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  • babygirlcaramel

    God Bless you too Chris...prove to YOURSELF that you can be a better man. NOBODY IS PERFECT. Don't worry about what other people think/say!

  • lexdiamonz

    errbody know sandra rose got her finger on the trigger!!! big up boo breezy shouted you out you international now oh wait you were already international stunt on em aunt sandy

  • tampa813

    I'm sorry but that's the fruitest pose.

  • Danielle84

    Sandra you should forgive and forget :coffee:

    Im over the Chris Brown/Rihanna fiasco! Next...

  • Krysi J


    Im sick and tired of being SICK and tired of this SUBJECT!!!






  • iciaantica

    He definitely needs to be mentally evaluated...we should be praying for him!...and his background photo is just yuck...whats up with that outfit&&those shoes??

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Go Chris! The only one that you need to worry about judging/forgiving you is God and Sandra ain't Him! Team Jesus! :cheer1:

  • Anna

    iciaantica Says:

    He definitely needs to be mentally evaluated…we should be praying for him!…and his background photo is just yuck…whats up with that outfit&&those shoes??
    :rofl: Men don't call what they wear "outfits", or do they? :lol: Watch, someone is going to add a heel to his boots.



  • Dee1127

    Keep your head up Chris!!

    In My Zone



  • gypsyeyes

    I'm sure you are reading this or your PR people are, but as the mother of a teenage 15 year old fan. Please step back a little and reevaluate some things. Stay out the limelight a little and find some humility. You have not allowed anyone to forget what you have done because you never went away. Stay off twitter and stay out the clubs. Do some low key charities and mentoring. Show these youmg people that you have remorse.

    Please and thank you,
    Concerned parent.

  • Redeemed777


    People want to support you, but YOU keep giving them a reason not to.

    I know you are young and think that good advice is lame and all, but on-the-real-tip, I think you would be doing a good thing getting educated ( as in go to college, and get a 4 year degree), because truth be told, your career was over after Oprah spoke about the incident.

    Look at Lil Romeo for instance, he went to college, then came back to the spotlight. So if the spotlight doesnt work, at least he has a degree to fall back on.

    Do the right thing Chris.

    P.S- Please stop hanging around losers like Polo the Dummy.

  • spelmangirl

    Why do you people kiss Sandra's tail on everything she say's. You don't have to do that just to make her like you. I am quite sure she is mature enough to respect your different views and not take stuff serious (even though I slightly doubt it do to her obvious obsession with particular people). While I love this site, Sandra you have begun to prove that YOU are a narcissist. If not that, just a plain ol' hater. People make mistakes. This kid is young and will continue to make more. If none of you have ever f'ed up royally please let me know cause either you are Jesus Christ or the next coming. I could blog about bloggers those that comment just so other can see just how hypocritical they are. (Sleeping with married people, abusing their kids, stealing, lying etc....)

  • Bri

    What we still talkin bout......practice......come on.....practice?????? Enuf already, move on......new subject pls.....

  • Carmez79

    Its amazing how CB is roasted by Sandra yet TI gets a pass and his ass is a convicted felon not once but twice :coffee:

  • Redeemed777

    If Chris is old enough to have sex with women, how come he isn't old enough to make better decisions.

    Please stop it with the "he is still a kid" thing. Kids don't (at least are not supposed to) be having sex with anybody.

    Like I said, if he is old enough to have sex, then he is also old enough to make better decisions in his YOUNG LIFE.

  • Mz.Williams

    Carmez79 Says:

    Its amazing how CB is roasted by Sandra yet TI gets a pass and his ass is a convicted felon not once but twice
    :cosign: even though I love me some T.I

  • FloridaChick813

    tampa813 Says:

    I’m sorry but that’s the fruitest pose.

    :lol: it really is

  • jazi65

    Doesn't this boy have a career to work on?

  • ReadTheBlog

    Sandra, what did you do to make him lash out so violently against you? :rofl:

  • LilMissRed

    VERY interesting! :shrugs:

    Cute pic Gypsy :NOHOMO:

    Mornin' SR ppls!

  • ReadTheBlog

    I don't think Chris thinks good advice is irrelevant. It's probably the fact that the people that are trying to give it are irrelevant, is what makes him ignore it.

  • allwrightyden

    Chris obviously doesn't have good people around him because he keeps making a COMPLETE idiot of himself tweeting and carrying on. Chris GET YO AZZ OFF TWEETER AND GAIN A LIFE. Face it, NOBODY'S CHECKING FOR YOU! Go to school, do some charity work, go to Africa some dayum where. Talk to young people and encourage them that Domestic Violence is WRONG! But stop damn WHINING and complaining. I felt sorry for you at first, but now you just getting on my nerves. Yo azz wasn't whining and complaining when you were jet skiing immediately after the incident, cheezin and smiling like everything was lovely.....GO AWAY, lay low, come back in a few years when you've matured!

  • Khunfuzion

    She got what she wanted, now his 1 million plus twitter followers will Google "Sandrarose" she'll be opening up registration in 1,2,3...

    I think people want him to act like a celebrity, when all Chris does it act like a regular person. Get over it and yourselves. Trust me concerned parents, your kids are laying witiness to much more serious foolishness in school and the other places they travel. The incident with Chris/Rhianna is mild in comparison, sorry to say. If Chris was truly irrelevant, he would be just that, irrelevant and people such as Sandra wouldn't even indulge, however I can bet on a daily basis, if not 4 out of 5 days Sandra posts on Chris Brown.

    So...RT @chrisbrown: Sandra rose...godbless you

  • LadyLew

    He could have went in but he didn't. Not a CB fan but I say do you! People make the world go round and nobodys perfect.

