Stand up comedian Cadillac Kimberly should have been chosen the 6th Atlanta Housewife instead of the attention seeking attorney Phaedra Parks. She's hilarious!

In this clip, Kimberly goes in on NeNe Leaks something vicious. Actually, Kim goes in on everyone from talk show Diva Tyra Banks to Houston's restaurant (for not having valet parking). If you're at work and you can't view this video, I got you. Peep the funniest part of the video below:

NeNe, bish we know your name is Nathan. Come out the closet. And also could you please have that right bottom tooth replaced by the time you come back this season? And do something with that f*cked up wig that you cannot wash that I think you had on backwards every episode! OK? That wig gave me hail. I couldn't tell you from your husband. I can't stand you! You got 15 minutes of fame and done lost yo' damn mind. And please put some furniture on lay-a-way. Wherever you go they will work wit you. Get that butt nekkid azz house some damn furniture this season. OK? When you took Lisa azz out in the back yard to go and stand and look, I thought I was gon' fall down. I started to f*ck 4 nuccas to get you a chair. I was like, this bish broke as hail!

Thanks to loyal reader Tami (@TalkingWithTami) for the link!

  • allwrightyden

    :rofl: NeNe is a joke!

  • Soulstar81


  • lacountrygirl

    :rofl: @ "butt naked house"

    Oh...I can't!!!

  • biglegs36

    I am sorry! But who is she again? I never heard of her, and why are other broke ass people always talking about other broke ass people!

  • CWhatsHerFace

    Sandra girl stop playing! Who is Cadillac Kimberly????? I thought Phaedra Parks was your girl? "Attention Seeking"? I hope you got better representation for how you be going in on these folks! Good Morning All! :coffee:

  • Mrs. Wimberly


  • pointhimout

    wow. it's how you become famous...go in on someone is is already gettin some shine. some of it was funny though. she said phat booty ed is pussy whipped. it will be interesting to see what house nene's in this season, and yes, will it too be empty or sparingly decorated like her first house. "lips bussin."

  • ohpretty1

    I cosign that Lisa Hartwell statement. But when she spoke on her Dad, I just died. That was SO unexpected.

    "Eddie Long you wrong!" She ain't lied. :rofl: Then she said he's making it rain with yalls tithe money!!! I needed that laugh. BTW, he is wrong for those muscle shirts.

  • Ms. Thickness


  • ryand91

    Umph, sounds like hateration to me. I hate when somebody is getting lil' shine and somebody has to come along hating. That bish looks like her face got hit by a Cadillac. As far as Phaedra Parks, damn Sandra you switch sides quick don'tcha?

  • FloridaChick813

    Thanks for summarizing Auntie :thumbsup:

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Ok - what I read wasn't really funny. I guess I have ot see the video?? :shrug:

    I guess it would be funnier if we all knew who the hell Kia Kimberly was...sorry - Cadillac, Hyundai, whatever.

  • biglegs36

    This is thing, before you get on camera and start talking about people. Please make sure that you got your own shyt together! How you gonna talk about NE-NE's one tooth, when all your shyt at the bottom is crocked to the side and you mouth got the gangsta lean! She country as fck, I could hardly understand what she was saying! Plus you going on blind dates and advertising it on camera! Get your comedy routine on national tv and stay off youtube! SITYOASSDOWNNOW!

  • ohpretty1

    Had any male comedian said this, no one would call it being salty. Look at how those fools on Rickey Smiley (men) GO IN on folks daily (dead ppl, lesbians, the elderly, etc). Just my observation.


    :lol: She was sorta telling the truth but ole girl looks funny.... :dead:

  • Quitta

    :lolol: Messy

  • rjk8

    She's kind of funny. Chick has a lot of bass in her voice. :-o

  • ShoYaRight

    Yes Kim. Drag these clowns!!!!

  • Daisy

    Still team NeNe :cheer: BAM!


    LMAO!!! That ish was too funny. Call it dead wrong, but she hit NeNe way below the belt.

    HAHAHAHAAA...The b*tch said "yo name is Nathan...And do something with that f*cked up wig that you cannot wash that I think you had on backwards every episode!"---CLASSIC!!!!

    I dunno who she is either, but this CK just made a name for herself on SR. Can't wait 2 c what she look like and is all about...hope she got her ish 2gether.

  • aliren

    wow...that was wrong. funny....but wrong

  • ggouch

    Transexuals are soooooooooooooooo funny even this one!! This DUDE was funny!! The statement about NeNe may be true since most trannys know other trannys.

    On a medical minute though!! that smokers cough masked as your laugh is sooooooooooooooooo not cute!!

  • lala

    she needs her teeth whitened b4 she says another word about anybody on camera

  • mimi08

    I don't know what yall talkin about...that shyt was funny as hell!

    I don't know who she is, but i'm taking my azz straight to youtube to check out some more of her videos, cause that shyt was funny as i just need her to go in on beyonce, her daddy, jayz's old azz, and a few more people..

    That was too funny!

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    LOL!! I cant see the video but the the transcript is funny!! She roasted that NeNe BUT from what yall are saying, Ms Cadillac is busted so maybe she need to sit her ass down somewhere...Oh well

  • MissLouisiana

    Too Funny!! Who is this Cadi Kim? I need to google her, she is a hot steaming mess. Why Put a sista down..she doin her thing.

  • jamil2008

    Hilarious! Love her passive witt! She wasn't silly funny--just genuinely funny. Like that friend that's always saying slick shyt that keeps everybody laughing.

  • Sincere

    She had some funny moments...I hate that she has to get her shine on by fronting on other people...but hey we have new breed so...Til the next woman hates on her... 8-)