Awww, this is such a sweet picture! Comedian Mo'Nique, left, paid homage to the newest Superstar on the scene, Gabourey Sidibe, who took home the Best Actress trophy last night at the 41st NAACP Image awards held at The Shrine Auditorium in L.A.

Comedian Chris Rock can't get enough of Gabourey! The two stars hugged onstage at the 41st Annual NAACP Awards in L.A. last night. The star of Precious took home multiple honors last night, including the coveted Best Actress Award! Good for her!

MORE pics after the break!

Just as I thought: it's not that Gabby's foot is too big for her sandals, her foot just slid off the sandal is all.

I can't lie, I LOVES me some Gabourey Sidibe! I have a big mama crush on her. She is so beautiful and sweet and I love the fact that she's a role model for little girls everywhere. Gabby proves that you don't have to look like Beyonce to be a star. The sky is the limit if you are talented!

Photos: Splash News, Wireimage/Getty

  • ajonesy

    i see chris rock getting his feel on lol. nice pics ...

  • Grownman

    Gabourey is just cleaning house at which ever award show she attends. She has natural talent.

  • texarican mamacita

    Her makeup is very pretty and it looks like she is getting better in the styling department. Go Gabby :cheer:

    And I hope Sondra(c)Sean Garrett wasn't being sarcastic..

  • gypsyeyes

    Good Morning. I loved her last night and she looked beautiful. I'm so happy for her. Team Gabby!!!!

  • amatrex

    Gabby is talented, and she seems like a sweet woman. But she's not gonna become a big movie star unfortunately. It's hard enough for black actress to find good work in Hollywood as it is, so Gabby's enormous size will only make finding good work 10x tougher. Just how many roles do you think are really out there for a 250+ pound African-American woman?

  • winenroses

    Gabby had better get her weight under control. So she can live long enough to go TO the Oscars.

  • mzloud

    I like Gabby... really I do... But she needs to get a new stylist... Her feet are too wide for shoes like that.. her pinky toe is hanging off the side of those shoes.... #fail

  • Taboo01

    I agree with you Antie Sandy.She looked nice at the awards also...a little out of breath when she hit the stage to accept her award...but she was beautiful.

  • Audacious2

    See, congrats to Gabby! She's so adorable and beautiful.....
    I just wish her stylist will stop her from wearing those little tiny-strappy shoes, got her little toes hanging all out on the pavement.

    In that last picture, Gabby looks like Gabrielles Union. ;)

  • msthrowitnthebag

    I love Gabby!but the gowns she wears 2 these events dont look good on her...OMG!!!and regular size chics have troub with finding the right strappy for our feet..But look at her with the strappy on, her pinky toe is trying desperately to escape from being trapped in that shoe..look at it its screaming 4 help....horrible just horrible.

  • BrealistiK

    Looking good Gabby. Congratulations and may your career continue to soar.

  • KaraZ

    Congrats to Gabby. Monique is really dedicated to her weightloss, I think that's her actual cheekbone & not creative countouring with foundation & blush. Go woman!

  • Anna

    Congrats to Gabby. The pic with Chris Rock copping a feel is cute, why do I think he likes "The Big Girls"?

  • tampa813

    I love the spirit and personality Gabby has, but she does need a better stylist to help put her look together. Overall, she has talent and grace unlike many young starlets.

  • Lizzyb

    I just wanna see the name of her stylist, so I can really talk trash..those shoes awful!! Dressing her like she is 50, just makes me mad. However major major upgraded makeup, she is a cute girl and the first few outings her makeup was greasy like they put old school foundation on her. Here she is rocking subtle..Love it!! She is giving face, enchanced Gabby face!!!
    I so want her to go further...Team Gabby!
    Mo' fake ass not so much...

  • illusion198

    I love that she is getting the recognition that she deserves. Especially in such an image conscious industry. With that said I really need her to get with a stylist who has successfully dressed a "big girl." That dress is horrible and looks like something my mom would wear. I'm not even going to discuss those shoes.

  • KrayZKat


    Keep doing you, baby girl!

  • Daisy

    I still would like to see what future roles Precious will get.

    CONGRATS on her win though :clap:

  • yerkesbabe

    Ugh... can't get enough of that pinky toe sticking out! makes me wanna gag! :sick:

  • trynabeme

    I loved her acceptance speech & I :heart: her....but I COULD NOT IGNORE THOSE BIG AZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ HANDS!!! Ywoooooooowzers! :surprised:

  • trynabeme

    @yerkesbabe...I didn't even notice the panky toe! :rofl:

  • peanutbuttercup

    I agree Sandra. I absolutely adore this girl and I don't know why, but I think she's wonderful. I hope she reaches the sky. Go Gabby!

  • Sunkissed404

    I'm ready for her to pull a Ruben Studdard and lose some weight now. Love her and all, but....Celebrity Fit Club-->Let's go!

  • vetta

    Gabourey feet are too wide for those shoes.

  • SouthernPrincess

    Congrats Gabby! I love me some Gabby! I hope her career goes far

  • mswarrior1

    yerkesbabe Says:
    Ugh… can’t get enough of that pinky toe sticking out! makes me wanna gag!

    That was the FIRST thing I noticed.
    Poor pinky toe. Getting all dragged around because it can't fit in. :(

    Hey SR Fam. Took a little hiatus.

  • amatrex

    I could see Gabby getting a job on a television show as opposed to becoming a big movie star.

  • godschild504

    very nice, Congrulatins Gabby!!

  • Quitta

    I'm very happy for Gabby. You go girl! :cheer: Makeup is on point.

    Oh why oh why the zoom in on the "hanging for dear life toe". :lolol:

    C. Rock's hand looks creepy in the get my feel on pic.

  • Peachizz

    This is the best Gabby has ever looked!!!!! God answers prayers!!!!!

  • MzAkatude

    I'm laughing at Chris Rock getting a feel while his wife is in the audience ...comedians take jokes too far but still funny none the less.

  • ReadTheBlog

    I gotta give it to Gabby, reading her interviews and hearing her speak, she played the hell out of that illiterate roll.

    She's on the style come-up too :-) Remeber we can deal with them arms as long as those dresses stay long. Any other skin exposure becomes a distraction.

  • missknowitall

    i cant take this site anymore I am at my desk :rofl: between Chris Rock feeling her up and that baby toe trying to commit suicide by hanging off the edge of that shoe lmmfao i can't

    "Any other skin exposure becomes a distraction" :rofl: @ read theblog

    unless Gabby loses weight she should never wear sandals they do not fit her feet well at all can you say wide width my dear