  • http://www.inowweb.com thedoll

    Lol, now that is funny. :lolsign:

  • pyt305

    Chris keep doing you...make good music so the haters can fall back

  • TruGemini

    Damn a Chris Brown wit his wack a.s.s.... #thatisall


  • RemieBaby

    His mixtape IN MY ZONE is great! The behavior..... not so much :coffee:

  • OutsidetheBox


    *reads it again...*


    Ok. Do you CB! Do YOU!

  • Daisy

    Team Chris :cheer:

    Even when he says something positive folks still find a way to throw dirt which let's me know no matter what he does/doesnt do/say folks will still give their .02.

    Keep working on you and your music and keeping your nose clean and you will be just fine. Nobody has a heaven or hell to put you in. We are all sinners all though some may think otherwise.

    God bless n Good Luck! :pray:

  • FloridaChick813

    Even when he says something positive folks still find a way to throw dirt

    :cosign: And that not only goes for Chris, but everyone else as well

  • http://myspace.com/foxybrown411 LADYWOODS

    My 8 yr old daughter is his biggest fan. When that whole thing with him and Rihanna went down I tried hard to hide it from her but it was everywhere. I'm just praying for him. I hope he gets the help he needs. Everyone know that when you grow up with abuse you are likely to repeat it. I hope that he sees the error in his ways and makes better decisions in the future.

  • LuvKaya

    im having a blonde moment

  • Candi Apple

    Chris this is all your fault. People blogging did not make the choice to punch Rhi-Rhi repeatedly in the face. You did. "Its everyones fault because they keep talking about my abusive ways". :violin: See how childish that sounds.

    You do not get a pass. :nono:

    I did give you a chance but you kept on talking. You were more concerned about your career than the actions. This was not your first time hitting a woman. :coffee:

  • M3z

    Hey we all can use a little prayer! Let those without sin cast the first stone ~ a la Jesus

    I hope he's truly trying to change cause it's not easy.

  • florida_girl

    @Kay...you better preach and those that said Chris career is over only God know the future... Chris could have went in like Trey once before but he kept it classy...its just like the story she post the other day about his tweet not one time did she put the entire tweets from SB and Bow Wow than she would have known SB started and Chris ended by saying lets put all our money together and support Haiti she didn't bother because once again she wanted to paint him as the devil...Chris cont. moving forward and know that God is the ONLY judge...

  • florida_girl

    @Candi Apple....who else did Chris hit?

  • Redeemed777


    Chris music career being over does not necessarily mean it's a bad thing. It just means maybe he needs to move in the direction that God is calling him to.

    That music industry is controlled by demons. He should be glad to have his music career over. #justsayin

  • khandi25

    Maybe it's just me, but isn't Chris only 19 or 20 at most? If so, he is still immature!!! LOL... I am on my way to 35 and the things I did at 19 and 20, was immature, because regardless of what one may think, you are not grown at 19 or 20.... Chris is acting his age... What more do want from him??

  • Redeemed777


    Attention Sandrarose folk:

    Check out the latest videos by the FORERUNNER777 @youtube. It might just save your life!

  • Daisy

    He is an artist and I don't think God is saying its over we all have to overcome obstacles/mistakes/bad decisions daily.

    I hope all these ppl still nailing him to the cross have vol at their local DV shelter or gave money :coffee:

  • Candi Apple

    And the devil is a lier just like most of the people in entertainment.

  • Redeemed777


    Attention Sandrarose folk:

    Check out the latest videos by the FORERUNNER777 @youtube. It might just save your life

  • qtipthecat

    God Bless you too CB

  • Candi Apple

    Maybe Some people writing have been in domestic violent situations or had family members who have and maybe thats why the see the devil child for what he is. :coffee: And maybe once in their lives have lived in a DV shelter or family members have. Don't hate the messanger hate the message. Where did the message come from? Chris Brown

  • Lovely One

    @ Redeemed777 Says:

    Please stop it with the “he is still a kid” thing. Kids don’t (at least are not supposed to) be having sex with anybody.
    A.) When boys are in relationships with females that get physical, they remain in the relationship thinking "this will never escalate to the point where I am taken to jail"
    B.) When men notice that a female is violent, they will start to distance themselves from that woman b/c they know how it can end and they are not childish enough to deal with that woman on a long term basis

    This is what I think ppl are referring to when they call CB a "kid" and as a "kid" Chris had (probably still has) that mindset of "this will never happen to me"

    I honestly DONT think Chris was/is a 2010 version of Ike. He is a 19 year old that is handling his past/current situation like a 19 year old boy would. :shrugs:

  • http://nwmasssmedia.com NichelleWalker/nwmasssmedia.com

    I wonder who made FOLKS the judge of a persons life??? Now this is coming from a survivor of DMV. GET OVER IT, do you know how many time I set around and try to stop my ex life. NEVER because I've moved on and hey he has to walk in his shoes. He was wrong for hitting me and I was wrong for sticking around and two wrongs don't make a right.

    GOOD Lord what do y'all want the boy to do go off and Kill himself, leave him alone and let him live his life. How many people sitting here pointing the finger at his wrong has done wrong. Half the crew here believe in, admitted to and is sleeping with somebodies husband. Get off of it, if you don't want to buy the boy music don't buy it. But leave him alone.

    Shyt drives me nuts, not different than a picture of Gabby going up and everybody jumps in and calls the girl fat. My god I think she knows that but thats not the way to get someone help. Lord, everybody please remember it's only one hell and one heaven. So if your doing any kind of wrong you will be in hell just like everybody else. I don't believe it's a part in hell for people who done a little wrong everybody will burn the same.

