Sean Combs' girlfriend Cassie hosted the Key Club party last night at Atlanta's Gold Room. Her man was across town shooting a music video with Waka Flocka Flame. I had no clue Cassie smoked cigarettes until I saw her duck out the back door of the club for a cigarette break. I know this because it's my job to inquire what she was doing out there. According to a source, Cassie is partial to Newports. That's one nasty habit she should seriously think about kicking.

Ale Gidewon (AG Entertainment Group), left, singer Cassie and music producer Dallas Austin

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Speaking of hard looking women, pseudo singer Ciara was spotted at Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood last night. Man, the celebrity pool is dwindling down to nothing if all we have to talk about is Ciara, Drake and LaLa Vazquez every other day.

I don't know how old this pic of Amber Rose wearing her boyfriend Kanye West's clothes is. I've never seen it before. But I like this new look of hers. She should wear Kanye's clothes and shoes more often. I'm sure he's wearing her g-strings and such (oh, you didn't know?) Anyway, she kinda reminds me of Lil Bow Wow when he was really Lil.

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Actor/comedian Chris Rock and his daughters, Zahra and Lola, were spotted leaving the Trump International Hotel in New York City yesterday.

EDITED: Loyal reader Carol B. writes: "...that baby that Chris is holding is not his daughter Lola or Zahra. Not sure who she is, but the one walking in your picture is Zahra, his youngest biological daughter."  Photo: Splash News Online

Actress Tracey Edmonds and son Dylan attend the Make-A-Wish Foundation's Day of Fun hosted by Kevin & Steffiana James held at Santa Monica Pier on March 14, 2010 in Santa Monica, California

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Various ATL celebs came out to support newcomer Waka Flocka on the set of his video for "O Let's Do It Remix featuring Sean "Puff" Combs. The video was shot at the Central Station Sports Cafe in East Point last night.

Waka and Diddy bonding on the set

Who knew that Waka Flocka's mom is industry vet Debra Antney, left, with Waka and comedian Alex Thomas. As some of you know, Debra manages Waka, rapper Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and a few other well-known celebs. She's doin' it! By the way, that bag Waka is holding will be mine soon. It's designed by a black designer named Louis, and he's putting out a line of bags made from Alligator skin. The line comes in a variety of colors and materials to choose from. I'll get you more info on the bags later.

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Rappers Rick Ross, Fabolous, Dj Khaled and Red Cafe of Bad Boy Records came out to party at the Velvet Room this past Sunday. Updates are slow this morning because I went out last night to see Diddy and Cassie at the Gold Room. More on that in a minute.

L to R: DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and Alex Gidewon (AG Entertainment Group)

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Yesterday, I received an avalanche of emails about my post on Kim Kardashian's brother Rob Kardashian dating Rev Run's daughter Angela. Most of my readers pointed out the fact that the photo of Angela and Rob was Photoshopped (really??) But a few of my readers wanted me to know that Rob could not be dating Angela because he's gay (again: really??).

I thought some things in life were a given, such as clearly Photoshopped pics and clearly gay men. But I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, Rob and Vanessa Simmons -- Angela's sister -- took to their twitter pages yesterday to clear up a couple of things. Check out their tweets from yesterday.

[Thanks to loyal reader Christina Dixon]

T.I. and Puff in a photo dated February 9, 2009

Rapper T.I., who is serving the final month of his prison sentence on house arrest after leaving a halfway house, has been grinding in the studio putting the finishing touches on his album. My sources tell me that music producer and sometime rapper, Sean Combs, was in the studio with T.I. yesterday working on a few tracks.

Music producer Lil C, left, is producing most of T.I.'s tracks on his as yet untitled album. The producer joined Atlanta's hottest female promoter, Tracy Bryant (Kind Of A Big Deal), and rapper Nelly at Club Obsessions last night.

According to an inside source, Nelly was the only rap artist who took his tour bus to Arkansas to visit T.I. while he was in prison. No other artist took the time to visit T.I. He gets much respect for that.

Photo by Prince Williams/ and Wireimage/Getty

John Edwards' baby mama Rielle Hunter opens up about their relationship in a very revealing interview in this month's GQ magazine. The pictures accompanying the interview are so racy that Rielle "cried for two hours straight" after she saw them. apparently she was having too much fun to realize she was posing in just a button-down shirt with no panties on.

Anyway, the interview is more interesting than the pics. Here are a few excerpts courtesy of Hollywood Life.

They Had Sex The First Night They Met After He Pursued Her:

After slipping one of his aides her business card at The Regency Hotel in NYC on Feb 21, 2006, Edwards “bumped into her” outside where “he lit up like a Christmas tree,” according to Rielle, who says she told him, “You’re so hot!”. Edwards, she says, invited her to his hotel room that night where he beckoned her, “Come closer, I won’t bite! you.” ”There was so much attraction…. and I eventually walked over to his side of the room. He was pretty relentless.” Rielle reveals that for the next four days after the pair met” we talked on the phone almost every night for four hours”.

She believes Edwards hoped she would have an abortion:

After she discovered she was pregnant with Frances Quinn, she says, “On some level, he was hoping I would get an abortion. He wasn’t happy with the timing. Which was understandable. He was married and running for president.” (Well, ye-ahh!)

Typical of most jump offs, she blames his wife Elizabeth for his problems:

“Most of his mistakes or errors in judgement, were because of his fear of the wrath of Elizabeth….And you know, the wrath of Elizabth is a mighty wrath.” She claims that Elizabeth was routinely abusive to Edwards and that he could not go to his wife and say ‘ We have an issue’. Because he would be pummeled.”

I heard this rumor over the weekend, but I was skeptical since rapper Bow Wow has been parading Rev Run's daughter Angela Simmons, around Atlanta as his girlfriend. But it seems that Angela and Kim Kardashian's brother Rob have been an item for a few months now.

Rob must be super confident to allow his girlfriend to fly to Mississippi to attend her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow's basketball game. And then to join Bow Wow in Atlanta last week where he was celebrating his birthday.

It's not a surprise that Angela like Caucasian dudes. But Rob gets a ghetto pass for that fine azz of his. He might have some black in his family tree because he didn't get that butt from his daddy.