Erykah Badu was a guest on the hilarious Chelsea Lately show last night. Normally, the guests are animated, laid back and going with the flow because they know that Chelsea is a nut. Erykah, on the other hand is stiff, rigid, guarded and just plain weird.

At one point, Chelsea asks her why she thinks the media is making such a big deal out of her music video in which she appears to strut naked down a Dallas street.

Erykah says -- and I'm paraphrasing -- "It's just a way for them to sell tabloids..." Did she really say that the media is using her to sell tabloids? Is she not using her body to sell albums? Really, Erykah?

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  • 2thick4u

    Couldn't see the video!!

  • ms.truth

    can we get a :newpost: already...I need a good laugh to take me into Friday. :yawn:

    and who told her that that outfit was cute?

  • TruGemini

    I did not see EB on Chelsea last night but I do watch Chelsea on the reg and YES, she is a the show! Chelsea was prolly looking at EB like WTF...



  • tampa813

    I watched last night and she was boring. I thought it was funny though when she mentioned how men who fall in love with her carry man bags.

  • speaknoevil

    EB was sending a message..she is deep...i loved it!

  • Ebony

    Sandra, I didn't know Phaedra Parks was pregnant :coffee:

  • chase

    She has no stage presence after the singing/whining ends.... She is so not playing w/ a full deck at all!

  • kkizzle

    I think Erykah got a hold to some bad s@*#$, a while ago, and it's still got her mind fried! I will never forget when I saw her on 106 and Park, a few years ago, and she was talking about how much she loved making love... REALLY?!?! At a show whose audience is populated by teenagers. How inappropriate can you be? I knew right then she was off her rocker!

  • Cinderella

    Erykah has always been left of center and I respect that about her.

  • pyt305

    Sandra, why the hate aganist Erykah?? You stay bashing her lol

  • speakinmymind

    i thought she was cool...not rigid, stiff or weird. she did laugh and was engaging.

  • Daisy

    Team E Badu :cheer: Loving her new cd and I have always enjoyed myself at her concerts :dance:

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. If you want to see this video, go to youtube and type in her name, it should be the 1st or 2nd video listed. All this hoopla over a naked woman! Where is the outrage for all these pedophile priests? Huh? Hell, a man can go to jail for fighting pit bulls but priests can molest our innocent young men for what, hundreds of yrs without sufficient punishment? These so-called holy men should take a lesson Solomon, a great King and one of God's main men in the Bible. He had 700 wives and over 300 concubines and not an altar boy in sight! And he was a black man. Did you doubt it for a minute? A naked lady? Give me a freaking break! Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • PAHairston

    That's "a lesson FROM Solomon." I hate not to correct mistakes!


    My problem with the video is and I'm only going off of from what I've heard so correct me if I'm wrong, she's in the same area that JFK was when he gets shot and she was supposedly walkin towards what's supposed to be the texas book depository and she gets assasinated NOW IF ALL OF THAT IS TRUE then if some tried to do that at a hotel and it was very similar Dr King's assasination i know a lot of black folks would have problems with it. So yall please correct me if I'm wrong cause I have seen the video

  • M3z

    @ Brownsugapoet...your avatar is killing me :lolol:

    Sandra going in on a new victim --> NOT surprised.

    I'm on team E. Badu :cheer1:

  • tampa813

    The msg in what she was trying to convey was good, but the nudity and where she did it wasn't done right.

  • FloridaChick813

    @ Daisy -

    The new cd is good???

    I was contemplating downloading it :D

  • Daisy

    E badu spoke abt JFK on twitter she said she wld never disrespect him and gave him props

    @flo I like the new cd but I am an e badu fan always liked her music part II is much betta than Part I

  • DownSouthZeta

    I just pegged her as being eccentric when I saw her on Chelsea last night.

  • The Original MsG

    I liked the interview. She was funny and laughing. It was a cute interview.

  • Ms.Everything

    Idk what to say about the video really... ok I do. @Brown you're right about the assassination part and I find it odd that I learned about that part from the news because the black blogs just mentioned the nudity and her ass. I love Erykah but its not a secret that shes not working with.a full.deck and wrong is wrong she should have gone about it the right way and her going to jail to prove this point is stupid. Common sense you do not shoot a video walking down the street naked with everyday people being filmed without their consent in the middle of the day. Any director with sense would've got the permit had the street blocked off hired extras and she would not be facing a fine/jail time simple as that and the video would've had the same effect without the hassle. And she could've gotten the same message across without recreating an assassination that affected so many people in this country. It wasn't thought out and she needs to get off the ish and realize that for all the enlightenment ish that she preaches she made a dumb azz move *end rant*

  • eastpointvet

    @ms everything
    you can not get a permit for that type of stuff in a place as public as that and get it in a timely matter and at a cheap cost. it was done for probably a couple thousand as opposed to what you talking about with a crew costing upwards of maybe 50 thousand and it wouldnt have probably came out the same way its regular peoples reactions that makes the video what it is. its the whole concept of group think and evolving past that way of thinking thats the point of the video. and as she said she picked that spot because its probably the most famous dallas landmark and thats where she from. and its assassinating that way of thinking if you understand that concept.

  • terika83

    Sandra, that's just the way Erykah is...she was the same way on 106 & Park and it was actually a little awkward because her comments were very long but she took her time with them. I almost felt like someone would rush her off the stage for taking so long. One of the reasons why I like her because she is always just her, no matter what. Marches to the beat of her own drum...

  • therapist1911

    Why at this point we are surprised at E. Badu antics? It's what she do. Hate it or Love it.

    Chelsea is cool sometimes. Other times she gets a #hoesitdown. Wondering if Chelsea was a black woman, a la Monique, would she receive much praise from people?

  • free

    BROWNSUGAPOET Says: My problem with the video is and I’m only going off of from what I’ve heard so correct me if I’m wrong, she’s in the same area that JFK was when he gets shot and she was supposedly walkin towards what’s supposed to be the texas book depository and she gets assasinated NOW IF ALL OF THAT IS TRUE then if some tried to do that at a hotel and it was very similar Dr King’s assasination i know a lot of black folks would have problems with it. So yall please correct me if I’m wrong cause I have seen the video


    yep that's true. i'm taking it to be that she is from dallas so that's why.

    still a hoesitdown for me tho. and if she had done that at the lorraine i would have just DIED! something about it just aint right!

  • Chgoprime

    Hmmmmm why is she being labeled crazy and off her rocker? She's an individual. There's no individuality today. I dont think she should be dismissed as crazy thats ridiculous. I thought the video was creative imo.....

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    :claps: @ eastpoinvet Thank you very much!!! Well said.

    Some people are commenting on the video and they havent even watched it, DUH!!!

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    BTW, I love Chelsea and Badu!!!

  • Bird

    I liked it. Erykah is weird, but she's still cool. In a very weird way.

  • starr2910

    If anyone thinks that Ms. Badu is using her body to sell albums, then u didn't understand the concept of her video..think deeper, SR!

  • DeliciousOne

    I liked her outfit.