    Yes what he did was wrong, but so was Charlie I'ma kill me a ho Sheen, but yet he did not loose his job, his money nor his fans. AND GUESS WHAT The YT people don't bring it up no more. No he womp his wife azz pulled a knife on her and didn't get into any trouble but leave it to our own people to convict a person over and over and over again. What Charlie Sheen did was wrong to why not talk about him??????????????????? Cuz he said it not me "I'ma kill me a ho" #justsaying

    Live life Chris, I know your going through a hard time but if you need to read some uplifting things log on to my site nwmasssmedia.com (yes I can say that now) POW

  • Lovely One

    @ spelmangirl Says:

    Why do you people kiss Sandra’s tail on everything she say’s. You don’t have to do that just to make her like you. I am quite sure she is mature enough to respect your different views and not take stuff serious (even though I slightly doubt it do to her obvious obsession with particular people). While I love this site, Sandra you have begun to prove that YOU are a narcissist. If not that, just a plain ol’ hater. People make mistakes. This kid is young and will continue to make more. If none of you have ever f’ed up royally please let me know cause either you are Jesus Christ or the next coming. I could blog about bloggers those that comment just so other can see just how hypocritical they are. (Sleeping with married people, abusing their kids, stealing, lying etc….)

  • lexdiamonz

    listen CB needs to stop "twittering" it is stupid and immature addressing ish if he wants to move on make good music and call it a day his REAL fans will stand by him he is a kid in the mind but be real he a grown azz man if he had punched ciara in the face nobody would give a damn he punched YT americas token black girl star( this week) and he got to deal with it. SERIOUSLY what is he doing to move on he keep talking about the ish every day Rhi Rhi dumped his azz cuz it was messing up her paper period point blank .... but addressing a blogger even if it is sandra rose is childish !!!! love ya sandy!!! the dude couldnt sing any way he was a gimmick and unfortunately fads fade and real talent will ALWAY prevail move on Chris your time has passed this new generation is FICKLE and they on to the next......

  • http://nwmasssmedia.com NichelleWalker/nwmasssmedia.com

    forgive my miss spellings and also half the people who hold anger against him are putting there own personally life into it.

    I will admit I did that about that SWISS beat mess and thats why I was so angry.,, But I had to see that what happened in there home was not the same as mine and I had to take my personally feelings out and stop Judging Alicia because I don't really know what happened. Not saying what went down was right just being real on why I took it so personally and wrote mean things about her and I was wrong for that because I have no clue what went on. So I have to admit that I was wrong for calling her out of her name because who knows what lies was told.

    Everyone is mad at Chris because of something your still holding from your past or maybe present. But you have to remember he did not harm you and the person who knows the truth about it, has forgiven him and slept with 6 others guys already she's moved on. Stop holding your personally anger towards what happened to you and making this young man suffer because like I said we never know what happened and we never will...

  • Lovely One

    And I dont understand why people want Chris Brown to stop twittering. Its the "young, hip" thing to do...why would a 19 year old not twitter. Should he never expose his frustrations on twitter b/c of the 2009 incident...showing that he's annoyed by someone by saying "God Bless You" is surely evidence that he is still an angry boy! *sarcasm*

  • Redeemed777


    Well, I can't speak for others only myself:

    I'm a believer in good education. Is it wrong for Chris to go to college?

    I mean we as black people have enough talents already.
    We have enough entertainers already.
    Heck, the crack-head next door got talent!

    We need more doctors, politicians, lawyers, engineers, scientists and such.

  • Candi Apple

    But this happens to be a black entertainment blog and isn't everyone tried of seeing black women degraded with every video and songs talking about say ahhhh. I mean black women talk about how rappers and or black men arent man enough for relationships but they hold their hand in acts of violence.

    It's all personal choice. If someone chooses not to like the color red who is anyone to tell them red is not a bad color you don't like red why. You cant change the way someone thinks or feels. Its not about judging its about not liking certian things. Just like people throwing around bible quotes to make chris a better person when he proves over and over he is not a better person. And he is just now after all these weeks willing to donate to Hati. Come on Son.

    I am allowed the right to feel a certian way about Chris Brown. Why not pray for me instead of him to see things clearly instead yall judge people who don't like what they see from him. That is being judgemental. It goes both ways. But look what I get as a black woman other black women bashing me because I will not support a a$$ beater. How funny

  • Lovely One

    @ Redeemed777 Says:


    Well, I can’t speak for others only myself:

    I’m a believer in good education. Is it wrong for Chris to go to college?

    I mean we as black people have enough talents already.
    We have enough entertainers already.
    Heck, the crack-head next door got talent!

    We need more doctors, politicians, lawyers, engineers, scientists and such.
    I understand where you are coming from. But actually, we do have more doctors, engineers & lawyers...hundreds of thousands in each category (except for politics) to be exact. It just seems like we have more black athetes & entertainers b/c that's what the media shows. Which is why young boys think its more likely to become a basketball player rather than a doctor...but that's another conversation all together

  • Candi Apple

    Now all of a sudden people are taking this from a personal level. No they just don't like what they see PERIOD. What sounds personal is another person attacking another person to defend someones bad behavior. Now thats personal.

  • http://nwmasssmedia.com NichelleWalker/nwmasssmedia.com

    @Redeemed777 Says:

    I believe a person should do what they love, they should work in a field that would make them most happy. I know a few people who make good money but there not happy with there jobs. It's not what they want to be doing in live, so yes he could but if that's not what he wants he would never be happy in his life.

  • Candi Apple

    He can live and make music all he wants but its my personal choice not to buy it and with all his fans I am sure my one album sell will have no reflection on his numbers. But, the problem is its not just me.

