the star-studded Haiti Telethon that airs on several networks tomorrow night.

The telethon to raise money for Haiti relief efforts is co-hosted by George Clooney in Hollywood and Wyclef Jean in New York. Many celebrities are expected to attend and show their support for Haiti during the two-hour telecast. But Kanye won't be among them.

According to Popeater.com via NY Mag:

Kanye West is among the only top stars not invited to appear on tomorrow's George Clooney–organized telethon for Haiti. "After what he said on the Katrina telethon and the way he behaved at the MTV Video Music Awards, everyone agrees it's just best that he does not participate," says a producer. "Kanye has to make everything about himself. He will do anything to steal the spotlight and, well, this night it's just not about him."

Kanye is considered a social outcast in Hollywood since selfishly storming the stage and snatching the mic out of country singer Taylor Swift's hand during the American Music Music Awards last year. Kanye is learning the hard way that being an out-of-control narcissist is not very good for one's career.

Photo: INF Photo