Worldstar Hip Hop posted this video of a woman suffering a tonic-clonic seizure on the reality series Celebrity Rehab. Tonic-clonic seizures were formerly referred to as grand mal seizures and involve both sides of the brain.

The tonic phase of the disorder is the shortest, usually lasting a few seconds. This is when the muscles and ligaments tense up, the patient moans and falls to the floor.

The clonic phase, the longest, is when the muscles begin to relax and contract at the same time causing convulsions. It isn't abnormal for a patient to bite parts of their tongue off during this phase due to the jaws contracting. Some patients will experience an aura or lightheadedness minutes before the seizure comes on.

Once a seizure begins, there isn't much that can be done other than to make them comfortable (place something soft under their heads like a jacket). Position their heads to the side so that if they vomit they will not choke. And most importantly, make sure their airway is not obstructed by bedding, pillows, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, patients who have seizures do not swallow their tongues. But the tongue can fall back and block the airway.

Seizures can be caused by brain injuries, rapidly flashing lights, fatigue, drugs such as antihistamines, anxiety, diseases such as diabetes, and other factors.

Call 911 if the patient is not a known epileptic (prone to having seizures), or if the patient injures herself or has difficulty breathing. Otherwise, just remain with the patient until the seizure is over. The patient's limbs will relax and she will appear to be sleeping. Once she is awake, she will be groggy and disoriented for a short period of time.

This has been your Medical Minute.

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  • Choco

    Wow that had to be scary but do you think McKenzie love's to talk about her consensual incestuous relationship with her father-a part of me thinks she's really not all that hurt by it but is still feening.

  • ohpretty1


    Did we ever get a MM for ovulation/birth control/conception/sex ed/the negatives of coitus interruptus? :wink:

  • Anna

    I saw this episode and it bothered me the McKenzie had to run and get help while there had to be many extras in the room eg. camera person.
    @Choco. This is taped in advance and I think through the show it helped her to talk about it more. She never talked about it while filming, she didn't want anyone to know.

  • mirsmommy

    ohpretty1 Says:


    Did we ever get a MM for ovulation/birth control/conception/sex ed/the negatives of coitus interruptus?

    :lol: You ain't right. :lol:

  • Choco

    I beg to differ girl she was on a lot of talk shows talking about the incest...Oprah was one and several others but I can't judge so thanks for reminding me to remain neutral

  • florida_girl

    I had a seizure recently and was hospitalized for about a week and couldn't return to work for awhile...I didn't have this type of seizure but there is no warning nothing... I was blessed to be at home...I hadn't had a seizure in years but this opened my eyes about life and not to take anything for granted no matter what's happening around me I place all troubles/problems in the hands of God...and leave them there...

  • attorneymom

    Did the camera men just continue to film this woman having a seizure without helping her? WTH is wrong with some people?? Blank stare.

  • PAHairston

    Hello all. My 52 year old brother has suffered from grand mal seizures since he was 2 yrs old. It's something to see, often very frightening and something that one never gets used to no matter how often you witness it. I once asked him how it feels and he told me it feels like 1000 people are pulling his body in every direction. He's never married and no children, said he didn't want to take the chance in having kids with this affliction. He's such handsome man, 6'2", long hair down his back that he keeps in 2 braids, high cheekbones, he looks like an Indian, and what a sense of humor. We always thought that he'd outlive our mother but she's been gone almost 8 yrs now, he'll probably outlive his 4 sisters. We take turns letting him stay with us because he cannot live on his own. (When he was young, one of the seizures did permanent damage to his brain, making him act immature and silly at times.) Sandra, you are right. They can't swallow their tongues when having a seizure so we NEVER placed anything in his mouth, NEVER, just made sure he doesn't fall and hit his head or something. He's always wanted to be whole but he sure can play some basketball or used to. Peace.