  • http://nwmasssmedia.com NichelleWalker/nwmasssmedia.com

    Quick story than I'm off this piece,

    My friends and I were hanging out and we got on to a conversation about being with a abuser. I got so offended, I took everything they said like they were talking to me. They all looked at me and asked "why you taking it so personal? we just talking" However I took it personal because I was going through it. I was lying and hiding the truth and there words sliced through me. So with that being said the truth hurts.

  • florida_girl

    @Redeemed777...I hear where you are coming from but at the same time you work with demons everyday on a regular 9 to 5 yet we come to work get our check and take care of our families..God said Be in the world and not of the world...demons are everywhere yet you press on anyway and fight the good fight..in know way am I supporting Chris actions he was wrong but I do feel like if we are going to hold him accountable (as we should) the same should go for Charlie Sheen, Tommy Lee or Don Cornelius who are much older...please note I'm not attacking you because I really feel where you are coming from just my .02..

  • florida_girl

    @Candi Apple...who else did Chris hit?

  • Itsnotboutme

    He probably left his tweet based on (SR) posting the story about the 12 year old girl and saying the little boy did a Chris Brown on her and ran instead of facing it like a man. First off he's not a man!
    And Sandra, arent you about 50? It seems like you just a little too old to be putting headings like that on your posts. Change the way you think honey. That was a poor little girl and boy who suffered. THe boy obviously has issues that needs addressing and the girl was brutally attacked. That had nothing to do with Chris Brown.

  • Candi Apple

    But they did not know the truths at the table. Like no one knows anyones truth here. Its all speculation. But we have pictures of Chris's truth and there are more where that come from. And to say truth hurts is casting a stone at the persons truth. Let me say so you know. I have never been in a domestic violence situation. But yes I have helped people who have gone through it. I have sympathy for that person and I am sorry you went through that and carry the blame for getting beat on its not your fault it is his and his only. Reflections come from a mirror.

  • Itsnotboutme

    I love Chris Brown because he is handeling the situation now the best he can, He's what? 19,20 years old. In the spotlight and was supposed to be a role model.
    Now he is letting all the youngens know who is watching him that what he did was wrong but everyone makes mistakes.
    Sandra you find joy in puttin people down..you know what goes around comes around. For you to drag this Chris Brown thing all the way out, it speaks loud and clear about who you are as a person...He is still a young person needing guidance..your well up in age..waaayyyy past being a child....alomst senior...what have you learned in you very long and disturbing life? real question


  • Candi Apple

    Florida_Girl I am not ignoring you. But sometimes its best just to let whats known speak for itself.

  • LLani

    All of you guys talking about, Chris Brown was supposed to be a role model to kids blah blah blah...GTFOHWTS!!! Parents are the ULTIMATE role models. He's human just like everyone else and is not responsible for what your children SEE, THINK, OR HEAR!!! He's a effin singer, not the m'f pope! People are waaaaaaaaaaaay too judgmental and critical of everyone elses actions. Please tell me that the same people whining over what he did, haven't done some dumb mess in their life. We rely too much on uneducated dumb a$$ celebs to be role models and then get mad at their uneducated, ridiculous actions. Stop putting celebrities on a pedestal and we won't have a problem! P.S I'M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT CHRIS BROWN, BEING A CONVICTED FELON, ON SANDRA ROSE. MAYBE SANDRA SHOULD START SAYING CONVICTED FELON TI, BOUGHT HIS GHETTO MISS PIGGY LOOKING BABY MAMA A NEW NOSE JOB! GTFOH!

  • http://totallytiny.com Janay

    WHAT A NERVE,And since when does anyone care what chris brown thinks???

  • pinky2083

    LOVE YOU CHRIS!!! Your Valentine's Day mixtape is FIRE!!! Don't sweat the haters. :)

  • Itsnotboutme

    @Llani are you angry about something?

  • pinky2083


  • Ms.Everything

    @ Candi Apple, as I've said many times on here I was a victim of horrible domestic abuse for years. There's not a moment in a day that I don't still suffer from it and I'm scarred for the rest of my life.... but I don't hate CB and I think the public hatred of him has gone too far and for way too long. I see him as a child (19 y/o is a child) who made a horrible mistake and is trying to improve himself and go back to the only thing he knows and can't do so because apparantly everyone wishing bad upon him was in that car and got beat up just like she did :coffee: keep your head up Chris and get better people on your team

    Oh yeah and there were many times my husband beat me with no cause or reason just because and I had him arrested cause it was wrong and there were also times where I hauled off and knocked the shit out of him , and we fought like nuccas in the street and during those times all I could do was chalk it up as a lost fight. Too many woman try and fight men and cry foul when they lose. Is that what happened with them? Idk but she did say they were both wrong. #thatisall

  • s_johnson07

    Chris, Chris, Chris...smdh

  • http://www.twitter.com/onlinefan onlinefan

    I don't think Chris Brown should have to stop living his life because he made a very bad decision to hit a woman. I think it's being blown out of proportion because they were celebrities.

    Do you know how many women are being abused in every day life, finally get the courage to go to the police or courts for protection to only get beat more or worse killed by their abuser? You don't see the police or general public demanding that these regular everyday abusers "take time off", "stay out of the public view", "get off social networking sites".

    I don't condone what he did, and I agree with people saying he should take responsibility for what he did by completing his community service and anger mgmt courses. But he is still a celebrity and he makes his money by putting out albums, going on tour and all that other stuff. So let him do his job.

    as for his twitter, I don't follow him and I don't care that he came back, but he might want to change that pic because it does actually look like he is about to put his fists up.

    @ Sandra - that tweet was directed to YOU, not your commenters so your post title should be "Chris Brown Prays for ME" :lolol:

  • http://nwmasssmedia.com NichelleWalker/nwmasssmedia.com

    I have never been in a domestic violence situation.

