Last night I spoke with R&B Diva who just landed in snowy Dallas from the sunny west coast where she filmed her new video for her hit single “Everything To Me”. Mo was shocked to hear that one of her favorite fashion designers committed suicide yesterday. She immediately dedicated her video to the iconic designer.

Mo sent over these pics of the beautiful Alexander McQueen fashions she wore in her new video.

McQueen was found hanged in his London flat yesterday morning. He was despondent over the passing of his mother the week before. Her funeral was set for today.

Monica writes:

The video is a take of the movie “Obsessed”. It takes lots of different turns as you see me attempt to protect my family throughout the video. Today was however bittersweet. All of the clothing was made by the amazing Alexander Mcqueen, and learning of his death was heart wrenching. My stylist Marni and I were devastated. I dedicate this video to him, and his beautiful visions that helped us to achieve all we wanted and more. Life is short. We must all enjoy each moment.

Click the link below to see pics from the set of Monica’s “Everything To Me” video!

On the set of Monica’s new video “Everything To Me”

J Records artist Monica was in Los Angeles earlier this week to shoot the video to her chart-climbing single “Everything To Me” from her new album Still Standing (set for March 23rd release). Fabulously dressed in a stunning Alexander McQueen blouse and gown, Monica takes a star-turning role in the drama-filled clip directed by Benny Boom.

Cincinnati Bengals wide-receiver & Twitter star Chad Ochocinco (aka “Ocho Cinco”) plays Monica’s love interest.

Monica wore fashions by Alexander McQueen throughout the video

Source: RCA Music Group & Picture Group

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    Monica is beautiful inside and out! Does she ever not get it right?

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    Hmmm…The video is a take on the movie “Obsessed”. Is that the movie that Beyonces’ in? Let’s see what Sandra has to say about this.

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    I can’t believe you have not heard of Alexander McQueen. He’s the one that keeps your girlfriend Rihanna fresh!!!!

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    Monica pulled off Alexander McQueen’s avant garde look amazingly well. And I am loving her hair and makeup.

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    I like the single….I like the look. can’t wait to see the video. Monica has always had a great voice. Song choices on albums were always questionable for me but I’ll support her.

    Alexander McQueen was a great designer. May he RIP

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    I hope the video makes the song blow up, I would love to see Monica shut up all the naysayers.

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    She should definitely look to modeling.

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    monica looks soo gorgeous…oh my she is such a beautiful, yes classy lady..that dress and that top are just devine..i liked mr mcqueen’s stuff..he was def talented..such a shame he took his own life!!!

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    Monica should consider modeling. She is very pretty.

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    She is a VERY beautiful woman, both inside and out. The stars seem to be aligning for her this time around. Much success

    Team Monica


    Wow, Monica looks beautiful. I luv that MJ shirt.
    @Free I didnt know who he was either. I googled him thinking he was an actor that I just couldnt place or something. :shrugs: Sad story though.

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    Go Monica she is so real and down to earth. Met her in Lenox Mall last year and she took pics and signed autograph for my son who is 18 and he is in heaven cuz she is da only singer he really listens to besides da rap shish. Can’t wait for da cd will have to buy 3,(one for son,one for car and one for home) Team MONICA!!!! :cheer1:

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    That last pic of Mo is absolutely stunning! Me and my friend were just talking about how nobody can rock that jet black short hair like MO and I do mean NOBODY!!! Get it boo!

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    I heard of Alexander McQueen, but I didn’t follow him or his clothing line closely. I really like the black & white outfit. I also like the style cut of the dress, but not the fabric.

    Since Monica came I out, I loved her style and continue to love her style. I thought she looked a little too grown to be rocking the short do at 15, but she was probably an old soul even back then. ;-) Her stylist Marni does a great job picking out Monica’s fits.

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    Dfinety can’t wait to se the video mo looks hot.

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    Monica looks great, though I am not feeling her new hair do…it looks ok in the last photo. Such a sad story for this great designer. Monica wears his designs so well in this video. Awww look at Mo with the little girl, I wonder if she wants a girl next.

    Sidenote: loving this song, Everything to Me. Glad the label is finally moving forward with the project.

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    MO u look beautiful in these shots! Go Gurrrrrrrrl! Lovin’ thee haaairrrrrr! & I’m not sure of the proper/technical for that black/white top….FIYAH!

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