    I said that so many times but it was a black azz lie

  • http://nwmasssmedia.com NichelleWalker/nwmasssmedia.com

    not pointing the fingers but just speaking my truths #thatisall

  • http://nwmasssmedia.com NichelleWalker/nwmasssmedia.com

    not pointing the fingers but just speaking my truths #thatisall

  • http://twitter.com/sherita78 mizzdallas

    I will always support CB and he can stay on twitter all he wont and he stay doing his music all he wants until GOD says so then we dont have no say so at all! you dont have to like him you dont have to buy his music stay being mad at him forever if thats whats gonna make you feel good!

  • Candi Apple

    So in other words your saying that I am lying and have been in a DV situation. Get help girl. You and Chris can sit in the same classroom.

    Anywho like I said I will not support him.

  • Candi Apple

    Not mad at Chris just don't like him never have really and never purchased his music. So..... What are you saying? Really.

  • ashnic23

    Sandra, you go after the guy every chance you get. Sometimes, its time to let it go and let him prove himself.

  • ksmommy05

    If Chris Brown is a devil child. Rihanna is too. All these ppl talking about they hate Chris, he's an abuser. Rihanna is a man bitch also and her career needs to be over. You don't get a pass for hitting a man because ur a woman. I think they both need counseling. Always quick to judge someone else huh? When no one is perfect. I'd love to take a magnifying glass and go other your lives with a fine tooth.

    His personal life ain't got jackie squat to do with his music. Which I happen to love. Do I personally like him as person, probably not. But just like Tiger Woods. WTF fucking gotta do with golfing. uggh. I'm done ranting.

  • aqtpie

    :rofl: Another case of pick and choose!!!!! :shrug:

  • http://www.twitter.com/karazinatl KaraZ

    All these comment because he said God bless you? :wtf:

  • ashnic23

    Carmez79 Says:

    Its amazing how CB is roasted by Sandra yet TI gets a pass and his ass is a convicted felon not once but twice

    and throw all the other rappers/singers/actors/actresses in the mix as well. Chris Brown is not the only one. Chris made a mistake one time, these other individuals have made the same mistakes SEVERAL times but they get a pass.

  • Candi Apple

    :rofl: Really. Just a different hat

  • ksmommy05

    But this happens to be a black entertainment blog and isn’t everyone tried of seeing black women degraded with every video and songs talking about say ahhhh. I mean black women talk about how rappers and or black men arent man enough for relationships but they hold their hand in acts of violence.
    No one is forcing them to be in the video. Half these women degrade themselves. And it's not just black it's ALL races. Lady Gaga, BEyonce, Rihanna, Shakira. These bishes ain't seen pants in years.

  • Candi Apple

    Remember Chris choose this life to be a celebrity. This is what accompanies the lifestyle. He has grown accustom to living high this is apart of the job. Good and bad comes with everything. :shrug:

  • Candi Apple

    Well we happen to be on a black entertainment blog. When visiting a white entertainment blog the topic will be about the white hoe's.

    Who runs the world?

  • Candi Apple

    This also happens to be a chris brown post.

  • Ebony

    Dear Chris,

    Everybody is laughing at you :coffee:

  • Candi Apple

    You know how they say everything in time will be revealed. Maybe this was God revealing chris for what he really is and people are not paying attention to the red flag. :shrug:

    oohh yeah and you know how they say every dog has its day maybe its Chris's day.

    ooh yeah and you know how they say to each his own. well no punch line for that it's self explanitory. ;)

    ooh yeah and you know the saying what comes around goes around. Maybe this is his go around.

    Who is wright and who is wrong its all just a matter of opinion. And we all have a right to that

  • Ms.Everything

    It seems like you're taking this whole situation with him personal which is why I believe Nichelle is saying that you perhaps have been a victim of dv and are directing your anger at Chris the way that you are. And she gave the example of why she was so angry about the AK/Swizz/Mashonda drama because it happened to her. So maybe the person you helped in the dv case that you mentioned earlier was you. That's what it seems like she is saying Candi and it also appears that way to me. I feel the same way when I read stories about jumpoffs getting ahead at the expense of others because its happened to me.

    Maybe you've never been a victim of dv, I hope you haven't because as a victim I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. However, I hope that your dislike/anger towards this situation with Chris is also directed towards other celebrity woman beaters who actually have a history of repeatedly beating women and continue to do so with no remorse such as Charlie Sheen, Don Cornelius, Jay Z, Sean Penn and countless other actors/athletes/entertainers who were allowed to have their actions swept under a rug while they continued on with their careers. You said that he's hit other women but you've yet to name these women. All we know is of one instance which was horrible but is still mostly speculation because the truth of exactly what occurred has yet to come out. We saw the pictures of her, but we never saw photos of him after the incident. Her forehead bruises were consistent with having your head fly into the dashboard which is what happened when he slammed on the brakes. He did put his hands on her which was wrong but many people have said that she also put her hands on him. She said they were both a danger to each other and she also has a history of violence. No woman deserves to be beat, no one. But there is a difference between being brutally beaten by the person you love and mutual combat which is why I gave my examples above. When I look at this case, I see two immature young people with anger issues who finally got themselves into trouble. One got off scott free and the other has been crucified by an industry filled with people who've committed far more heinous crimes than he did.

    My last point on this is if you truly have never experienced the pain of having your boyfriend/husband beat you for no reason other than to break you down as a woman than while you can count yourself blessed you also can not imagine what the pain of domestic violence actually feels like. You can sympathize all day but it is not the same. If women who have experienced it, lived through it and survived it can forgive this young man than why can't you? You're entitled to an opinion but you said 1. That this wasn't his first time hitting a woman but when asked for details you can't give them and got defensive and 2. That maybe women have experienced or witnessed dv can't help but to see him for the "devil child" that he is and now two people who actually have experienced dv are telling you that we don't see him as a devil child at all but someone who made a mistake and you're still defensive. You don't have to buy his cds, or be his fan. I'm not that big of a fan cause I'm too old for his kinda music BUT I will call something out as being wrong when I see it and the treatment he's getting is wrong especially when people lie to justify hating him or use dv victims for sympathy to get others to hate him when they've never actually experienced it themselves. Sandra has never liked the boy even before last February so its not surprising she doesn't now but his tweet was mild, semi positive yet even that is being used against him.

    You're entitled to like/dislike whomever you please but don't throw accusations without facts or use empty sympathy tactics that you know nothing about since you "have never experienced domestic violence" Now I really am done

  • ELove

    What @KaraZ said... :lol:

  • http://twitter.com/sherita78 mizzdallas

    well said Ms everything...

  • http://nwmasssmedia.com NichelleWalker/nwmasssmedia.com

    that's what I talking Ms everything said everything yup

  • Candi Apple

    ohh cut it out with the analogy. Because on all area's you would be wrong. If everyone can voice their opinions why can't I. You sound just as wrong as everyone else who goes in on people who dont like him. You can take what you want out of what I say it doesn't matter. The bottom line is I never liked him or purchased his music. And this is a chris brown post so I merely stick to the subject at hand. When a post comes up about one of the people you mention then I will discuss their abuse too. Did you see me go in on Tiny? I agreed and thats why no one had anything to say about it.


    The post went far beyond the topic when people started coming directly at people with different points of views. The bottom line was you had an opinion and so did I. Leave it at that instead like you are doing now of letting one voice their opinion the defenders went into full out battle and expected no one to come back with a comment. So I kept commenting on other comments.

    I am sure you would like to see the other things I have but you can't. I am sure you would like to hear other stories but you can't. I will not defend that and will leave you to speculate because I can. And as you said no one knows what happened in that car but as the saying goes pictures speak a thousand words.

    Let me be if, I don't like this boy what is wrong with that? are you trying to convert me? Damn just let me feel the way I want. whats wrong with that? do you have a problem with what that? He's paying you or something?

    you been done cause nothing you said changed my mind or the way I feel. If I was or wasn't a DV Victim has nothing to do with the post about chris brown. See what I mean when I say going in on people posting different opinions based on what there person choices are. How can in one breath you say you feel sorry for me then in another try to bash me for being a victim uumm makes me sad for you and not me.

  • Candi Apple

    This was not a Rhi-Rhi post. This was a beat em' down chris brown post.

  • Nthabi

    God bless is NOT one word, ChrisBrown.


  • Ms.Everything

    When did I ever bash you for being a victim? Tell me that, especially when you said you've never been a victim, also please name one analogy I've used or when I said I feel sorry for you :???:

    Actually, take a deep breath, calm down, take a midol and go back and read my previous two posts. Actually read all the other comments. You're getting defensive over nothing and if anyone is attacking someone for an opinion its you. I stand by what I said and could care less how you feel about it to be completely honest. As I said before until you can come with facts about the claims you're making then all you're doing is fueling false rumors about a child you don't even know and using whatever tactic you can to get people to agree with you and the angrier you get the less sense you make. I'm not in the mood to go back and forth plus its really not my style so you can finish this convo on your own. Hopefully Sandra has another post up that's more interesting than the ones from this morning

  • pinky2083


  • Candi Apple

    I did read what you said and you thought you had me pegged. You get of your prozac and take a look at what your wrote. You agreed with the other girl and stated that If I was or wasn't a victim of dv I would know such and such. OK please dont double talk. I always stick to my guns you should try. You tried to read between the lines but you were wrong on every level.

    I am not angry and where did I say come on agree with me. And where in here did anyone agree with me I am the out cast. You and the others stuck together to try and validate your point. Reading in fundamental. look at what you wrote

    'You’re entitled to like/dislike whomever you please but don’t throw accusations without facts or use empty sympathy tactics that you know nothing about since you “have never experienced domestic violence” Now I really am done' SO WHAT YOU SAYING BY THIS?


    "Maybe you’ve never been a victim of dv, I hope you haven’t because as a victim I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. However, I hope that your dislike/anger towards this situation with Chris is also directed towards other celebrity woman beaters who"

    I can go back and paste more. Would you like that? Dont double talk.

    I am communicating an yet again you try to attack me personally by telling me I need an Midol. OK SO THATS NOT AN ATTACK.

    Again I am just stating my opinion and do not need a team to do it. I can stand alone. Not angry in fact we can meet in another post and have laughs. I don't carry grudges and neither should you. Let it go and let it flow. Dont knock me for being different

    And I am looking for more intersting post too. But you wont find that here on SR :rofl:

    :kiss: on to the next

  • Daisy

    @ebony u may be laughing at CB but everybody isn't

    @ks :rofl: at they haven't seen pants

  • aqtpie

    Big up to Bird!!

  • Lyssa02

    I want to know where people get the information from that Rhianna hit Chris?? Last time I checked, all the evidence proved that he beat her, where is the evidence that she hit him. Unless he comes out and says so, people should stop ASSUMING!

    Secondly, the comment made that she slept with six persons irritated me for some reason. How do you know? Were you there? Why is it that whenever a celebrity is seen with someone of the opposite sex, they MUST be sleeping with them. I just don't get that concept at all.

    Lastly, while I disagree with Chris' actions, I am not one to judge. At the end of the day, he needs to gain some maturity, and usually that comes with age and experience. As time progresses hopefully his immature mentality will change. Does he need to take a break? Not sure how I feel on that, but he needs to do whatever it takes to make sure he is and will be the best PERSON he can be.

  • aidansmom

    maybe you missed her 20/20 interview where SHE said that. And that she she kept egging him on repeatedly and wouldn't stop. So I don't think anyone is assuming. She's just as guilty as he is.

  • misslee21

    Chris Brown is starting to get on my nerves

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird


    Get yourself a mentor sweetie. I say that with total kindness. Those industry dudes you're keeping company with are not helping you in any way. Despite what many of the posters are saying you are in fact immature for your age. Particularly since you have been a wage earner for years. The influence of a strong man will work wonders for you. It's past time for you to start acting like a grown man and owning up to your actions. Don't let your die hard fans and industry friends lead you astray. They are looking at you through rose colored glasses. I wish you luck and success young brotha.

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    aidansmom Says:

    maybe you missed her 20/20 interview where SHE said that. And that she she kept egging him on repeatedly and wouldn’t stop. So I don’t think anyone is assuming. She’s just as guilty as he is
    Ummm, what interview did you see cause she did not say that she hit him or anything of that nature. She did say that he was lying about something (most likely him cheating) and she wouldn't drop the issue which translates into them arguing, not her striking him. No wonder these dudes think its cool to beat women when they have people out there willing to make excuses for them. I hope these supporters of domestic violence never have to see someone that they love with a black-eye or a broke nose, but I think seeing it the only way some people will understand the seriousness of this issue.

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    @ Bird :cosign: Its so obvious this boy doesnt have any positive males in his life.

  • Lyssa02

    @ aidansmom, apparently YOU missed the 20/20 interview cause she never said she hit him. She was even asked if she hit him and she said no. What she said was that she caught him in a lie, and she wouldn't drop it and he got angry. So I suggest u review ur facts and get them straight.

  • Daisy

    Just because one supports CB doesnt mean they support DV that mindset is very simple to me :rolleyes: Some ppl that support him have been victims themselves. Just like Jesus loves us but NOT our sin in case you need an ex.

    Also, not all of his fans are looking through rose colored glasses. I dont think he has handled every situation correctly or well after the incident his team SUCKS BUT I dont have a problem with him being on twitter as long as he doesnt have any more meltdowns and rants. Him saying god bless you should not have drawn criticsm IMO. Again like I said earlier NO matter what he says/does SOMEBODY will always have something to say about it at this point in time so he has to live his life the BEST way HE sees fit. He can't please everybody. All this talk of him going away and going to school isnt going to change what happened in the car that night. He is attending his DV every mon. and I pray he is learning something from him.

  • ksmommy05

    she said something to the effect of "even if i did hit him, that doesn't give him the right." <-----------didn't need to be said. Also, police reports, you know the ones where it only shows her statement, says that SHE SAID that she had been violent with him before but he never struck her back. They both need to disappear for a little while. She seem to have a couple issues going on also.

  • Candi Apple

    If Chris Brown learned anything he would have let it go and not responded at all. Above all this is an entertainment blog and he is an entertainer. Just because one person said something negative about him how many others said something positive. Did he thank the positive via twitter. I don't know cause I don't follow him (so yes I am asking). Don't let me see a tweet sandra post tomorrow of him saying I would like to thank Necole bitchie for the support and god bless you.

  • Ms.Everything

    Why did I come back in here? Welp, here I go... @Candi, sweetie those cut and paste comments of mine did nothing to validate your point so why did you even bother? No one on here is advocating domestic violence, I said I've been a victim of it as did Nichelle nor is anyone condoning what he did. I'm going to assume you're having a bad day because that didn't make sense, I'm not on prozac never have been nor do I need it. And nowhere did I double talk my point stayed consistent throughout each comment. I never attacked you, stating that you need a midol is simply because you're acting like you have pms with your responses. You opened yourself up for people to ask more questions when you clearly stated she was not the only woman he hit, I asked for more detail as did someone else. That's not teaming up against you, its asking for more info on your claim, which you have not provided. I don't believe there are other women because that info would have come out by now especially with the amount of people who hate this boy and have been digging in his past and life looking for dirt to sling. Not to mention that he is young rich and black surely if there was another incident we would've seen another court case and likely a lawsuit. You said that dv victims may feel that he's a devil child. All I did was state that I'm a victim and I don't feel that way. You also said that you've supported someone who experienced a dv situation. You brought that into the conversation. Just because a group of people on a blog share similar views does not mean were ganging up on you and just because I state my opinion does not mean I'm trying to convert you. Unless your name is Rihanna you've come across as way too invested in the entire situation. And as I said before I'm not really a fan of his just disgusted by the hatred I see towards him while other criminals some who've committed the same crime as Chris multiple times and some who've committed far worse are routinely forgive and praised by the media and people. I believe he deserves a second chance, too many people are granted 2nd chances for worse offenses. When I see him I see a young man whose not even 21 trying to change but people aren't giving him that chance. He volunteers at dv shelters, is doing his community service, apologized more than he should and has been involved in charity work since this happened. I believe people can change and I think he will. That is my opinion you feel otherwise that's fine but you took a difference of opinion and simple questions regarding your comments on a blog and turned it into something personal which is why I advised you to calm down and reread the comments you felt were attacking you. I've been on this site for 3 years and these were polite compared to some debates/arguments that I've seen on here.

    Back @ topic: for the 20/20 interview, she didn't outright say she hit him, she said that they were both dangerous to each other, that even if she did that didn't give him the right to hit her and when asked out right she said no she didn't hit him. The police report contradicts that though and so many people from his camp were saying that she used to hit him all the time plus a couple years ago she talked about smashing her brother in the head with a bottle so it doesn't seem like a stretch to think that she may have also hit him that night. Especially when you consider how easily her photos were released (which was against the law) and the police report with her statement yet no one released his mug shot or his statement regarding that night. I live out here and la county and city releases all mugshots regardless of the "rules", tmz can get there hands on anything so it seemed to me and others that there is a lot of missing information and public opinion was purposely twisted in her favor. That doesn't justify him hitting her but everyone has their breaking point. I know I was personally offended watching the interview because she was making herself the poster child role model for dv and in my eyes after what I've experienced personally and witnessed that one night does not make her the helpless victim like the media and her camp were building her to be. I'm not saying she wasn't hurt or traumatized but if she hit him first that night she lost a fight whereas there are women who've been beaten to the ground for burning the chicken or for the tone in their voice those women are true victims in my eyes. I've yet to see her at a shelter speaking to women who've been abused and I believe its because she knows her situation wasn't what it. I'm not a celebrity but I have spoken at shelters regarding my situation and what I've overcome. I don't speak to my family/friends too much because it embarrasses me but I will discuss it if I feel that my story can help someone which is why I don't see why she didn't use her celebrity to reach out to these victims. The sad thing is he has done more to raise awareness and help victims than she has while she was the one claiming to be a role model and saying that she spoke out to help young women overcome

  • Candi Apple

    Girl .. Please did even read all of that.... Not neccessary and will not respond to you. Have a safe and blessed day

  • Candi Apple

    Write a book or something

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    Daisy Says:

    Just because one supports CB doesnt mean they support DV that mindset is very simple to me Some ppl that support him have been victims themselves.
    And where exactly did I say that supporters of CB were supporters of Domestic Violence??? And since when did you become Chris Brown's mother? I cant make a comment without you acting like you are personally offended.

    I specifically spoke about supporters of Domestic Violence and there are many on this blog, Chris Brown or no Chris Brown. Don't kill the messenger. Its a fact.

    BTW, I love an optimistic person but sometimes all ur :cheer1: is a bit fake, IMO. But, u know what they say about opinions, they are like a**holes...everybody got one. Do you boo, but back up off of me.

  • Lyssa02

    Well, last time I checked, Chris has a mouth to defend himself and say what really happened and he hasn't. Further more, I don't care what his 'friends' have to say cause more than likely, they will of course be on his side. Lastly, with all the logics and analysis of the situation, statements, etc. How come no one ever thinks that MAYBE the reason he doesn't want to go into detail is cause it would make him look worse. Why would someone let their name be dragged through the mud, and allow false stories to be told if that's not how it really went down? Especially in a situation where ur rep and career is at stake.
    There are many different opinions and logics on this subject and at the end of it all none of us really know what truly happened. Most people will care more about the supposed factual evidence in the police report and the pics, and they can't be faulted for that because that is what was 'legally reported.'
    Either way, as she said they were both 'dangerous' for each other, so it's good they are no longer together. He was wrong for what he did to her. Now, they can take this opportunity to find themself, get any help they need and just be the best persons they can be.

  • trynabeme

    damn this was a touchy post!!!!!! llh

    sandra....wth been going on up in this piece lately???? smh & :rofl:

  • trynabeme

    and is that u in ur gravi sandra? (idt its in this post...tho)

    nice pix...

  • mjoylaw

    co-sign Lyssa02

    ~a used to be rabid CB fan

    It isn't so much what happened, because yes many other celebs have done the same repeatedtedly or worse, but it's who he did it to, how brutal the attack was, the image he had before this, and the way it's been handled since--all of this combined has led to the big fail

    Chris, I don't know how you can get back at this point, so I say go to Plan B -- how about college??

    Could be worse

  • mjoylaw

    I have tried to change my gravi repeatedly, can't get it to work! Good nite all

  • Daisy

    A hot dog will what HOLLA!!!

    I didnt call out anybody and I posted my .02 just like everybody else not emotional at all simple as that.

    Yes, I am positive Patty :cheer: if that bothers anybody oh well so swell!

    Be Blessed!

  • Red Feather

    @ babygirlcaramel: I have those shoes that are in your Gravi!! I get LOTS of compliments on them!

  • Daisy

    @mseverything I am glad you speak out and go to shelters :clap: I think that is way more helpful than nailing somebody to the cross over something as minor as a god bless you tweet again just my opinion/.02

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    There is a difference between a positive person and a full of sh*t person.

    Team Bullshit.

    I gota get grief from some nieve ditz because I'm not ride or die for a woman beater???? Sound just like one of them chicks that be sayin, "He was just having a bad day. He didnt mean it." Girl please...dont let that man beat u like that.

    Team Common Sense :cheer1:

  • RMB

    he must not be a regular reader cause if he was he would know you were the biggest one shouting for his FAIL so either he was trying to be funny or just doesn't know that you truly are one of his biggest HATERS! Step ya game up Chris!

  • taymorel

    Chris said the same thing to Perez Hilton when he dissed Chris. Chris is acting older than the bloggers who are twice his age.

  • Daisy

    Yep just like I said in my 1st comment where is it written that just cause one still supports CB they support abuse or have been abused??? I am 33 never been hit by a man so you stand corrected but thats what happens when ppl assume. I have plenty of common and book sense :cheer:

    I never said anybody had to support CB. I am ALWAYS QUICK to say ppl like who they like and never call anybody a hater or what have you.

    Dang folks get so sensative about others opinions and take it personal its just an ET blog I was never emotional/nor do I come for ppl or do e beefs as you know since you think my positivity is fake :wink:

    I support the man not his mistakes plain and simple and I think the media has nailed him to the cross over and over and over far to long. You are free to disagree that doesnt bother me at all. I just stated my .02 just like you did. Really isnt that deep at all.

    Again Be Blessed!

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    Must be that deep cause you're still responding :coffee:

    And bless u 2 chile :wink: